Saturday, February 4, 2012

Solar Flares and the Dissolution of the Financial System

Last week we had a blast of solar energy. These were the most intense storms that we have had in 7 years. This, according to many channels, is the shape of things to come. These transmissions from the Central Sun of our galaxy, the Milky Way, are all part of the Great Shift, as they see it. We are moving up in vibration and frequency to the fifth dimension. The level of our consciousness is being raised. The transmissions that we are getting and the raising in frequency that will continue throughout the year will help us progress in our ascension process. 

At the same time the people who I have been reading for the past 4-5 years have been saying that the new financial system is about to come online. There have been articles by David Wilcock about the missing gold that has been kept out of the system on purpose to give us the illusion that the current financial system is rooted in truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Go to It is as detailed a series of articles that you will find about the current financial system. 

You see we have to prepare ourselves for living in the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension, so therefore we can’t have any of the lack that we have been experiencing in this system that has been controlled by the ruling elite. All of the lower vibrations will have to go. This means that we have to be in peace for us to be able to hold the energy of the fifth dimension. According to Wilcock and Ben Fulford the changes are happening behind the scenes. They say that soon we will see the bankers who have defrauded us being hauled off to jail.

Sure we all need proof that we are finally going to be freed from the financial tyranny that has ruled our lives, so we can evolve into the spiritual beings that we are when we are on the other side of this life. The thing is that the vast majority of us don’t realize that we have the power to affect the outcome. All of us want to live our lives without the interference of the institutions. All of us would love to have abundance and be able to pursue our passion in life. It seems that so few of us are able to.

Be prepared for the change. It is already happening. It is quite obvious to see that the social unrest, stories of financial upheaval, scandal etc portend the end of the ruling elite. The truth will soon come out about how they have kept us down, by enslaving us in a corrupt system, while they have been the kings and queens of our planet. 

It will be most beneficial to see our existence in this hologram of physical 3-D reality as a play, not reality at all, but an illusion that has allowed us to play out the construct of duality. We have been tested in a most extreme way. We have been cut off from our connection to creator-source. We have been easy to manipulate. The hard thing for many of us to fully comprehend is that we have given permission for the game of existence in this realm to happen as it has. We were convinced that we could play out this game and awaken ourselves to our true nature.

So here we are in the last year of this process of the vortex’s and portals going online, the vibration being raised by the CME’s, and the increase in how many spacecraft we see from other off world civilizations. The most beneficial thing any of us can do is to prepare for it. The reprogramming work I do with the Spirited Clearings is designed to enable us to rise up in vibration. There are huge amounts of energy that are trapped within our being by the negative programming. When we remove the negative, fear based, programming we empower ourselves with the truth of who we are and why we are here at this time. 

It is in this place of remembering who we are that we realize we co-created this hologram of higher learning. The third dimension is an incredibly tough learning experience. We gave permission to experience it at this time, because we knew this was a grand opportunity for us to take the game of consciousness to the next level, while at the same time being in a body and being on Mother Gaia while we are being uplifted to the fifth dimension with her.

We are evolving into a race of galactic beings. It is essential that we make ourselves ready for the changes which are already happening. We all have been rewired. Our brains function much differently than they once did. The progression from carbon based to crystalline based is already in full swing. My mission is to help people make this transition as easily as possible. The form of reprogramming I do, Spirited Clearings, is a springboard to empowering ourselves to reclaim our sovereign, inter-dimensional being.