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Mother Sekhmet 10/24/2018, by Eli Galla

Mother Sekhmet 10/24/2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening to one and all here on this call as we gather together and feel each other’s hearts at this time of your full moon and at this time when the nation is thinking about voting and their democracy and perhaps their commitment to making these conditions of which we all live under better for themselves and for their children. And we bring this up, because never have we seen things being twisted and turned all around for the benefit of the few like this before. And yes, we know that one of your major lessons in life is to learn Discernment and to feel inside of your hearts, to connect up with your minds. 

And you are not your mind. Basically the apparatus of your brain is like a radio receiver. You are receiving all of these different waves of energy, of information, of vibrations. And the more sensitive you allow yourselves to be and the more heart centered you are, the better able you are able to use your Discernment to assess whether what you are being told is the Truth of how it will be able to serve you and to allow yourself to be the Compassionate Observer of your reality and of what you are creating with your thoughts, words and actions with every breath, with every Now Moment.

And this is such a gift, because each and every one of you have an Internal Guidance System, which allows you to discern how you are resonating with the information, with the level of vibration that is coming in. And yes, from the Central Sun through your Solar Sun, these vibrations are becoming more and more intense, having more and more teeth to them than ever before. And perhaps you can even feel this more so at this time of this your full moon. 

But we would say with the attention right now in North America where most of you are from that you are feeling a lot of anxious energy all around you, because there are so many people that are telling you one thing. And there are just, it seems, an equal amount of people telling you the exact opposite or pretty close to it. And they are trying to win your vote. And they are trying to control the laws, the legislative process in your Beloved Land. But we would like to remind you that there is so much happening underneath the surface of what you are being shown on your mainstream media. And that basically it is being controlled, this flow and dissemination of information, by your alphabet agencies. So we would like for you to remember that. 

And we know that so many of you are attuned to alternative forms of media, but even with that, we ask you to use your Discernment. To breathe into it and allow yourself to really feel into your heart whether this vibrates at a high level of Truth. And of course, it really isn’t about what anyone else is doing. It is about how you are feeling about yourself and how much you love yourself to allow yourself to feel as good as possible to bring in as much Love and Light as you can possibly assimilate into your experience within the four bodies of your being at this very auspicious time in your planet’s history or her/story. And yes, this balance between the masculine and feminine, and transparency on your Beloved Planet is becoming more so each and every day. 

So, with our Meditation here tonight, let us bring in this energy with the Intentional Requirement of, yes, bringing in Peace, but more clarity and more Love for each and every one of us. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, Love is stronger. Love is the most important force of healing that you have in all of Creation. 

So let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you. And we ask you to reach out to someone else on the call to form our Beloved Circle. And breathing into the heart sending it around through the left hand, circling it all the way around, bringing it into your right hand, breathing into the heart, raising the level of the vibration. And with the Power of our Thought and our Intentional Requirement, rising up off the surface of your Beloved Planet and up into the atmospheres, through these layers of ships, going high, high above and coming upon my ship, the Nibiru, which is really large and has this landing deck in the underbelly of my ship that I’m opening up right now. 

And we’re popping through it with our circle still connected, of course. And we’re hovering in this airlock as the landing deck closes beneath our feet here. And now we’re touching down. And we’re walking all the way back to this elevator. And we’re getting inside and, yes, the doorway is opening up to accommodate our circle as it is. And we’re pushing the button. And we’re rising rapidly right on up to the top of my Beloved Ship which takes us to the Crystal Room.

The door opens. And we enter and feel all these Beloved Energies greeting us.  And we see and feel these high vibrations and this Love and this Light that is dominating my Beloved Crystal Room. And you may feel a touch or a whisper or a tickle from your Beloved Ancestors at this time to let you know that you are well supported and that they are very glad that you are here and that they are part of this Meditation tonight too.

So, let us form our circle around the altar, which is in the middle of this gigantic Crystal Room. And, yes, our Beloved Master Crystal sets right in the middle of that alter. And forming our circle and having the Mentors form their circle directly in back of us and these other Beings of the LoveLight, other angels, and Ascended Masters, and Beloved Beings from the ships who wouldn’t miss this for anything, because they realize that this is a main part of their Mission. And that this is one of the most empowering ways to bring their Beloved Mission to completion with all of us.

