Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2-27-18, Sekhmet on Ashtar Legacy Call by Eli Galla

Hello, Dear Beloved Ones, 

Good Evening. It is such a joy for us to be here tonight in this Communion of the Heart once again. With there being so much afoot, the energies continue to come in in a most delightful way, even though in your human bodies, they can be somewhat taxing. And we realize this, but the Ultimate Joy in knowing that we are all One in the Love and Light that we are. And we are never separate from all of the higher aspects of our being, and you are never separate from us, the Mentors. We are shining the Love and Light on you continuously, and this connection between you and us only grows exponentially.  

And we send you the Truth of Forgiveness at this time to heal all of the old wounds, all etheric attachments that may be in the unconscious, and to free you of any troublesome and worrying energies that may be lingering in these times. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, it is too great a high energy and high-vibrational time to be mired down in the tarpits, as Beloved Ashtar would say. And in this Union the Hearts, and we are most joyful for this because, yes, we can feel your Love. It permeates all of Mother Earth and all of the Cosmos too. And you can be assured that your gallery from up on high and all of the ships, they can feel, as your energies are rising in so many of you on this Planet, are uplifting yourselves into the Truth of these high-vibrational energies that are coming in right now. 
So, we ask you to join together in our Circle right now. And I’m extending, bilocating a paw to each and every one of you. And with our breathing, let us jettison ourselves upward, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, rising up into the firmament with the Power of our Imagination and our Intentional requirements to come and visit my ship, the Nibiru. And as we approach the bottom of my ship, and it is opening this landing deck, we’re popping through the airlock, still in our Circle and moving toward the bank of elevators and opening the doors now, and still intact in our Circle. The magic of no space greets us in the elevators, and we are rising up to the top room, my Crystal Room, and now popping through the doors and feeling the Joy, the Satisfaction of being in the Now Moment and visiting with all the Dear Beloved Mentors, our ancestors and all of the Beloved Beings of Light who have cared to come for this Meditation in my Crystal Room.  

And let us encircle the Altar once again with the Mentors circling around us and all of our ancestors and Beloved Beings of the Light around us Mentors. And breathing in to the Heart Center, feeling the Joy of the Love and Light that we all are, relaxing and letting go.  And envisioning our intentions for liberation of your Dear Loved Planet, the announcements to be sure, but also in this Now Moment, for Love to open the Hearts of every living being on your planet and allow themselves this Gift of rising up into the 5th dimension and beyond, Dear Beloved Ones, because as you know, we are all practicing for this Solar Blast soon to visit your planet. And that will be a marvelous point of illumination for you and for all of the Beloved Beings, the Kingdoms of your planet.  

Breathing into our heart Centers and sending this Love and our intentions for liberation, for spreading the LoveLight all throughout our planet, for sharing the Gifts that allow us to bring the Meditation to our Beloved Planet and all of the people and kingdoms there. And now sending this LoveLight into our huge, elongated pyramid of a crystal. And shining it up and through the top of this Crystal Room, through my ship and having it cascade downward in a spiral.

And we’re following it there with our consciousness and complete Oneness in harmony with this energy as this spiral encircles the planet from the atmosphere to the surface and all through underground, through Gaia’s crystalline core and out the other side. And rising up and through a few different times and focusing our breathing on the rhythm of this energy unfolding all over the planet, projecting it into the Heart Centers of all living beings on your Dear Beloved Mother Gaia, imparting the wisdom of the Truth and the Love that we all are, in harmony with one another and all of Gaia’s Beloved Kingdoms in this Now Moment.  

And now, Dear Beloved Ones, let’s visit one of these spots that we haven’t been to in a while. And this is the City of the Vatican in Europe in that country of Italy, but of course, it’s a nation apart.  And at this time, we send the LoveLight all up and down and throughout the underground there underneath Vatican City, all throughout all of its different architecture and down through the tunnel system that houses many dark secrets there. And although certain manifestations have happened, there is still a great amount of darkness that there is a succinct fear around exposing to humanity with the rather tainted view that humanity can’t handle the Truth.  

