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8-29-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

8-29-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are here joined together heart to heart to do our Meditations to bring in this energy, to multiply it and respond to it as it is coming into your planet in a very pronounced fashion these days. And we see you doing the best that you can to let go to it and to be in the flow of it. And that’s wonderful! And we’re going to endeavor to do that tonight also and to focus our Intentions on certain areas that require our attention at this time. 

And we can feel that some of you may be getting a little weary with the summer drawing to a close and the warm temperatures and maybe the threat of fires or earthquakes looming over you. But do not despair, because we see you and we shine the LoveLight on you. And we are always with you, Brothers and Sisters. We are just a call away and you and we, the Mentors, are really doing the same work here. There is no separation. 

And yes, you’re going through the stages of Ascension like I did long ago.  But this is a very wonderful thing that you are helping others on your planet to awaken at this time. And for sure this has been a part of your Soul Contract ever since you have reincarnated in this lifetime on this Beloved Planet. And so right now, these Soul Contracts are really taking on a life of their own, we would say, because the results are beginning to manifest. 

If you could see it as a progression, as we do, throughout many years of raising the level of the Love and Light on your planet. And now that you’re at this level whereby a certain amount of you have awoken. And it has risen the level of your Collective Consciousness to this place where it is enabling the energies of really high vibration to come in faster and faster at very high levels. 

So on that note, let us join together and with me bi-locating a paw to each and every one of you and with your other hand, reaching out to form a circle with someone. And just breathing into your heart, allowing yourselves to relax and let go and allow joy into your heart. 

And with the Power of our Thought we are up and away here rising up through the different layers of the atmospheres, up to the different layers of the ships that are parked all around, outside of your planet, and up to my ship, the Nibiru. And opening up my landing deck here in the belly of my ship. And all of us popping through together with our hands and paws joined together hovering in the airlock here. And now closing the landing deck and touching down. 

And walking back to the elevator, opening it up, going through all at the same time with our circle intact. And now rising on up through all of the different floors of my ship and into this Crystal Room right at the top.  Popping through the doors of the elevator. And with so many Beloved Spirits here to join us and to welcome us. And feeling maybe some of your ancestors nudge us a little bit here with a touch or a whisper as we form our circle around this altar in the middle of the Crystal Room. And other circles forming around us, first the Mentors, and other beings of the Galactic Federation and your ancestors.

And feeling this energy in our hearts and sending it out to the left and circling around to the right and out the into outer circles and all through the room now from the floor, spiraling it up to the ceiling and down again, up, around and through. Feeling all of these higher vibrations and into the high dimensions, which are well represented by all of the different crystals in this room, as well as the consciousness of the beings in it.

And just breathing into it, Beloved Ones, and feeling your energy multiply exponentially at this time. Because with the power of our Intentions, we are going to put it to miraculous use on your planet. And setting our Intentions for what we want to accomplish in this Meditation. And I know some of you have some personal Requirements here, so please take a moment to breathe into your Heart Centers and set them.

And now once more sending the energy around the room, starting with our circle, to the outer circles and sending it right into this Beloved Crystal that acts as the center piece that we use as a tractor beam to send this energy. And now sending it up, shooting it forth through the opening in the ceiling of my ship, sending it down to your Beloved Planet, through the layers of the ships and the atmospheres.

And yes, we’re covering such a wide area.  We’re covering your whole planet.  And we’re spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy up, down and around and through the whole planet now. And just breathing into it as we spiral it all through the planet, sending it to every subatomic particle, up, down, around and through. Energizing your Beloved Planet with these high vibrations and sending it into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings on your planet.

And tonight we’d love to focus on the children here. Because for about the last, oh we would say, eighteen years, most all of these children have been born in such high vibration. And almost all of them have been born with either no or hardly any karma. And so this portends that the Golden Age is upon us. 

But it also means that because still many of the people on your planet haven’t awoken; and many societies on your planet do not really recognize the Oneness, or the fact that we are all Interdimensional Beings and part of the Godhead, that there has been much resistance to the energies of these children, and they have not felt very supported. 

So shining the LoveLight into their hearts right now all over the planet, spiraling it up, down, around and through the hearts of all of these Blessed Beloved Beings at this time. And telling them that they are recognized for the very significant contributions. Because they have been a major reason why the level of Love and Light on your planet has risen so significantly during these last about twenty years. 

