Sunday, January 21, 2018

1-17-18 Mother Sekhmet

channeled by Eli Galla on 1/17/18

Dear Beloved Ones, we are so grateful that you have joined us on the call tonight. It is truly a marvelous, high-intensity, high-energy day with the new moon and with all of the other energies that are bombarding the planet and raising the level of the consciousness and infusing it with more and more of the Love Light for all of us Light Workers to use to bring about this most holy and sacred event of the return into the higher dimensions. Of course, the preparation for our Ascension, not just ourselves but our Beloved Mother Gaia, who has been weathering these storms of neglect and power dynamics that have really tested her too over the course of these many thousands of years.  

Now, we have various things that we’d like to address tonight in our meditation. So we’re asking you to get into our circle with me bi-locating my paw to you and you reaching out to the person next to you with a hand too. And for us to be joined into the heart and to breathe in into our Heart Centers into this high-vibrational energy of Love and Light, and allowing ourselves to relax and with our breathing rising up, and feeling the joy of this moment of being together and rising up and traveling to my ship, the Nibiru. 

And now, approaching it, and an opening is happening for us to rise through this landing deck. And now we’re by it, and the air locks are closing, and we’re walking on back toward the elevators, all intact in our circle. Actually, we’re more like floating. Well, that’s the power of intention here in the higher dimensions, Beloved Ones.  And going through all at one time into the door. It enlarges for us, and now jetting right up through all of the different floors.

And as you know, it’s a huge ship, my crystal ship. And we’re going up to this top room, the Pent House, if you will, where a lot of the real, wonderful meditations and integrations happen. And now, opening up the doors and once again feeling this energy as we make our way to all the Beloved Mentors and the ancestors of ourselves that have joined us on this most auspicious night with the wheels turning in all sorts of ways down on the Beloved Mother Gaia. And ringing around our Beloved Alter with the crystals, surrounded by crystals, the floors, the windows, the ceilings, and just breathing into this energy and breathing into the hearts of the Mentors and all the Beloved Beings joining us for this meditation.

In this now moment of time, it’s appropriate to envision what you want to create in these next coming days when the announcements are made, when the energy frees up for us to be able to create what we have envisioned for our Soul Contracts of realizing our Purpose at this time of helping so many others who haven’t been as awake or aware of the acceleration of this Ascension Process, and perhaps not even thinking of all of the improvements that can be made for us now to become one and integrated in the Golden Age, living in the fifth dimension and beyond continuously from this moment forward of when the announcements are made. 

And when our hearts are joined together as one, and when we once again realize this most magnificent mode of Unity Consciousness, and when Truth will be all-enveloping and omnipresent and transmitting us transparent and that much higher in our vibrations by realizing this dynamic once again. In other words, you could think of it as there not being any static on your station any more. The transmissions strikingly heart-to-heart will be clear and functioning at optimal levels, Dear Beloved Ones. 

So it is with that intention that we shine our Love Lights around the circle and with the Mentors. And just breathing into it, feeling the energy expand and feeling ourselves being more centered at Zero Point where all the really good stuff happens, you know.

And now let us all shine our energies right on this huge crystal in the middle of the Alter here. This unconditional Universal Love, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, focusing as a beacon and rising up through the opening right at the apex of the dome in my ship here. And now we see it cascading down in a spiral to our Beloved Blue Orb and traveling right along with it.  And now encircling it in our spiral and having it go and surround the planet and pulsate up and down completely infusing every atom and subatomic particle with this Love Light. 

And letting this rhythm of expansion overtake all of the dark energies of survival and fear and separation on this planet. Well, you know that has been the old way. And we wonder what we can learn from that game. And all these dark ones, it’s time for them to learn a thing or two, we feel.  

So, we got a Special Mission tonight because I realized that my information could be updated a little bit, and we can go to another Getty Museum that’s part of the complex. It’s on the Santa Monica Mountain. And you know this complex underground with its tunnels, its high-speed trains and things of that nature, and yes, right down at the bottom, of course, the blood sacrifices and what they call the spas which enable these heinous acts to still happen.  

But also, there’s a lot of treasure down underneath the ground and a lot of armaments and things of that nature, and all of these different groups that have their bunkers and their escape routes. 
So, Dear Beloved Ones, now is the time for us to penetrate those layers of dark control with shining the Love Light all up and through, from the surface. From above the surface is the atmosphere and down into the actual museum and underneath, underground in the tunnels. And again, picturing it as a spiral going up and down and vibrating, pulsating in very high frequencies, this Magical Heart Consciousness Energy. 

