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4-25-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

4-25-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Good evening. We have a question to start off with. And it is about the Elohi and the Elohim and their relationship to one another, and that’s the first part of it that we see. And yes, the Elohi was the original grouping of this collective of spirits of most-high angels and celestial beings. And then at some point when the, you could say, that as realities progressed on your planet and other planets too, that some of the Elohi were seduced into this power of materialism and playing out certain contracts within the context of increasing their power by holding on to some of these dark energies. And even though it weighed them down in density, they felt that it was a very valid tradeoff for the roles that they were playing in moving the consciousness through these changes that they saw that it had to go through at these times and to also preserve and enlighten themselves into the nature of duality and the density of it. 

But as this time of Ascension is approaching, they too have to deal with the dynamic of releasing these dark energies and clearing them because it is the same thing for them that all of these things that need to be cleared are coming up for them, and they don’t want to remain in the darkness. They want to be evolving into the glory and the spirit of Oneness with Creator Source and just like the rest of us, their Godhead which they emanated from, from Creator Source. 

And so, that this is turning into a magical time for them. And it’s not so much about being caught up in the words of how people perceive what their role is, but it is to allow ourselves to feel that energy such as them. They are coming back on line and rising back up into the light to give this whole Ascension Process, which is the crux of our Mission of raising the level of our Love and Light to return to the 5th Dimension and to ascend, that they are in league with us now. And as we know with the rise of all of these very high-vibrational energies that are coming in, even as we speak tonight, that this is a very good thing.

And are there any more questions or is there any comments about the answer that I have just given?

DJ:  Hello, Mother Sekhmet, this is DJ.  I want to thank you.  I just want to clarify and see if there was just, an overlook of the presentation in the beginning.  If I heard it correctly, you were saying the Elohi were the ones who were tempted by the material.  I was perceiving that it was the Elohim.

MS:  Well, the Elohi were the original group, and then the Elohim split off from that.

DJ:  Okay. That’s where I wanted some clarification tonight.  It was a little fuzzy there.

MS:  That’s what I was trying to get across so thank you for bringing that up because maybe it wasn’t clear to others also.

DJ:  Well, I appreciate your covering this.

MS:  All right. Are there any more questions while we’re at it? And nobody is saying anything, so let me get on with bringing us into meditation here.

And as I was saying that the energies are really very strong right now. And a lot of this has to do with the timeline shrinking, if you will, and coming together because different elements of what are going on in your physical reality are progressing in harmony and Oneness with these high-vibrational energies that are coming in. 

And if you could think of it as every time that one of these measures that bring us closer to the Announcement advance and they start to take on a life of their own, it raises the level of the vibration of all of us and the Light and Love itself on the planet. And so, at the same time, we know that it decreases the power of this dark cabal that has up until this point controlled the resources and the dissemination of information, particularly by the brainwashing of the populous on their mainstream media. And for the most part, that has been the television for about the last, oh, 70 or so years.

So, we see these things progressing now. And even though, you know, some people like in your press, even Truthers, that decimate some of this information can be very skeptical at times, that really it is up to us to make the reality in the higher vibrations by letting ourselves envision what the 5th Dimension and the realization of it in this Now Moment means to us. 

And on that note, I’d like for us to join together and me bilocating one of my paws with all of you and you joining hands together to form our Circle.  And rising up with our breathing with the Love and Light in our heart being in communion with one another in the realization of the Divinity that we all are, One with Creator Source. And breathing into it, feeling ourselves being jettisoned into the atmosphere, through the layers of ships up and onward toward the planets here, and coming upon my ship, the Nibiru, and opening up the bottom of the ship, popping through the landing deck, getting into that airlock, hovering above on it.

And now closing it and touching down and rhythmically walking back toward our elevator with our Circle intact. And all of the joy of it being here once again in these energies, opening the elevator, getting us all in intact in our Circle, and rising up, on above into the very top of my ship, the Crystal Room, opening the doors, seeing all of the familiar faces of the spirits of our ancestors, the Mentors, the Beloved Warriors of the Ashtar Command and ringing around in the inner circle, our Alter here, with our group and having the other Beloved Beings ring around us in outer circles.

