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May 23, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

May 23, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so happy to come into your hearts once more on this call and to talk to you about the Magic that exists on your planet in the Now Moment. And this Magic originates in your hearts, is conducted with your minds. And we’re getting oh so close to activations in the right lobe in your brain and to fully decalcify your Pineal Glands. And that is a main part of this phenomenon of the Cosmic Blast will do. It will enable connections that you haven’t had for a really long time within your minds, within the right lobe of your brain that has been mutated in such a way to keep you in the lower vibrations and the density of duality.

But now, Dear Beloved Ones, you know that you have graduated. We, in our Mission with you, have helped you to push it all the way through the limit.  And it is very apparent to us that this cabal has lost its power. How many years has it been since they’ve been trying to produce this Armageddon adventure that they have projected into this time? These wars won’t start. And the reason is, Dear Beloved Ones, the Beloved Beings such as yourself that said, “No. We want peace. We want to ascend. We want to realize our birthright of being in the 5th Dimension, of having this level of unlimited freedom in the higher dimensions, in the high vibrations of Love and Light which we know that at our core essence, we are.”

So, Beloved Ones, each of you has a unique Ray of Energy that is part of the Godhead. And each of you have distinct, unique ways in expressing that part of yourself that is the Godhead. And it is at this time that you can really allow yourselves to let go and to raise the level of your vibrations ever higher. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, you are so supported by the Company of Heaven at this time. 

And it may not seem like it because of the different challenges that arise with finances, maybe with the Government, with the law, with the healthcare industry, with your own illnesses that you may have conducted over the course of a lifetime being exposed to very many forms of toxicity and diseases that were manmade, & a contaminated food supply. But the level of the vibration right now is so much higher than it has ever been. 

And we suggest to you that you are being catapulted into this next level of vibration, which is the 5th Dimension, which is where these Golden Ages manifest with all of you Beloved Beings on this planet coming together heart to heart in the Oneness of your Unity Consciousness to create your reality simultaneously. And of course, the first part of that is to clean your Beloved Planet and return it to what it was, before the Fall of Atlantis started to propel itself into duality. And this was the Garden of Eden. And very, very soon we will all be there once again, Brothers and Sisters. 

And it is so magnificent for me to be able to say this. Because when you Beloved Beings came into this lifetime, some of you 60, 50, 70 years or more ago, it wasn’t determined that you would reach the marker of 2012 and be victorious. But sure enough that’s what happened. And now in these following six years, you have gone into overdrive with Beloved Mother Gaia. And even though there is a lot more work to be done with educating all of these masses that are still sleeping, the real power is the level of the vibration that the planet is conducting and that all of you Lightworkers are bringing into the planet at this time by allowing and flowing with these energies that are coming in from the Central Sun in through the portal of your Solar Sun. And this dynamic will keep on getting stronger and more powerful until the Cosmic Blast happens.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, do not despair. It may seem like so, so very long that you have been promised this place of liberation. And of course, it has been a long journey for us too. But of course, we don’t measure time the same way that you do. And our challenges have not been in the same density as yours have been. But I too remember what it was like to be on your planet when things would reach a head and the walls came tumbling down. And that’s where you are right now. Energies are shifting and the structures that have maintained the level of darkness up unto this point, they are going to tumble very, very soon, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. 

So once again we send you our Love. We say we are always here for you whenever you call any of us Mentors into your reality to raise the level of the vibration for nurturing. We are here just a millisecond away from coming in. And we thank you so very, very much for coming together tonight, for doing this Meditation and allowing us to talk to you.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Good night.

May 23, 2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

May 23, 2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

It is such a pleasure for me to be here tonight in our Communion of our Hearts with one another. And yes, we see that there’s already been a question, and it’s been about the astral plane. And first we would like to say that the astral plane is very much different when it comes to the limitations of time and space. And it can allow these beings who like to manipulate it to their own means a certain amount of freedom that they don’t have within the 3rd Dimension where the density is stronger; it is heavier. 

And up in the 4th Dimension, or what you call the astral plane, it is lighter.  There’s more play with the Light if you will. But this Light can be turned into the other aspects of its being, which is the darkness. And it can contain secrets and encodements that are against the Prime Directive of rejoining with Creator Source. And really, all of us come in knowing who we are. But it is these beings who are choosing the darkness and Satan to remember Satan over Creator Source. And they don’t allow themselves to go back onto the Bridge of Flowers and cross over to the other side. 