And sending this LoveLight by breathing into our hearts, sending it out to the left hand, through our circle and throughout the outer circles, throughout all of the room from the floor to the walls, to the ceiling, up, down, around and through. Just breathing into it and experiencing it as if it were a gyroscope and us intensifying this energy with our breathing. And feeling all the high vibrations of the crystals and, of course, the consciousness of all these Beloved Beings that represent virtually all of Creation, just as the crystals represent all of the dimensions of Creation. All of these high vibrations are available to us. So just breathing them in and allowing our hearts to resonate with them in the highest frequencies of Love and Light.

And now, setting our personal Intentional Requirements for this Beloved Meditation, whatever you require for yourself, whether it be financially, feeling better within the four bodies of your being, healing relationships, healing some polarities within yourselves. And of course, let us all together set our Intentional Requirement for Peace on your Beloved Planet, for prosperity and abundance, compassion and understanding and, of course, Unconditional Universal Love for all of the Beloved Beings on your planet and all of the kingdoms. And just breathing into it and allowing ourselves to rise ever higher into these high frequencies of Love and Light.

And again sending it all throughout the circles, throughout the room, up, down, around, and through, through all of the atoms. And intensifying this LoveLight once again, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And now focusing it into our Beloved Crystal and shooting it out through the tip, up through the hole in the ceiling in my ship. And aiming it right down on your Beloved Planet with us following right along beside it and hovering over the North Pole. 

And now, spiraling this energy from the atmospheres, onto the surface, and below the surface into each and every subatomic particle. And going up, down, around and through and feeling this energy intensify, this LoveLight. Breathing into it and allowing it to affect and raise the level of consciousness on your Beloved Planet in such an exponential way now, harmonizing with the vibrations that are coming into your Beloved Planet through the Central Sun and the Solar Sun. And sending this Intentional Requirement for Peace and self-Love and Compassion into the hearts and minds of all the Beloved Beings on your planet. 

And yes, this even includes what you would call the cabal or the deep state.  Because yes, they are all children of God just as we are. And they have agreed to play their roles, have their own Soul Contracts that they’ve been fulfilling. But now, let’s send them the LoveLight so they can let go and come back into the Light and let go of their attachments to the darkness. Because the darkness will not serve them anymore in this environment, where the LoveLight is dominating and sure to raise the level of the vibration to fully encompass your Beloved Planet in the 5th Dimension once again making all of the machinations of this negative programming, and black magic, and Satanism inoperable.

So let us shine this LoveLight all across the planet, but particularly in North America where these elections are only, oh, umm, a couple of weeks away actually. Breathing into the Heart Centers of the Beloved Politicians in Washington, D.C., seeing them all together in your Capital Building, shining the LoveLight into their hearts with the Intentional Requirement that they allow themselves to see and feel the Truth.

And yes, this is quite hard for them to do, because it goes against their conditioning. It goes against the way that they have been manipulated by their egos, by the people who have been their handlers and their overlords.  But this is the only way that they can acknowledge who they really are. So breathing into their Heart Centers and sending them this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. 

And now, we require that they allow themselves to regress all the way back to childhood. And we see them, oh, as like four or five years old. And we see them healed with this connection to their Inner Child in all of them by shining this LoveLight into their hearts. And let us see their energy field and spinning this LoveLight, all two feet outside in every angle around their body, in a clockwise direction. And clearing out all of these negative dendrites, all of these blockages in their energy field, removing from their DNA all of this negative programming by spinning their energy counter clockwise, and transmuting all of these lower vibrations into the highest frequencies of Love and Light. And spinning in a clockwise direction, up, down and around and through their energy field and their energy body.
And now, expanding this Meditation to everyone on your Beloved Planet, first spinning counterclockwise to remove any of the lower vibrations and negative programming, the negative programs, disqualified and discredited energies, polarities and traumas. And going up, down, around and through. And depositing all of these lower vibrations in the center above and the center below. And then transmuting these energies by spinning clockwise with these high vibrations of Unconditional Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Wisdom, Understanding, prosperity, abundance, etc.

And spinning from the center above to the center below with this Intentional Requirement that everyone become free, free to be the love and Light who they are, free to express that part of themselves which is the Godhead. And free to be in Unity Consciousness with each and every other being on your Beloved Planet. 

And that is our Intentional Requirement for the outcome where we are all headed, because once we get to this place of Unity, of Peace, of Harmony, then it will be so easy to bring in the 5th Dimension and to make all of the changes that need be for you not to be slaves anymore to this dark consciousness of these Beloved Beings who worship some very dark energy. But yes, they will be taken off the stage, and so much energy will be freed up.

