Thursday, April 19, 2018

4-18-2018, Mary Magdalene

4-18-2018, Mary Magdalene

Dear Beloved Ones, 

It is so wonderful to be back here again, to be able to talk to you and to feel the loving energies in all of your hearts. And once again we want to focus on the Love and Light that we are. Because no matter what the challenge is, no matter what Life Contracts that we find ourselves moving through and having to deal with day to day, whether it be health wise or with relationships or concerning money and just simple survival, we bring forth the knowledge that the True Power lies in the Power of Love. And this means allowing ourselves to be Heart Centered, to use our tools throughout the course of the day, whether it be spinning our chakras, praying, moving forth in nature, doing sports, or going bike riding. 

All different ways we have to move the energy to let go of the mind and truly allow ourselves, by being Heart Centered, by being inside of our bodies, to really let go to being in this Now Moment. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this allows us to be at Zero Point. And this is the place of our Power. This is the place where we use the Power of Attraction all through the dimensions, it can be, to rise right on up and make that connection with Creator Source, and allow ourselves to stay in those high vibrations, to feel the Oneness with all of the higher aspects of our being, and to make manifest our intentional requirements for what we desire in this moment. To bring it forth, whether it be for ourselves, for the planet, for our families, for Mother Gaia, for her kingdoms, for our pets. These Divine Aspirations help move all of us forward and upward into the 5th Dimension. 

And we feel that you have all come to the realization that this is why you are all here: To manifest that part of yourself that is God, to let it grow in strength and solidarity with Mother Gaia to fulfill this Mission of Ascension.  And knowing that every time you come together in Communion of your Hearts with one another, such as on these meditations, and in other mass meditations on the internet, or even just with your family and friends in your living room, that you’re not just doing it for yourselves, but you’re doing it for the whole of Creation. And so much Power is to be felt. And every time we do this, we’re empowering ourselves more and more to spread the LoveLight all over the planet and all over Creation.  

Because the time of the darkness has been a long time, and now the Light is in the forefront here and directing the momentum on your planet. And it would not have come about without all of you being here and intentionally requiring to work on yourselves and raise the level of your vibrations so that these changes could start to manifest. And here we are in the Alliance and the unions of all of these different groups of Light Workers that have come together under the tutelage of teachers, of channelers, who are channeling members of the White Brotherhood, angels, specific Ascended Masters, or like Susan was, an open channel. 

And there has been so much that has been learned since the time of the Harmonic Convergence, so much more than what was previously known through Divine Books, such as the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita. These have a certain amount of Truth, but when you can get a channel that has like 97% Truth coming through them, it creates a whole different dynamic. It resonates throughout the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions and creates a force field of Love in and of itself. And that is why we as Mentors persist in our meditations, in our channels, because we know that you are hungry for not only the information coming forth, but the vibrations that come forth, the degree and level of the Love and Light that is made manifest heart-to-heart when we talk to you. 
And this dynamic has been powering your meditations and helping you to go through your daily grind in dealing with this survival game and survival dynamics and the density of duality for so many years now. And we know that you have grown to love us. And our love for you is truly exponential and beyond all expression of words. The feeling becomes so much deeper and stronger day by day, Dear Beloved Ones, that even though we can’t give you a date, we can give you a concrete assessment of where we are in the Now Moment of bringing in the Cosmic Blast and the Announcements.  

We just see it moving more forcefully and stronger, and the vibrations of the Light becoming that much more dynamic, and exponentially affecting your reality in a most wondrous way.  And it is so joyful for us to behold because we too, us Mentors, have been on this meditation with all of you for so, so many years of your time on this planet. 
And we, as Mother said, we truly love you and are in awe of you and admire you for your commitment, because as you know, you didn’t have to be here, but you wanted to be here.  It was in the spirit of Love, of Oneness, of knowing that you are a part of God and empowering yourself once again to rise up into being in the 5th Dimension and ascending that you came here at this time. And all we can say is that you won’t be disappointed in how it feels as you continue to go forth.
We love you, Dear Beloved Ones, and we honor you for your meditations tonight and all of the work that you do on yourself.

Namaste and Good Night.

