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1-16-2019 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

1-16-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah, it is such a wonderful time, and it is a wonderful feeling on this call that you have risen up into these higher vibrations.  And yes, we see an anticipation happening all over your Beloved Planet. 

And mass meditations happening at this time of your solar eclipse.  This is such a wonderful feeling to allow yourself to start bringing in right now.  And that is what you’ve been doing with Mother the last few minutes. 

And I would just like to shine these high vibrations into your heart right now.  So coming together in our circle once again and shining it from heart to heart, to the left hand, through the circle, back into the right hand and up into your heart with the Intention of raising the level of the vibration for yourselves and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. 

And to take it step by step through the dimensions in preparation for these high-vibe energies circulating and intensifying and cycling and raising the level of the vibration in harmonious union with your hearts and allowing yourself really to rise up at this time, while still putting forth your Intentional Requirements for change in your lives on your Beloved Planet, for the Announcements to transpire, for this new financial system to be activated & all of these things that are the provisions of NESARA. 

As you know, they will allow you to anchor in the 5th Dimension very fully and very totally.  And yes, this is what we have been working on for so very long. 

And in that lifetime with Sananda some 2,000 years ago, we knew that it could happen at that time whereby your hearts would open to such a level and degree that there would be a transmission all over your Beloved Planet from heart to heart.  Well, we see that time happening right now on your Beloved Planet once again. 

So, it is up to us to allow ourselves to let go of limitations, to let go of all of the negative programming that we have been fed in order to feel like we would be able to survive.  And yes, I include myself into this too, because I had lifetimes on your Beloved Planet, as Mother Sekhmet has, as each and every one of you have.

And now we see that this can be the time of letting go of all of these restrictions that you have had perpetrated upon you while testing out this density of duality in these many thousands of years and all of the different incarnations that you have allowed yourselves to experience, all in the name of Spiritual Evolution and reaching that place of Ascension where you will really be able to be fully connected with Creator Source and realize that part of you that is the Godhead by having this connection and communication with your I AM Presence and all of those higher aspects of your being.

So we ask you to continue this meditation and to carry it on, circulating these energies through your heart and sending it out exponentially to all of the Beloved Beings and the kingdoms on your planet so that when this lunar eclipse happens in a few days in your time, your whole planet will be very receptive to these higher vibrations coming in, lifting you up and bathing your consciousness and everyone on your Beloved Planet in such a way that the level of Light and Love will permeate each and every atom of your Beloved Planet in a way that it has never happened before.

The opportunity exists.  And we ask you to help manifest these conditions on your Beloved Planet.  And we feel that your hearts and your Intentions are pure.  And this is what it takes to create miracles!  And yes, we created some of those in that lifetime with Sananda. 

And we’re telling you that this sending of the LoveLight into the hearts of all of the different beings on your planet creates this exponential transmission and effect, and you’ll be helped by these high vibrations coming into your planet at this time.  And we feel that it is already starting.

So, Beloveds, we thank you very much for being here with us tonight and allowing us to come in and feel your energies heart to heart and talk to you.  We love you so very much.

Namaste and Good Night.

1-16-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

1-16-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we are so very happy to be here on this call with you all tonight. And we feel our hearts coming together in a most wonderful and uplifting flow of energy. And maybe you can already feel the different energies coming into your Beloved Planet that usher in, we would say, this very important, and meaningful in many ways, eclipse that’s about to happen in a few days of your time. 

Because yes, we have been waiting for one of these very magnanimous energy configurations to be happening astrologically and with your new moon playing a major part in this. And this, the moon will reflect these energies and balance the flow and shine them onto your Beloved Planet and into the hearts and minds of all of the Beloveds on your planet, whether they are conscious of it or not. 

And yes, there’s a dynamic that’s going to be happening at this time where there’ll be three stargates affected with very many of the planets in the firmament making aspects to either one of these three stargates. 

And this one, who we’re coming through, he had a teacher that would always say that three denotes a cycling reality. And three is the number of pyramids, if you will, because you have these three right angles happening which multiply the energy flow. And that is what we see happening in this most-Beloved Eclipse. 

