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Mother Sekhmet, 10-10-2018, by Eli Galla

Mother Sekhmet, 10-10-2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is our great joy and pleasure to be with you all tonight in this Communion of our Hearts and to feel Joy and spontaneity in letting go of any of these low vibrations and to allow ourselves to come together in our hearts and to share this Heart Centered energy with each and every one of you. Because, yes, we know that you are still working in the 3rd Dimension.  But this is the time of year when this veil grows exceedingly thin. And it has never been more the case than it is right now. And day by day, we are working ourselves to this day at the end of this particular month you are in when the veil is almost non-existent. 

And so that means we have much more Communion with you. And this is a gateway preparing us for another gateway that is coming into play, the 11-11, which happens to be a triple eleven this year. And the cogency of that energy happening at this particular time cannot be denied or downplayed, Brothers and Sisters, because this is such a potent portal all through the dimensions.  And yes, in this cycle of change in this great shift that we have all embarked on as a part of our Missions, this is a very important time. And it’s important to get a bit of a push, if you will, in the right direction to bring in all of these plans. And yes, the Cosmic Wave that we’ve been talking about with you is a part of those plans.

But first, all of these different, um, details have to be ironed out and synchronized in such a way that this transition into the 5th Dimension is seamless and allows all you Beloved Beings on your Beloved Blue Orb of Mother Gaia’s to come together in a Heart-Centered way. Because that’s where the power really is, heart to heart, all joined together in raising the level of consciousness that is going to allow you to be in that Now Moment where you’re going to firmly anchor in the energies of the Cosmic Blast.
And voila! You’re going to be in the 5th Dimension finally. And as we keep on saying, once you get into that 5th Dimension, this is a place of expedited energies into realizing your Ascensions. And no, we don’t see that everyone is going to ascend at the same time. But there will be mass ascensions like on any given day, so, so many people will be rising up and realizing their Ascension. 

So, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you and holding your hand out to another on this call. And allowing ourselves now to rise up with the Power of our Thoughts, with breathing into our Heart Centers and sending this energy around our circle. And feeling and being the Love that we are. And now, rising up with our breathing and the Power of our Thoughts, jettisoning us up through the atmospheres through the layers of the ships, up to my Beloved Nibiru. And yes, I’m opening up the landing deck here, the belly of the ship. And altogether as one, we are rising up, hovering in the airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down.
And walking back to the elevator and all going inside at the same time. And now pushing the buttons and jetting right on up to all of the different layers, the floors of my Beloved Ship.  And now we’re at the top floor and opening the doors. And once again feeling the joyous celebration that has already started around this Meditation and all of the Beloved Mentors and other Beings of the LoveLight from the ships, from all over the cosmos, your Beloved Ancestors here to show their support. And feeing perhaps their energy touch you in some way to reassure you that it is all One and that you have not been forgotten and that you are cherished for your contributions to the All That Is.

And now assembling ourselves around our Beloved Crystal Altar and we’re right at the center of the action. And the Mentors are ringing around us and around them are other Beings of the LoveLight and your ancestors. And now sending this energy out through from your heart to your left hand to the other person’s right hand. And feeling it coming into your right hand, into your heart. And then sending it into the outer circles and all over the room from the ceiling to the walls, up, down, around and through. And just breathing into it and integrating all of these energies, letting it once again become a part of our hearts. And feeling ourselves rising up all though these dimensions. And feeling the Love from all of the beings in this room. And spiraling it again and again here, up, down, around and through. 

And now, making our focus, and I ask each of you to feel your Intentional Requirements in your heart right now and send them into the crystal on our Beloved Altar. And tonight I make the Intentional Requirement of peace on your planet and harmony, abundance, prosperity, joy, interconnectedness and the realization that it is no mystery that we are all One, that we all emanate from the same Source of Consciousness and that we all have a particular ray of this LoveLight that makes us unique, that makes us a part of the Whole in a very integral way. 

And now, spiraling all of the energies around our circles here and shining them right into our Beloved Master Crystal. And shooting it up through the ceiling and cascading it down toward your Beloved Planet. And when we’re getting there in the atmospheres around your planet, we’re spiraling it onto the surface and underneath the surface and all through your Beloved Planet, up, down, around and through here, many times spiraling it, raising the level of the vibration once again with this LoveLight all through the dimensions that we’ve experienced on my ship and with these Beloved Beings of the LoveLight coming together with us. And feeling this Joy of all of us connecting with one another in this LoveLight, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. 

And now, let us make our Intentional Requirements with whatever you personally have made and with our Requirements of announcing NESARA in this climate of peace, of joy, harmony, wisdom, true Oneness, of all of the energies that comprise the Humans, all of the Beloved Kingdoms on your planet, the atmosphere surrounding your planet. Feeling the Joy of this LoveLight permeate all of this, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. In this Now Moment, this is our reality of anchoring in the 5th Dimension and beyond, of allowing each and every person on your planet to feel forgiveness and gratitude and be in this Now Moment with all of us completely healed, One with the Love and Light that we truly are with no inhibitions about being this Love and Light that we are with one another. No judgments, no obstructions, no fake news, just the Truth of the Love that we are with one another in this Now Moment. Yes, yes, breathing into it and letting it wash over yourself and the whole planet and everybody and everything on your Beloved Planet, spiraling it once again up, down, around and through.