And we set forth the conscious Intentional Requirements of Understanding, of Compassion, of Tolerance and Clear Communication, not only within themselves, but with all of the beings that they interact with at this time, for them to be able to raise the level of the vibration more and more and to feel their energy coming in at a more pronounced, quicker rate to allow them to bring in more of their Power and to feel the Oneness with their Guidance and with that part of there being that is part of the Godhead.

And above all, allowing them to feel Peace and Ease and Grace at this time so they are not feeling like they are swimming upstream all of the time. And allowing them to let go of their programming and the resistance that goes along with it. And allowing them to feel this higher-vibrational and higher-dimensional place of Oneness with that part of them that is the Godhead.  

Umm, and now let us travel over to North America and once again go down into the tunnels here. And let us do it in a horizontal way by shining our LoveLight at a point – well, you can pick it out on the compass, Beloved Ones: North, South, East or West. And going down into the tunnels and shining it all the way though this whole network of tunnels and underground bases. 

And in the underground bases, there are many, many people, thousands. And there are, we would call them honeycomb chambers, which have been used to sequester many secrets of advanced technologies, riches, satanic practices, remnants from older ages that are considered to have numerous occult powers and spas and places where these ritual sacrifices have taken place. 

And shining the LoveLight into all of them to expose all of the darkness, to bring all of the dark players, finally, to the surface to be held accountable for their dark deeds against Humanity. So shining it up, down, around and through. And spiraling it all through this vast network, starting from Mexico to the United States and into Canada.

And now shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings who have been kept against their Will in these underground bases, whether they be children or fully-grown adults. They have all had roles to play that they agreed to in their Soul Contracts before they came into this life.  And we say to them, “We acknowledge all of the sacrifices that you have made and your courage, your strength, and for you to know that you are going to be well rewarded for the roles that you have played, that you have been the focus of us over on the other side ever since these underground bases have been put into use. 

“And you are so loved far beyond verbal expression by all of the Company of Heaven and all of the people on this Meditation right now. And we are all One, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And you will not have to reincarnate on this planet again unless you so desire. And you have reached this place of Ascension, when/if you have to cross over before we can physically extricate you from these underground bases.” 

And Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we thank you so much for being a part of this Meditation tonight. Namaste and good night.

8-29-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

8-29-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are joined together heart to heart in this Meditation. And we come in to raise the level of your vibration and to help you feel the Peace and the Joy that we feel over on the other side. Because we see that you could all use a little bit of a boost here. And so we want to gift you with this LoveLight at this time. 

And we ask you just to breathe into your Heart Center and allow yourself to let go of who you think you are and of all the restraints that living in duality and the density of duality have placed upon you at this time. And for you to realize that, yes, this is all a hologram. And yes, all of these different requirements for survival have been placed upon you by you still being in the density of the 3rd Dimension that is just a part of the hologram. 

And that is just one dimension of reality. And it does not encompass by any means who you really are at this time. Because you are all really capable of being high inter-dimensional beings. And yes, we’re all preparing for your Ascension on this planet where you will actualize this. And you will be able to be part of us all of the time. And there will be nothing held back to you in terms of knowing who you are and being in a place of No Time and being able to manifest your reality here in the higher dimensions. 

So just breathing into the Heart Center and feeling this place of Peace, of Unity with all of the Company of Heaven. And allowing yourself to know that very soon, the veil will be taken down. And this is why at this time you are feeling more and more of a push on this planet with all of the Divine Energies coming in from the Central Sun into your Solar Sun in these tight intervals of peaks to bring in more and more energy and to get you more acclimated to these real high vibrations which are meant to prepare you for this Cosmic Blast coming in. 

And when it comes it won’t feel as if it is too much. It will feel like you’ve always been here in this place of higher dimensionality, because the resistance will be taken away by all of this photon energy coming into your planet by way of the Cosmic Blast. And it will feel as if there is no resistance at all now, because of this we will all together have brought in the 5th Dimension to stay on your planet. 

And so we know that you feel the push back in certain ways when these high vibrations are coming in these days. But you will get to this place of saturation where there will not be any resistance whatsoever and where you will be able to feel your own flow of the energy in such a miraculous way. And we are doing it altogether, Beloved Ones. You have never been alone on this Meditation.

And more so now than ever, we know you can feel your Gifts being developed on a higher vibration and a higher level than you ever felt them before. And so this allows you to be in connection with one another heart to heart and with each other’s Consciousness. 

So instead of feeling weary, we ask you to take this to heart about the progress that you have made even in this very summer, a matter of a mere few months, that the level of the vibration has risen to this very wonderful level where on our side, as we have said, we see the fireworks going on and the sparkles and the magnificence of this LoveLight energy really taking off on your planet.