So, if you could think of a dynamic when they are in the 4th Dimension, disembodied, if you could think of it as a type of waxing dynamic that you have when, you know --. This is a little bit maybe offbeat for some of you to compare it this way. But say that in growing marijuana, there are certain strains where you just remove the seeds, and you don’t allow the plant to go into its procreation cycle. You just wax that energy to let it get stronger and stronger.

Well, this is the same dynamic that these dark ones use over in the astral plane so that they can bypass Universal Laws and come back in to a body they are choosing within that blood line which will give them the same amount and degree of power dynamics within the darkness that they had in the previous lifetime. And does that make sense to the person, DJ, that asked the question? 

DJ:  Yes, thank you. That was very good, but it did bring in another question to my mind, Mother Sekhmet. Do these beings who achieve that, do they know who we other beings are? I mean the higher aspect of us. Are they aware of who we are in the higher aspect? 

MS:  Yes, they are aware of the higher aspects of their being, but they choose to deny it because, you know, they don’t feel that that serves them.  They think in terms of manipulating the 3rd Dimension. And the way that they have been programmed, that is really all they are choosing to go by. So, it’s like they have a wall put up to protect themselves from the Truth of who they really are in the broader sense. And they just try to make it as simple for themselves. Well, they think they’re making it simple, but they’re really making it very hard, because they’re trying to cheat the Laws of Karma and the Laws of the Universe in doing so to give themselves these astronomical levels of power when they are incarnated in the 3rd Dimension. 

So, up until this point, they’ve been able to do that. But now we see that Lightworkers and people, everyone that has awakened into the higher dimensions, have pushed that possibility out of the realm of them being able to create it from this lifetime for themselves. And, is there anything else?

DJ:  Thank you. No. I really appreciate your clarifying that. Thank you very much, Mother Sekhmet.

MS:  You are so welcome, DJ.

And, ah, just breathing into the Heart Center here, and with these high vibrations, I would like to remind us all of the opportunity just to tune in with our breathing into the Heart Center and to let go of all of the things that in the Now Moment that we think we have to do and accomplish. But to really enjoy and celebrate where we are because it’s taken such a long, tedious journey to get at this level of vibration, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

And I am all for dancing right now. I am overcome with joy at seeing the Light show from our side and knowing that we’re not even halfway through this cycle of what you call your year. And we see many things coming up that are going to raise the level of the vibration higher and higher. And we are truly enthused about your cycle of the eclipses and the other gateways coming into play like the Lion’s Gate. And this year, it’s going to be a triple eleven.  And you know we can always count on that dynamic to give us a thrust of the LoveLight in a very high-vibe way. 

So, we know that a lot of you feel weariness sometimes. But we promise you that if you just allow yourselves to breathe into your hearts and to bring in this LoveLight, that we can go higher and higher and bring in these very high-vibrational feelings of joy in a way that you really haven’t experienced in a long time.

So, on that note, let us join our hands together and me bi-locating a paw with you to get into our circle here. And raising right on up out of the atmosphere, breathing into our Heart Centers with the Power of our Thoughts, lifting up and going up through the layers of the ships, up, up and away ‘til we come upon my ship. It’s such a splendid Mother Ship, so large and so beautiful in its own way. And we’re coming upon the landing deck at the underbelly of this Beloved Mother Ship. And it’s opening up and allowing us to pop through into the airlock here, hovering above the landing deck while it’s closing.

And now we’re touching down. And we’re moving right on back to the elevator, and fully intact, moving into the elevator, closing the door and we’re riding up to the top of my ship here and feeling the energy push us on up. And opening up the doors. And still in a circle, coming through and feeling the energies of all of those gathered here to meet us and greet us with their smiles, with their warm high-vibe kudos at us coming together to be the spearhead in this meditation once again. 

And perhaps you’re feeling a touch on the shoulder or a whisper in the ear from one of your Beloved Ancestors as we form our circle around the altar here. And with the knowing glances and the smiles of the Mentors and the other beings participating in our meditation tonight, allowing this energy to take us over with the feeling of gladness and the confident understanding that we are well supported in this Oneness that we all are in coming together in the same Mission, Dear Beloved Ones, to raise the level of the vibration even higher on your Beloved Planet, to accelerate this process of the Announcements, of the Cosmic Blast, of the Ascension.