And these energies, it is up to all of you to help to sustain them with your Intentions, with coming together in that Now Moment to multiply those energies by spinning them into higher-dimensional levels. Because yes, what has been part of our Mission all along is to raise the consciousness on your Beloved Planet. 

And this, if you could think of it as a jumping-off point to bringing in more and more potent energies to enable them to break down the structures that this cabal has saddled you with in the density of duality. Well, this can lift you up out of duality even more then you already are. 

And you know, we’ve always talked about this point where, well, we would call it a Saturation Point or a Point of No Return. And that’s what we see that we’ve been working towards for a very long time. So, we don’t know how the timing will come out with what the Alliance has planned on your Beloved Planet.
But we’re asking each and every one of you, and the people that will hear or read this channeling later that you take advantage of this because this could mean some very wonderful energies coming into your planet to create the reality that we have all been meditating on and asking for for a really long time.

So, let us join together, me bilocating my paw and reaching out to another person on the call with your other hand and getting into our circle. And from the Heart Center, sending it through the left hand, through the palm, around the circle and back again through your right palm up to the heart. And with the Power of our Intentions, rising on up off the surface of your Beloved Planet through the different layers of the atmospheres, the different layers of the ships and coming upon my ship, the Beloved Nibiru.

And yes, opening up this landing deck, which is the belly of the ship, and popping on through. Hovering in the airlock and allowing it to close beneath us. A now it’s safe to touch down. And we’re walking on back to the elevator here. And we’re getting inside without breaking our circle, into the doors here. And now we’re in. We’re pushing the buttons on up to the Crystal Room way at the top of the ship. And yes, it’s a very big ship with a lot of different floors, if you will. 

And now we’re opening up the doors and feeling and seeing all the different Beloveds that are already here. And yes, you ancestors are here which means that a previous incarnation of you may be here also. And you may feel a touch or a whisper or a song coming into your vibration here for you to know that they are with you and doing this meditation tonight. 

And that really, you’re all on the same page as well as the Mentors and all of the different Ascended Masters and Beloved Beings from the ships who have come together and assembled here to do this wonderful meditation.

So now, everybody circles around the altar in the middle of the Crystal Room.  And around us, the Mentors form their circle with other Ascended Masters and beings from the ships and your ancestors ringing around them. And now sending this energy through the circle once again and out to the outer circles from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling of my Beloved Crystal Room. 

And spiraling the energies up, down, around and through to multiply these energies to lift us up ever higher all through the dimensions. And yes, all of the dimensions are represented in the consciousness of all of the different beings who have assembled here, as well as the crystals that amplify the energies in this room as well as from all over the Universe from which they originated. 

And just breathing into the Heart Center. And now, we’re asking you to set your Intentions personally for what you would like to see manifest from you doing this Meditation tonight, whether it has to do with finances or personal relationships or just feeling more connection with your I AM Presence or coming into having better communication with them. And knowing when to do things on your Beloved Planet to optimize their success. Just breathing into the Master Crystal from your heart, sending it right in there.

And once again sending the energy through our circle, to the outer circles and all through the room, up, down, and around and through from the floor to the walls to the ceiling. And feeling no separation between any of the energies here and in all of Creation. And knowing that Love is a dominant force and that’s what each and every one of us is at the core essence of our being, Love and Light. 

And now shining this Love and Light into the Master Crystal and having it shoot right up to the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru and shining it down, sending it down to spiral all over your planet, up, down, around and through, from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface to affect every atomic particle of your Beloved Planet.

And high vibrations of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, this, my Beloveds, is the Energy of Liberation, of Oneness with all of Creation. And right now, it is ever so needed to push us through to the next level here.
And spiraling it continuously up, down, and around and through. And sending it into the hearts of all of the different Beloveds, of billions of souls on your Beloved Planet and feeling it pulse in ever higher vibrations. 

And sending it into the Beloved Kingdoms on your planet and into the oceans, the mountains, underneath the surface of your Beloved Planet, into the tectonic plates to slow down their rotations. We require balance all over your Beloved Planet so that they’ll be more receptive than they have ever been to these really-high vibrations coming in at this time.

