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12-26-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

12-26-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks so much for being here tonight. We feel the energy just like Sekhmet said. And it is wonderful to be in this vibration with you all and to feel your Love and your Light. Because we see that whatever your experience was yesterday, you felt the energies on the planet. And you felt whether it was in your own family or in the families all over the world, how the energy rose up into this feeling of Unconditional, Universal Love. And this knowingness that this is really the most important feeling to have and that you can be very grateful every time you feel this in your life. And you can also be very grateful for how this vibration has multiplied exponentially since you all have been doing the work on yourselves.

And yes, it started some 30-something years ago in the Harmonic Convergence. But when you guys reached 2012, it just took off. And this past year, it has increased at another rate of being exponential. And now you’re starting to see more and more and feel more and more of the changes that are being manifested within your material realities.

So, we would like for you to come together in your circle once more and send this energy around through your left hand, around the circle, into your right hand. And just breathe into this luminous feeling of the Golden White Light of this Christ Consciousness Energy that is pervading your planet at this time. And this energy allows us to feel our Oneness and to feel no separation with that part of us that is God, that is connected into Creator Source and its consciousness.
And this is our place of Power. This is the place that we all want to manifest the reality from because this is a very, very powerful place. And the more that we can raise the level of the vibration in your Collective Consciousness, the more that we accelerate this whole Ascension Process.

And yes, first there is that bringing in and anchoring of the 5th Dimension and we see that as through this Cosmic Blast of energy coming in. And, well, we’re doing what we can to accelerate that into being by coming together and sharing our hearts and sharing the LoveLight with one another to multiply it.

And it is in this Place of Knowingness that we start to allow ourselves to feel the LoveLight that we are. And this helps us so very much to stay in these higher vibrations. And we can feel when our little minds come in and try to jar us and bring us back into this place of fear and into the 3rd Dimension and into duality. And we don’t need to go there any more. 

Because the vibrations are so high, it’s getting easier and easier for us to stay here and also to be balanced within the four bodies of our being so that, yes, you can create from this Place of Centeredness and Knowingness in the 3rd Dimension to match your challenges and to maneuver your obstacles. Because until you have advanced technologies and until you’re firmly anchored into the 5th Dimension and have that connection with your I AM Presence into Creator Source, you’re still having to deal with these mundane items of survival that come up every day for you. 

Well, what I’m saying is that by just breathing into your hearts and opening up to this feeling of the LoveLight permeating your hearts and radiating it out all over your planet into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, you’re raising it exponentially for everyone.  And it becomes easier and easier to feel really good and to be in Joy and Happiness and Fulfillment. 

And this is where we know that you are all going to be great teachers, because you can reach these places. We see this happening on this call and all of the calls that we do with you. And this is what the people are going to pick up on that are coming to you for lessons, for explanations of what is going on at whatever time that may be with all of the shifting into the 5th Dimension that they will be feeling.

So, you know what the feeling is. And this is where you radiate this LoveLight and you become the shining beacons. And these people that have been asleep and will be awakened, they will be magnetized to you. And you will have so much to share with them because there absolutely won’t be any resistance to being the LoveLight that you are. And you will find the words because the feeling will be so very strong.

And we thank you so very much for being with us on this call tonight. Namaste and good night.

12-26-18 Mother Sekhmet By Eli Galla

12-26-18 Mother Sekhmet By Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks for bearing with us tonight, because we could see that there’s been some glitches here into getting to this place where I could come in and deliver what I feel will be a joyous channel tonight, because of the energies that we see being manifested on your Beloved Planet. 

And yes, yesterday was your big Feast Day and so many hearts joined in the Truth of the Oneness of who they are. And this, we would say, is a miraculous feeling being felt all over your world even in those places that don’t celebrate this Feast Day. What we feel is this coming together, this coalescing of many different energies on your planet. And you could think of it again as the timelines coming together. 

But it really all boils down to the fact that you’re moving closer and closer with all of these different energy upgrades that you experienced over the past year to this place where the awareness and the transparency of the reality that is being created upon your planet is starting, along with everybody else, to really see more in detail what the lies and the deceptions are creating within your reality. 

And so, this place of being the Compassionate Observer, this is where we feel it really comes into its own, in its apex at this time because, yes, the energies are really high vibrational. And the more that you could stay neutral and be this Compassionate Observer, and then offer you insights from your Heart Centers to the people that may have questions or that you feel are ready to hear some of the Truths that you have to offer. 

