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8-8-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

8-8-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I am so very happy to be with you tonight on this Lion’s Gate and to feel the energy from heart to heart with all of you. This is a most marvelous time of the year for us here over on the other side, because it’s for this moment in your time when the energy allows you to go up through the dimensions and to feel the possibilities of using these energies to create what you truly desire for yourselves and your planet. And yes, in a few days, on the 11th with where most of you are or actually all of you are, in North America, is going to be your partial solar eclipse. And I believe it’s a new moon too. And so this is another marvelous time to put forth your Intentions and to create the reality that you truly desire.

And of course we come together on these calls to do the Meditation with Mother and also to open up our hearts and shine the LoveLight to create this new reality to attract these high vibrational energies and raise the level of the LoveLight on your planet to this tipping point where this Cosmic Blast will come in. And all of a sudden, you will be there. You will be firmly anchored all the way into the 5th Dimension. And you’ll never have to go back down into the lower dimensions, the lower vibrations and play out duality again. And this is what we have all been working for. 

And when we come upon a day like today, we just can’t help but really feel so much Love in our hearts for all of you and for all of Creation and feel so much gratitude in all the experiences that we have had that have brought us to this point. Because we know that there has been a great shift on your planet. And this in your time has been happening for about the last six years from when you reached that marker in the Beloved Year of 2012. And before that you had 25 years from the point of the Harmonic Convergence to 2012 and passing the marker for Ascension. And right now you are in full throttle here to bring about this Ascension on your planet in such a mass way. 

And yes, all of you are first wavers in this progress. You are the wayshowers. You are the teachers, if you will. And the possibilities are limitless in this Now Moment for how you do this and the experiences that you have that will bring you into these Beloved Light Chambers where you will ascend. 

So, Dear Beloved Ones, it is a most marvelous time. And on days like today, we ask you to exercise your imaginations in such a creative way because the energies exist there for you really to learn how to do this more and more when you are heart centered. And we also ask you to be aware of the connections that you have with your I AM Presence and your guidance team because on a day like today, it is easier to connect and to feel these nudgings that they give you and any messages that may come through them too, to help you to accelerate your Ascension Process.

Because yes, this is the reason why all of you have come into this lifetime and none of you had to. Of course, you wanted to accelerate your spiritual evolution but the rigors of being in the 3rd Dimension and having to deal with duality as you have had in each of your lifetimes has been very trying to say the least. And it has tested you in so many ways. And now, we see that testing is finally coming to an end.
And it’s days like today, which perhaps give you a foreshadowing of what your future will be not too long from now, where by it’ll be so much easier to create your reality with these high-vibe heart-centered thoughts. And to truly feel your creative powers and to develop them on a real broad spectrum and really perfect them for the benefit not only of yourselves but for all of Creation.

And so Dear Beloved Ones, we say to you we love you beyond all verbal expression. And we thank you so very much for being here on this call and for you exercising your power to create these high vibrations that bring us closer to anchoring in the 5th Dimension on this planet and bringing the Mission to the next phase of its completion.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Good night.

8-8-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

8-8-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. Thank you so much for joining us today on the Lion’s Gate.  And this is like my holiday, you know. I really love this interdimensional gateway. And it seems like today the energy is so strong, and it gives us unlimited possibilities for creating the reality that we are calling forth in the Now Moment. So it is a splendid time to do our Meditation once again. 

And we feel so happy in seeing so many of you working on yourselves the way that you have to raise the level of your Love and Light and to come together in these times when you know that you’ll be able to make more of a difference by sharing your energies with one another. And there is so much happening on your Beloved Planet at this time. 

So tonight we intend to focus on some different areas here and to shine the LoveLight deeply into the heart of Mother Gaia to offer our Love and our Light in these very trying times. 

And although it may seem like there is a lot of confusion and a lot of pain and suffering going on in your world, well, Dear Beloved Ones, it is being exposed to a large degree here. And that more and more people every day are paying attention to what is going on in the alternative avenues of information dissemination on the Internet.
And this is causing a lot of people to start talking from their hearts about the changes that they want to see, not only for themselves, but for their children and for the rest of their families. Because with these energies coming in, it brings things so much into your Now Moment where it’s not really possible to procrastinate without feeling quite a bit of backlash these days. And the energies that are coming in are of such a high vibration that it wears down the resistance that you have all been imprinted with this negative programming. 

And so, it can feel very, very good for you to be more spontaneous in your lives just by breathing into the Heart Center and connecting with your guidance. And if it feels good, maybe you’re going to get a little nudge, oh, okay, it’s time to do this. Well, why don’t you do this right now. And to just do it and to feel free and liberated in not feeling any worry or doubt by allowing yourself to be confident and feel whole and feel supported by the Universe.

So let us join together our hands. And I’m going to bi-locate my paw to each and every one of you and let us form our circle. And breathing into the Heart Center continuously allowing ourselves to be in this Now Moment and with our breathing rising up off of the surface of your planet and at the speed of our thoughts jetting right up through the atmospheric layers, through the layers of the ships that adorn the outer layers here of your planet’s atmosphere and coming upon my ship which is a real big one. It’s a mother ship. It’s the Nibiru. And opening up this landing deck and now rising up into the airlock with our circle all intact and hovering there as the landing deck closes beneath us.
And now touching down and walking on back to the elevators and getting into one of them with our circle still intact. And pressing the button here, going all the way up to the top room which is the Crystal Room. And boy, we really zoom right up there. And now opening the door and popping out and walking over and seeing all of these Beloved Beings with their radiant energies and smiling faces. And we know that’s it’s on and they have been in anticipation of your arrival. And so we’re all here together and we can feel these energies. 