And now, shining this LoveLight all the way over to your Beloved United States. And once again going in to Washington, D.C., into all of these Beloved Office Buildings where your politicians, where these lawmakers reside and, of course, into the White House, into all of the headquarters of the alphabet agencies, which are quite spread out around that Washington, D.C., area and even in the neighboring states there. But geographically, it is not such a large area.
And seeing a spiral happen from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface to these underground caverns where so much is being hid from you about what is really going on by the controllers, this cabal on your planet.  And sending the LoveLight in there to affect the hearts of all of these players to help them to wake up and feel that this is this great time of change, this time of shift up into higher vibrations where everything will change. 

And if they allow it to, it will change for the better for themselves. But they have to be willing to find this place within the four bodies of their being by accessing their Heart Centers and allowing these energies that we are sending them now to come in.

So once again, spiraling these energies up, down, around and through. And yes, some of them are hiding in those underground bases, but telepathically we are sending them the message that they are free. All they have to do is acknowledge it and come into the Light. And that they can be a Sovereign Being and cut their ties with the bonds that have engulfed them through blackmail and other nefarious means by this Satanic consciousness of this dark cult of energy that we call the cabal.  

And that for each and every one of us, it is a conscious choice about whether we want to ascend, no matter what we have previously done in this lifetime or in other lifetimes. 

And now, we would focus our energies on these three stargates. And they have to do with the Pleaides and Sirius and the Galactic Center that is right in that area. And shining the energies out from your planet into those stargates and right into the Central Sun there. And sending our LoveLight into them and then having it bounce back onto this planet to raise the level of the vibration even more. 

And now allow yourself with your heartbeat to tap into the synchronicity of the Rhythm of the Universe and its heartbeat. And feel this energy growing that will come to your planet in a matter of mere days on what you call your next Sunday night with where you are in North America. And from where you are in North America, this will be a total lunar eclipse. 

And now, with our Conscious Intent allowing ourselves to go into Mexico and down into the elevators and inhabiting these tunnels of the underground network. And shining the spiral of the LoveLight of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy horizontally through the tunnels, through the underground bases, up, down, and around and through stretching through Mexico, through the United States and up into Canada. And having it come back and forth in this spiral up, down, and around and through. 

And sending this LoveLight into all of these dark players that are responsible for taking care of these underground bases and maintaining their leverage and their control. And helping them to realize that everything is shifting away from their power dynamics and into higher levels of vibration which we are showing them right now by spiraling this energy all throughout this network.   

And now, feeling the Peace permeate all of this underground network. And shining it into the hearts and minds of all of the slaves down there. And no matter what their role, and their duration of being down there has been, we say to them. “You are so loved. You are so honored for all that you have allowed to transpire in the name of the Love and Light that you are by fulfilling your Soul Contracts in this lifetime. And yes, your time of liberation is soon upon you.” 

And for those who have been tortured, who have been so afraid to make it back home after they’ve left their bodies, we say that, “Now, we liberate you by lifting you up across the Bridge of Flowers over to the multidimensional layers to the other side. And all of the beings of the LoveLight that are in league with you-- This means your “I AM Presence”, your Guidance Teams, and whatever Ascended Masters and Angels work with you. They are here to take you over right now at this marvelous time of shift on this planet. We so honor you. We so love you.” 

And to all of the Beloved Beings on this call and to the ones that do this meditation later on while listening to the recording and while reading the transcription, we say that we are sending you our love far beyond all the expression of it, far beyond all conscious words. We’re sending you this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy and that all you ever have to do is to call us in and we will help you to multiply these energies and lift up into higher vibration. 

We thank you so very much. And Namaste and Good Night.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

1-9-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

1-9-19 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is such a pleasure and an honor to be here. And yes, the energies are beautiful. The lights streaming from your Beloved Planet are wondrous and they lead us to believe that more and more, the energies are becoming more powerful and potent on your Beloved Planet. 

And we see that you are becoming more and more receptive to the Truth because this Light, it wants to bring in the Truth. The beauty of the Truth is something that we have been praying for each and every one on your Beloved Planet and for all of the kingdoms. Because this Truth allows you to connect the dots and rise up higher and higher in vibration. 