This we see was what transpired to a certain level and degree as it had never before in frequency yesterday where the conscious people in the families were able to talk a little bit more about who they are and what they really believe is happening on the planet and the Human Condition which your religions have this really, we would say, twisted idea of what the Human Condition is and what the really important things are in your experience here in this 3D hologram.
So, you know, we are so grateful for all that we have come to experience with you. And we see you experiencing with other people outside of the people on this call; all of the different clearings and meditations and just talking to people from your hearts, whether it be your family, complete strangers on the street or your friends or your partner. Because more and more that you do this, you’re raising the level of the vibration for everyone. Because for far too long the Truth has really had to take a backseat on your Beloved Planet. And now so many of you, because you are in higher vibrations, are hooking up the dots in, we would say, a more complete, Heart-Centered Way.
So with this, let us join hands together and me bi-locating my paw to each and every one of you and forming our circle. And yes, just breathing into the Heart Center, sending it from your heart to your left hand around the circle and back into your right hand and to your heart. And allowing yourself to feel this place of Peace, of Joy, of Gratitude, of Forgiveness. And with the Power of our Thoughts, rising up off of the surface of your Beloved Planet, into these atmospheres and different layers, up through the layers of the ships to my ship, the Nibiru. And opening up the bottom of the ship and popping through. And it becomes a landing deck as we hover in the airlock here. And now touching down and going back to the elevator and we’re going in all completely connected in our circle. And we’re in. 

We push the button and we rise on up to the top floor here. And opening up the door and all the Beloved Beings and, yes, your ancestors are here. And they’re glad to see you, and they may be giving you a little nudge or a tickle and/or some music that you identify with and identify them with. And making our way through the very many spirits assembled here on the ships, from the ships, the Ascended Masters, & the Mentors. And forming our circle around the altar in the middle of this Healing Room. And now sending the energy into the circles that have assembled around us, the Mentors, other Ascended Masters, the beings from the ships and your ancestors. 

And sending it from the floor to the wall to the ceiling, up, down and around and through. And taking in all of the higher-dimensional energies that are represented in this room within the consciousness of the beings assembled here and also within the crystals that amplify that consciousness from all over Creation. And just feeling this Love and Light that we are and sending it around again, all through the room in a spiral, up, down, around and through.

And now, sending your Intentional Requirement for what you would like to receive or create for yourself today from this Meditation, whether it be in terms of finances, healing, relationships, or just creating the space of Peace within the four bodies of your being and balance also.
And now shining our intentions for the Announcements to come about through all of the different plans that we see unfolding in this Now Moment to bring these plans to completion having to do with finances and government, to allow this 5th Dimension to come in more and more and the higher-vibrational energies coming from the Central Sun through your Solar Sun onto your planet, into each and every one of your hearts.  And just breathing into that feeling of downloading all of these energies all over the cosmos that are being sent to us to accelerate your Beloved Ascension Process. 

And now, shining this energy into the Master Crystal in the middle of our altar here and shooting it up through its tip, through the opening in the ceiling of my ship and down onto your planet, following it down. And now spiraling this energy all over your Beloved Planet from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface and encompassing every subatomic particle on your Beloved Planet, shining it into the Heart Centers of all the Beloved Beings and all the kingdoms on your planet, up, down, around and through.

And now, we’re going to go over to this area of South America and also the Antarctic. Because yes, wouldn’t you know it, there’s underground bases in this area. And these places have so many secrets to tell us. And they also have these hidden installations that pretty much serve the same purpose as the network in North America of the underground tunnels. 

So, we’re shining the LoveLight on them with the Intentional Requirement of exposing all of these secrets and all of the secrets hidden underneath the ice in Antarctica because this is a Divine Part of this story about your origins. And you will learn so much from this, this unveiling of the Truth in this specific area. 

And also by the Truth coming out, these beings who have controlled the energies down there will now be powerless to do so. So that means that the vibration will rise very exponentially in this area. So spiraling it down from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the ground and to these underground bases vertically going up, down, around and through. 