And maybe you feel a whisper or a touch at the back of your neck of one of your ancestors which might even be yourself in a past lifetime. And forming the circle in the middle of the Crystal Room around our Beloved Altar with the huge crystal sitting on top of it. And yes, we’ve got all of the Mentors here and very many other LoveLight beings all over the Universe and very many of the Beloved Beings from the ships that wouldn’t miss this for anything, because they feel that this is an integral part of their Mission in raising the level of the LoveLight this way and focusing on Beloved Mother Gaia’s liberation.

So now, sending this energy from our hearts, around the circle to the outer circles and all through the room starting from the floor to the walls, spiraling it up and down, around and through, up to the ceiling and back again a few times, up and down. And it allows us to feel all of the interdimensional vibrations, all of these high-vibe energies from all over Creation which are represented in the Crystal Room from all of the different crystals that comprise it. And just breathing into it as we continue to spiral these energies all through this Beloved Room and into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings in our circles. 

And now sending this energy into the crystal and setting our Intentional Requirements for what we want to create in this Meditation. And yes, it can be for your personal goals and ideals and visions of what you feel would be in your highest and best interest at this time and for the planet and for the Beloved Kingdoms of your planet. And seeing it and feeling it as already done. And allowing yourself to be joyfully in gratitude for having it happen.

And now shining this LoveLight into the crystals and having it explode to the tip of the crystal through the opening in the ceiling of the ship and cascading downward onto your Beloved Planet with us going right down there with it through the layers of the atmospheres and the ships. And spiraling this energy all down, around and up and through. You could see it from the North Pole, spiraling it all the way down through the South Pole, not just on the surface, but all through your Beloved Planet affecting all of the atomic structure.

And now let us go to a place on your planet where I have a particular affinity with. And this is the pyramids in Giza and of course they are located right on a magnificent ley line, really high-vibe energy. And shining the LoveLight into these pyramids here, into the chambers and commuting with the energies. And because there is No Time, we’re bringing our LoveLight to all of these transmissions which have resided and emanated from this particular point on your planet and the connections that they have with so many benevolent off-world races that still continue to this day. 

And just breathing into it and celebrating this Now Moment of the Lion’s Gate.  And focusing our intentions of liberating your Beloved Planet from these dark forces. And wearing down the veil to nothingness. And with the Intention of firmly anchoring ourselves into the 5th Dimension once more, just as in the days of the distant past of Lumeria and Atlantis. Only this time, this version of the 5th Dimension will be so much broader in scope and have so much more meaning in a really positive, high-vibe way for the rest of Creation. 

And now let us focus our attention across the pond there to North America and your beloved state of California because we see that there’s a war going on there in your environment. And it has to do with weather warfare and this type of machine that can cause so much damage and death and destruction and cause so much fear and separation. Because the people don’t understand that it’s being done by manmade forces. Because either they don’t have the complete story or that they are very trusting in how different this type of fire has been because it has left cars and things that fire normally doesn’t completely disintegrate in a bunch of ashes basically.
So shining this Lovelight, spiraling it from the atmosphere down to the surface, and yes, below the atmosphere too, because in a lot of these places in California, there are either the Beloved Beings of the LoveLight living underneath the surface of the planet or these vast underground networks which the cabal have built and exploited for their own means. So spiraling this energy up and down, all through Beloved California and envisioning rain, yes, envisioning these clouds coming on over all of these fires and open up and sprinkle all of this Beloved Water on them over and over again until we’re putting them out. 

And now shining our LoveLight on these machines that have caused these fires.  And we’re putting them in stasis mode here so they will not affect the environment anymore. We’re doing this by engineering their atoms in such a way that they will not function in the normal mode. In other words, we’re putting the safety on them and preventing them from functioning.
And now let us shine this LoveLight all through these underground networks from Mexico, through the United States to Canada by spiraling the energy vertically from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the ground through the tunnels and all of the bases, their honeycomb chambers and going up and down with this Intention of liberating all of these bases with our LoveLight and driving out these lower-vibrational, lower-dimensional energies of the cabal. And bringing into the Collective Consciousness the realization that this is where these dark beings have perpetrated their attacks against Humanity by keeping their secrets, by using the artificial intelligence as a weapon against us. And it has allowed them to manipulate the flow of energy, the flow of communications on your planet. And all of that is changing right now as we speak. 

And now, let us vertically go underneath the ground into these tunnels. And starting from whatever point you want to, vertically go into the tunnels, into the bases and from one end to the other spiraling this energy up, down, around and through. And shining it into the hearts of all of these Beloved Beings who have had Soul Contracts to serve in these underground bases. 

They were made to do this against their will seemingly, but before they came into this lifetime, they knew that this was going to be a part of their experience in this lifetime. And they gave permission for it to happen. But consciously, they didn’t know this. And so many children have been taken for these sacrifices.  And so many beings have served into adulthood underneath the surface of our planet in these underground bases also. So we tell them that they are not forgotten. They are dearly loved. And yes, this is the last lifetime that they’ll ever have to spend in duality because when they go over to the other side, they will have graduated. 

And we thank you so very much on this Beloved Day for us to have come together like this and have performed magnificently this Meditation together, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Namaste and good night.