But Dear Beloved Ones, we know that the Truth is Golden at these times, and that this is one of the main reasons why the vibrations have been so high in frequency. We are preparing for that time where the Universal Truths on earth, what has been kept secret and hidden and their stories via all of our recordings and tapes to be revealed to you will bring about the Gift of Knowing the Truth without any filters. You’ll be ready for it. So that’s what we’re doing tonight. We’re freeing the bonds of attachment to secrets that this institution still harbors from the rest of humanity.  

And shining this spiral up and down, around and through, in and out all of the secret chambers and places over antiquity that certain manipulations and artifacts and secrets have been hidden buried away, out of sight, so that the Truth on the surface of the planet could be manipulated in a business-as-usual institutional format to keep us in this mode of survival and slavery. Not just physical-monetary slavery either, Beloved Ones, but a type of an emotional and mental slavery that you all have been experiencing by not being able to freely activate the right lobe of your brain and the connection between the pineal and the pituitary glands. So now, continuing one more time up, down and through, spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness all throughout Vatican City and all of its underground tunnels and secret networks there. 

And now let us visit North America where they have their own tunnel complex with a lot of military installations and a lot of so-called spas and centers for ritual sacrifices. And where so many children and so much child trafficking has gone on out of sight for various nefarious purposes. And at this time, I ask you to envision our energy of the Circle and this Golden White Light encompassing all of the continent here. And from the atmosphere to the surface and underground penetrating all of its chambers and secret tunnels of this network of complexes that the cabal have used to harbor the potency of the very dark energies for such a long time against humanity. By shining this LoveLight all up and down and through, and breathing into it, Dear Beloved Ones, feeling this removal and transmutation to the highest frequencies of Love and Light, carrying ourselves on this timeline ever forward progressing to this tipping point of all of these Truths being revealed. And rising up once again in unison within the Solar Blast to the 5th dimension to firmly anchor the Golden Age of Gaia in once again.

Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for your Love, your Compassion, your Forgiveness in joining together Heart to Heart with us for this Meditation tonight.  

Namaste, Dear Beloved Ones. Goodnight.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mary Magdalene, February 21, 2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Beings of the Light,

I‘m Mary Magdalene. I am so thrilled to be with you tonight, particularly after Mother raised the energy the way that she did in doing this Beloved Meditation with enabling these changes to accelerate on your planet. We are here to shine the LoveLight on you, us Mentors, to help you to heal those parts of your heart that have been heavy, that have been under stress, those parts of your body that have been going through their challenges and illnesses and places where they could use the gifts of our Divine Healing at this time.  

So, we ask you to see that area around your body as your Energy Field and for at least two feet extending from your bodies out in all directions from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, two feet around all of you. To feel it filling up with light, the filling up with the highest vibrations of the LoveLight, and opening your heart to the realization that in this Now Moment, that all of the polarities, all of the parts of your life that have been filled with trauma and doubt and worry and conflict, that in this Now Moment, they have all been healed with us shining the LoveLight into your heart, into your auras and your energy field.  

And as Meg would always say, and she got it from all of us, I mean we were nudging her all of the time saying, “Meg, if you think it, you can do it. It happens that way, believe us.” And sure enough, that’s what has been happening with the healings and with our meditations with the Ashtar group within this whole Beloved Family and with so many others on your planet also.  

So, allowing yourself to be filled with this LoveLight and all of the higher vibrations, such as Peace, Joy, Understanding, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Harmony, Bliss, Clear Communication, and with our breathing, letting go further and further into letting these energies permeate every subatomic particle in the DNA. 
And although you don’t have the medbeds released to you yet, you can think of this as a re-atomization of your DNA on the higher etheric levels and the permeation of this LoveLight in your conscious memories for knowing that the Real Truth and the Power of who you are is in every Now Breath and the realization of you being your Godself with every breath, with every thought, word and action. And there not being any separation from us. And that we’re with you, all of us Mentors, all of your angels, your I AM Presences and guidance teams in every Now Moment, Dear Beloved Ones.  

