Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic Meditation of 2012

There is no time like the Now, eternal in nature and true in its divinity. I give intent for the star brothers and sisters to re-unite with us to save our beloved Mother Gaia and help us accelerate our ascension process. I’m not saying that they should do this for us. I’m saying that the time is right for them to come in and help us to implement the changes that need to be made to carry this ascension forth. 

Enough of us have been carrying the torch to raise the light up on high, up into and through all of the higher dimensions, rising up on the ladder of light, magnifying it with the crystalline light that we are in our cells are encoding and becoming every day now. The light has become ever so dominant that the changes in our 3-D reality are coming forth. The truth shall be known and it shall shift the balance of power from the less than 1% to the 99%.

We call in beloved Arch Angel Michael and his angels with the blazing blue swords to cut the attachments between anything that is not our truth. We breathe into this connection in our heart centers and breathe in the light of love, eternal and true, feeling the joy of this Now moment and the truth of our divinity. Everyone who chooses to ascend will do so. It is up to us to connect within our heart centers and make this choice and be the love of our divinity in every moment, to carry it forth through the portal to ascension. 

Millions are watching the Olympics and the stage is set, we are ready for disclosure. In any event something has to be done soon, so instead of getting attached to how our grand re-union with the star brothers and sisters is going to happen we can be in this Now moment sanctified by allowing the truth of the love that we are to shine into every cell of our being and radiate it outward through the All That Is. 

We are the lighthouses, the shining beacons of the eternal message of love & light. The lies of who we thought we had to be in order to survive are exposed in this grand moment of truth that is coming to visit us. The game has been rigged and now the truth will wash the lies of corruption clean. The intent to enslave us within the framework of institutional mind control and brain numbing complexity will be exposed as an extension of the arm of Satan.

We are taking our power back. So be it and so it is. We are growing into being sovereign and taking the responsibility for being here at this time of great shift. We are reclaiming our rights and we proclaim we are ready to help all others who want to ascend. Now is the moment to let go of the lies that have constricted us inside a box of fear. All of those lower vibrational thoughts and emotions have showed us what we needed to learn and now we can jettison them and rise up through the dimensions and access our connection with knowing and being our divinity in this Now moment. So be it and so it is.

This is the wording of my intent for bringing forth heaven on earth by sending my light and love out through and into the hearts of all of the souls coming together for these games. Let my intent for unity between all of us here on Mother Gaia and with our space brothers and sisters be broadcast on the air waves and radiate through the hearts of all at this time. Let us all be in synch with the divine decree that this planet and all those on it, who decide to do so, ascend with it within the time frame that has been provided for us.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

When You Love You Can Never Lose

When you love, really love from the heart, from the soul. Then you know who you are, then you know love is all that matters. Love is the essence. Love is the root, love is the sunshine, love is the kiss of fertility that flowers deep within and sprouts the seeds of compassion which flow on the light of the words you speak. A simple: you are my friend, you are my sister, we are One.

Love is the plan, no matter what challenges and role you have been given. No matter how many times you meet the freight train of hate coming to run you over. It doesn’t matter. You will remember that you are all forgiving. You will know that you are eternal in the light of the One. You will listen to the voice of truth connected in your heart center. I AM THAT I AM.

Radiate the crystalline love of Mother Gaia blooming into the higher realms. We have come into this life to rise up in the light of the love we are. We are One. We are all Glorious in the knowing that we are an indivisible part, an integral part of the Godhead.

Fear has been used to enslave us in patterns that locked us into denying the truth of our being. At some point we allowed those who we thought had more power than us to be the masters, the overlords of our Garden. We let ourselves be conned into thinking that rising up into the realms of higher consciousness was dangerous. We allowed ourselves to be manipulated & deceived. We used to be in the 5th dimension, and it was a joyful, playful place of knowing who we are. We allowed ourselves to be genetically engineered from 12 strands of DNA to 2. We allowed the portals and gateways of Mother Gaia to be sealed off. We allowed ourselves to put filters on our heart center. Now it has changed. The chains have come off. The light is dominant.

We have learned our lessons. We have played out the duality to its most extreme levels of density. Now all it takes is our intent to rise up. No matter where you have been and what you have done in this life; ascension is available to you now. Yes, we all have negative programming. Our minds have been controlled to think that we needed to be a certain way & live by certain rules to survive. Why? We are All That Is. Each one of us sprang from the light of love: the divine conscious, the knowing that each one of us is of the essence of love, we witness the love we are in each other and everything.

Be brave dear heart, most beloved brother and sister. Now is the time to cast off the chains of the lies that don’t resonate with the light of love that you are. Every time we take out a negative program we take back a chunk of the love we are. We are all divine creators. When we allow ourselves to own our creations we also own that we have created the solution to any challenges or problems that we have created for ourselves.

When we allow ourselves to rise through the portal that connects us to the central sun, we are One at the center of creation in our galaxy, we step into the light and love of Christ Consciousness. Here is our place of communion, our place of being, of knowing that we collectively created the hologram of the material plane of planet earth. Let us forgive ourselves for going for the illusion of separation from creator-source and all of the pain, misery, & suffering it has caused us.

It is time for us to come together and rise up by going to this place of communion together. Bless Mother Gaia, bless each and every one of us for engaging our ascension process. In the light of love we are One, victorious and glorious for all eternity.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rising On Up, The Path to Ascension

Where are we now on the path to ascension? I’ve asked myself this question and it comes back to how I interact with the hologram every day. How much am I am able to raise the level of light and love in every moment of every day? This is the question I keep on coming back to. I know that raising the level of consciousness on the planet is the main reason why any of us light workers are here.

Love is the most potent and all pervading tool we have to make sure that we and Mother Gaia evolve back into the 5th dimension. We are in crunch time, as I like to call it. But instead of it being something stressful I am finding it be very reassuring that we have come this far and that if anything it is getting easier, because we are entraining more and more everyday with these very potent higher frequencies of love & light. Everytime we go through a portal, such as the Venus Transit we strengthen the bond between all hearts on this planet. When we do this the darkness looses more of its power to magnetize us with fear and any of the other lower vibrations.

We are rising up and although we still see the manifestations of the Dark Cabal’s control we can also feel that a major shift is occurring right now. How the effects of this shift will manifest in our physical third dimenion in the very near future is anybody’s guess. We can read various reports saying the green light has been given and that the hauling off to jail of the crooks it will happen by this coming Wednesday, which is the 4th of July. But if it doesn’t almost all of the channels and whistle blowers say the outing of the dark cabal and the end of the old fiat financial system is a done deal. Indeed the galactics are scheduled to come in before the end of the year and help us to clean up the earth & anchor the frequencies we are aspiring to for Mother Gaia’s and our ascension.

Think of how many lifetimes and how many sacrifices we have made. Think of how many times we have been murdered or tortured for our beliefs. Now is payoff time. There really is no logical way for us to comprehend just how grand ascension is. It will be as if we are already home, already gone to heaven, while still in our bodies. Just imagine the potency and sheer grace and wonder of the love that we are all of the time on the other side of this veil. Well we are taking the veil down. Then we will have the open and fully conscious connection with who we are and why we are here.

I celebrate you and all of us for being here at this time of rising up and bringing the game of duality to completion. It has been a long and very enlightening journey. You can be assured that the best is yet to come and that it will exceed any expectations of what you think it will be like.

Love & Light-