And, of course, shining the Love Light on the people that have been made slaves there, the children, and other workers and have missed this obscene wealth and opulence. To have such human misery that these high-breed Reptilians, these worshippers of Satin, keep on replenishing themselves with.
But right now, we’re going to take out our wands, and we’re going to spin way down in the subatomic particles in the DNA.  We’re going to burn out all of these encodements. Picture your wand going in a counter-clockwise direction now. And if you have a crystal in your hand, that is very well too. Put our focused intent to release all of this dark programming that is rampant in the mindsets of all of these dark players in the structures that they have built in the organizations of the different factions there. And taking out these energies by shining our Love Light and going counter-clockwise with our wands here with our intentional requirement of removal of anything that is less than Light and Love in the highest of its vibrations. 

And now, let us go in a clockwise direction to transmute these energies into the highest frequencies of Love and Light, infusing it with the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And now starting from the atmosphere and in a spiral going all the way down -onto the surface and underneath the ground all the way down to the bottoms of the tunnels and radiating it out into all of the secret passage ways and all of the connecting complexes of these dark players.

And now let’s go travel to the Getty Museum in Malibu. And rising up above in the atmosphere, and spinning in a counter-clockwise direction.  And again, removing with the intentional requirement of removing all of the dark Satanic encodements to feed off of -- these lower vibrations -- any separation and fear and guilt. And going up and down here, all the way through the complex and back up through the atmosphere. 

Going into the subatomic particles and dis-incorporating the structures of their Black Magic programming that they have gotten from all of these AI computer programs over millions and millions of years. Well, just because it worked in wiping out some of those galaxies, it’s not working here, Dear Beloved Ones, because the vibration of our Love and Light is a trump card. And now spinning in a clockwise direction to transmute these energies into the highest frequencies of Love and Light starting from the top of our spiral in the atmosphere and going down onto the surface and underground into the tunnels of this museum complex. 

And now from our hearts, shining the Golden White Light on all of these children, the ones that are still there in physical form at both of these complexes that we have visited tonight and the ones whose spirits and desecrated bodies still remain. And sending them the message that they are very revered, respected and loved all throughout creation for their sacrifices and their courageous spirit for enduring these tests. And that very soon, all of these dark players will be exposed and never able again to do these dark deeds, and that the whole dynamic of Satanism will be removed and transmuted into high-vibrational Love all throughout the multiverse. 

Dear Beloved Ones, we congratulate you on your work.  Such a splendid feeling to be together in Mission at these most wondrous times. And we thank you with all of our hearts.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Ones.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 11, 2018 Sekhmet

Dear Beloved Ones, ah, it’s so nice to be joined together in a Communion of the heart with you once again.  We see a new face and some very familiar faces.  And we’re so happy for the opportunity to bring in this energy and join with you heart to heart.  And yes, we’re going to be going up to my ship because there is a lot afoot right now.  And perhaps you can feel it with all of these new energies coming in. 

And just as Beloved Tara and Rama have been saying for a really long time, the closer that we get to Ascension, the more that the energies will come in and peak closer and closer together.  Because you know, Dear Beloved Ones, we’re moving to that point where we’re going to be spring boarded up into the fifth dimension and beyond. 

And there won’t be any coming back.  And this is exactly what we’ve been working for and praying for and joining together with one another and trusting in the Love and Light that we are to show us the way by connecting with our I AM Presence, Angels, Ascended Masters and our Guidance Teams.  

We’ve been holding those fundamentals, and now, believe you me, it’s coming into play.  So, Dear Beloved Ones, let us join hands.  And I’m bi-locating my paw and just breathing into your Heart Centers and using it to lift ourselves up here.  And just imagining ourselves doing it.  And we are.  We’re lifting off way, way up above this beautiful Blue Orb now, and rising up in ease and grace and honing in on the bottom of my ship, the Beloved Crystal Ship, the Nibiru.
And now, opening up the doors here and popping through this airlock.  And all of us coming together on the landing deck in the same moment, still in our Circle, and walking on back toward the elevators.  And now we’re here and we’re going right through.  And the entrance is enlarged for us. We’re still in our Circle.  And now were jetting up to that top floor, our Beloved Crystal Room, and breathing into our hearts.  And enjoy your moment.  This is such a splendid moment to be with you and for you to be on your planet, Dear Beloved Ones.