And now, let us make our little journey across to Beloved North America. And off of the coast in the Atlantic Ocean, we see some turmoil going on there weather-wise. And so we’re going to go up into the clouds and with our Intentional Requirement of quieting down the chaos that is ensuing with these energies, we’re going to do a reverse spin here to slow it all down, to bring it back to zero by spinning these clouds in a vortex of energies in a counterclockwise direction to break up all of these polarities. And let us start from the highest point in your atmospheres and go all the way down to the surface here, up, down, around and through. And shining this LoveLight into these clouds, into these energies as conspired to wreak havoc upon the surface of your planet on the East Coast of the United States here. Just breathing into your hearts and shining that LoveLight all up, down, around and through.

And now, let us go clockwise to bring in these high vibrations of the LoveLight. And see the sun shining down on all your Beloved Beings there. And now it’s tomorrow morning. It’s a brand-new morning, starting all over again and being in the highest of vibrations all over your planet. 

And now, let us go down into the tunnels. And we’re going to start from Mexico again where they start, you know. And the nefarious drug trades that have been thriving with, of course, the help of the cabal to make oodles and boodles of money to keep them in power, well, we’re just going to wipe out all of those secret stashes. And we’re going to make them disappear. And we’re going to make it be so that none of these lower vibrations can survive any more in their hiding places in these underground bases and this tunnel network. 

So, starting in a spiral, picking our points of entrance and spinning in a horizontal fashion, going all through the tunnels, all of the different chambers of the bases, up, down, around and through the United States all the way into Canada and then back again. Keep on doing it. And cleaning it all out with our Beloved Light and Love of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. 

And shining this LoveLight into all of the Beloved Beings who have been kept there against their will and we say to them, “Yes, we are praying for your liberation. We are shining the LoveLight into your heart in this Now Moment so that soon you will know what true freedom and liberation and Ascension is and you all deserve it. And you have our deepest Honor, Love and respect for the parts that you have played, because you have been such a stalwart force in exposing this cabal to these high vibrations where they will not be able to be on this planet any more. You, by your commitment, the completion of your Soul Contracts, have been allowing to let this reality run its course whereby the Love dominates. And these dark nefarious energies and ritual sacrifices and very dark heinous acts against Humanity will no longer be tolerated. And all Honor, Praise and Respect and kudos to you, Beloved Ones.”

And we thank you so much for being on this Meditation with us, Brothers and Sisters. We say Namaste and good night.

Mary Magdalene, 10-10-2018, by Eli Galla

Mary Magdalene, 10-10-2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We come to you and shining the LoveLight into your hearts and in this place of Oneness and Holiness and coming together and feeling our Divinity with one another. And allowing ourselves to totally be in this Now Moment and to feel forgiveness for all that has ensued in all of this time that you’ve been playing through the density of duality on your planet. And all of these things that have allowed you to take your personal journeys into such levels of intensity.

And yes, you’ve not just been doing it for yourselves, but you’ve been doing it for the All That Is. And in your level of consciousness with the veil still in place, you really don’t have a total comprehension of what that means, just how magnanimous, how wide all of Creation, how much it encompasses, dimensionally and all through this illusion of time and space. Because it’s really all inner-space. And by allowing ourselves to breathe into our Heart Center, we can go anywhere in the Cosmos. And pretty soon, with advanced technology coming into your planet in the form of anti-gravity spaceships, you’ll actually be able to realize that for yourselves.

And it is a most wonderful time on your planet. And we ask you not to be confused by the Illusions perpetrated in the main stream media.  But we ask you just to feel the energies with your heart and to let go and to truly love yourselves for being on this planet at this time. And know we are never separate from you. We are always One with you.  Just your acknowledgement that you want us to be with you is more than enough for us to be right there with you for however long you want us.

And we are so grateful for your efforts because we know that if you believe all of the lies of your ego, of the dark energies that still seem to be so dominant on your planet, well, they’re not dominant at all. They’re just scared and they’re running like chickens with their heads cut off, to get graphic on you (laugh). Well, they have made their best plays and they’ve tried to make war on your Beloved Planet.  And they can’t do it. And the reason why they can’t do it is because of your Love for each other, not just in your country, but all over the planet. And for many of you, you realize that all of Creation is with you on this journey, on this Mission for you all on your Beloved Planet to actualize your Ascensions. 