And now, once again, going down underneath the surface of your Beloved Planet, starting from Mexico. And shining this LoveLight horizontally in a spiral all into these tunnels, into the underground installations, these bases. And this is where these dark players have hidden their secrets, their stashes, umm, the places where they do their dirty deeds, where they make sure that they have the rituals and their sacrifices that have kept them above the fray, operating in the higher reaches of the 4th Dimension. 

But now that’s not good enough anymore, because virtually your planet is in the 5th Dimension and the consciousness of you and the kingdoms and all of the other Beloved Beings on your planet are pushing that threshold of the 5th Dimension each and every day now. And soon it will be fully anchored onto your planet. 

So, shining this LoveLight horizontally in a spiral, up, down, around and through all of the tunnels, this network of the underground bases, from Mexico to the United States, up into Canada in the upper reaches and over and back again. Just feeling it spiral really fast and shining these high frequencies of the LoveLight, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy to root out all of the secrets, all of the lies and the deceptions, to dis-incorporate this mechanism of the artificial intelligence so that it won’t be able to operate any more ever again on your Beloved Planet. And we’re talking about those aspects of the artificial intelligence that have been used by the cabal and the deep state to enslave you, to trick you, to cause wars, confusion, fear and separation on your Beloved Planet.

And now, sending this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings who with their Soul Contracts agreed to play their parts of being captured and sold into slavery to serve these dark beings; because by doing so, they have brought a spotlight into these dark players, their actions and made their secrets transparent now. They can’t hide them anymore.
And we say to them, “We love you so very much, that we are One. And we have never forgotten about you and neither has Heaven, neither has the higher aspects of your Being. And soon you will ascend. You will be united with those higher aspects of your Being over on the other side. And some of you will even survive this and ascend fully conscious within your physical beings.”

And to all of the Beloved Spirits that have left their bodies but have been too afraid up until this point to cross over, “We shine the LoveLight onto your Heart Centers and give you the permission to cross over and to feel this Joy of bringing your Soul Contracts to completion. You’ve done all you needed to do. And now it’s the time of celebration and being rewarded for your sacrifice, for being the Love and Light that you are under very trying conditions.”

And we say to you, Beloved Beings on this call, we love you so very much.  We honor you for your dedication, for your commitments to raising the level of the LoveLight on your Beloved Planet. And we say to you, Namaste and good night.

Mary Magdalene 10/24/2018, by Eli Galla

Mary Magdalene 10/24/2018, by Eli Galla

My, oh my, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Once again, we are enthralled, we are enchanted with being with you here tonight and feeling this LoveLight in each and every one of your hearts. It is such a miraculous time of raising the level of the LoveLight on your Beloved Planet.

And yes, we say to you that it is all One. And those that tried to separate and divide and pit one party against the other are only testing your resolve. Because whoever you vote for, when you vote for them with your hearts open, with you feeling in your own inner Truth and your awareness, that you are making the best choice based on the information that you have available, you are raising the level of the vibration of your Beloved Planet when you do this. Because you are aiding your Peace of Mind in knowing that you played an active part in this process of keeping the Spirit of Freedom alive as, umm, laid down line by line in the Declaration of Independence and in the original United States Constitution. And yes, you are being true to yourselves, no matter what anyone says.

So we ask you not to judge yourself in any way. And just allow yourself to feel so much Love for yourselves and for your Beloved Planet and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. And come together in this space of Compassion in allowing everyone their Free Will, because your planet is in the 5th Dimension, Beloved Beings. And there is this plan, this process that is fully taking shape in this Now Moment. And it is coming to completion.

And all of the different parts that are needed, they are there. And you know, we laid the groundwork for this more than 2,000 years ago, because Sananda and myself and the Beloved Apostles and Disciples, and harmonizing with the vibrations of Beloved Mother Gaia, and all of the higher aspects of our Being. In other words, connecting up with Creator Source, we were urging everybody on your Beloved Planet to be God, to empower themselves with that part of themselves which is God, which knows no separation from Creator Source through their “I AM Presences” and the higher aspects of their being, of course. 

But the higher we get in vibration, the more that it all leads us back to Creator Source, which is the seat of Cosmic Consciousness from where all of Creation emanated from. And it is so splendid that all throughout eternity, we get to play a part. And no, we never die. We are eternal. We are part of the Godhead and we are this Universal Consciousness and Love. And it never gets done. It never ends.