So, breathing into our Heart Centers, sending the energy from our hearts to our hands, heart to heart through this circle, through the outer circles, spiraling this energy all throughout the room, through every atom in the room. And accessing the energies of the crystals lining the floors and the walls. And spiraling this energy up and down and around and through. And now allowing these energies to come back into our Heart Centers. And with the power of our Free Will, requiring our intentions of our visions to manifest by aiming them into the crystal in these high vibrations, in these feelings of awareness, of being at peace, of being at joy, of giving ourselves permission to celebrate throughout all of Creation. Sending this vibration out there to let all of Creation know that we are in a State of Joy with the opportunity that we have once again at bringing our Mission closer to completion.

And feeling all of the energies in the room focused on this crystal right now. And shooting it up through the opening in the ceiling of my ship. And projecting it with our thoughts and vibrations down through your atmosphere, through the layers of the ships and on to the surface, spiraling it all over, up and down and around and through into every particle of Beloved Mother Gaia. And spiraling it from one end to the other, filling up your Beloved Planet and all of the living beings, the kingdoms on your planet with these really high vibrations of the LoveLight that haven’t even been experienced on this planet. 

And this is the way that we jump start our plunge, our launch into the Cosmic Blast, Dear Beloved Ones. Because it takes a little bit of nudging to wake up all of these Dear Beloved Souls that have still been sleepwalking, because of the way that they’ve been programmed and brainwashed to be in that perpetual state of low level fear. But now, it’s harder and harder to maintain that pose, that guise of being unaffected by this LoveLight by the higher vibrations, because guess what? It feels so good, and it’s alright to really live a little in the Now Moment.
The reality is that we could be living within the reality of manifesting our birthrights in each and every moment. And this is what we’ve had in our Golden Ages before when we were completely centered in the 5th Dimension. And there were no lower vibrations to drag us down and to create these crevices of decay in the mind of the Ego eating away at our innards with the delusions of fear and separation and all of the other lower vibrations.
So now we are liberating ourselves and sending this energy in a spiral to the surface of all of the kingdoms, all of the Beloved Beings in the rural areas, in the big cities, in the small towns, all over the earth, in the underground bases, even in the on-the-surface bases of the militaries where these agendas have far outgrown their purpose. We are shining the LoveLight to instill peace within the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on this planet and all throughout all of Creation. 

And now let us focus our energy once again on this underground network in North America here. Because this encompasses the underground bases of Washington, DC, and their secret networks there where a lot of secrets about this country and the manipulations that have been done to it to make it into what it is today, which is not the Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned at all, but just another conduit for the cabal to keep their control and keep our consciousness dumbed down.
So, we’re going to blow the lid off of that boiling pot right now. And we’re going to focus our LoveLight, spiraling it above the surface down underneath into this network of the underground bases. And now horizontally going in a spiral, spinning it through all of the tunnels starting in Mexico, working our way through the United States and into these populated regions of Canada.  And with the Power of our Thoughts, going into each and every one of those honeycomb layers of bases. 

And raising the level of the vibration in a very tangible way with the Spirit of Forgiveness, with openness, with exposing the secrets, of letting the Love make all of the hearts of Creation whole and rejoining with Creator Source in this Now Moment. Giving them, even the most ardent practitioners of black magic and Satanism, a jolt to their reality by allowing them to feel just for a moment the Power of the LoveLight which is something that truly cannot be denied. No matter how hard they tried to hold on to their old dynamics of trickery and control and mass manipulation, it will not kill the Spirit of Love that engenders the Truth within each and every heart that has awakened now, Dear Beloved Ones. Because we are the ones that are driving the engine of evolution here. 

And now sending the LoveLight into all of the Beloved Beings who have been trapped here against their will in the underground bases, all of the children, the adults who perform very special procedures to maintain those bases to keep the cabal happy in their delusions of superiority against these Beloved Spirits who have contracted in this lifetime to be the slaves of these very dark beings in a very unharmonious situation.

Our hearts open to them and shine the LoveLight on them to give them the support that they need reminding them that this is almost over. And that the level of the vibration is raising up each and every day so that these dark energies will be extinguished and released from underground to be exposed into the Light. And they will be neutralized and cancelled. And some of them will even allow themselves to be transmuted into the higher frequencies. And some of these beings are so resistant that they’ll just be taken off planet.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we congratulate you on this Mission, once again very well done. We feel your hearts. We feel the level of your Love expanding exponentially now. And we are so very grateful for this communion that we have shared with you tonight.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Ones, and good night.