Ah, and just breathing into the heart and circulating these energies from the left to the right here and moving them through the outer circles. And now spiraling them from the floor all the way up and through the ceiling and in and around and through all of the vibrations of the Beloved Beings of the Love Light in the outer circles and the crystals in our Crystal Room. And this takes us up and through all of the dimensions basically. And just allowing our hearts for a moment to ride these waves of really high-vibrational energy and feel the liberation there with the possibilities of things we have maybe never considered about Creation or ourselves. And all of these are very positive high-vibe information that is coming in simply because we allowed ourselves to open our hearts to it. And that is a dynamic that is going to continuously play upon your reality, and you rising up into the 5th Dimension, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

So, now focusing once again on sending these energies all throughout our circles, feeling the energies come back into us and sending the energy into our main Beloved Crystal here on our Alter and focusing on this Now Moment.  And bringing the gifts of NESARA, being in the 5th Dimension, clearing the planet completely of any of the lower vibrations, the negative programming, the black magic, the AI, that enables the strongholds of the darkness, the strongholds of the mainstream media and their brainwashing monopoly, completely focusing the Love Light on removing all of those energies, dis-incorporating them and transmuting them into the highest frequencies of Love and Light in this Now Moment. 

And now, moving this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness that is multiplied and intensified in our Dear Beloved Crystal, and shooting it straight up through the opening in my ship, through the ceiling and down into our Beloved Blue Orb of Mother Gaia.  And following it with our hearts and minds and our Intentional Requirements for Liberation.  And moving through the layers of the ships into the nearer atmosphere onto the surface, spiraling these energies in and around and through our Beloved Planet and going down into the crystalline core, going all the way through to the other side and spiraling it all the way up and down, around and through again and again. And just allowing this to happen for a few times to raise the level of the vibration on a subatomic level to get into the DNA of everything, because we want to do a thorough job here. And that’s what it takes really to make a positive effect of sending our LoveLight into everyone else’s hearts to affect some creative change at this time of great shift on the planet, Dear Beloved Ones.


And now, let us focus on Antarctica, just one more time here. Because we know that there are underwater bases here. And these bases house a lot of secrets about past Races who came here with advanced technology. And we know that the cabal have pretty much sequestered all of these artifacts that portend to the explanations of the roles that these Races played in our history. And they are very intent on keeping this information from us. But if you could think of this as being a key part of the Announcements, because along with all of the different provisions of NESARA, NESARA will mean the Truth, each and every one of us experiencing the Truth of our origins and of our roles in playing through the energies and being a part of the History of Beloved Planet Earth in these last 13,000 years of what we like to call the Duality Life Cycle.

And so, focusing on these energies that are being hidden away in underground bases, and some of them just simply under the ice because the energy is just too dense for anyone to penetrate without going through their roadblocks of very violent, um, what we call black-ops type mercenaries. And so, spiraling this energy from the surface all down and around and through, underneath the ground, underneath the water and into these bases. And unearthing with our LoveLights all of the secrets there and removing any of the negative intents to keep these secrets of advanced technologies and the story of our origins on this planet secret. Removing all of that, this controlling negative energy and transmuting it into the highest frequencies of Love and Light to rise up into the 5th Dimension and beyond. 

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, now let us go to the underground bases once again in North America, because still a lot of negative energy is being held underneath the surface in these bases all through the dynamics of the dark players being able to ferry around all of these different energies of armaments and monies and rare treasures and advanced technology through the tunnels of these underground bases. And it is a dynamic that up until this point has served them very well.


And now, just breathing into our Heart Centers again and spiraling this energy all over North America. That means up into Canada and even several spots in Mexico we’re seeing, and now from the surface onto the surface and underground into the network of underground bases. And now making our energies, transforming them from vertical into horizonal, as we enter the beginnings of this tunnel network and spiral this energy all throughout the tunnels, all throughout the underground bases. And with our hearts raising the level of Love and Light up and through the higher dimensions and spiraling this energy at the Power of our Thoughts to reach all over North America and having it spiral back again and affecting each and every subatomic particle of all of these different networks, the tunnels and their bases.