Friday, April 13, 2018

4-11-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

4-11-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

It is such a pleasure to be with you here tonight feeling your hearts, feeling the Love and Light that you all are and being in Communion with you once again on this call. Here we come together at a time when things are still falling into place, if you will, where there is so many different moving parts coming together and that so much is transpiring out of sight from you and so much is happening that your mainstream media is really doing their best to shield you from.
But here we are in these uplifted energies. And we know that you’re all feeling them to a great degree as the times between the peaks of energy grow shorter and shorter and these high vibrations become much more sustained.  And it is easier for you all to stay in these high vibrations in the higher dimensions and truly allow yourself this recognition of the Love and Light that you are. 

And yes, things are coming up to be healed, but we see that you’ve never been in such an optimal position as you are right now to bring them to completion, to fully clear them, which will make you totally ready for this blast of energy to come in and anchor us into the 5th Dimension fully. So again, this is one of our things to bring us to completion along with NESARA and enable the liberation of people all over the planet and the kingdoms of the planet.

So just breathing into the Heart Center and allowing ourselves to come together in our Circle as I multi-locate a paw out to you and with our breathing rising up into the firmament above the surface into the higher atmosphere and with the power of thought coming upon my ship, the Nibiru.  And now approaching the bottom of my ship, the landing deck here, opening it up and popping through that airlock, hovering above it while we close it and touch down. And then making our familiar path to the elevator and getting all inside and rising up into our Beloved Meditation Room here and opening up the doors into the Crystal Room and feeling all of these Beloved Spirits welcome us once again. And yes, the Mentors are here, your ancestors, many different commanders from the ships and many different Beloved Beings of Light.

And now assembling ourselves around our Altar, being the inner circle, and other circles ringing around us, the Mentors, ancestors, participants from the ships. And now just allowing ourselves to slow down and relax into the rhythm of our breathing into our hearts. And sending this energy around our Circle into the outer circles and all up and down through the Crystal Room.  And taking in the energy of all of the crystals, spiraling it up and down and around and through. And feeding our DNA with it, all of these high wondrous vibrations. 
And making a focus right here and now with our visions for the anchoring in of the 5th Dimension via the announcements, our upgrade of energy with the Cosmic Blast and sharing these energies with each other here and also bringing it onto the planet which we are about to do. But first just sending it into our Beloved Crystal here on the Altar and all of the different ways that we envision for activating our plans to carry through this energy after the announcements happen, energizing it with our Love and Light right here in the crystal. 

And now sending it up and through this opening in the roof of the room and cascading it down, spiraling it down into the atmosphere of the Earth, all through the layers of the ships and onto the surface and underneath the surface, spiraling it up and down, around and through to each of the subatomic particles there and raising the level of the vibration and sending this Love and Light to all of the hearts of Humanity, all of the different kingdoms and feeling it resonate with them. And feeling them send their Love back to us now to enable us to multiply the potency of these vibrations, to expand them and multiply them. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, it is in this realization of the Power of Love that we get this meditation of the announcements, of making Heaven on Earth done. And allowing ourselves to feel the gratitude for these opportunities that we have when we come together to shine the LoveLight on our Beloved Planet and into the hearts of all of the loving beings and within all of the kingdoms on Mother Gaia. 

And it is in these areas that still feel strife where these dark ones are trying to drum up war in the area of Syria, shining the LoveLight there. And spiraling it from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the ground with the intention of purifying the air, purifying the water, purifying the thoughts and actions of words of the leaders that affect this area so that protection for all of the people there can be enacted and enabled. And that these people will now no longer live in fear but be able to truly be the Love and Light that they are in the freedom of realizing their birthrights. And Dear Beloved Ones, this is our intention for Peace all over the planet at this time. 

And yes, once again going to North America and focusing on the underground network here because this remains to be one of the major strongholds of the cabal because what has been hidden still gives them a certain amount of power. And by shining our LoveLight into these compounds, into these honeycombed chambers that form this network all throughout various parts of North America, we diffuse their power dynamic. 

So now starting from the atmosphere and spiraling the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy onto the surface and below, down into these underground installations and the tunnels that connect each of them to one another. And let us just project our energy shining the LoveLight all through the tunnels and completely filling up the installations with this Golden White LoveLight Energy. And being underground here and just following all of the different tunnels all through to the end, and then coming back again, leaving nothing to chance about cleaning their energy out, raising the level of the vibrations there. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, we are shining the LoveLight of Truth, Peace and Compassion into the dynamics of all of these closely-guarded secrets that have been used against us for such a long time now and exposing them to the Light. 

