Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year

Happy New Year to One and All. Some of you may be wondering why nothing major has happened to shake up our reality. Why haven’t we gone onto the new banking system yet? Why haven’t the Galactic Federation come down and taken over the airwaves and pledged their love and support to us to help us to accelerate this phase of our ascension? After all it is finally 2012. I say just hold your horses. I feel that the bigger picture is about us being ready for the tsunami of higher light frequencies that will flood our reality as the cycle of the stargates and portals of this year, the eclipses, full moons, new moons, solstices & equinoxes plays out this year. 

How does it feel to be an ascended master? Does an ascended master worry if they don’t have a ton of gold in the vault? Does an ascended master get depressed if their partner leaves them? What I mean is that if we allow ourselves to integrate these very loving and higher frequencies and stay connected in our heart centers all the live long day, how could we possibly be bummed out about anything. Wouldn’t we always remember that we are Godhead, an indissoluble part of the Godhead? Wouldn’t that be all we need for us to reflect the infinite unconditional love we are?

Isn’t 2012 our invitation to come out and play? I feel so very fortunate to be here. I feel the most connected to the most people in this lifetime that I have ever have. It doesn’t matter that maintaining relationships can take much effort. I feel that I have practiced my whole life to be able to play with people. Now I realize I don’t have to feed the fear; the other person could be extremely bummed out, but I can say things that can dissipate the level of fear and help to transmute the lower vibrations. I can help to raise the level of the vibration. There is no judgment; there is just the opportunity for free theatre, which is a vehicle for feeling the joy of our true, inner nature.

Each of us have a choice this year: do we let go of the old story? What has the old story given us? Do we keep on replaying the same behavior patterns? Do the same negative thoughts keep on coming up and dragging us into unconsciousness and depression? It’s up to us to tell the universe we want to liberate ourselves now from the seemingly endless cycle of negative programming in all four bodies of our being.
The answer to our deepest questions about how we can make this life feel better for ourselves is within us. 

Forgiveness, patience and unconditional, inter-dimensional love can be ours and they will be the keys that liberate us. It is up to us to put out the intent to the universe. We will solve the problem and be the masters of our lives, if we allow ourselves to go within the 4 bodies of our being and access the point of truth. From this place of deep, inner knowing we can gain the clarity to climb out of the negative mindset and be aligned with our inner guidance. We can allow ourselves to find the way to rid ourselves of the old paradigm and find the courage to jump onto the new path to accelerate our ascension. 

Ascension is ours if we want it. Self love is the way: unconditional, universal love that knows no limits, exponential possibilities for manifesting our desires in ways that reflect our limitless abundance. All it takes is for us to be connected to Creator-Source in our heart center. If we are willing the support from the other side is there. If we have the courage to make new choices and be in the now the path will make itself known to us.

Love & Light-