Friday, March 30, 2012

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

By just allowing ourselves to be in the now we give ourselves a cornucopia of gifts, such as the gift of forgiveness, such as using our imagination in how we will create joy without any restrictions. Allow yourself to have the subtle but vast understanding of why we are here and what your purpose is at this time. We are all universal love. We are born into it, we create with it, & we emanate from it. It connects us to one another and this bond, when we direct the energy of this love has unlimited potential in helping us to create manifestations of our deepest desires in our physical reality. 

As we traverse the landscape of this most propitious year of 2012 for the unfolding of the evolvement in our game of being human, we are jumping forward and upward by leaps and bounds when we enter yet another gateway, each of these are a shining moment for the intents of our awakening together to proceed on our journey of full consciousness for ourselves and Mother Gaia. We are marching through the halls of antiquity as the many timelines merge and the force and power of all that has proceeded this very moment in time comes together to form a gateway to the other side of this bridge to the 5th dimension.

This has been a journey born of allowing the human will to blossom out in the most dire of circumstances. Many times it may have looked like we would never get back to the place where we would complete the missions that we all volunteered for by playing through these deep and dark polarities. Love has been our ally, our ace in the hole; it has propelled us ever onward and up higher into the realization and knowing that we are all eternal, divine and most assuredly sovereign beings. We all gave permission to play this game of life. 

Even though the deck has been stacked against us it is Now time for the injustices to be righted. It is time for the divine decree of heaven to kick in and give us the final push in disassembling the institution’s convoluted manifestations of darkness. They have been like a dark cloud, a wet blanket or a steel trap that has been confounding our plans for realizing our birthright & creating our dreams of happiness and joy. 

The lies we have been told are now being exposed, thanks to the most diligent efforts of all of us who have made the choice that we would do what it takes to rise up and help others in their journey to reap the rewards of unlimited and higher consciousness. It hasn’t been an easy or safe journey, but we have never been alone, and now the veil is thinning to such a degree that we can feel a real change in the density of energy that we create with in this hologram.

Let this be a message of celebration in a most profound sense. Let us realize things are about to never be the same. This is going to be a very good time for all of us. Let us come together in the light of love and help one another to bridge this Now moment into the One timeline we are moving toward in this miraculous year of awakening. 

We may not think we have a purpose or a role to play. I suggest to you that everytime we allow ourselves to feel joy. Everytime we share that joy, that upliftment of consciousness to others, we are doing our mission in being here at this time. The dark forces that have held us captive for many millenia, those who have made us the prey of fear, are about to exit for good. Knowing that they have played their part and it has brought us to the precipice of this golden age of heaven on earth, instead of judging them, or assaulting them with anger let us shine the lovelight on them. 

I ask each of you not to go for the fear that the media and the disciples of the old paradigm will propagate. I ask you to stay centered in your heart and shine out the love that you are. I ask that you allow yourself to be in the Now moment and let any actions or words spring from the eternal fountain of unconditional love that will support others in this monumental shift into the 5th dimension.

Love & Light-

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Re-integration of the ego

Maybe you can feel the energies quickening. Maybe you can see things coming up in your reality such as lack, relationships, issues with anger, abandonment, betrayal, addictions concerning yourself & others etc. Now is the time to heal these things. Now is the time for us to forgive the pain around any of these issues. 

It is ever so true that the power of love is the highest vibrational healing tool in the universe. This is not romantic love, but universal, unconditional love. It is free and we can bring in as much as we want of it. You see, we can be the one who is calling the shots. The ego, up to this point has been our protector. It has been the mechanism that has addressed the fear that would keep us in line by directing us to do things to respond to the fear signals that our body and brain gave us. This process of the ego has limited us from nurturing ourselves and manifesting the gifts that we are all born with, because fear was the underpinning of how we responded to making our reality.

As we proceed in the process of rising the collective consciousness up into the 5th dimensions we no longer need the ego to run the show. The lower vibrations, that are all fear based, won’t exist in this place that those of us who have given our intent for will be evolving into. Now is the time to re-integrate with the love we all are, the love that is the driving force of all of creation. We call in our inner child and our ego into our heart center. It is here that we connect consciously with our breathing to creator-source. We bring in the energy of love and bathe the ego and inner child with it. We tell the ego that we love them, they have done their job well and led us to this place where love will take this game of duality we have been playing to completion.

We re-integrate the ego into this place of higher inter-dimensional perspective by allowing it to relax in the Now. The power of intent plays a major role in this process, as does our conscious awareness by being the observer and watching our breathing. It is simply enough for us to say what we want to the universe and it is given to us in this now moment. We give our assistants, the unseen beings of light gratitude for this love and guidance.

This simple meditation can help us rebuild the dynamics of how we use the energy that is made available to us. I find that this goes hand in hand with doing the clearings to take back our power. The negative programming has been in league with the dynamics of the ego for such a long time. The need for the ego to be dominant is now gone with the rising up in our levels of consciousness. For all intents and purposes we have graduated the school of duality.

When we take out the mechanisms that we have been imprinted and infected with, such as entities, implants, dogmas, vows, curses, devices, implants and negative programs along with their replicators we make a lot of energy available to ourselves to create the reality that we truly desire. Taking out this negative programming gets us back to the zero point. This is the place of power and it is the truth our being.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) can play a very wonderful part in this scenario of healing the energies and programs that no longer serve us. We use MRT to validate the responses we get when we ask questions that deal with what needs to be cleared for us to take our power back. The language of the Spirited Clearings helps us to dismantle the web of fear based programming that all of us have been saddled with since birth. We ask what programs have to be taken out and what was their originating lifetime. This allows us to remove them at the starting point, so that they will effectively be transmuted into the higher frequencies. Then we can create with this new energy we have empowered ourselves with. 

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem to be I can assist you in starting your ascension process and accelerating it. The days of living just to survive are over. Now we may find out what we are passionate about and pursue it. We make our lives a happy adventure in fulfilling our desires and being of service to others.
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