Now, coming through the doors and seeing many familiar faces and feeling the energy of the rest of the Mentors, a lot of your ancestors, including you in maybe a different incarnation.  And we’re assembling around this Alter in our Circle with the Mentors right at our backs here and with all of the other people partaking in this Beloved Meditation.  You see, Dear Beloved Ones, we’re all on the same Mission.  

And we know what we have all accomplished together.  And we see and feel your commitment, and how much Love and Light you have for us, for yourselves, for Beloved Mother Gaia.  We’re going to channel all of that Love and Light, sending it around into the Crystals and feeling a spiral happening all throughout this Beloved Room, and connecting with all of the energies of the different crystals here. 

And now feeling the energies spiral up and spiral down throughout all of us, and allowing us to rise on up into the highest of dimensions, the highest frequencies of Love and Light.  And now, focusing on our intentions, of course, for NESARA, our liberation.  It is truly at hand.  And like Ashtar says so many times, “Love is the highest vibrational force, the most powerful Healing Force in the Universe.”

And focusing this energy, now that we’ve multiplied it a bit into our crystal sitting on the Alter.  And once again we ask you to envision what it is like for you personally after NESARA has been announced.  We’re going to write it into our book to write on the crystal Alter.  And you do this just by focusing your thoughts and sending them to this device to record your intentions, your visions of how you are going to utilize that energy to create the Golden Age within yourself and for your families, your environment, & your communities. 

And I know, Dear Beloved Ones, we have some grand visions, some intentions about helping many Dear Beloved Ones, because you know so many people will just be waking up.  And we can help them so very much. 

And now, sending this energy up through the opening in the top of my ship.  And, of course, we can see all around us.  We have crystal windows of a very high vibration, allow us to see everything.  And sending this energy down onto Beloved Mother Gaia, and visioning it as a spiral of energy encircling our Dear Beloved Planet, and going up and down encoding it in a very deep inter-dimensional and into the subatomic particles, into the DNA of all of the people there. 

And opening up people’s hearts and healing them in a very integral way with the Love and Light that we are shining forth now.  And just letting go to this, this feeling of being expanded all around the earth from the atmosphere down into the surface and down below, underneath the surface. 

And as maybe some of you have been reading, there are these indictments happening.  And it’s not just in the United States. It’s all over the world.  In the last day or so, there have been at least one person that has been hauled off in Cypress for some very dubious undertakings.  And this continues on, Dear Beloved Ones. 

And just sending out our Love and Light to all the Beloved People that are on Mission to bring this about, to bring all of the dark players in, because you know that they’re under a lot of stress here.  They are doing their jobs out of a sense of Duty and Love, not only for the Beloved Planet and her countries, but also for all of their Loved Ones, because they too know what this will mean for their future and their children’s futures.  And they too want peace.  They want harmony.  And they’re putting their lives on the line to make this come about.  

And sending Beloved Love and Light to all of the people being gathered in because you know, Dear Beloved Ones, some of these players, they’re starting to have some second thoughts about their commitments right now.  And maybe they don’t really want to give up their families and leave this planet.  Maybe they’re willing to try something really new, even if they have to start like right at the beginning.  And they don’t know what it’s going to be like and entail.  They think, well maybe, you know, I’ll just go for what I’m feeling in the moment and having all this love in my hearts.  That doesn’t feel too bad. 

And maybe I don’t need all of that money and that power and that fancy title and all of those accouterments of success.  Maybe what I really need is connection, and being and allowing myself to explore about who I really am and not about who somebody who’s my handler is telling me I am.  So just breathing into all of these places on the earth and sending our Love and our Light there.

And now, we’re going to send the Energy of Forgiveness all over this planet, because, Dear Beloved Ones, when the Truth comes out, it may be hard, even for some of you to Forgive some of the actions of these people who sat in lofty high positions and did the devious deeds of these dark players, whatever you would like to call them, the thirteen banking families, the Deep State, the cabal.  We all know who we’re talking about.  And we all know that we’re all One.  And they’ve played their parts and they have Free Will. 

And this shining the LoveLight all over the planet to everyone that’s going to find out the Truth, finally, about how these dark players have held the reigns of control and power over this planet for these 13,000 years, and have manipulated the Truth and held so many secrets from us.  They’ve created their Rubrics-Cube really reality, and we just had to do the best that we could to try to survive.  But now by coming together and multiplying this Love and Light, it is us that is calling the shots here for our intention to liberate our Beloved Planet and all of the Beloved Spirits, the Hearts and Souls of all our beloved brothers and sisters, no matter what role they’re playing.  