Oh, we feel such joy in coming together in this Communion with you all. And my Dear Beloved Sananda is here with me also sending this LoveLight into your heart along with all of us. We enjoy so much your commitment, your participation, your interactions with one another on these calls.  

So thank you, Dear Beloved Ones, and we say Namaste, and may you have Peace and Prosperity. Good Night.

Mother Sekhmet February 21, 2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

We are so happy and enthused tonight to be here again to do another Heart-to- Heart Meditation in our Communion at these times of great upliftment on your planet. And even though the challenges we see going on still are unfolding, we also see all of these other actions by this, what you call, the Alliance that are making great progress and headway at this time.  

And there is so much for us to come together about and feel the Love, Joy and Passion for ourselves and our lives and our creation of these Meditations that have helped to raise the level of Love and Light on your Beloved Planet and all throughout the cosmos. 

So, we will endeavor here to come together in this Now Moment with my paw extending to you and joining in our Circle. And with our breathing, feeling this energy and our intentions to lift up and jettison ourselves up throughout the atmosphere here with the Power of Thought, speeding along until we approach the bottom deck of my ship. And now I am opening it with my Conscious Intention, and we are popping through this airlock and right on the landing deck here and walking back to the bank of elevators.

And through this Beloved Elevator that’s carrying us up to our Crystal Room right in the top portion of the ship. And now opening up the door and completely walking out together in our Circle, and feeling the energies of all the spirits here, the Mentors, our ancestors and all of the Beloved Beings from the ships who have come to do this meditation with us. And now circling around our Alter, the inner Circle with the outer Circle of the Mentors and then our ancestors and breathing into this wonderful energy in this beloved Crystal Room.  

And let our intention tonight be for the unfoldment with ease and grace of the announcements of NESARA. Once again, we see the opportunity here as the Spring approaches, and the matter of so many actions being taken right now give us the feeling that we are on the right track, and that our energies will manifest in the ways we desire. And that in this Now Moment, it is already done. So, feeling these high frequencies, as we spiral our energy up and throughout this Crystal Room and into the Heart Centers of each other, all over and all through this room, this space in this crystalline energy.
And once again, let us each place our visions for what the unfoldment and the announcements of NESARA will mean in our own Missions and what we envision happening as we firmly anchor these energies of the Golden Age in. And all of the Love and the Light that we have for our creations, and the sharing from heart to heart with so many people, we will come in contact with as our creations grow and spread out and affect so many people. And energetically they will be felt all over the cosmos. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is the way that we anchor these high vibrational frequencies of Love that NESARA will enable now, now that we won’t have to be on survival mode, now that the crystalline grid will be activated. 

And so, to get to this point and to see this and feel this with the energies coming into the planet, breath by breath, is stunning for us.  We see all of the energy streamers from where we are on the ships. And we can tell you that it’s happening.  And its’s not a mystery to us. And even though your main stream media and the illusion of duality would have you believe it’s otherwise -- that it is really taking off here, that everything is enfolding in a procession of these Ascension Protocols opening up and their promise being fulfilled.  

So, with light hearts, let us shine our LoveLight, joined together with all of the Dear Beloved Beings in this room and all over the Ashtar Command who are together with us in spirit at this moment.  And send our energies into the crystals tonight to go out through the top of my ship and down to cascade in a spiral over your planet as we follow these energies down.  

And from the atmosphere to the surface and below the surface through Gaia’s core, that Beloved Crystalline Ball of Energy right at the core and all the way down through the other side and up. And sending it up and down in progression a few times to thoroughly saturate all of the subatomic particles there of the DNA of all of the living beings, and sending them this message of Unconditional, Universal Love in the highest of inter-dimensional frequencies. 
In other words, letting them feel the oneness of all of creation coming together in this Now Moment to lift them up out of the illusion of duality and into the Truth of who they really are, which Dear Beloved Ones, NESARA is a kick start, if you will, into that Beloved Golden Age Reality.  

So, just breathing into it and seeing ourselves hovering over all these places that the cabal would have us think are hot spots of confrontation, these places like Korea and Iran, and their underground bases and the oceans there. And spiraling down to these bases and filling them with the LoveLight, just as we are visiting and sending the energy into all of the installations where these atomic bombs and missiles are said to be housed and all other armaments and agents of war. 

