Friday, December 9, 2011

The Nexus Point

As I’ve been working with different clients I have begun to take notice that many clients have issues they have been carrying around for many lifetimes. The crux of getting them to feel joy and love in their lives has to do with removing negative programs and blessing relationships in their lives by cleansing their present lifetime. 

Many times this means going into a lifetime that was the originating lifetime of a negative program where the person, in one of their relationships, played a key role. I have had sessions, going into the originating lifetime, where a husband, wife, or one of their children killed them or betrayed them, which caused them to get killed. Sometimes it means that either one of them or both of them have been carrying around a negative entity from lifetime to lifetime. It is even possible that they contracted the negative entity in the originating lifetime for the negative program that the client has active within them. It manifests in this lifetime that they are joined together once more and the negative entities continue to feed on them and also each other. 

We stand to take back a huge amount of energy every time we free ourselves from negative programming. In the case of clearing nexus points between two people, where they have shared the playing out of extreme polarities with one another, timelines and parallel realities intersect this nexus point. If we clear this point where the conflicts started with one another the residue surrounding the negative energy of these unresolved issues will be transmuted to high frequencies of love & light. It is incumbent upon all of us to clear these lifetimes.

At this time the power of our intent is very strong. The light is dominant on Gaia right now. This means that we can take our power back from this negative programming. All of the issues that we have been working on, sometimes for many lifetimes, are coming up right now, sometimes rather forcefully, to be healed for good before we go into the 5th dimension. 

I experience people in the sessions I do really feel a lot of anguish over the relationships they have with a family member, ex partner, sibling etc. One of the main lessons we are all here to learn is forgiveness. It is key for us to know we have given permission to gain experience in this hologram of physicality in this most important lifetime. This is a most important lifetime for all of us, because any of us who have given permission to ascend along with Gaia are doing it or will be able to do it, if we haven’t already awoken to participating in our ascension process. We all have been re-wired to simulate the higher light frequencies that are streaming into our world right now. This means we are all processing the changes in frequency, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

When we forgive ourselves we are taking responsibility for being here and creating what we are experiencing, no matter how much polarity it entails for us. We are remembering who we are and this means that we know that separation from creator-source is an illusion, the hologram is an illusion. In reality we are always connected to creator-source.

When we remove negative programming we are also taking responsibility for the acceleration of our ascension process. This means we are helping to raise the level of consciousness, not just for ourselves, but for the All That Is. All of creation is One. There is no separation. 

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