And once again, we want to send energy to all of the children that have been victimized by mind control, by human trafficking, by ritual sacrifices.  And we know some of these underground bases, and just sending our energy there with the intentional requirement of telling all these Beloved Souls that they are loved, they are supported and that all their pain, all their efforts of fulfilling their Life Contracts will very soon be rewarded, and that we are always all One.  We’re joined with them. 

And just letting go to this moment, this feeling of peace because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is where we are headed, to a peaceful planet.  So, we ask you to continue your meditations that you do with yourself, and allow yourself to keep on rising up into the highest frequencies of Love and Light.  And of course, using your breathing to raise the level of your vibrations, no matter how you want to do it, in a guided meditation, with listening to some Solfeggio frequencies, anyway that works for you and helps you to expand Beloved Energy of your Heart and connect with us. 

And we’re always here for you, Dear Beloved Ones, up in the higher dimensions here.  These times are so miraculous because now it is much easier to rise above.  And we know that many of you feel like you’re walking between two worlds here. And all that means is you’re able to access the higher frequencies and the higher dimensions so much easier now.  And it’s all because so many Light Workers have been doing the work, and so many of the Ground Crew have been putting this Plan into place to make the changes to enable NESARA. 
We thank you, Dear Beloved Ones, for the opportunity to come together and perform this magic of meditation with you all tonight. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sekhmet January 4, 2018

Dear Beloved Ones, So nice that you could be here all together joining our hearts in Communion with one another to bring in some more energy in the direction of bringing us to this Golden Age. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is our Mission. 

And all of us have been linked together, have made the conscious commitment that we’d like to see this for ourselves and for our families, but for everybody on the planet. And the Mentors, this is our Mission. This is the Mission of the Ashtar Command. And we’re here to aide you in any way that we can. 

And by me doing these meditations and coming through in this way, it is a pleasure for me. And you know, the Mentors are One with us whenever we come together in any size Communion of the Heart. Our Mission never changes and even when the announcements happen, we’ll still be together in Mission to integrate these energies all over the planet with all of humanity. 

But also, this is just the starting point for the Universe and beyond, Dear Beloved Ones. You could think of yourselves coming into this planet at this time to do this Ascension Process in a way that it’s never been done before, as a catalyst for Divine Change all across the Cosmos.  

And so that’s my little intro to get us started and to going up on my ship here. And join your hands together.  And join your hearts together in the highest frequencies of Love and Light as my paw multi-locates with all of you. And now, just breathing into it and releasing ourselves from the limitations of being in the physical 3D reality and rising up. And higher and higher we go. Feeling the ease and grace at which we are going up. 

And seeing the underbelly of my ship and “open,” says me.  The landing deck is opening for us, and we’re popping through with our circle intact through the air locks.  And we’re all together, still in our circle. And we’re walking back toward the elevators here and going in with our circle into the elevators. And, wow, we really had fast service here.  

And now jetting up to the top room, the Beloved Crystal Room, where we have a lot of people waiting for us.  Here now, we’re coming out and we’re sensing them. We’re seeing, we’re feeling all their energies, the Mentors, your ancestors, some of which are you from past incarnations even, if you could understand that a little bit, and just surrounding the Alter here, still in our circle, and allowing yourself really to relax and to bring in this energy of the Crystal Room. 

And all of the Mentors who are so very happy for you to be here because, Dear Beloved Ones, we all love you. We all know who you are. We know your commitment. We know all of the different lifetimes and the tests that you’ve been through, not only in this lifetime but all through. 

Nothing is held back from us, and that’s what you can look forward to as an Ascended Master. So, believe me, all of what you’re going through, very soon you will know it was all well worth it. And I hope that inspires you just a little bit.So, bring in this Golden White Light. And we’re harmonizing with the vibration of the crystals, and not just the ones on the Alter here, a really large one, but all through this room. It’s all made out of crystals and not just one type either. There’s a lot of different vibrations and frequencies within these crystals. And just by letting go, Dear Beloved Ones, and feeling the Golden White Light, you can let yourself go up and through the different dimensions here. 

And just breathing into it and rising up. And within your heart going to that place of remembrance of who you really are, all of the time, that connection with your I AM Presence.  It’s a marvelous thing. It really helps put into perspective your lifetime in a physical human body, does it not?  