And feeling the LoveLight lift up the vibration into the higher frequencies of Love and Light. And feeling in the Now Moment all of these secrets exposed and breathing into the Heart and feeling this place of Peace, of Understanding and Compassion for all of the Beloved Beings who thought that they were on the right path and they were tricked. They were promised things that could never be delivered, and so they have lived their lives with very much stress and a lot of guilt and fear. So shining the LoveLight into their hearts –

And now going up into North America here, into Mexico, going down into the elevator and entering the tunnels. And spinning in a spiral, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy in a horizontal way all through the tunnels, into all of the underground bases from Mexico, through the United States, through Canada, up, down, around and through. And allowing for these high vibrations to penetrate all of these hiding places where underground rituals, blood sacrifices have been performed for really long periods of time and exposing them. 

And at the same time, freeing all the Beloved Beings that have been held against their Will and allowing them to feel this place of Freedom, of Compassion, of Justice, of Liberation in this Now Moment. And we see it as already done, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, because every day these Truths are being unveiled through the various outlets on your Internet, through seminars, webcasts, you name it. 

The feeling of being up in these high vibrations and experiencing the Truth is what you are re-imprinting at this time. And this, the more people that do it, the stronger that we all become and to attracting this 5th Dimensional energy through the Central Sun and your Solar Sun onto your planet. 

And shining the LoveLight into all of the beings who have been conscripted and been made slaves in these underground installations. And we say to them. “We honor you. We love you so very much and pretty soon, you will feel your Freedom and you will feel your Ascension. And you will know it has all been worth it.”

And we say to everyone on this call, thanks for hanging in there with us and for all of the Beloved Work that you do in your prayers, meditations and exercises and your Commitment to the Truth of being the Love and Light that you are. 

Namaste and good night.

Monday, December 24, 2018

12-11-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

12-11-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

"We Are On The Verge of Catching The Wave"

“Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters! I am so happy that it was requested that I be on this call with you all tonight. Of course, this is our holiday season at the end of this year - and what a marvelous year we have all had together! It has been an intense time that we see for learning for all of you because the energies have upgraded. It has taken you to new and wondrous places within the four bodies of your Being.

“And we see a lot of you shining your LoveLight so much brighter and able to go to these places of joy and abundance, of gratitude, and understanding; these places of wisdom that really allow you to see the bigger picture of what you have done with your lives in following your hearts in doing all of your different meditations, and in learning how to connect up the dots.

"And that means using your discernment, coming to your point of Truth and using these tools to help not only expand your own energy, but the LoveLight on all of your beloved Planet and all throughout all of Creation. And is has been most marvelous for us Mentors to see that. 

“And, yes, I’m not alone tonight. We all want to shine our LoveLight into your hearts and to give you such blessings for your holiday seasons, that this is a time of renewal, rebirth, reawakening into much higher frequencies and levels of understanding that you were born with. So this has been such a beautiful time for us to witness, especially when you come together on this call and we see your LoveLights shining. 

“Ah, yes, in that lifetime that I had with Beloved Sananda, I came in not too long after he did into a body. And so from the time I was very young, I knew that I had a connection to him. And I saw his journey unfold, and it became intertwined with mine. And I remember these holiday feast seasons which were always celebrated around this time of year. And, of course, they had nothing to do with him then, but now this has been made his time. 

“And the gifts, the magic, that are felt in all of you by making connections with your families at this time of year, is such a blessing and a joy for us to see. Because if you really allow yourself to feel into the Love and Light that you are, you know these times of connection with one another are very important. And they help you to grow in many ways that you probably can’t really understand.

“But here we all are. We like to call it the precipice of this shift, where we are on the verge of catching this beloved wave and sending ourselves abundance, much more conscious government, and the ability to be One with one another, because there will be no secrets. You know, you won’t even want to lie when you are in the Fifth Dimension. There won’t be any reason to, because all of us will feel that Love and equality with one another, because our hearts will be opening up and we will be centered in the Fifth Dimension.

“And so this is a most joyous, Divine Decree that has been given to your Planet. And it is unfolding. And all throughout this journey, that I have made with Sananda and the other Mentors on the ships, we’ve seen certain points of upgrades where we knew that the energy was multiplying in the direction that it needed to go for you to finally reach this place where the Ascension process would be completed en mass. Because, yes, Beloveds, everyone on your beloved Planet can ascend in this lifetime and be fully consciously aware!