Well, you know, we always do it up in the higher dimensions first.  And then it can manifest in your material reality so that one day, the Truth is going to be broadcast over your Emergency Broadcast System. And these are the things that they’re going to talk about, Beloved Ones. But we’re just giving it a push here to bring it to completion. 

And once again, we’re focusing our LoveLight on all of the different people in these underground bases that have been used for human sacrifice, as slaves against their will. And shining the LoveLight on them to help them raise the level of their vibration to give them a reflection that they are more than just the fear that they have been living with in order to survive. And shining and spiraling such abundant waves of Love into their hearts to allow them to rise up, to give them the hope and the realization that no matter what their fates may be that the Truth of their reality is that they will ascend and that they are not forsaken or forgotten whatsoever. They will be celebrated and honored as we are doing so right now in recognition of them agreeing to their Soul Contracts and allowing themselves to go through these very challenging obstacles. 

And now, rising back above the surface and just shining the LoveLight once again all over Beloved Mother Gaia, shining the LoveLight into the hearts of everyone at this time of ongoing change. And sending out the intention that everyone knows we are One in the Love and Light that we all are. And that there is no separation from each and every one of us. And that we all deserve Abundance and Prosperity and Peace. And through our meditations, through our intentional requirements, we are anchoring it into Beloved Mother Gaia.

So Dear Beloved Ones, we honor you so very much for coming together in Communion with us to do this Beloved Work. And we say to you, Namaste and Good Night.

April 11, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

April 11, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Ah, thank you so much for coming together tonight with us and for allowing us to be in Communion with you once again and to shine our LoveLights together to multiply these energies over Beloved Mother Gaia. Dear Beloved Ones, we send the Love straight into your heart tonight. 

We see some of you having to deal with very extreme conditions where you’ve been tested, where you’ve felt so much happening that you realize it’s really not about analyzing it, what you’re experiencing, but just allowing yourself to feel it and let go to it and keep yourself in high vibration while you bring it to completion, whatever it may be, whether it be the feeling of grief, of loss, of betrayal. Dear Beloved Ones, the Love is always so much stronger. And by just allowing ourselves to shine this LoveLight on all of the polarities that we experience in our lives, this enables our gifts and talents to such a high degree. 

And this is what we as Mentors, as Ascended Masters, have all had to learn, to really trust that feeling of being the Love and Light that we are. And not analyzing, not thinking that the mind was all powerful at all, but the connection in our hearts with Creator Source, which is the LoveLight that we have all emanated from. And you can call it the Godself or the Godhead. But that is the spark, Dear Beloved Ones that energizes us inside of our bodies.

And when we have realization of this, this metamorphosis of realizing our true inner selves, and our connection with Creator Source takes over and allows ourselves to rise so far above these limitations of duality that we have all been programmed with to keep ourselves small and to be easily controlled by these so-called rulers who have enabled all of this negative programming and these limitations of survival to allow them to control you and the resources of this Beloved Planet. 

And now with our meditations, with Mother Gaia becoming activated and with the Divine Decree of Heaven allowing this progression toward our Ascensions to happen, we get more and more into feeling this Power of the Love and Light that we all are. And so instead of feeling that things aren’t happening fast enough, we ask you in this Now Moment just to truly appreciate where you are right now and the feeling of Love in your heart and being in Communion with one another, with us at this very wondrous and engaging time. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this didn’t happen overnight. It has been an ongoing journey for all of you to be able to rise up in these high vibrations and to let go of the negativity, the feelings of fear, finding the courage to let go of the old stories of victimization, of control and trying to analyze why things happen the way that they do. 

But now we are at this place when we can really feel the Power of us coming together in Communion and being the LoveLight that we are and focusing our energies on the Announcements, on the Cosmic Blast to fully take us into this next step of our evolution.

And so, we are so appreciative of the Love you have shown us, all of the Mentors, by continuing your work, by being courageous and staying Heart Centered in these times when so much is transpiring, and all of these different loose ends are coming together. And we are never separate from you at all. You just have to call us, and we are there, right there in your hearts, Dear Beloved Ones. And we so appreciate of you. And we love you beyond all expression.

And so we say to you, Namaste. We love you and good night.