Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heavy Metals Removal and Transmutation

If you can think it, you can do it. This is something I heard Meg say many times. She would ask her guidance what negative programming needed to be taken out & she would keep on asking questions until she came up with a program to clear whatever she felt was necessary to take out the negative program. 

When one of my clients asked me if I had a way to take out heavy metals and disable their effect on her I felt Meg leaning over my shoulder and knew that she was saying yes. She told me that all I had to do was to ask questions about how to do this and the answers would come. I received information about how to do this and why it is viable to take out the negative programming around the heavy metals. 

On one hand you might be saying, “You can’t do this, because heavy metals are poison, they are toxic and you would be correct. The difference here is that people don’t come into contact with heavy metals unless some sort of scheme is being perpetrated against them. Although we think of physicality when we think of heavy metals, the scheme against us was perpetrated in the higher dimensions first. This is where we take out that negative program out and transmute its energy.

Think of how most of us come into contact with them. This would be by having fillings or other dental work put into our mouths. For some of us is it begins when we are exposed to radiation. We don’t need nuclear power, so the choice to have it in our lives, just like the choice to put toxic chemicals into our mouths has an agenda attached to it. 

If we have this type of poisoning going on inside of our bodies we are being impinged upon some dark force that is trying to use us for their own purpose, to suck our energy and use it for their own purposes, read mind control and enslavement. If we are continuously exposed to this heavy toxicity we are not going to rise up to our true potential. You can think of using the toxicity of these compounds against us as a type of slow genocide or mind control. When we are affected by this poisoning we will not prosper and grow. Our immune systems will not develop and mature properly. 
When we get on in years heavy metal poisoning is at the root of how dementia can overwhelm us and render our minds and bodies useless.

Ormes or Ormus stands for Orbitally-Rearranged Monatomic Elements. It is a monatomic superconductor that is known to have meta-physcial properties that raise the level of human consciousness. It has been perceived as a white powder, processed from gold, which has been referred to as the “the Philosopher’s Stone.”

From my testing the day I was presented with the request to find a way to neutralize and transmute the effects of the heavy metals I found that ORME’s can transmute the effects of the toxicity associated with the heavy metals and in turn raise the level of consciousness within the person who is being cleared.

When we say ORME’s is a super conductor we must ask what is it conducting from. I believe the answer is from the self organizing fields of energy which form the interface between the wave and the particle. This is the place where thoughts and intents become things. So I believe it is with the help of the teams we work with in this removal, which are the angels of Arch Angel Amethyst that we place ORME’s in a key position to re-fortify the sub-atomic structure of the heavy metals, after the violet flame has neutralized the toxicity of the heavy metals.

This is how the person who is co-creating this removal/transmutation has their energy field built and re-fortified with the higher light frequencies of universal, unconditional love, which is at the core of the alchemical composition of ORME’s.

This is the current language I am using for this removal/transmutation:

Heavy Metals Removal and Transmutation

Arch Angel Amethyst and your legions of violet flame angels rise up into (name of client) heart center. Let the all consuming violet flame remove the heavy metals, disable their effects and dismantle the structure of their being, by removing any and all of the lower vibrations & transmuting their energy to bring in the highest frequencies of the golden energy, Ormes.

This removal/transmutation can be used after a core fear matrix removal and a negative program removal have been used during the session. So this Heavy Metals Removal and Transmutation should be done last during the session.

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