And once you really start to feel the continuity of these energies that are coming in at this time, you won’t be able to turn back. You won’t want to turn back into anything of lower vibration, because this will show you more and more about the Love and Light that you truly are as part of the Godhead.

And yes, you’re always connected with your “I AM Presence” and your Guidance Teams on an etheric wavelength. And that’s why we urge you ever so much to focus on breathing into the Heart Center to strengthen this connection and to allow yourselves to bring in more of the LoveLight by rising up into the higher vibrations and frequencies and into the higher dimensions.
And just breathing into it and feeling it once again move from left to right around your Beloved Circle and bathing yourself with the Bliss and the Joy of this Purity of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.  And yes, you could think of yourself as One with that energy.

And this is where you are all headed in accelerating your Ascension Processes. Because when you ascend, you are One with this energy. There is no separation whatsoever. And the Power, the Beauty, the Truth, the Magic of this energy will permeate everything in your Akashic Records, in your Soul Memories and will permeate your Soul Contracts from that moment onward.

And yes, you can’t really, we would say, wrap your mind around the splendor and the magnificence of being in these high vibrations and this realization of who you are, and who you’ve been, and have access into your Akashic Records and understand the whole process you have been through, since this consciousness emanated the Love and Light that manifested in Creation. And yes, we’re talking about billions and billions of years that it has been pulsing and expanding and going through all of its different gyrations. And that is the Truth of who you really are. 

And you’ve never been separate from the Consciousness of Creator Source, never separate from this Godhead. You can always make this connection with your “I AM Presence”. And this allows you this understanding, this connection with your guides and angels also, besides your “I AM Presence”. And this helps to bolster your awareness each and every moment of the day, if you allow it to. You are right on the cusp of you being able to realize this in your conscious, physical realities and not just in your dream states any longer. 

And yes, you have a blood moon happening on, we believe it’s the 20th of this month. And that’s not so very long away. And this is another marvelous upgrade that we see happening for all of the Beloveds on your Beloved Planet. Ah, yes.

We ask you to really breathe into the heart and to feel the Spirit of Celebration and Oneness at this time and to congratulate yourselves on all the different, umm, obstacles that you have maneuvered, and that you have been victorious over them, to bring you to this place where you are right now. All of the lifetimes that you’ve had on this Beloved Planet, testing this density of duality and learning your lessons and playing out your roles. 

And yes, you didn’t even know what those roles were until you were able to become self-aware enough to utilize your gifts and talents that you had accumulated in other lifetimes. And right now, we see that being, all of that, all that you have accrued from the experiences of these very many incarnations in this 13,000-year period returning to you and making themselves available for you to bring this Creation of returning into the 5th Dimension, into making it your reality in this Now Moment. 

And we are so happy to have had this chance to be with you tonight and we love you so very much, so far beyond any verbal expression that we can express. 

And Namaste and good night, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. 

1-9-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

1-9-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, good evening.

We are thrilled to be here tonight, one night after there was all of this anticipation about what your President would do to solve this problem that has been, hmm, perpetrated upon many people in your country. But there are many different ways to look at any problem. And your President has chosen to look at it a certain way and to make changes that will affect your Beloved Country. 

And we see that the real reasons he wasn’t, hmm, wanting to say them to the American public was because of the fear factor primarily. So he kept it in very easy to understand terms for everyone with what he believed was the consensus of the information that they had at the time of last night. But we see, hmm, that flow of information starting to be quite a bit different than it has up until this point, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Because, yes, these changes we see happening that we have been in anticipation of to move us closer and closer into the 5th Dimension. 

So yes, we’re talking about military tribunals, a new financial system and overall, the Truth coming out. Because this Truth encompasses so much more than, we would say, the mainstream of the public has been exposed to. And we feel that this is a blessing at this time, that things are moving forward. And, you know, everything is in Divine Order and in Divine Timing. 

And there is quite a lot that really hasn’t been shared with you because, first of all, we can’t violate your Free Will. And we really can’t do these changes for you. But we can guide you and work with you to raise the level of the vibration. And as you’re well aware of by now, everything that you want to create is made up in the higher dimensions. And then it filters through into your lower dimensions, the material, physical reality of 3D.