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5-16-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

5-16-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Good evening. Once again it is such a pleasure to be here to join you in a Communion of our Hearts to meditate and just bring in the overall good vibes that are so available to us in these higher energies that are coming in continuously now into the four bodies of our being and all throughout your Beloved Planet. And it is this connection into the Solar Sun up into the Central Sun that is the conduit for all of these energies coming in at these really tiny intervals right now. Before there used to be such gaps when the energy would raise in vibration. But now we’re seeing that is very different and the vibration is creating a certain field of energy, if you will, a harmonization up into the higher dimensions.
And so we are preparing, all of us, not just you in the physical human form on your side of the veil, but all of us Beings of the LoveLight because we know what’s coming for us on this side of the veil. Because we don’t have linear time, it’s already here, Dear Beloved Ones. And so part of our Mission as the Mentors is to help to prepare you for what it’s going to feel like when it finally gets here for you. 

And it’ll be very, very joyous for this particular group, we see, because you’ve worked on yourself and done meditations and joined together heart to heart to envision what these changes are going to be like, not only for you, but for the rest of the planet and the Kingdoms of the planet and for yourselves and all your Beloved Ones and all of the human beings on this planet and, of course, the sentient being known as Mother Gaia also. And yes, it is all in preparation for your Ascensions. 

But just as it has been up unto this point, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it has been a step-by-step meditation of putting one foot in front of the other and one meditation on top of the other. And doing our work from day to day has gotten us to this place where we can feel our hearts and let go of the ego and send it up into the Heart Center to integrate these high-vibrational energies and make it our ally instead of this force that was always pushing us along a treadmill, if you will, for survival purposes that really aided the intentions of the cabal, of these dark energies. But now that dynamic, along with your being rewired with the crystalline energies, has made it so that these higher vibrational energies can come in with so much more regularity that we are on the precipice of bringing in this Cosmic Blast.

So I’ve gone through all of that right now because I just want to assure you that the rhythm and timing that lead you up to this place isn’t going to abandon you, Dear Beloved Ones, even though the energies are going to get exponentially higher. And we believe the amount of bliss that you will feel and the amount of joy and harmony that you’ll feel inside of the four bodies of your being coming into balance with one another, you will also feel that joy, harmony and Oneness with all of the people on your planet that are choosing Ascension. For this Cosmic Blast, when it comes in, that’ll be one of the main dynamics that will feel liberating to, we believe, all of you.  And so, things will get, we feel, much easier for you because of this flow in the higher dimensions really permeating every cell within your beings.

And it is on that note that I ask us to join together and in our circle. And I’m extending a paw to you. And you can reach out for the hand of the person next to you. And let us get into our breathing now. And with the power of our breathing, our intentions to rise up off of the planet into the atmosphere, through the layers of the ships, up into my ship. And coming upon it, now I’m opening up the bottom of the ship and we’re coming right through it onto this -- hovering above the airlock here while the landing deck closes. And we’re touching down now that it’s safe and walking all the way back to the elevator. And with our circle intact, going inside, closing the doors and rising up here for a ride into the Pent House. And now stopping, opening the doors and coming out with our circle intact. And feeling the wonderful energies of all the Beloved Beings that have assembled here tonight in anticipation of our meditation and our mini reunion with one another, because here it is. Some of your ancestors are here. And all of the faces and energies, even the crystals, are so familiar to you. And we feel your joy and we know you can feel our joy too of being in this Oneness once again to do our Beloved Mission here tonight.

So now ringing around our Beloved Altar and having the outer circles fill in.  And breathing into the heart and sending this energy through the circles, sending it all throughout this Crystal Room from the energies of the crystals in the floor to the walls. And spiraling it now up and down a few times, breathing into it into our hearts. And sending it all through the circles, all through the room. And allowing ourselves to relax into this feeling of liberation, of complete and utter trust in our knowingness that we are never separate from Creator Source. We are never separate from all of the higher aspects of our being across all of the timelines and the different realities.

And focusing this energy now right into the crystal on the altar and making our intentions for the Announcements to come about, for the liberation of all of the Beloved Beings and Kingdoms on your planet and the intention of raising up the level of the vibration for all of Creation. And removing all of these negative energies from your Beloved Planet, and transmuting them into the highest frequencies of LoveLight to enable us to once again be in the 5th Dimension.
And yes, Dear Beloved Ones, I was there through various incarnations in Lumeria. And it has been quite some time since your planet has felt these high vibrations being what they are in this Now Moment. So I hope you feel great joy in knowing that this dynamic is returning to your planet, and that each and every one of us are playing our part into getting all of us back into the high vibrations of the 5th Dimension to prepare for our Ascensions at this time. 