And of course, we know that the AI hides here, their dragon energies, their toplet bombs -- all of their power sources are here that they wouldn’t dare manifest on top of the surface because they’re so advanced and so high vibrational -- and break the mold of everything that they have talked about as being the History and the Truth of our being. And of course, these bases hold some very dark energies concerning ritual sacrifices, child trafficking and slavery, not just children but Beloved Beings who from childhood have remained slaves there to pretty much enable the comfort and safety of this cabal. 

And shining the LoveLight heart to heart to them in this Now Moment. And we intentionally require that they know in the depths of their hearts and souls that we consider them as heroes, as equals for the roles that they have played in these lifetimes. And we fully understand that they didn’t have to reincarnate at this time on the planet, but this is the way that they chose. They chose to come into this Ascension Lifetime and share their gifts with the whole of Humanity, with the whole of Creation to raise the level of the vibration on this Dear Beloved Planet and accelerate the Ascension Process.


So, we send them the LoveLight and a prayer for their liberation and for their imminent Ascension to go smoothly in this Now Moment, to all of these different Dear Beloved Ones, no matter what their age, their sex, no matter what roles they have had to play in these lifetimes controlled by the cabal.


So, Dear Beloved Ones, we are very happy once again to complete a meditation with you in our Communion heart to heart.  And we offer you our deepest Love and Gratitude.  And we say to you, Namaste and good night, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  Thank you oh so ever much.

4-25-2018 Mary Magdalene

4-25-2018 Mary Magdalene

Dear Beloved Ones, 

It is I, Mary Magdalene, coming into this Communion of Hearts, joining together for the same purpose of the liberation of our planet. And tonight, we would like to focus on the feelings of your hearts being connected within the four bodies of your being to raise the level of your vibration so that these energies, that are coming in will be much easier for you to process. And along with me, right now I have the rest of the Mentors. And they too have agreed that this is a very opportune time to shine Gifts of the LoveLight on you through your Heart Centers. 

And the way we’re going to do it is for you to just breathe into the heart and really relax. And let go of the mind right now. And just focus on this feeling of Love and Light being centered in your heart of hearts and being joined with all of those higher aspects of your being, your I Am Presence, your Guidance Team, Angels and Ascended Masters and, of course, us, what we call ourselves to be, the Mentors. 

And just breathing into it, and with our breathing, allowing it to expand and expand within the four bodies of our being and expand within our Circle of everyone on this call, to multiply it with multiple hearts. And as it expands, to feel the Golden White Light anchoring ourselves now down through our center below which is a golden ball of energy two feet below our feet and intensifying this energy. And now sending it down into Mother Gaia’s crystalline core which is a blueish-white, huge mass of crystalline energy vibrating at a very high frequency. And it is really the Life and Power Source of this Beloved Planet. And really, you could think of it as the heart and soul of Mother Gaia.

And raising this energy up into the center below, having it be intensified, even more coming through the bottoms of our feet, through the Heart Center, raising it through the Crown, into the center above, which is another golden ball of energy two feet above our heads. And now raising it up all throughout this Solar Sun into the Central Sun in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy and all throughout the Tree of Life. That means all throughout the multiverses and all of the cosmos, all of Creation. And feel this Golden White Energy coming back into us. And spiraling back into us, intensifying in energy into our Heart Centers, and going all through our energy field, which extends at least two feet from our bodies in every direction from the center above down to this center below. And just breathing into it and feeling these energies expand within our energy fields. And feeling it pulsate all throughout our energy fields.

And now sending it through the Circle from left to right, if you will. And now sending this energy up into the atmosphere and having it spiral all down onto the surface of the planet, and all in and around and through Beloved Mother Gaia, sending her again these waves of the LoveLight with the Intentional Requirement that everyone be more joined into their Heart Centers, and that these energies balance within the four bodies of their being, and that the harmony of the planet itself, and all of the kingdoms of the planet be intensified as to completely remove any of the barriers, that are being felt in this Now Moment, and transmute them into high-vibrational, high-dimensional Love and Light of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And just breathing into it one more time, feeling its expansion spiral all throughout Planet Earth and all throughout our Beloved Circle.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for allowing us to shine these Gifts of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into your hearts for balance and continued strength and understanding at this time of very high-vibrational energies coming into your planet. 

