Saturday, October 6, 2012

Having The Courage to Use Muscle Response or Pendulum Testing

During the year and a half I’ve been developing a clientele doing the spirited clearings it has become quite clear to me that most people would rather have me take them through the clearings than learn how to do them by themselves. I feel that the most challenging thing for anyone doing these clearings by themselves is taking out negative programs. Finding out what negative program needs to be taken out and going to the originating lifetime where that negative program first entered the 4 bodies of their being is the most effective way to take out huge chunks of negative programming and transmute that fear based energy into the highest frequencies of love & light. MRT confirms the information that is inside of the Akashic Records in our DNA.

Muscle Response Testing or MRT is a very simple concept. It relies upon the belief that within the 4 bodies of your being the answer is there. All you have to do is to test to find the right question and then allow the answer to come forth by testing for it. MRT is a valid and reliable way to access and validate what you are receiving from your intuition. 

In our DNA the Akashic Records are stored. The information is all encompassing. We can ask anything and by using the procedure of interlocking the thumb and pinkie of both of your hands inside of one another, asking the question and then seeing if the circles break apart you come up with your answer. If they do break apart the answer is no, if they stay connected the answer is yes. 

I apply MRT to come up the negative program, what lifetime it came in and what that lifetime was like. I do this in the pre-session, & I come up with the 2 most important negative programs for us to take out in the session with that client.

I call in that person’s I AM Presence and their guidance team. I ask them things like: what is this person’s level of trust in the clearings? If it less than 5, I spend more time bringing in the energy and raising the level of the vibration when we first start the session. Also I ask, “What are the next two programs that need to be taken out? Then I run through a long list of negative programs that I have assembled in the last 3+ years of doing the clearings on myself and others. I ask, “Is Satanism the program that needs to be taken out? If it is, then I ask, “Is the next program that needs to be taken out stealing, incest, lying, forfeiture, falsification of evidence, rape, torture, adoration, addiction, viral infestation, radiation, betrayal, murder, black magic/witchcraft, psychic shield, arachnophobia, poisoning, castration, cannibalism, aggravation, cellular distress, conspiracy/blackmail, astral projection, nudity/public shaming, enemy patterning, greed, anxiety, depression, suicide, retribution, secrets or slavery etc.? 

I keep on asking until I get a yes and then I ask what lifetime this negative program that I got a yes for originated in. I ask was this person a man or a woman in this lifetime. What country did they live in? Was anyone in their family from this current lifetime in their family in the originating lifetime? What did they do for their livelihood? Were they married? Did they have children? I ask if they were connected with the Anunnaki. If they were, I ask if they just did business with them, or if they were in the satanic cult, or in some way promoted the agenda of the Anunnaki. I ask how long they lived, how they died, were they happy when they died etc.

It takes courage to trust the answers you get when you allow yourself to be connected in the heart center. The more you are centered in the heart, each and every day, the easier it becomes to maintain this connection. The more negative programming that you take out the easier it is to see when you are going for the same old thoughts & emotions that magnetize you to behavior patterns that are fear based and create a reality that does not serve you in the highest and best interests of who you really are.

If you allow yourself to do Spirited Clearings and you do these clearings 2 to 3 times a week you stand to see a rather profound shift within three to nine months, because you will remove & transmute huge chunks of fear based programming and allow the highest frequencies of love and light to come in. It is up to you how you implement these higher frequencies. What new choices will you make in your life that will empower you to feel the love and light you are in every moment of your journey here on Mother Gaia?

I am asking you to realize that all you experience in this third dimensional physical body that you live in is an illusion. We all created a hologram, which has allowed us to test the density of duality. The hologram is the outside creation, our so-called reality. What is really true is the love and light within. It takes courage to trust the connection with the heart and hook it up with your intuition and the different aspects of your being. If you give the intent to, MRT can play a huge role in helping you take back your power. 

We are in the last 3 months of this old timeline. If we allow ourselves to realize that we all came here for the rather profound reason of helping ourselves, others, & Mother Gaia to ascend then this makes it easier to say yes. Yes, we are infinite, eternal beings of love and light. Yes, it is time to own my creations. Yes, there is no one to blame, not even myself. I gave intent to come into this lifetime and I helped to script the blueprint of this lifetime for myself. I have a guidance team that has been working with me for all of my incarnations on earth and I give intent to entrain with them by giving them gratitude whenever I remember to.

If you make the commitment to rise up into the cosmic energies of ascension you blaze the trail for all others who have still yet to awaken. Spirited Clearings are a most viable tool for all of us to accelerate our ascension process. We can take go to the root of where our consciousness started to become divided and let ourselves become whole once more. Spirited Clearings makes all of our other meditations and exercises that much more powerful. 

The book is: “Spirited Clearings Negative Program Removal”.
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It has all of the clearings and it is a manual for keeping ourselves connected in our heart centers to the truth of the divinity of our being. This connection helps us to realize that we are One with creator-source and the higher aspects of our being. This also means that we can become connected to information our intuition gives us, and we can learn to trust it more and more. Spirited Clearings helps to demagnetize you from fear in a most profound and delightful way.