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11-28-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

11-28-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Oh, it’s such a pleasure to be here with you once again and feeling your hearts, particularly after you’ve done another Meditation with Mother Sekhmet. And yes, I love coming in after her because she sure perks up you all into the higher vibrations. And she allows you to feel these high aspects of your being and the power that you have in creating this new reality, not just for yourselves but for all of your Beloved Planet and all of the kingdoms and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet to help to raise the level of the vibration.

And yes, as she says, this is another time where we see the last days of this Beloved Year dwindling to a close. But there is so much that is transpiring on it at this time. And it is so rich with promise for bringing in these high vibrations which will allow us to bring in the 5th Dimension. And yes, you’re well aware of all of these different conditions that the Alliance is trying to put in place for the 5th Dimension to become fully anchored in on your Beloved Planet. 

And all we could say is that we see things coming together. And so many raising the level of their vibration at this time. And this is really what it takes for you all to stay in high vibration and to realize really how powerful you are. Because it has never been about how many of you are doing the work, raising the level of the vibration, but it has been about how high you raise that level when you come together heart to heart and do meditations like this and then when you’re doing your individual clearings and meditations because, yes, you plug in with us over on the other side, or your I AM Presence. And you raise the level of the vibration with us and focusing on what you want to create.

And sometimes it’s personal but we see that with you all that you’ve all been doing personal meditations for the Ascensions to accelerate and for your planet to reach those places of prosperity, health and wellbeing and abundance and for the Truth to come out, for the Truth to be transparent so people will be able to share heart to heart with one another again as in the very, very beginnings when you’ve had your Golden Ages in Lumeria and Atlantis.

But of course, you know that this time, the 5th Dimension will be so much different and that the purpose of us being in the 5th Dimension at this time is not just to raise the level of vibration on your Beloved Planet, but it is for us to join with all of these other planets to create a higher-vibrational realty where the AI will no longer hold any sway and that you can come together in joining this Federation of Planets that have become self-aware, if you will, because there is so much to do. There is so much further that we can carry this and really raise the level of the vibration not just for ourselves but for other planets that are going through somewhat the same levels of duality.

Although as we keep on saying to you, there hasn’t been any planet that has been mired in the type of density that you have experienced for these last thirteen millennia. And this is such a wondrous time for us on the ships to see, all of these fireworks going off. And we feel your hearts coming together in this Collective Consciousness. Because the level of your vibration is rising so wonderfully well in unison together now. And what has seemed like a fantasy for so many years of bringing NESARA into Announcement, of having all of this wonderful advanced technology to come into your planet and for you to be fully, consciously aware in your ascensions and be able to play with all of these new toys to create this new reality is very much within your grasp. We see it already has happened over on our side.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so very much for letting us come in tonight and share with you heart to heart our Love and our Light and we say to you, Namaste.

11-28-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

11-28-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are so pleased at being able to come in with you and share our energies with you, heart to heart, on this conference call. And, ah yes, some very interesting things are afoot at the moment. And we are so very happy that the fires that were plaguing certain parts of California seem to have come under control in this past week. And of course, we give great gratitude for that unfolding the way that it did.

And tonight we’re going to do our best to give our Beloved Energies to creating this place that will kickstart the Announcements even further, because we see that conditions exist for some of these things to upgrade, we would say, and go a step or two further in the right direction. So, we’re going to try to give it the best push that we can with our Beloved High-Vibe Energies to bring that in to your Beloved Mama Gaia and within the realm of all of your consciousness, each and every one of you on your Beloved Planet.

And what a time we have. We’re really finishing the year in fine fashion, we would say, with all of these energies coming in and all of the possibilities still existing for these plans to come into fruition. And chief among those plans is the plan for the Truth to come out in many different arenas, over many different things. And we could tell that this has been, you know, something that so many of you have been paying attention to for a long time now.
Because yes, we could know, have a pretty good idea of the dynamics that were involved in certain false flag incidents like 9-11, but until it is acknowledged by main stream media, and by the government, and something is done about those things, then these dark players are still playing through their charade. And it means that they are still in power and getting away with a lot of other things that we want to take away from them, such as this fiat money system and go on a new financial system.