“So we see you have chosen this. And we also see that some of you are really disturbed that maybe some of your beloved family members, that it might not be their time to go for the Light and to live in this space of the Fifth Dimension from that point onward. But you are still all One, because over on the other side, your I Am Presence is in total communion with the I Am Presences of everyone. And there really is no separation.

“And this is really where the sum total of Divine Love is all throughout all of the higher dimensions of reality. So, yes, by us doing our part here, we are in alignment with this process of upgrading the ascension energies for all of Creation. That means that so many Planets in the Multiverse that are going into or have been in this condition of testing out duality and feeling its density, such as you’ve been in and have carried it to this place of graduation, it will be so much easier for all of these Beings on these beloved Planets now.

“And your energy on this Planet is felt all over Creation. And you have taken it from really being a minor focus of the population on your beloved Planet to a major focus and a major feeling in your hearts, because you are inundated with these energies, and it comes in waves. But now the waves, the peaks are so short between each other, so these intervals are tightening up, and pretty soon you will be at this point where nothing else can happen but all of the LoveLight come in to fully anchor your Planet into the Fifth Dimension.

“So this is what we’ve been working for with you for many, many generations now. And we know that sometimes in your meditations, it may just hit you in a flash about what your childhood was like, and all of the choices that you made throughout your life to go for the Light, because this became your truth about who you really are.

“And so at so many stops and different turning points in your lives, certain teachers came in. There were certain events that were either going to push you one way or the other. And you chose to go for the Light. And so it is so beautiful for us all to be together here at this time. It happened because of your conscious choices and your dedication to expanding the Love that you are, the Truth of who you are, and allowing yourselves to grow in this process that Heaven has promised all of you with this Divine Decree.

“And it is so reminiscent for me to look upon that time two thousand years ago after what was called Christ’s Ascension whereby we started traveling. And we felt the energy of what we had done, and our energies were upgraded just as they are being upgraded now for you on your beloved Planet.

“And we say to you, that the more that you will allow yourself to breathe into your heart, and to be in this now moment, and to listen to your Guides, your I Am Presence, and even call us in for any real nudgings in a certain direction that we may be able to give you without violating your free will. We are always here for you to lend you our Love and our Light, and to nudge you in the direction of the Light, and just as your guidance teams and your I Am Presences are. And we see so many miracles transpiring within your hearts and your souls at this time.

“Ahhh!  So I would like us altogether to take a long, deep, slow breath into the heart center and send it and form a circle, just like you do with Mother Sekhmet, and send it out through your left hand into each other’s hearts around the circle, and feel it coming back into your right hand and into your heart again. 

“And here it is that we, the Mentors, shine this LoveLight from the Central Sun into your Solar Sun and into your hearts in this place of zero point, in this place of understanding and not judging, but one of acceptance and allowing the LoveLight to come into your hearts, and spaces of gratitude and forgiveness. And allowing yourself to see all of the different pieces of the puzzle that have been yours, and to see a Golden Thread connecting all of them. And seeing yourself on this timeline come into this now moment, and coming to this place of having a mandate from the Universe to shine your LoveLight, to listen to your intuition, and to be able to speak from your heart your own inner Truth.

“And, yes, we realize that up unto this point, this has been a dodgy situation for many of you, because of the energy you are holding in certain places on your beloved Planet. It wasn’t very forward thinking. The people that you were in contact with on a daily basis, or that you had to go to school or work with, or even subjecting yourself to going to institutions for help or for guidance or education or a loan, and knowing that you would be judged very harshly for you to speak your inner truth.  

“And we see that practically all of you have developed this real talent for not making yourself the target, and that is a real test and trait of mastery to be sure. And at this time the power of you communing with like-minded souls on meditations with one another, and being able to talk from your hearts to one another, to express this Love energy that is expanding and multiplying exponentially on your Planet, makes it even easier and easier for more LoveLight to come in.

“And, yes, we are pushing down those walls that have been created by this cabal to keep us in survival - and pretty soon this will be no more! And we get communion with so many people who come to us looking for guidance, looking for truths and identifying us as beacons of this Light that is permeating the entire Planet. And that is the source of their coming on line and being awakened at this time.

“So in other words, we have much Magic to share and we love you, oh so much! And we are very happy to have this opportunity to come in and share with you tonight. Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters! Good night!” 

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Eli Galla on Ashtar Legacy Family Call, December 11, 2018
Copyright Eli Galla 2018 - All Rights Reserved.