Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Trifecta

I’m calling it the Trifecta, because we just passed through the 3rd eclipse in the space of about a month. This eclipse had the full moon energy and the Wesak energy attached to it as well as an alignment with Jupiter, Venus and Mercury that created a triangle of Light through which the energy for the opening of the Portal was channeled from the Galactic Central Sun towards the surface of this planet. 

This portal was a big deal in taking us a step further into creating what has been called the Event, some have been calling it the Announcements. This will be when the light creates an abundance of positive changes in our physical reality that we will now have the leverage to create a compassionate reality here on Mother Gaia. The ground crews, white hats, lightworkers etc. have been working toward this moment of manifestation for a long time now. 

We have meditated about bringing in the new reality that would be jumpstarted with the Announcements of NESARA. How this would be a sequential event of the Dark Cabal being taken from power, the end of its institutions, going onto the new banking system, the release of the St. Germaine Trust, Disclosure of the cover-up to keep us separated from the Galactic races that have been monitoring our progress toward ascension for about 65 years now, release of free energy and many advanced technologies that will enable us ways to manifest the magic of our sovereign being. 

Saturday, May 25th was a big step toward bringing in this event. We meditated, some of us were alone; others meditated with our families or partners, while some of us meditated in big groups. Many times we have done this in the past. We won’t give up. We found ourselves a step closer at the end of the day.
I felt the energy very strongly. I did the meditation that Cobra had on his site by myself. At the end of it the graphic that he called The Flower of Life came alive for me, and it multiplied its energy out over Gaia, spreading its light of love, totally engulfing it. 

Now a few days later, people on the list servs are saying we were successful. I have to remind myself that the feelings of bringing in these high frequencies are real. We are blazing the trail still. Now is not the time to be downhearted by what we see on the mainstream news or what we hear others say when we overhear conversations about what concerns they have, about war, human rights, lack of abundance, fraud etc. Now is the time to breathe into our heart centers and remain steadfast in the vision we hold for all of humanity to rise up into the 5th dimension and beyond. 

It takes courage to live in our heart centers, so that we may stay connected to Creator-Source and the higher aspects of our being. We are all being called upon to meditate, to find the time to do the things that bring ourselves and others joy. This will help us to bring in the high frequencies of love & light and exponentially raise the level of consciousness throughout the dimensions. It is up to all of us to stay in the high vibes. When we go through a portal, like we just did we have momentum on our side. We are getting more & more leverage for bringing about the Event. 

We are the magic, the message of love we have been waiting for. Everyday gives us another opportunity to bring in these higher frequencies and manifest our vision for the Golden Age. 

In my work as a re-programmer and care giver I come in contact with people who are not willing to own their creations. I give intent that soon they shall find the bridge within the four bodies of their being to remember who they are, & wake up to how they are truly conscious creators. All of our thoughts, words, feeling, & actions create ripples in the collective consciousness. It is up to us to use the tools of forgiveness and gratitude to release attachments, so that we allow ourselves more firmly to ground into being in this Now moment, & being the love that we all are. 

We have graduated. This series of eclipses brought us up and through this last portal. Now we look to the solstice at the end of June. May we bless Gaia and each other for the love we all are in the One we all are in the All That Is.