Ah yes, well, you know, these are very interesting times because duality is being played out on your TV sets every day on the news channels. And it’s only alternative sources and channels like ourselves; the Mentors, that really look at the bigger picture of this. And we would ask you not to lose sight of that bigger picture.

And yes, sometimes we draw your attention to the finish line. And to us, that’s the finish of all of the influence of duality over you, and you on your Beloved Planet being able to jumpstart the 5th Dimension, albeit in a very new and exciting way.

So, let us join together and I’m bi-locating a paw out to each and every one of you, and then with your other hand, reach out for somebody else’s hand so we can form our circle. Ahh, just breathing into the Heart Center and allowing ourselves to slow down and relax and feel these energies expand within our Heart Center.
And now, focusing on the Power of our Thoughts and lifting up off of the surface of your Beloved Planet, up and up into the atmospheres, through the layers of the ships and coming upon my ship once again, the Nibiru. And opening up the belly of the ship, which becomes the landing deck as we pop through it all connected still. 

And hovering in the air lock while the landing deck closes beneath us. And now, it’s safe to touch down, so we’re walking on back to the elevator. We’re getting all in together, and we’re pushing the button and going all the way up to the top floor here, which is the Crystal Room.

And we’re opening up the elevator and all of these Beloved Beings, they are here. And yes, your ancestors, they wouldn’t miss this. So you may feel a little tickle or a song or something to show you that they are here and loving you and supporting you during this Meditation. And they are also on the Meditation with us. 

And assembling ourselves in the middle of the Crystal Room around our altar.  And now, the outer circles forming around us, first with the Mentors and other beings on the ships, angels and ascended masters, our ancestors. 

And breathing around the circle from our Heart Center out to the left palm of our hands around the circle, back into the palm of the right hand and up into our hearts. And just expanding this feeling of the LoveLight through the outer circles, all through the room, starting from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, just spiraling it up, down, and around and through, breathing into it. And allowing ourselves to feel this Oneness heart to heart with all of the Beloved Beings here.

And yes, Love is inclusive. It is expansive.  And breathing into this Oneness, and we’re asking you to send your LoveLight into this Master Crystal on the crystalline altar with the Intentional Requirements of what you want to create with the energy of this Beloved Meditation, whether it be relationship related, finances, feeling more LoveLight, overcoming certain Ascension Symptoms, whatever it may be for yourself. Just breathing into it and allowing yourselves to feel the Joy of experiencing it already happen.

And now, sending each and every one of our Intentional Requirements for this Meditation all throughout the Crystal Healing Room. And our Intentional Requirements revolve around the Announcement of NESARA and everyone on your Beloved Planet feeling this Peace that is being brought together with all of the plans of the Alliance. And just breathing into it and knowing from our perspective here on the other side up in the higher dimensions, it is already done.

And now, shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness from the tip of the Master Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of my Beloved Ship. And now, just shooting it right down onto your Beloved Planet. And when we are in the atmosphere above the surface, starting to spiral it down onto the surface and underneath the surface, up, down and around and through.

Just breathing into our hearts and feeling the Power and the Bliss and the Joy of spreading this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. And sending it into all of the kingdoms and into the oceans and the mountains and the tectonic plates, allowing the vibration of the hearts and minds of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet to rise up into the 5th Dimension and beyond. 

And we are planting seeds for their dream-state work tonight, that they will start to get a broader picture that now is the time of waking up and freeing themselves on this Beloved Planet. And by doing so, raising the level of the vibration for all of Creation and having this mass conscious awareness when they are doing sleep-state work over on the other side. That is very doable.  And that it has started. And though there’s nothing to be afraid of, and we want everyone to feel this LoveLight more and more into their Heart Centers.

Just breathe it in with the Intentional Requirement that everyone feels it stronger and stronger each and every day and that they allow themselves to connect with their I AM Presence, their Guidance Teams, the angels and Ascended Masters, and that they become a receptor of higher-vibrational creative thoughts for what to do with their time in the Now Moment to raise the level of the vibration. Because yes, each and every heart, each and every Intentional Requirement counts so very much, and to be able to raise the level of the vibration. 

And as we have said continuously, that this is really your main and foremost Mission of just raising the level of the vibration so that these changes could manifest within this window. Well, we’re still within the window. And every day these energies are coming in at higher and higher vibration.