And now focusing our intention.  And again, we’re going to have our Beloved Partner, one of our Mentors, Archangel Michael, come in with his Blazing Blue Sword because we really see that the Truth needs to come out.  And no, not this partial disclosure that a lot of the countries in like the G7 want. No, that can’t happen.  We’ve got to get in full swing with this Ascension Protocol, Dear Beloved Ones.  And you know, there’s nothing that you all can’t handle ‘cause we’re right there to support all of you, even the ones that haven’t woken up yet. 

Don’t worry, we can handle it.  We’ve been doing this for a long time now.  We’ve had plenty of experience, even back in the days of Egypt. So, Dear Beloved Ones, focusing our Love and our Light on this huge crystal right on the Alter, and sending it through the top of the ceiling here in my ship, this Golden White Light. And we see it being broadcast, going down in a spiral there, right onto our Beloved Mother Earth, Gaia.  And now spiraling all over the planet, and feeling it go up and down from the atmosphere onto the surface and then all through to the Crystalline Core, feeling it pulsating on the micro level through the subatomic particles, through all the cells of all the living beings there, plant, animal, mineral, human.  

And feeling the level of the vibration rise up now all over the planet. It’s a joyful feeling because there, Beloved Ones, the level of the vibration on the planet has never been this high before, not that any of us can remember it to be so. And it’s because of our intentions and our commitment and our work that have been helping along with all of the other Lightworkers playing their parts and definitely all of the Beings of Light on the ships contributing also and all of the Spirits over on the other side who are working with their families that are still down on the planet. 

And maybe you’ve heard something about this place called Disneyland where they had a power outage a little while ago, maybe like last week. And yes, that is a nefarious underground bastion for the dark energies there and human trafficking and particularly the pedophilia type. And as heinous as this is, this is one of the things that is being exposed right now. And by us shining the LoveLight, it’s only going to accelerate this process of these people being brought to task, and for operations to completely stop once and for all, and the liberation of these Dear Beloved Ones. 

We can feel a lot of their energies etherically still being rooted here. So now we are shining the LoveLight all up and down and through from the atmosphere to the surface, to below the surface in a spiral going up and down and pulsating and connecting with their hearts and also with all of the hearts of the dark players who have endeavored to enslave them. This is a key component of Nesara, Dear Beloved Ones.

And Archangel Michael here is turning his Beloved Blazing Blue Sword into a Blue Laser. And he’s making like Obi-Wan Kenobi, and going down in there and going into all the subatomic particles and spiraling out anything less than Love.  All of the deceit and secrets, exposing them, all of those rituals and secret ceremonies to enshrine these dark players in immortality.  

Well, we’re all immortal. We’re all eternal.  But they just are really attached to having it a certain way.  And we don’t think that’s much fun unless everybody can be a part of it, as equals, you know. That’s just the nature of Love. 

So, just breathing into that realization of the liberation of the children here. And we’re inviting these children, these Dear Beloved Ones, to rise up with us and for them to know -- the ones that are etherically too afraid to transition -- we’re saying to them, “We’re here with you.  We support you. We love you.  We know what you’ve been through, and now it’s time for you to go through your process and be totally liberated from these past lives and to work from the other side with us, and feel the Love and Joy with your connection to your Higher Selves.” 

And to the ones still embodied, we’re saying, “We see you, and it’s just a matter of time before the Truth comes out and you are liberated also. So, do not despair.” 

And now we’re going over to another part, this Getty Museum that still has some activity going on over there.  
And we’re doing the same thing. And Archangel Michael is more than happy to go over there with us and do his Blazing Blue Laser. And for us just to keep on breathing into it and breathing, bringing this Golden White Light, our LoveLight, spiraling all from this atmosphere to the surface to beneath the surface. And feeling the joy of letting go to these higher frequencies of Love and Light. 

And these Dear Beloved Beings, feeling what it is to be free, free of all the worries and fears and separations and to feel the oneness with their I AM Presence, to feel the oneness with Creator Source, with that part of them that is the Godhead. And Dear Beloved Ones, this is really what Nesara is about. It’s our liberation. It’s our spring broad into completing our Ascension Protocol on this Beloved Planet.  

So, Beloved Ones, that was splendid. Can you feel the energies let go right now?  We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts here, all of the Mentors, for your continued participation, and we bid you goodnight.