And so on your Beloved Planet, you’ve come to this precipice of where it’s taken a major upshift in this Now Moment. And it will change everything, because this is going to bring in the 5th Dimension, but in a way that has never been experienced before. So, Beloved Beings, you are all part of this because, yes, you are the trailblazers, you are the Wayshowers. You are the teachers. And yes, when we say teachers, you are all the Divine Students of these high vibrations and the unfolding process that you have been a part of ever since you passed though the Ring of Fire and incarnated in this Beloved Lifetime, this Lifetime of Ascension.

And so, it is working itself out and all of the kinks are getting worked out.  And so much Love and Light is pouring into your Beloved Planet each and every day now. And one day soon, you won’t need money. You’ll be able to manifest instantaneously in these higher dimensions of the 5th dimension and beyond. You’ll be able to travel the Cosmos and teach people on other Beloved Planets. 

But right now, your focus is raising the level of your Love and Light so that it benefits the rest of your planet and the rest of Creation to expedite this Process of Ascension on your Beloved Planet. And yes, of course, it’s going to affect all of Creation and raise all of Creation into higher vibration and frequency. And it will affect the multiverse, so many planets, so many suns and moons will be affected. And Beloved Ones, you are playing a major part. 

And we ask you to call us in anytime that you feel that we can be of assistance to you, because this is what we are here for. We are on the same Mission, Brothers and Sisters. And we so honor you and love you far beyond all verbal expression for your expression of the Love and Light that you are and your efforts and your commitment to bring in more Love and Light, to accelerate the Ascension Process on your Beloved Planet.

We love you so much, Brothers and Sisters, and we thank you for your contributions from the bottom of our hearts. Namaste and good night. 

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10-17-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

10-17-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I am so happy to be here tonight. We feel your Love, your dedication and your willingness to be here at a time when your Love is so needed on your Beloved Planet. Because, yes, as Mother was saying at the end of the Meditation, Now is the time when a lot of choices are going to be made within the next month or so and in the United States whereby we see a lot of plans unfolding and coming to fruition. 

And all we really want to get across to you, heart to heart tonight, is really how powerful your Love is, because when you are centered in your heart and being the Love and Light that you are, you access this place of knowingness within the four bodies of your being. And it allows you to shine this LoveLight out into all of Creation and to rise up into these high vibrations. And this allows you to feel the Oneness of all of Creation. And the more you can let go to this feeling, this realization that all of Creation emanates from this same consciousness, which a lot of you call God.  Well, you are all an integral part of this Godhead. And you all have such Divine Creative and Imaginative Powers that are only increasing and multiplying in an exponential way at this time while your planet is being bombarded with these high frequencies.

So, we ask you to take advantage of this and not to get bogged down into the mental overload of the way that all of these tricksters and spin doctors try to confuse you and drain your energy (laugh) and make you think too much. Because really with ease, grace and with Joy, you’ll know what to do and when you need to do it. And you’ll have more than enough energy and you’ll have our Divine Love and support right there with you, Brothers and Sisters.  Because we are never apart from you.

We are always there with you heart to heart and all you have to do is to breathe into your heart and to call us in. And we’ll take it from there, because we are all One. We are all on this same Mission of accelerating the Ascension Process on your Beloved Planet. And we are so happy that the levels of consciousness have risen in this past year. And now we’re in the last few months of this Beloved Year. And we see that there is such a chance for Divine Change on your Beloved Planet. And that it is a time of celebration! It is a time of coming together more and more heart to heart and knowing that Love is the most important force in all of Creation.

So you are supported by the Universe, and it becomes even more so every day. Because the level of the Love and Light on your planet, as we say, is rising exponentially. And the level of transparency into the dark deeds and, ah, the very, umm, nefarious intentions of this cabal and its minions are becoming well known. It’s really hard to keep secrets on your Beloved Planet at this time because of the level of the vibration that is shining forth. 

And yes, this is part of our Mission too, to be shining the Love and Light into your hearts and into your Divine Planet and cleaning up all of that confusion, that static, that pollution, all of these things that this cabal has tried to use to manipulate you, to keep you in fear and separation. Well, it’s not working very good at this time for them, because you all are shining the LoveLight more and more. And every day that this goes on, it goes more in that direction of bringing in Divine Love and saturating it with every subatomic particle on your Divine Planet.
And yes, you are the Wayshowers. You, Beloveds, are the Masters of Forgiveness, Gratitude and Unconditional/Universal Love. And this is your time to shine. And we are so very happy to be in Mission with you. 

And we say to you, “We thank you so very much for all of your efforts, for your imaginative, creative ways that you bring the LoveLight to your Beloved Planet and for the Love that you show us, the Mentors. 

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And good night.