And now all together feel the energies move through us into our crystal here and penetrate the opening in the ceiling of the Crystal Room. And now sending it down into Beloved Mother Gaia and following it down. And now as we get into the atmosphere, spiraling this energy as we move through the layers of the ships onto the surface and penetrate all of the different particles underneath the surface of the Beloved Planet, energizing it with this Golden White LoveLight. And spiraling it up and down and through from the atmosphere to the surface, all the way underneath the surface, out to the other side.  Just breathing into it. And allowing these energies to permeate the consciousness of your Beloved Planet.

And now sending this energy out into the oceans and underneath the oceans.  And tonight, we’d like to focus for awhile on adjusting the tectonic plates here. Because with the high vibrations coming in, it’s always a good idea to go down and commune with these energies sending them Love with the intentions of balance and harmony to allow them to move through their gyrations in a peaceful, easy manner. And perhaps you can feel the plates, some of them locking into place. And just continue to shine these LoveLights on them wherever you’re called to do so underneath the surface of the oceans here. And spiraling our LoveLight down through these plates of energy. And now feeling them strengthen and come into higher vibrations of harmony, ease, grace and joy. 

And then rising up to the surface and shining this LoveLight on all of the debris in the ocean with the intention of soon clearing up all of the plastics, the oils, the contaminants that have been deposited in our Beloved Mother Ocean. And in this Now Moment, seeing it done. Seeing the oceans all over the planet returned to their pristine nature as in the days of the Garden of Eden, Dear Beloved Ones. And this is where we are headed once again. And it is with our envisioning that we are making it happen.

And now we’d like to take a bit of a ceremonial trip over to the White House here. And we know who’s here. He’s that one who nobody thought would get into office and yet he did. And there sure has been a lot of changes and shakeups since he has been in this Office of the President. And we see him going through a very important time, not only in his presidency, but in the History of Humanity, Dear Beloved Ones. So tonight, no matter how you feel about this Beloved Man, to shine the LoveLight into his heart in a spiral here. And allow him to feel the Unconditional, Universal Love of the whole Cosmos coming into him now to raise him up into the highest vibrations so that it will be upon him, and within his realm of expertise and acumen to make the highest vibrational choices at this time. And to rise up above the fears and innuendos and the threats that are being showered down upon him. And namaste and so it is. 

And now let us focus on these underground networks in North America at this very pivotal time. And once again from the surface, shining the LoveLight in a spiral, spinning it around, coming onto the surface, penetrating underneath the ground into these networks. And now turning the LoveLight horizontally into a spiral to go all through these tunnels and into each and every one of the underground bases here where all of the secrets, the hidden energies of power sources for black magic are kept. These secret weapons, advanced technologies that the dark ones had thought would be their saving grace if they were pushed underneath the ground when the time of nuclear catastrophe struck. But that’s not happening as much as they have tried to perpetrate their wars and nuclear attacks. Our technologies have far outweighed theirs and neutralized them and cancelled out their intentions every time that we were guided to. 

And now just flushing this whole network with the LoveLight, spiraling it back and forth now all the way from Mexico into the United States, through Canada. And feeling this LoveLight multiply as we spiral it in faster intervals here. And feel it pulsate underneath these regions of the earth, cleaning out all of the old putrid energies, the decay, the mold, the hidden secrets and all of these intentions for domination and usurping our rights and making us slaves, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Raising the level of the vibrations right up into the 5th Dimension and beyond. And neutralizing and cancelling all of their evil intentions, all the way through the artificial intelligence, which is where their network is in these underground bases. 

And now let us focus our energy once again on the Dear Beloved Children who are still captive in many of these underground bases and the ones who have given up their lives and some of the ones who were too afraid even to transition. And shining the LoveLight on their energies. And showing them the Love in our hearts for their sacrifices, for their commitment to their Mission in raising the level of the vibration. They have played such an integral part not only in what they have done on the underground bases but now allowing these secrets to come to Light. Because their energies have harmonized with the energies of our meditations and the rest of the Lightworkers on the planet to expose all of these dark deeds of the cabal as we move closer and closer and through our Ascension Protocols at this time.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so very much in coming together with us once again and feeling our hearts be joined in this Now Moment to raise the level of the vibrations on this planet for clearing and transmutation at this most pivotal time.
We love you all so very much beyond mere expressions of words, Brothers and Sisters. Namaste and good night.