Because yes, everyone on your Beloved Planet most deservedly so requires the fulfillment of their birthright of having abundance and prosperity in this lifetime, well in any lifetime. And this was what your beloved original United States Constitution, a good part of it, was about, that it was time for the people to have power and control of the money supply and to be able, in the highest and best interests of themselves and their Beloved Country, to make choices that would keep us in that realm of awareness and high vibration. 

Well, it didn’t play out as was envisioned by the designers of the Declaration of Independence and your Beloved Constitution. And yes, they were pretty much channeled documents with St. Germain doing a lot of the work there. But now, we see those intentions, those Intentional Requirements for Freedom, Truth and Justice coming into play and practice on your Beloved Planet.

So, on that note, let us join together, and me bi-locating my paw out to you and you reaching out. And with your other hand to somebody on the call and forming our circle. And of course, just breathing into the Heart Center and sending the energy around the circle out through your left hand, feeling it come all the way around the circle into your right hand. And allowing ourselves with our breathing to slow down and relax to get into this Rhythm of Oneness with our hearts being attuned in this Now Moment to each other and to our environment and to the Oneness of all of Creation.

And it is with the Power of our Thoughts now lifting up off of the surface of your planet, jettisoning ourselves up into the atmosphere here. And at the Speed of Thought, going through the atmospheres and the layers of ships up to my ship, the Nibiru. And I’m opening up the underbelly of the ship which becomes a landing deck. And now we’re passing through this opening here in my ship and we’re hovering in the airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us.

And now we’re touching down and walking on back to the elevator. And we’re opening it up.  We’ll all getting in at the same time. And it opens up for us really wonderfully well. And we’re pushing the buttons. We’re going right up to the top here very quickly. And we’re opening the door now and coming into the Crystal Room and feeling all of these beloved familiar energies there to greet us. And some of them are your ancestors and possibly an incarnation or two of you in a past lifetime. And you might be feeling a tickle or a whisper or a song playing in your head. And it’s a wonderful feeling of recognition and being welcomed.

And now, walking on over into the middle of the Crystal Room. And we are circling around our Beloved Altar here which contains our Master Crystal.  And around us, the Mentors form their circle with all of the Beloved Beings from the ships, all of these Beings of the LoveLight who have assembled here tonight for this Meditation because they realize that they can’t do this too much. Because, yes, we are all on the same Mission, to bring more Love and Light to all of Creation and particularly to your planet because of the Ascension Timetable which presents itself in this Now Moment to your planet. 

And so yes, once again breathing into the Heart Center, sending the energy from your left hand around the circle and having it come in through your right hand. And sending it to the outer circles and all around the room from the ceiling to the walls, from the floor and up, down, around and through.  And feeling all of this LoveLight come in to your hearts and breathing into it, letting go.
And now, shining your Intentions on our Beloved Master Crystal for what you intend personally, your Intentional Requirements for this Beloved Meditation tonight, whether it be financial or for your children or grandchildren or other relationships, financial, healthwise, whatever you feel that you could use a little boost with to create what you truly desire in the material plane. Just shine your LoveLight into the Crystal to activate these Intentional Requirements and accelerate their process.

And now, let us say our Intentional Requirement for the whole of your Beloved Planet is to raise the level of the vibration to really kickoff these plans for the Announcements, for Peace on your Beloved Planet, for Financial Equality and for you all to be in the 5th Dimension so that there will be no more secrets. The Truth will pervade. And there will be a free flow of energy from heart to heart all over your Beloved Planet. And that will feel so wonderful for all of you.

So now, focusing this LoveLight from the tip of the crystal shooting it up through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru, of the Crystal Room, and focusing it down onto your Beloved Planet with us right behind it. And spiraling this LoveLight energy of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy all up, down and around and through your Beloved Planet, feeling it spiral all the way from the surface underneath the surface, back up into the atmosphere. And opening up the hearts of each and every Beloved Being on your planet with this high-vibrational LoveLight which encompasses all of the higher dimensions with the Intentional Requirement of everyone on your Beloved Planet; at some point integrating all of these high vibrations and higher dimensions by focusing their breathing into their Heart Center and allowing themselves to let go in this Now Moment to rise up higher and higher to feel the Oneness with all of Creation, heart to heart, all over your Beloved Planet.

