Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Love That We Are

On Friday, 12/21/12 I wrote:
Here we are knocking on heaven’s door as it were. I am a bit excited. I feel we all will be best served to allow ourselves to be in joy, while we connect within our heart centers on this most sacred of days. I say this because there are two cycles that I know of coming to a close. One is the 26,000 year cycle in which the Earth's axis completes one full cycle of precession, and the other is the orbit of our solar system around the galactic center, which is a huge black hole. Each of us will experience the energies of the end of these cycles as they will be unleashed when the alignment happens. 

On Sunday, 12/23/12 I wrote:
Energy is blasting mother Gaia from the central sun down to Gaia’s crystalline core. Some say we are changing our energy source at the core of her being, from plasma to SAR. This very well may be true. What I feel on the 23rd of December is that really high frequencies of love and light are bathing us. I feel it on a sub atomic, cellular level. I feel the love that we all are, the One of the All That Is.

There are many already saying that it isn’t happening. I feel that this is because they don’t see the crooks being hauled off to jail or don’t hear the knock at their door with kind brothers or sisters handing them their prosperity funds. So they don’t think the shift is happening, because there is no solid proof. Some people expected to leave the hologram of 3-D behind & jump up & over into the higher dimensions. They are angry this didn’t happen.

I’m not worried about the changes manifesting in the physical hologram. I know that they will when the timing is right. What I’m taking away from these last three days of the galactic alignment and what I’m feeling is a higher grade and degree of these encodements that are acting as a bridge into our permanent residence in the 5th dimension. 

The energy that we are receiving from the black hole in the center of our universe is helping us to alter our DNA. The “new kids” that have been coming in for some time now have exhibited changes in their DNA. We are changing from carbon based beings to crystalline based beings. Our graduation from the 3rd dimension is a blessed event that is happening now. It means that all we have strived for in living so many lives here in the density of duality on this planet is coming to fruition. We have waited a long time to realize the promise of our birthrights. Our power and freedom has been usurped from us by the controllers of this planet. Now we are firmly in the 4th dimension, locked out of the 3rd dimensions. Celebrate!

The Cabal cannot exist in these high light frequencies. We are seeing and hearing about their downfall, but we have to read articles and view videos on the Net to see what is going on underneath the surface, what is really transpiring. We are only being giving the bare minimum of info about what is really going on. Our controllers still want us to be wrapped in the illusion that it is business as usual. This is so very far from the truth. 

Fear and any of the lower vibrations that emanate from fear can’t exist in the 5th dimension, and this is where we are heading now. It is not going to happen all in one day. But now, today, I know we are well on the way to manifesting this level of consciousness for ourselves and all of the living beings here, and mother Gaia herself. It is real and it is happening now. It is up to each of us to bring it in.

We do this by allowing ourselves to rise up into these high frequencies. To be plain & simple about the whole process, it means letting ourselves feel good, letting ourselves feel worthy of bringing joy into the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies of our being. Some of the channels are saying that this year of 2013 will be one of letting go of the density of duality completely; so that by January of 2014 we will be firmly in the 5th dimension, all of us. Many will make the jump before that.

The way I keep hearing that we do this is by allowing these higher crystalline encodements to come in, breathing into it, allowing ourselves to be at zero point and envisioning what we desire to create as our new lifestyle in the 5th dimension. Again this is about allowing ourselves to be in our joy. 

For me it is not too hard to imagine taking my first ride in a new energy vehicle and scooting to India to have chai in the morning and going to Spain to do a session with one of my clients, then coming back and stopping off in CT. to see my sister or my cousins in VA.; all in one morning. Then I will come home and go swimming in one of the swimming holes in Sedona and then hook up with a meditation group in Sedona. We will do what turns us on. We will be in the driver’s seat and create with the higher perspective of knowing the joy we are creating is the will of the One.

All of the limitations and things that we thought were true are going to be blown away. The institutions and controllers of them will be gone. It is up to us to choose how we want our lives to be. Yes, we are going to be in a unity consciousness, and we will attract like minded beings to do projects and raise the level of the energy. I get the feeling that the all of the obstructions that previously have held us back will be gone. The dynamics of survival will be gone. The dynamics of bliss, joy & harmony will rule the planet. So let us see what we can create with others who are the same page. 

This new paradigm of living and being in the 5th dimension is really about loving ourselves and being the love we are with the All That Is. There never really has been any separation between us and creator source, so now we get to live it, because the Cabal will be gone and so will their effect on our reality. Forgiveness & gratitude are key ingredients in us being able to rid ourselves of the fear based programming and be the love we are. So be it & so it is.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crystal Magic in the City of Light- Sedona

Here it is just after midnight on election night. I had so hoped that we would not have an election, but now I see that Obama’s victory is in divine timing. Whatever happens between now and the end of the year I feel that everything is in divine order. I have felt the surges in the energy. We still have more portals to go through, but the days are counting down to the end of the long count of the Mayan calendar. 

I ask all of you to use your imagination in considering the power you have to create your future in the highest vibrations of love & light. This means being connected to the heart center, having the courage to listen and trust in your intuition. It means choosing not to compromise when it comes to realizing the vision that you truly have for liberating your soul as a sovereign being. 

I continue to do my work of clearing the negative programming. I’m finding this to be very rewarding with each session I do, with each time I talk about raising the level of our vibration by learning how to let go of fear and bring in the highest frequencies of love & light. Each choice we make brings us closer to this golden age that all of us so joyously deserve. It is by divine decree that we have come this far. We will journey together to walk through the threshold of the alignment of the planets that will portend ascension into the higher dimension for any and all who desire it. 