So now, let us go over to Washington, D.C., and yes, there’s a lot of turmoil going on there, because there’s a lot of the politicians that are being called, we would say, because they have been serving this cabal. And they have made themselves prime players of this cabal in carrying out the very nefarious deeds and Intentional Requirements for the continuance of their domination.

Well, it’s not going to happen, because right now on your Beloved Planet, the LoveLight is so very dominant and Archangel Michael is there with the Sword of Truth, his blazing blue sword; and yes, he can turn it into a laser and get really high tech with doing the clearing or going into your DNA and altering the consciousness in these Beloved Halls where the laws are made. Because yes, this is an optimal time for the Truth to come out. 

So, all over your Beloved Planet, we send out the LoveLight to make each and every being on your Beloved Planet receptive to the Truth and realize that this Truth is born out of Love and Respect for who they really are as a part of the Godhead. And that fear will not serve us.

Because fear has only served these dark overlords of the very dense energies that this cabal has come in with to our planet a long, long time ago and managed to manipulate us with it and to take over the resources and the financial systems of our Beloved Planet. And whereas before, there was no ownership, all of a sudden it seemed that there was. And people were resigned to this fate.

Well, the 5th Dimension isn’t about separation and fear, which is what their survival games have brought upon you in so much density and giving you these very uncomfortable feelings of never being able to raise the level of your quality of life. But now that is all changing. 

So breathing into the Heart Center. And once again from the atmosphere to the surface and down underneath in the tunnels at various points in this Washington, D.C., area and in the surrounding areas where a lot of these alphabet agencies have dug in and maintained their centers, shining this LoveLight, spiraling it up, and down, and around and through and raising the level of consciousness of each of these players, no matter how much they have been mired in the darkness.

And now, going over to Mexico and down into the elevators and in a horizontal way, spinning this spiral to this underground network and all of the different underground bases that these tunnels lead to. Well, you could think of them as supply lines because, yes, you know, they have to bring in all of their food. 

And this is the place where the underground bases protect all of their secrets, their stolen wealth and their special little places to do their ritual sacrifices which are, of course, very dark and where they perpetrate so, so many of their lies and deceptions by living them out with these rituals and using people as slaves to make themselves more powerful by feeding off of these Beloved Energies of these Beloved People. 

And shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings who have served this cabal. Well, yes, they made a Soul Contract around it; but on a conscious level, they didn’t want to be down here. But they wanted to live. And so, for as long as they’ve been able to, and some of them have pretty much lived their whole lives down there, and others have just been down there a few days depending on what the cabal decided was going to be their purpose. 

And yes, we send the LoveLight into their hearts and we say to them, “You are not forgotten. You are so loved and honored and right now everything is shifting. And we don’t see that you’re going to have to wait too much longer.”
And for all of the spirits that are hanging around, afraid to walk across the Bridge of Flowers to go up through the dimensions to reach the other side, we say to you, “You are blameless and Heaven wants to reabsorb your energies and give you the honor and the blessings of Ascension that are due to you. So please don’t be afraid when we come back to usher you over to the other side.” 

And we say to all of you Beloved Beings on this call how we so very dearly love you, and your commitments to the Light, and the way that you are bringing in these high-vibe energies that, of course, are accelerating your Ascension Process. 

We say to you, Namaste, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And good night. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

1-2-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

1-2-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so very happy to be here again to join in this Communion heart to heart in our hearts and minds to raise the level of the vibration again on your Beloved Planet. Well, it’s no mystery to all of you, we feel, that the energy has shifted again on your Beloved Planet and that being in this new year, it’s only going to increase this dynamic of downloads coming onto your Beloved Planet that are very high vibe and that really haven’t ever been expressed or felt in this way. And believe us that this is all necessary to ramp up the energy in preparation for the changes that are being enacted on your Beloved Planet.

Well, these plans, they have been very complex and there’s a rhythm, and a timing and synchronization that has been going on to bring these plans to completion. And with every breath that you bring in more Love and Light to this Beloved Planet, we see that the resistance to this happening gets less and less. And you get closer and closer to what we call the finish line. And yes, the prize is you all ascending as per the Divine Decree that Heaven has issued in response to this long journey that you have all had.

