Sunday, November 13, 2011

Onward into the Triple Eleven

I was on my way to Hawaii, with my partner, on 11/28/11. I was headed to a conference about 2012 on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. It was a marvelous experience for us. We had never been to Maui before in this lifetime.

The group of elders that called the meeting call themselves the Maui Grandmother’s Council. They are truly magnificent beings whom I resonate with deeply. They hold and transmit the teachings of the ancient traditions of connection from Lemuria with Mother Gaia. I found their contributions to the event to be very soulful and inspiring.

One of the presenters of this event, Lei’ohu Ryder, is a singer with an international following. She is also one of the Maui Grandmother’s Council. She is a well respected shaman. Along with Ram Dass, Alan Cohen, & the voice of Ashtar, Susan Leland, many inspiring insights were provided into the world that we are making up together that will take us out of the age of duality and bring us into this Golden Age of coming together as a unity consciousness in the light of love.
I was given a workshop to do in a side tent. I had about 25 people attend. It was a most marvelous opportunity for me to present the teachings of Meg Hoopes, my beloved teacher and the originator of the Spirited Clearings. I truly believe that Meg’s mission in this life, up until a year ago when she transitioned, was to be of service in a way that would help us accelerate our ascension process.

The negative programming that we have all been imprinted with has been designed to hold us back and has instilled so much fear within us that many of us were content to live in a box that suited their purposes of controlling us. Happily the designs of the dark overlords were shredded by the intents of lightworkers around the world and the teams of Star beings who have answered our calls for helping us accelerate our ascension. The light is now reigning victorious on Mother Gaia.

Still much work remains to be done, but this is a most joyous time. With the triple 11 coming in this weekend we have reached a major milestone. Now the crystalline grid energy is pervasive within our energy fields. The dynamics of duality have been de-magnetized. The dynamics of unity consciousness are now bearing fruit.
Each of us has the responsibility to bring our issues to completion. All of the lower vibrations must be healed so we can bring in the higher light frequencies that will firmly anchor us in the fifth dimension where we will experience full consciousness inside our bodies. None of the lower vibrations can exist in the high frequencies of love & light that this new reality will exist in. We must let go of our attachments to suffering.

All of us have been imprinted with negative programming. I have spent the last 33 years of my life figuring out ways to reprogram myself and to rise up in vibration. Ashtar, through the voice of Susan Leland, exposed me to Meg’s teachings. Meg came up with very precise language for us to take our power back by co-creating many different clearings to transmute the negative energy of this programming into the highest frequencies of love & light. She spent the last 12 years of her life devising & evolving the Spirited Clearings.
Through working with people in sessions I continue to learn of the different scenarios that this negative programming has taken throughout the lifetimes we have experienced during this past 13,000 years of our existence. Many of these programs have indeed been insidious and have kept us in deep levels of fear.
Even though we are at the threshold of this new age of awakening into actualizing our divine nature, many of us are feeling overwhelmed in having all of the issues come up in our reality that we have not yet brought to completion. The war for the 4 bodies of our being still goes on; only now the light is dominant and with the power of our intent we can co-create the transmutation of the lower vibrations into high frequencies of love & light, which will enable us to create our desires in a fluid, synchronistic way.

Spirited Clearings are my calling at this time to facilitate the removal of negative programming with as many of you as possible. I do this work on a donation basis. Suggested donation is from $15-$60. The sessions take about an hour to do. I ask everyone having a session with me to compile a list of fears that are active within them. This helps us clear the core fear matrix and makes our clearing of negative programs more efficient.
No matter if you have negative entities, micro-chips, curses, vows, dogmas, negative programs, devices, handlers etc. to clear you can co-create the removal of this negative programming. Co creating with teams of angels, ascended masters & our I Am Presence is truly an amazing feeling. It will truly liberate you.