Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keep On Keeping On

Just like that old blues song, with the line: keep on keeping on. Just like all of the times I kept on doing the same routine over & over each day, just like the one before it; I am in flow right now of the groove of allowance and acceptance. The only thing is that the energy dynamics of the planet, the whole hologram have changed so monumentally that the game isn’t the same as it ever was before. It feels as if the momentum has shifted in such a way that it’s just going to be a short time before all of the changes go down the way that we have been told that they will. The only thing is that we’ve been hearing this for a very long time. Some people say they’ve been hearing that NESARA could happen any day now for the last 10 years plus.

My knowingness is profoundly aware of the way it feels in this Now moment. It feels that I can be connected in the heart center to creator-source almost effortlessly, and that the results of this will last, pretty much the rest of the day. This is the state of communion, but we don’t have to eat the body & drink the blood of Christ to attain it. The state of communion is in each of us all of the time. All we have to do is to call it forth from the inside, by raising the level of our energy vibration to the highest frequencies of love & light.

Unconditional/universal love: you can have as much as you desire. Breathe into the feeling of lifting up into father sky, giving intent to go up to one of the ships for healing. Pick one: the Arcturian teaching academy, the Phoenix, the Niburu- the crystal ship of Mother Sekhmet, the New Jerusalem- Ashtar’s flag ship etc. They all are in play, or perhaps you will be guided to go on another one of the ships to be with your soul family and work with them. We do a lot of work in our sleep state. Of course most of us don’t remember it, unless our intuitive gifts have been very well developed. Most of us don’t channel or at least not yet.

Everyday it is getting a bit easier to make the connection in our heart center to accessing our gifts. Being able to raise the energy doing meditation is the way to do it. Once we are there we may ask our I AM Presence and our guidance teams questions about how to develop our gifts, or how to stay more connected to our intuition. This will help us answer our own questions. Sometimes knowing what questions to ask is almost as important as getting the answers. I still use the Muscle Response Testing to help me come up with the questions and validate the answers I’m getting to them.

Since the shift that happened on 12/21/12 I find that I’m not spending so much time obsessing with how long it is going to be before NESARA is announced. I feel that the most important thing is for me to stay connected. A large part of my day continues to be the clearings I do and the pre-sessions where I come up with the negative programs to clear and their originating lifetimes.

Everytime I work on someone I feel cleansed and uplifted, because the negative energy we remove becomes transmuted into the highest frequencies of love & light. This is starting to feel like a very miraculous occurrence to me. The light is so dominant right now that it is so much easier to rise up and access information. I feel we are right on track for manifesting our new golden age reality by riding out the waves of ascension on this one timeline.

This shifting into all of us being on just one time line is what I experienced from 12/21/12. This means that the structures of 3-D have eroded and are crumbling bigtime. It is up to us to bring in the energies that accompany this one timeline. This is the timeline of unity consciousness. This is huge. This is a main part of what we have been working many millennia to achieve.

Duality was the natural state of the third dimension. In a 13,000 year period we played through the densest properties it had to offer. Pain, suffering, & misery were always there for us anytime we let our egos feed on the negativity. It was up to us to stay centered in the Now moment. During some parts of this grand experiment it was very hard to be at the place of zero-point, where we could feel the connection to creator-source.

Ever onward we venture forth, with the light of love spurring us on to greater heights. It is here, & it is coming into our 3-D reality. As it ever was, patience is a virtue. By using the power of our intent we design the reality of the Golden Age when we stay connected in the heart center. These are the times of magic that we have been looking forward to. They are here now. Do we love ourselves enough to now pull them out of the ethers & into this Now moment of our beingness?

I humble suggest that you do yourself a big favor and don’t worry about when the Announcements will come. I feel that the most important thing is to be at our highest level of love & light when they come into our physical reality. So this means using the tool of unconditional/universal love. When we consciously breathe we align ourselves with the zero point in the heart center. It is the place of allowing ourselves to go into the depths our being in an inter-dimensional way.

It is up to us to imagine what we want to create as if it has already happened. I bet that this is a mind boggling concept to many. This is the place of instant manifestation and this is the place we all will access when we become fully conscious. Everytime any one of us raises the level of our vibration into the highest frequencies of love & light we wear down the resistance that is preventing us from being able to manifest our creations in our physical reality. Please consider this anytime you feel frustrated or downright angry that we don’t have unlimited abundance already.

Personally I am finding it truly fascinating how this journey back to unity consciousness is unfolding. It isn’t easy by any means, but I realize that if it was not going down the way it is than less of the people we love will be able to get there & ascend with us. I feel that this is worth fighting for. I want as many people as possible to ascend, so I’m prepared for the long haul. The very beautiful paradox of it is that once enough people get onboard with cleaning out the resistance of the negative programming that they have taken on over these many lifetimes, they will contribute in a major way to the quick manifestation of the Golden Age. With the power of our intent we are all making it happen Now.