Well, we’ve been with you on this journey for a really long time too, providing whatever support we were allowed to. And in the past few years we’ve even been given more leeway with bringing in more energy and protecting you and your Beloved Planet more and more, because Heaven wants your Ascension to go off without a hitch.

And yes, so what, it’s never been done like this before. Well, it’s never been done that you change the energy dynamics on the planet, such as this either, in the way that you have with being essentially cut off completely from any memories of who you were before you came into this life. I mean, when you first come in as a baby, you have a connection with the other side still. And it takes a few years before your brains grow and before you get indoctrinated to whatever degree that comes about with the institutions and the negative imprinting process, which is all a part of this artificial matrix set up by the artificial intelligence.

So, well, we’re at the point where we put many gaps in their transmission, we would say. And they are just hanging by a thread in their control and power dynamics that they’ve had for a really, really long time, thousands of years, if you will.

And yes, let us join together and form our circle. And me bi-locating my paw out there to you, and you with your other hand reaching for the hand of somebody else on this call to form our circle now. And breathing into the Heart Center feeling this Unconditional, Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and sending it down the left hand and around the circle, coming back into the right hand into the Heart Center. 

And with our breathing allowing ourselves to rise up off the surface of your planet at the Power of our Thoughts, jetting up through the layers of the atmospheres, the layers of the ships, and coming upon my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. Opening up the bottom of the ship, which turns into a landing deck as we enter and pop through it and hover in the airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us.

And now we’ve got it. We’re touching down, and we’re walking back to the elevator. And we’re getting in all at once, our circle intact and we’re pushing a button and rising on up through the many floors on my ship to the top room and opening the door and popping through and seeing all of the Beloved Beings here joined together in anticipation of doing this Meditation with us once again.

And yes, being joined by some of your ancestors, and maybe you in a previous incarnation, and feeling the warmth of maybe a touch or a tickle or hearing a song that you identify with. And bringing ourselves around this altar in the middle of the Crystal Healing Room and forming our circle once again. And breathing into the Heart Center as the circles form around us of the Mentors, and the Beloved Beings from the ships, and other Ascended Masters and angels who are joining us tonight. 

And sending it from our Heart Centers to the left hand, around the circle, back into the right and around to the other circles and into the room from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling in a spiral going up, down, around and through, just breathing into it. And allowing ourselves to feel this Peace of Knowing and Feeling we are all One joined together in this Divine Mission to spread the Love and Light on your Beloved Planet. And more firmly to feel it in your hearts at this time with the vibrations having even risen up into higher levels of resonance, and it all bodes very well for the shift happening on your Beloved Planet and for the acceleration of your Ascension Processes being fulfilled on your Beloved Planet.

And now sending your Intentional Requirements for what you would like to bring in and co-create. Bring it into your reality with doing this Meditation tonight, whether it be financial, or having to do with relationships, or increasing your health and wellbeing in this New Year. Just breathing into it and sending it into our Beloved Master Crystal on our altar here. 

And we give Intention for the completion of our plans on your Beloved Planet, so that you and all the Beloved Beings on your planet and all the kingdoms anchor in the 5th Dimension to kick start this Golden Age once again on your planet, albeit in a much different vibration than it ever has been before.


So now, focusing these energies as we send them into the Master Crystal. And now sending them to the tip of the Crystal through the opening in the ceiling of my ship and shooting it down onto your Beloved Planet in a spiral here with us right there with it, seeing this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy spiral up, and down and through your Beloved Planet from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath the surface into every subatomic particle. And spiraling it up, down, and around and through.

And now shining it into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings on your planet whether they be human, or hybrid, or different star races that have come down to implement and play their part in these plans. And just breathing into the heart and feeling the Peace and the Joy of knowing that we are all together in this Mission, and that this LoveLight is becoming so dominant all over your Beloved Planet.

And that in everybody’s dream states, they are feeling more and more when they are in their heavy dreaming states that they are working on themselves, and going up into the ships, and getting themselves ready for these high-vibe energies that continue to come into your Beloved Planet from the Central Sun, into your Solar Sun and then onto the planet to raise the level of the vibration higher and higher to make it more dominant, so these beings of the darkness are losing their grip as the rulers of your Beloved Planet, as the controllers of the financial system, the military, and all of their different arms called the institution.