Yes, my Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we are all here at this time on your planet for the same reason and that is Ascension. Because each and every one of you has had a history of reincarnating on this Beloved Planet and doing so much work to carry it to a place where the LoveLight is now dominant. And so, this is the lifetime where we empower ourselves with that LoveLight to create this 5th Dimensional Reality, this new Golden Age which will be much fuller in purpose and of much higher vibration than the previous ones on your Beloved Planet.

Just breathing into it and now, shining the LoveLight over to this place called the Vatican in this Beloved Country called Italy. And really this is a nation state, the Vatican. And it is seen as one of the strongholds of the dark energy on your Beloved Planet. And now we feel things have shifted for the betterment of all you ninety-nine plus percent people there who have been putting up with some very harsh conditions. And it’s all turning around.

And so let us shine our LoveLight from the atmosphere and spiraling it down onto the surface of all of these buildings, the courtyards of the Vatican and underneath to the catacombs where so much wealth, secrets, the stories of all of these ritual sacrifices have been maintained over the millennia here. And now just breathing into its energy and doing this spiral up, down and around and through from the atmosphere onto the surface and underneath the surface into these honeycomb chambers of the catacombs here, freeing all of this energy. Spinning it in a clockwise direction, going up, down and around and through many times and removing any of the darkness, any of the negative energies and ill intent that has been used for all of these millennia, freeing up all of the secrets, all of the remnants of a very dark past and offering it up in the Spirit of Forgiveness and Gratitude and being in this Now Moment. And letting go of all of this darkness so the Light can finally penetrate these walls, these barriers that have been built up between these less-than one percenters and us and all the kingdoms on your Beloved Planet.

And now, let us make this trek over into our own underground tunnels in North America here. And yes, starting from Mexico, finding an elevator to pop down underneath the surface into and going and shining our LoveLights in a horizontal way, in a spiral all through-- Wow, and this is a wide area from coast to coast starting in Mexico, through the United States of America and all the way up into Canada. And shining it up, down and around and through all of these tunnels, these honeycomb chambers of all of the bases.
And yes, a large degree of them have been military bases to give these dark players that type of power that they have put so much money into at the expense of the health and wellbeing of so many of the Beloved People on your planet and all of these underground bases that have spas where ritual sacrifices have been done and all of the wealth, treasures of art that have been hoarded down there and armaments, rare coins. You name it. And advanced technology because, no, they don’t want to grow old. That’s been their plan to subsist down underneath the surface after they’ve made the surface unlivable. But that hasn’t happened. 

And each and every day that the Light is dominant on your planet, we get closer and closer to anchoring in the 5th Dimension and having all of these secrets be told out in public. And we see that approaching very fast in your future. So, let us send this energy in this Now Moment for the Truth to come in and permeate all of the different layers of resistance that it has been met with in all of these cover-ups for so many years.

And now, shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of these Beloved Beings, no matter what their age is. And some of them are no more than babies who have been sequestered in these underground bases for very nefarious purposes. And then others have pretty much lived their whole adult lives here being the slaves of the cabal to help them maintain their status quo down underneath in these underground bases.
And we say to them that, “We honor you so very much for the sacrifices that you have been most willing to make because, yes, you knew too that this was the lifetime that we would come to Ascension and to this saturation point where the 5th Dimension would be felt once again on your Beloved Planet. Well, we’re almost at that Finish Line and with each and every breath of the LoveLight coming into your hearts, we get that much closer. We honor you so, so very much.”

And all of your Beloved Beings doing this Meditation with us tonight on the call, and all of the Beloved Beings that will hear it or read it later on, Namaste, Brothers and Sisters, and good night.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

11-22-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

11-22-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Ah, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for allowing us to be here tonight once again to share in these most-festive vibrations seeing that tomorrow is a really big holiday with where some of you, or most of you, are in the United States. And it is a wonderful time of year for you where families gather together, and you feel the Love you have for each other heart to heart. 

