Monday, September 3, 2012

Full Activation of the Crystalline Grid

Full Activation of the Crystalline Grid

The changes that have been put in motion by the Lion’s Gate of 8/8/12 have been multiplying within us. Many have complained of intense ascension symptoms. These symptoms have run the gamut of ailments commonly associated with the ascension process and the opening up of different gateways and portals that let in more energy. The activation of these gateways, portals and vortexes enable us to bring in more and more light. The integration of these new high levels of light and love may cause us discomfort in a variety of ways.

In order for us to seamlessly and completely process these new levels of high light frequencies that are being downloaded into the four bodies of our being it is most necessary to stay connected within our heart centers. We are in the last 4 months of this march to the grand date of the end of this 26,000 year cycle. Many of us are focusing on this date of 12/21/12 as the day of ascension. We are in a process of integrating the energies that are coming in through the gateways and portals that are opening up in this steady process of the light streaming in.

In the past few days it has become apparent to me that the meditations I’ve been doing with crystals up on the ships have significance to the region I live in, which is very close to Sedona, AZ. I realize that Sedona is the anchor to the crystalline cities both above and below it. The crystalline cities are key points of transmission, which will utilize the crystalline grid to spread out this message of Now being the time to wake up and integrate these higher light frequencies. 

Just imagine what it will be like to connect with other beings through the crystalline grid. You can make connections with the beings on the ships and all of the kingdoms on Mother Gaia. There will be no more separation. We can bring forth the truth of our inner knowing to each other, thus aiding in the ascension of all who are still in their process of waking up and integrating the changes that are being brought forth.

Each of us is a conduit for the light to come in. Whenever each and any of us rise up in the frequency of our love light it transmits to the All That Is and we raise the level of consciousness for All. It is a very simple equation. When we use it we are capable of accelerating the ascension process for Gaia and all who chose to bring their own process of awakening forward at this time. 

A big part of the work I do is to remove the negative programming which remains as a big obstacle in bringing in these higher light frequencies that are being streamed in from the central sun and activating the key energy centers of Gaia. Everytime these programs that are based in the lower vibrations of fear are removed their energy is transmuted into these higher light frequencies. When we work on ourselves this way we enable ourselves to be more in the driver’s seat of our journey through this incarnation.

The more negative programming we take out the easier it becomes for us to see whenever we are lowering our vibration with thoughts and emotions that do not serve us anymore in this Now moment. This process of removing the negative programming empowers us to make choices in the Now moment to stay in these higher light frequencies with our thoughts, words and actions. In other words the more responsibility we take in owning the level of vibration we are creating the freer we will become and the freer that all on this planet will become, no matter what kingdom they belong to.

I ask you all to ponder these things. I am realizing that the crystals are a most marvelous way to amplify the love light and send out this amazing message of liberation to the All That Is. It is so true that nothing is ever written in stone. Each new Now moment affords us the opportunity to bring more light into our being and reflect it out through the crystalline grid on this planet and beyond. When we do this we are helping to bring the crystalline grid to full activation.

When we join together in group meditations and work with this crystalline energy we amplify and multiply the strength our intent for healing with these uplifted frequencies of the love light. This allows us to accelerate the process of creating the new reality of the golden age on this planet. 

I ask you not to worry, not to allow yourself to let your minds be divided in fear at all. Your mind and your ego are no longer your controllers, if you give intent for this to be so it will become your truth and enable you to remember who you truly are. Each of us are diving beings of love & light.

There is no reason for us to be controlled by lies of our ego in this paradigm of the new energy. Let us all give intent to be  sovereign beings by making the connection to creator-source in our heart centers unwaveringly as we progress toward the full activation of the crystalline grid on 12/21/12. Let us continue our journeys with ease and grace by having the courage to speak our truth and to make choices for the greater good of the All That Is. So be it & so it is.