And this has been a long journey. And there’s been many twists and turns in the road. But the Truth of it is that you are Love. And that by breathing into that Love and allowing yourself to rise up into the highest frequencies that you can assimilate at this time, you spread out this LoveLight in such a grand fashion, not just through your Beloved Planet, but all over Creation you are felt. Yes, you are the center of attention right now because every moment you are getting closer to the completion of this Mission of yours to anchor in the 5th Dimension, to bring Harmony and Peace to your Beloved Planet and to clean it up, to return back to this Beloved Garden of Eden that it used to be not so many thousands of years ago.
And once you are there at that point where the 5th Dimensional energies take dominance on your planet, then all of these other changes will fall into place. Because we see that the Spirit will take you over. And each of you will have a role to play in, whether it be feeding you brothers, disseminating advanced technology, cleaning up the pollution on your planet, making fresh water out of salt water. They’ll be so much that you can do really to bring your planet to such a high vibration. And this will be all in the Divine Timing of you accelerating your Ascension Processes.

And yes, even when you all ascend, it’s not the end, but it’s at the beginning of another upgrade, if you will. You’ll have so much more variation of your experience within the Cosmos to rely upon. You’ll be supported by the LoveLight in a new way after you learn these protocols that will allow you to access all of this high-vibrational energy and this will truly be a time of wondrous adventure for you.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we can only celebrate with you in this Now Moment because we see so much is changing on your planet as we move through these final gateways of this year. Yes, every year has a different cycle of energies, of gateways to be played out. And never has there been such high-vibrational energy on your planet as there is right now. 

So, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we love you beyond all verbal expression. And we thank you so very much for your commitments to your Mission. Namaste and good night.    

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10-3-2018 Mary Magdalene By Eli Galla

10-3-2018 Mary Magdalene By Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are in such Joy of being here with you tonight once again. You have the opportunity to shine the LoveLight into your hearts, because it’s not just myself that is here. It is all the beings that you did this Meditation with on the ship, the Nibiru. It is all of the Mentors. It is all of the Ascended Masters and all of the Beloved Members of the Ashtar Command that were a part of that Meditation. They are still here shining their LoveLight into your Heart Centers. 

Because yes, they acknowledge your contribution, not just with this Meditation, but with you being in Mission in this lifetime and all that you have accomplished and all that you are accomplishing right now. Because your Intentional Requirements carry you forth in this Now Moment and multiply these Divine Energies, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, in such an exponential way now. 

In other words, if you could think of it as during this Summer, you on this Beloved Planet have been shifting gears. And now you are in a higher gear. And there is more LoveLight coming in every day, with every breath even. And you are right at the center of it, of all of these waves of this LoveLight coming into your planet. 

And yes, this means that you have taken on a lot of responsibility, but also that you are feeling a lot of Love from all over Creation at this time. Because yes, you are putting on quite a show. Because all of these Beloved Beings from the ships over on the other side, all of us Ascended Masters, us Mentors, we can see day to day your challenges, your experiences and how you handle them. 

And we could see you being the beacons right now and rising up higher and higher in vibration. And that this LoveLight is resonating with the subatomic particles more and more and waking up Beloved Beings on your planet, not only humans but in all of the kingdoms. So, this affect is really taking hold of your planet where everything is rising up higher in vibration.

And these changes that you have given your Intentional Requirements for; for you to be firmly anchored in the 5th Dimension so that the density of duality, you will be completely, umm, graduated from.  And you will be able to anchor in all of the different aspects of the 5th Dimension and have this feeling of Divine Love nurture you. And that you will grow in these feelings of Joy and Compassion and Wisdom and Caring and Oneness, the Oneness that you will feel between all of your Brothers and Sisters on this planet.
And you are starting to understand the real Power of this, of this feeling of knowingness, that it is all One. And that we all come from Love and Light.  And to be rejoined in those high vibrations, to let the Love and the Light truly shine forth and permeate all of the different parts of your Beloved Planet. To let it create a reality so that you fulfill your deepest desires and enable the Ascension Process to accelerate.

Because, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, this was the main reason why all of you subjected yourself to coming into a physical body once again in this lifetime. Because you knew that you would have ample opportunity, because of where your planet was in the cosmos and the Divine Timing to ascend. 

And you didn’t really know when you came in that Heaven would give you this Divine Decree which, within our perspective, seems like a mandate for all of you to come into the Light of Ascension. Because it will affect the whole of Creation in such a marvelous way. And this is what we’ve been waiting for, for eons and eons of time.

So we know some of you are weary, thinking that your gifts and your blessings should have happened by now. But all we can say to you is that everything is in Divine Timing and everything is in Divine Order. And you are all doing such a wonderful part in playing your roles and fulfilling your Soul Contracts. 

So we ask you to look at the bigger picture of how long this is going on.  And knowing that once the 5th Dimension is anchored into your planet once more, that you’ll never have to reincarnate inside of a physical human body again. You’ll be in a Light Body, because you will have ascended. And this will be so marvelous and joyous for you.

So, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, like Beloved Mother Sekhmet said, we love you beyond all verbal expression.

Namaste, Brothers and Sisters, and good night.