Monday, June 4, 2012

A Few Things About Meditation

We are all inter-dimensional beings. We have many different aspects of the One we all are within the 4 bodies of our being. When we allow ourselves to consciously breathe into our heart centers and let go, we make the bridge into the higher dimensions. This is the place of union, communion, oneness and knowing who we really are. 

When we meditate we can open up this conduit to the higher energies by calling in the angels and ascended masters as well as our I AM Presence. We can ask for removal and transmutation of any and all of the lower vibrations into the highest frequencies of love & light, so we can raise the level of consciousness of the All That Is. 

We are in a time of bringing in the light on this planet in a rapid progression of making the bridges into the higher dimensions. How easy of a transition this will be is up to us. We are all in the driver’s seat. We may not think that every thought, word, & deed affects the collective reality of what will manifest, but it does. 

Beings, who are conscious, can raise the level of love & light to a grand, exponential level. The light is so much more dominant now in this year of 2012. The gifts that we have brought to this life with us are coming into play right now. It is with our imagination and our intuitive skills that we can call into being what we desire to create in this new earth that we are collectively & consciously creating. 

The basis of meditation is letting go to a zero point. This is the place where we can bring in the Oneness of who we are. We can fill ourselves up with light by spinning our chakras, not only the major ones but an assortment of the lower ones. This will give us a strong connection with the other side.

We have our I AM Presence and our guides & angels and the ascended masters who are always willing to work with us. No matter what challenges we are being faced with we can make the conscious choice to call in their energy and voice our intents about what we envision for ourselves. 

One of the key things to remember in manifesting is to focus on what we desire to happen in our reality and to know it has already happened as soon as we ask for it. This means that we focus on the positive and give gratitude for what we have. The more we focus on what we want to create the more it comes and integrates in our Now moment. It also means that we allow ourselves to see the gifts that the challenges in our life give us in terms of giving us experiences that can help us grow, if we accept the challenge, knowing that when we create the challenge we create the challenge to accompany it.

It is always up to us to own our creations. When we accept we are the divine creators of our reality it is a huge shift in our conscious awareness of who we believe ourselves to be. The negative programming has the dynamic of trying to convince is that there is always something out there who is separate from us that wants to get us. It is up to us to plug into the higher dimensions of reality where we can feel that we are One with the All That Is. We do this by being connected in our heart center.

We, united in love, are One with the All That Is, One with Creator-Source. Let us open up to who we are and how this is the time or our ascension on this planet with our breathing, and let us allow ourselves to be connected in the One heart one Love. We can create the planet of our dreams.