Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crystal Magic in the City of Light- Sedona

Here it is just after midnight on election night. I had so hoped that we would not have an election, but now I see that Obama’s victory is in divine timing. Whatever happens between now and the end of the year I feel that everything is in divine order. I have felt the surges in the energy. We still have more portals to go through, but the days are counting down to the end of the long count of the Mayan calendar. 

I ask all of you to use your imagination in considering the power you have to create your future in the highest vibrations of love & light. This means being connected to the heart center, having the courage to listen and trust in your intuition. It means choosing not to compromise when it comes to realizing the vision that you truly have for liberating your soul as a sovereign being. 

I continue to do my work of clearing the negative programming. I’m finding this to be very rewarding with each session I do, with each time I talk about raising the level of our vibration by learning how to let go of fear and bring in the highest frequencies of love & light. Each choice we make brings us closer to this golden age that all of us so joyously deserve. It is by divine decree that we have come this far. We will journey together to walk through the threshold of the alignment of the planets that will portend ascension into the higher dimension for any and all who desire it. 

Here it is, I live in the high desert of Northern AZ. Many would say it is a barren land. It is funny how I don’t see that. I see my environment as being beautiful. I know the reason I am here is to help hold the light of the crystal city. There are huge banks of crystals underneath the vortexes and the Lemurian Temple ruins. This crystal city had been a landing pad to the star races for a long time. I moved here five years ago. From the first days I was here I began to know that this was home. I tapped into the flow of energy by walking in the vortexes and feeling the energies of the red rocks. 

In these five years much has been revealed to me, because I asked for it. I have given intent to ascend and raise the level of consciousness of the One we all are over and over again. Now I see and feel my intents for full consciousness, inside of this human body, are coming to fruition. It is the most glorious of times. All we have to do is to hang in there until a saturation point is attained, which should be either on or around 12/21/12. 

Again and again all of us who have been working with the light have had to realize that everything that we didn’t heal kept on coming up more forcefully each time for us to heal, but at the same time crystals were being reactivated and portals were coming online and vortexes were becoming stronger and stronger. So in this Now moment the light is very strong and we are primed for the full activation of the crystalline grid. 

I don’t know all of the intellectual information that is available about the city of light, but my feeling is, in connection with my intuition, those of us who are living in or close to Sedona are feeling the effects of the crystalline energy to a very advanced degree. All crystals act as amplifiers. When we work on ourselves to raise ourselves up in the highest frequencies of love & light we are raising the level of consciousness. 

I have been working with ascended masters to raise the level of the vibration, in conjunction with crystals that I have, and with the crystals on Mother Sekhmet’s ship. I have been sending this energy with the divine geometry of a triangle from my crystals to the crystals in the ship to the crystalline connection in Sedona.
This crystalline connection is the conglomeration of the temple complex, (the crystals are buried underneath the ruins of the temples), and the vortexes, as well as the crystalline city above 3-D Sedona and below 3-D Sedona in the underground Agarthan network. There are other areas of activation for the crystalline grid, but I’m getting from my guides that Sedona is the first and primary point of the activation of the crystalline grid. 

The crystalline grid is actively transmitting now. We are in the process of ascension, so for some the vibrations and emissions of this high level of conscious awareness will be enough for them to make the jump into 5-D. This is what we have been calling ascension.

Not everyone will ascend at the same time. Those who manage to ascend before others are forming the point on the pathway through the gateways. So if you would think of a draw by the numbers painting and all of the points have been sketched in, & now the time of filling the drawing in with the colors is starting to happen. This is the beginning of bringing the painting to completion, to use this analogy. 

I feel that whatever we can do to bring in more love and light within the 4 bodies of are being will help us greatly to integrate the highest frequencies of love and light that are being transmitted Now. Helping others to take out the negative programs continues to be a main priority with me. If you desire help in releasing anything which you feel no longer serves your highest and best interest please contact me to set up an appointment.