Well, let us feel our Love for each other heart to heart right now by forming the circle and sending it around from the heart in the left hand, around the circle, having it come into the right hand. And with our breathing multiplying these energies within the four bodies of our Being and raising the level of our vibration up into the 5th Dimension and way beyond.

Ah, in bringing in more and more of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, and yes, this is a milestone on your Beloved Planet. Because, yes, tomorrow marks fifty-five years since your Beloved President was assassinated or everybody thinks that he was. But no, we see that it was a clone and he’s still up with us on the ships. And (laugh) yes, that’s going to be a surprise for a lot of people, but it doesn’t make it any less true. And he has been an inspiration to us and been doing the work with us in relationship to raising the level of Love and Light on your Beloved Planet for such a long time now. And also his Beloved Son has been doing that too, Junior. And yes, they talk of Camelot.
But right now what we feel is the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Planet taking shape and all of the plans of the Alliance coming together to fully liberate all of the peoples of your Beloved Planet. And yes, we can’t say exactly when that is going to be. But in the course of this year, we have come much, much further than we started out at. And we hope that you feel this same amount of Joy, of understanding that everything is in Divine Timing and Divine Order on your Beloved Planet.
Because, ahh, yes, it is such a freeing feeling when we come together heart to heart to share our Love with one another. Because, yes, that’s who we really are. That’s where our Power is. And these negative programs that we have all been in (or you have all been in), they cut down your Power. Because, yes, your DNA was mutated also way back when. And you’ve gone through this whole cycle of reincarnating and losing the continuity of who you really are when you’re over on the other side and what your Soul Contracts are and relationships that you’ve had with all the Beloved Beings in your life that you’ve made Soul Contracts with in this Beloved Lifetime.

So, ahh, yes, feel this feeling of Peace come into your heart, the Mentors are shining it now into your Heart Centers. And they’re telling me that you are so very loved for all what you do, for being here and being the spearhead of raising the level of the vibration on your Beloved Planet and in doing so, for doing it for all of Creation. Because all of Creation at this time looks to your Beloved Planet to see what progress you guys are making every day. And that progress centers around how much you are able to lift the vibration higher and higher through the dimensions. And yes, it is such a wondrous feeling to come together heart to heart with you all of these Beloved Times and to see the progress that we are making altogether. 

And yes, we know a lot of you look at the news to look for signs that the changes are happening. But you can take it to heart that the real change is happening within you. And the energies that you are attracting onto your Beloved Planet from the Central Sun and into the Solar Sun and right onto your planet and into each and every one of your hearts. That is where the real Magic in all of this is happening. 

Because, yes, you’re dealing with the 3rd Dimension of linear time, and these plans of the Alliance are flawless, and they’ve taken so much into account. And let it be said that the real opponent here in delaying the 5th Dimension into coming into your planet isn’t one person or one faction, but it’s this Artificial Intelligence because where do you think these beings centered in darkness, pulling from these dark realms of the 4th Dimension, are really getting their knowledge from? And it is from the AI, so (laugh), there’s no mystery in that. And yes, on other galaxies, this AI was able to wipe out complete galaxies.
But you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, by reincarnating all of these different times and working with us and the rest of the Beloved Mentors have let the level of Love and Light on your Beloved Planet rise to such frequencies that they dominate now. And so many people, day after day are waking up and starting to put the dots together with these high vibrations that are coming through into their hearts, into the Crowns of their head. And that becomes their focus just like it has for each and every one of you for so many years now. And so, believe us when we say that the Calvary is here and that exponentially, the level of Love and Light is racing into your planet. And do not lose heart.
And please, realize just how much you have changed your Beloved Planet from being one locked down in darkness to one where the fireworks have begun and where there’s such beautiful colors emanating from your Beloved Planet. We love each and every one of you. And we thank you so much for all of your efforts, your Meditations, your clearings, prayers and exercises. 

Namaste, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And good night.