And now taking ourselves over into Washington, D.C. And now we’re shining the LoveLight on all of the Beloved Beings in this White House whether they be the Secret Service, or the President, or his family, all of the different people that come in contact with members of the White House on a daily basis. We’re shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness into their hearts. And we’re giving them the message that they are not alone and that we see what they are going through. And we’re shining the Love and Light on them for them to complete their Missions so ultimately the 5th Dimension becomes a reality on your Beloved Planet very, very soon in a much different way than it ever has before, such as in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. This time we will have the benefit of all of the different experiences that we’ve had testing the density of duality.

And now, let us picture all of the volcanos on your Beloved Planet and all of the earthquake areas. So that’s the Ring of Fire and Yellowstone and there’s even spots in Europe, in Alaska and in the Arctic area. And just breathing into it from the atmosphere, to the surface, and beneath the surface, down into the tectonic plates. We’re going to give the Intentional Requirement that we reverse the spin, and we displace time to a time when the energies flowed in these tectonic plates with less abrasiveness, with less stress and friction than they have been on this very day.


In other words, we’re sending this Golden White Light down into the tectonic plates underneath the volcanos and the earthquakes to chill everything out, to have a harmonious flow of energy underneath so that these tectonic plates will be working in harmony with one another instead of against one another, to ensure that no major catastrophes happen and to enable your Beloved Planet to bring in more and more Love and Light, as these high-vibe energies continue to cascade down and spiral all throughout your Beloved Planet and into the hearts and minds of all of the different beings on your planet and into all of the different kingdoms that inhabit your Beloved Planet.

Just breathing into and spiraling this energy from the atmosphere to the surface and down underneath the surface into the tectonic plates. And allowing yourself to feel these plates breathing now in harmony with less resistance to bringing in these energies. And feeling all the Beloved Beings all over Creation supporting this dynamic of easing out the stresses in the tectonic plates. Feeling this feeling of Grace, and Ease, and Joy, and Effortlessness in bringing to completion our Intentional Requirement here, having to ease out the stresses of the tectonic plates.

And now, going down into elevators in Mexico and into this underground system of tunnels and underground bases all throughout Mexico, into the United States, into Canada, spiraling it horizontally through all of these different passages, into the honeycomb layers of the bases where all of these secrets, and armaments and untold riches and wealth, art treasures, etc., advanced forms of technology, the secrets of ritual sacrifices have been hidden away from the mainstream of society. 

And now they’re being revealed by us doing our Meditations and shining the LoveLight on them, so that their energies become transparent and rise up into the 5th Dimension and beyond, so the dark energies no longer have any carte blanche in these underground bases. And they will not be able to bring about the outcomes that they have desired on this Beloved Planet anymore. In other words, they’re all getting outed at this time. 

And we are in the process, by shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the people, who have been held captive, no matter what their ages are. And some of them are just little babies to be used as food sources, as diabolical as that is, and against the tenets of your DNA and the genetic imperatives in your Akashic Records. It has been going on, and they have been thinking that they would get away with this forever. But now is their comeuppance. And now is the time when the energy dynamics are shifting on your Beloved Planet.

So just breathing into this spiral, up, down and around and through into all of these networks of the tunnels, the underground bases, from Mexico, through the United States, through Canada and spiraling it again and again, bringing in this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness, deeper and deeper, into these complexes of underground bases and tunnels that have been one of their main power sources for thousands of years.

And now speaking to all of these Beloved Beings who have been made slaves of the cabal, we say that, “Your time of liberation is here, that we love you so very dearly. We honor you for the sacrifices that you have made in completing your Soul Contracts here at this time of great shift on your Beloved Planet.  And you are so very close to your Ascensions and your liberation.” 

And to all of the Beloved Beings on this call, or that are hearing it later, or reading it in the transcription, we say, we honor you for your commitment in bringing in the Love and Light on this Beloved Planet and for the healing of yourselves and the planet. 

And Namaste and good night.