Because yes, the consciousness is rising and every so often, there are measurements taken. And these measurements of the Consciousness on your planet have been rising, in really an exponential level. But that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t work to do. 

So we come to you at this time to help you to feel this LoveLight more and more, to encourage you to know you are so on the right track and that you will be one of the main components, all of you on this call, to helping all of the others who are just waking up, to being their teachers and actually to inspiring them. Because they will see from the level of your vibration, how you’ve already integrated these energies, because of the LoveLight shining forth from you. 

And this will be a very wonderful experience for all of you because instead of people feeling threatened by you and putting you down and shunning you, you will be in much demand. And you will feel their Love just like we feel your Love over on the other side when we come together and at all other times too because your hearts have been opened up to us.

And so, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we say to you once again, we love you beyond all verbal expression. We thank you so much for all of your efforts, not just on this Meditation but in all of your prayers, exercises and Meditations and all of your interactions heart to heart with one another. We say Namaste and good night.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

8-22-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

8-22-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I am so happy to be joining you once more on this call. And tonight, I would like you to recognize that you are all flowers. You are blossoming forth at this time in the Miracle of the LoveLight that you have been raising to manifest that part of you which is God.

And you are sending forth these rays of the LoveLight to help the rest of Creation become that part of them that is God. And so what is felt is this Oneness of all of Creation up to the highest of dimensions and vibrations. And pouring forth this LoveLight and bestowing these gifts of acceptance, of compassion, of bliss, of kindness, of tenderness in your thoughts, words and actions for the whole of Creation.

Because yes, your Ascension Process doesn’t just affect the Beloved Beings, and Kingdoms, and Beloved Mother Gaia herself on this planet, it affects the whole of Creation. And you have been given this Divine Decree for a number of reasons. And one of them is that by your ascending this way that you will affect the whole of Creation in such an exponential way that it will be a time of upliftment for all of Creation and its vibration. And it will be the start of this happening on other planets by you all having done your work; having had the faith, the love, the perseverance, the presence of mind and the ability to nurture your hearts with one another and with us, and other Mentors, Ascended Masters, angels, your Guidance Team, your I AM Presences to do this work, to make it this Intention of being in these high vibrations and these higher dimensions happen once again.
And we are showering you with the magic right now of you experiencing this at this Point of Zero and all of the Gifts of Creator Source coming in to help you feel Peace. We are gifting you in this Now Moment the magic, which all of you so truly treasure as feeling this Divine Connection with Creator Source, having no separation whatsoever throughout all of the different dimensions, through this place, these organizing fields, where the wave becomes the particle, Dear Beloved Ones, this place of manifestation. And feel the veil disappear now and feel all this Love come in.

We know you could use some inspiration at this time. And so we are sending around your circle this wave of the LoveLight, this fullness of expression of who we really are, joined heart to heart together from the other side. And now there is no side. And there is only One. And we just want you to breathe into that and let it wash through all of your subatomic particles, into your DNA and to bolster the effectiveness of the connection with your hearts and your Pineal Gland and your Pituitary Gland to manifest your realities, to manifest your creation of bringing more and more LoveLight onto your planet and to accelerating the Ascension Process on your planet. So this feeling of Peace and Oneness is instrumental in doing that. Because of course, the foundation for that is feeling Unconditional/Universal Love and also Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

And we are so ever grateful for your efforts; your commitment, your caring for yourselves, for your families, for one another in this group, and all of the other beings that you participate with that you send the LoveLight to, that you have all of your interactions with, whether they be of a positive or negative nature. It is all part of the dance that you are all going through to get back to this place of the 5th Dimension to make sure that these Announcements finally happen and that this Cosmic Blast comes in which will shake up the foundations of your planet’s reality in such a high-vibrational way. 

And there will be so much Joy to be had at that point, but it will take the expression of you, who are the First Wavers and your teachings, to help people anchor in this Beloved High-Vibrational Energy in a way that they can fully understand and accept and let go to. And you will do that by helping them to let go of the past and any low vibrations, that they still may be hanging onto and any attachments that may be holding them back. Because yes, Dear Beloved Ones, you are the ones that have been doing the work, doing the Meditations and many of you have the insights and the knowhow how to express them to other beings who are just starting to wake up on your planet. 

So, we thank you ever so much for being on this call tonight. We love you beyond all verbal expression.  And we say thank you very much. Namaste and good night, Brothers and Sisters.