Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preparing for Something Much Better

It is upon me to tell you that the rapidly declining game of russian roulette that is the financial system, including Wall Street, is about to self implode. This week there was a YouTube video circulating around the list servs of a independent trader on BBC television saying the stock market was finished. He said he had been waiting for 3 years for a recession. He said the market would not recover and that if you knew what to do in a down market you could still make money.

The time is here for us to know that the changes are in place. The new financial system is there. It is backed by precious metals and there is the support of many nations. In this country a faction of the Pentagon is said to be actively supporting this transition. The underground explosion that rocked the Washington Monument is said to be the result of an underground attack against the Illuminati bases. The most important thing, I feel, is that this transition of the financial system from one of greed and corruption to one that is based on true value and in line with the US Constitution will change the energy dynamics of the planet from lack to abundance.

This changeover is in alignment with the raise in vibration of love & light on the planet. Our brains in the past few years have been rewired for the golden age that is upon us. All of us who choose to are going to ascend. This means having full consciousness inside a human body.

To prepare for this monumental change it is quite necessary for our spiritual evolvement to release all of the negative programming around the issues that we came here to resolve. Mind control has been one of the main ways that the dark forces have manipulated and controlled us. When we release negative programs, entities, implants, devices etc that we have been infected with we take back our power. This is the thing that they fear the most. We are capable of miracles, especially if we come together over the truth of our being, in the light of our love. We are One. All of their attempts to divide and conquer the human spirit have been for naught. The ascension is on time and in divine order.

Won't you join me in participating in the release of negative programming by doing Spirited Clearings? I have been writing a book called Spirited Clearings Negative Program Removal. It should be out in a few months. You can actively do the removals on your own, if you so choose by going to the website:
This will give you a basic framework for doing them. Since I've been doing the book some of the language of the clearings has changed. These changes will be reflected in the versions of the clearings I have in the book and in my sessions. By doing a session with me we will go to the originating lifetime of your negative programs to remove them across all timelines and dimensions. I use Muscle Response Testing to confirm the information I'm receiving. We see how the dynamics of your life in the originating lifetime have manifested in this lifetime.

 If you feel as if you are ready to think and feel differently about the life you are living, send me an email to schedule a session or go to my page to make a donation for a session.
Suggested donation starts from $10 to whatever you desire. Please disregard the amounts that are up on the website. It is up to you and your level of abundance in the Now moment & how much value you place on doing this transition in the bodies of your being.

Love & Light-