And let us go to the Antarctic where there’s still some activity going on of a very nefarious type. And shining our LoveLight from the surface all the way down into these bases and through them and spiraling down. And going up and down a few times here uplifting the energies.  

And now let us take a little trek over to that very esteemed place in your country of your nation’s capital, Washington, DC, and to this place that we call Langley and its buildings where it houses this CIA. And we believe that this is really the controlling agency at this time that is responsible for the bulk of the propaganda and misinformation, disinfo, if you will, on your planet. And we’re going to spiral this energy all the way from the atmosphere to the surface and in the underground bases that we see there, the tunnel complex and all of their science experiments and plans for control and store houses of secret information.
And to inundate the hearts of all of these participants, hopefully waking up some that have to be wondering what their future will unfold for them now that they see so much of their facade being penetrated by alternate news and Wikileaks and things of that nature that just, in a few short months, the complexion of the situation seems to have greatly changed.
And so, they’re wondering what their future can hold for them seeing that they’ve been so complicit in doing whatever they were told without questioning their superiors. So, we’re shining the LoveLight into their hearts to help them let go of their fear, and to see things in a clear and level-headed manner at this time. And sending them the message of Peace and Oneness. And the name of fear is a lie and Love is the Truth, all the way down into their DNA. 

And let us go over to the Supreme Court now.  And in these hallowed chambers is the spirit and the essence of all of these judges who have supported the Gag Order against NESARA for all of these years.  And let us shine the LoveLight on them to let them realize what their role has been and what they stand to gain at this time of great change on this planet, by allowing them to rise up into these high frequencies of Love and Light. And sending them the message that no matter what their role has been, that they are forgiven, because we are all One Energy. And what they do in this Now Moment is what is important, and not what they have done. So, let that help them in guiding their situation for the choices that we see them having to make as the process of NESARA unfolds.
So, Dear Beloved Ones, let us end with going down into the tunnel complexes once more. It is said to be 256 installations in Northern America, this vast network that stretched from one coast to the other. And spiraling this energy down, you can think of it as a Mother Ship of NESARA energy coming to visit the underground bases to free all of these captives there, and to expose the illusion of their lies of control and domination with separating the species off from itself and from its connection with Creator Source. 

And breathing into it, spiraling this energy from the atmosphere to the surface and into the bases. And seeing the honeycomb construction of these different installations with all of their compartments for the different activities and the living quarters for those who believe that they can separate themselves off from the rest of the population and continue to be the elite. Shining this LoveLight on them to help them to wake up in the Truth of the Oneness of who we all are. And the knowledge and the clarity is that in our Unity, that is where the Real Power resides, and that there has never been anything to be afraid of. And that all of fear is a lie and that Love is the Truth. 
And then ending our meditation with going over to California and visiting these two campuses of the Getty Museum and Disneyland where these nefarious activities are still happening.  And sending the Love and Light to the children there and the slaves.  And spiraling this energy from the surface, from the atmosphere to the surface, to these underground bases.  

And sending our heartfelt Love, Compassion and the Light of the Truth to all of these Beloved Souls who have entered into their Soul Contracts to bring about the end to this episode of these dark players being able to do their sacrifices the way that they have for so many thousands of years, by coming in on a higher vibration, and transmitting to the rest of the Collective Consciousness just what has been going on. And sending them energies to all of the people, all of the spirits of the children who have been locked away in such mortal fear that they haven’t been able to transition yet. And with our LoveLight, helping them to rise up and to go with their angels now in Peace and Trust and Remembrance of who they really are.  

So Dear Beloved Ones, once again we send you our Heartfelt Expressions of Love, of Joy in us coming together, but our Love for you is beyond all expression. We see all that you go through, all of your actions to raise the Love and Light day in and day out.  And we have the greatest respect for you. And soon we will be in a type of reunion where you can all see us and experience us on your planet. 

So, Namaste and Good Night, Dear Beloved Ones.