We love you beyond all verbal expression. And we say Namaste and good night, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

4-18-2018, Mary Magdalene

4-18-2018, Mary Magdalene

Dear Beloved Ones, 

It is so wonderful to be back here again, to be able to talk to you and to feel the loving energies in all of your hearts. And once again we want to focus on the Love and Light that we are. Because no matter what the challenge is, no matter what Life Contracts that we find ourselves moving through and having to deal with day to day, whether it be health wise or with relationships or concerning money and just simple survival, we bring forth the knowledge that the True Power lies in the Power of Love. And this means allowing ourselves to be Heart Centered, to use our tools throughout the course of the day, whether it be spinning our chakras, praying, moving forth in nature, doing sports, or going bike riding. 

All different ways we have to move the energy to let go of the mind and truly allow ourselves, by being Heart Centered, by being inside of our bodies, to really let go to being in this Now Moment. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this allows us to be at Zero Point. And this is the place of our Power. This is the place where we use the Power of Attraction all through the dimensions, it can be, to rise right on up and make that connection with Creator Source, and allow ourselves to stay in those high vibrations, to feel the Oneness with all of the higher aspects of our being, and to make manifest our intentional requirements for what we desire in this moment. To bring it forth, whether it be for ourselves, for the planet, for our families, for Mother Gaia, for her kingdoms, for our pets. These Divine Aspirations help move all of us forward and upward into the 5th Dimension. 

And we feel that you have all come to the realization that this is why you are all here: To manifest that part of yourself that is God, to let it grow in strength and solidarity with Mother Gaia to fulfill this Mission of Ascension.  And knowing that every time you come together in Communion of your Hearts with one another, such as on these meditations, and in other mass meditations on the internet, or even just with your family and friends in your living room, that you’re not just doing it for yourselves, but you’re doing it for the whole of Creation. And so much Power is to be felt. And every time we do this, we’re empowering ourselves more and more to spread the LoveLight all over the planet and all over Creation.  

Because the time of the darkness has been a long time, and now the Light is in the forefront here and directing the momentum on your planet. And it would not have come about without all of you being here and intentionally requiring to work on yourselves and raise the level of your vibrations so that these changes could start to manifest. And here we are in the Alliance and the unions of all of these different groups of Light Workers that have come together under the tutelage of teachers, of channelers, who are channeling members of the White Brotherhood, angels, specific Ascended Masters, or like Susan was, an open channel. 

And there has been so much that has been learned since the time of the Harmonic Convergence, so much more than what was previously known through Divine Books, such as the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita. These have a certain amount of Truth, but when you can get a channel that has like 97% Truth coming through them, it creates a whole different dynamic. It resonates throughout the higher vibrations and the higher dimensions and creates a force field of Love in and of itself. And that is why we as Mentors persist in our meditations, in our channels, because we know that you are hungry for not only the information coming forth, but the vibrations that come forth, the degree and level of the Love and Light that is made manifest heart-to-heart when we talk to you. 
And this dynamic has been powering your meditations and helping you to go through your daily grind in dealing with this survival game and survival dynamics and the density of duality for so many years now. And we know that you have grown to love us. And our love for you is truly exponential and beyond all expression of words. The feeling becomes so much deeper and stronger day by day, Dear Beloved Ones, that even though we can’t give you a date, we can give you a concrete assessment of where we are in the Now Moment of bringing in the Cosmic Blast and the Announcements.  

We just see it moving more forcefully and stronger, and the vibrations of the Light becoming that much more dynamic, and exponentially affecting your reality in a most wondrous way.  And it is so joyful for us to behold because we too, us Mentors, have been on this meditation with all of you for so, so many years of your time on this planet. 
And we, as Mother said, we truly love you and are in awe of you and admire you for your commitment, because as you know, you didn’t have to be here, but you wanted to be here.  It was in the spirit of Love, of Oneness, of knowing that you are a part of God and empowering yourself once again to rise up into being in the 5th Dimension and ascending that you came here at this time. And all we can say is that you won’t be disappointed in how it feels as you continue to go forth.
We love you, Dear Beloved Ones, and we honor you for your meditations tonight and all of the work that you do on yourself.

Namaste and Good Night.