Here it is, I live in the high desert of Northern AZ. Many would say it is a barren land. It is funny how I don’t see that. I see my environment as being beautiful. I know the reason I am here is to help hold the light of the crystal city. There are huge banks of crystals underneath the vortexes and the Lemurian Temple ruins. This crystal city had been a landing pad to the star races for a long time. I moved here five years ago. From the first days I was here I began to know that this was home. I tapped into the flow of energy by walking in the vortexes and feeling the energies of the red rocks. 

In these five years much has been revealed to me, because I asked for it. I have given intent to ascend and raise the level of consciousness of the One we all are over and over again. Now I see and feel my intents for full consciousness, inside of this human body, are coming to fruition. It is the most glorious of times. All we have to do is to hang in there until a saturation point is attained, which should be either on or around 12/21/12. 

Again and again all of us who have been working with the light have had to realize that everything that we didn’t heal kept on coming up more forcefully each time for us to heal, but at the same time crystals were being reactivated and portals were coming online and vortexes were becoming stronger and stronger. So in this Now moment the light is very strong and we are primed for the full activation of the crystalline grid. 

I don’t know all of the intellectual information that is available about the city of light, but my feeling is, in connection with my intuition, those of us who are living in or close to Sedona are feeling the effects of the crystalline energy to a very advanced degree. All crystals act as amplifiers. When we work on ourselves to raise ourselves up in the highest frequencies of love & light we are raising the level of consciousness. 

I have been working with ascended masters to raise the level of the vibration, in conjunction with crystals that I have, and with the crystals on Mother Sekhmet’s ship. I have been sending this energy with the divine geometry of a triangle from my crystals to the crystals in the ship to the crystalline connection in Sedona.
This crystalline connection is the conglomeration of the temple complex, (the crystals are buried underneath the ruins of the temples), and the vortexes, as well as the crystalline city above 3-D Sedona and below 3-D Sedona in the underground Agarthan network. There are other areas of activation for the crystalline grid, but I’m getting from my guides that Sedona is the first and primary point of the activation of the crystalline grid. 

The crystalline grid is actively transmitting now. We are in the process of ascension, so for some the vibrations and emissions of this high level of conscious awareness will be enough for them to make the jump into 5-D. This is what we have been calling ascension.

Not everyone will ascend at the same time. Those who manage to ascend before others are forming the point on the pathway through the gateways. So if you would think of a draw by the numbers painting and all of the points have been sketched in, & now the time of filling the drawing in with the colors is starting to happen. This is the beginning of bringing the painting to completion, to use this analogy. 

I feel that whatever we can do to bring in more love and light within the 4 bodies of are being will help us greatly to integrate the highest frequencies of love and light that are being transmitted Now. Helping others to take out the negative programs continues to be a main priority with me. If you desire help in releasing anything which you feel no longer serves your highest and best interest please contact me to set up an appointment.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Having The Courage to Use Muscle Response or Pendulum Testing

During the year and a half I’ve been developing a clientele doing the spirited clearings it has become quite clear to me that most people would rather have me take them through the clearings than learn how to do them by themselves. I feel that the most challenging thing for anyone doing these clearings by themselves is taking out negative programs. Finding out what negative program needs to be taken out and going to the originating lifetime where that negative program first entered the 4 bodies of their being is the most effective way to take out huge chunks of negative programming and transmute that fear based energy into the highest frequencies of love & light. MRT confirms the information that is inside of the Akashic Records in our DNA.

Muscle Response Testing or MRT is a very simple concept. It relies upon the belief that within the 4 bodies of your being the answer is there. All you have to do is to test to find the right question and then allow the answer to come forth by testing for it. MRT is a valid and reliable way to access and validate what you are receiving from your intuition. 

In our DNA the Akashic Records are stored. The information is all encompassing. We can ask anything and by using the procedure of interlocking the thumb and pinkie of both of your hands inside of one another, asking the question and then seeing if the circles break apart you come up with your answer. If they do break apart the answer is no, if they stay connected the answer is yes. 

I apply MRT to come up the negative program, what lifetime it came in and what that lifetime was like. I do this in the pre-session, & I come up with the 2 most important negative programs for us to take out in the session with that client.

I call in that person’s I AM Presence and their guidance team. I ask them things like: what is this person’s level of trust in the clearings? If it less than 5, I spend more time bringing in the energy and raising the level of the vibration when we first start the session. Also I ask, “What are the next two programs that need to be taken out? Then I run through a long list of negative programs that I have assembled in the last 3+ years of doing the clearings on myself and others. I ask, “Is Satanism the program that needs to be taken out? If it is, then I ask, “Is the next program that needs to be taken out stealing, incest, lying, forfeiture, falsification of evidence, rape, torture, adoration, addiction, viral infestation, radiation, betrayal, murder, black magic/witchcraft, psychic shield, arachnophobia, poisoning, castration, cannibalism, aggravation, cellular distress, conspiracy/blackmail, astral projection, nudity/public shaming, enemy patterning, greed, anxiety, depression, suicide, retribution, secrets or slavery etc.? 

I keep on asking until I get a yes and then I ask what lifetime this negative program that I got a yes for originated in. I ask was this person a man or a woman in this lifetime. What country did they live in? Was anyone in their family from this current lifetime in their family in the originating lifetime? What did they do for their livelihood? Were they married? Did they have children? I ask if they were connected with the Anunnaki. If they were, I ask if they just did business with them, or if they were in the satanic cult, or in some way promoted the agenda of the Anunnaki. I ask how long they lived, how they died, were they happy when they died etc.

It takes courage to trust the answers you get when you allow yourself to be connected in the heart center. The more you are centered in the heart, each and every day, the easier it becomes to maintain this connection. The more negative programming that you take out the easier it is to see when you are going for the same old thoughts & emotions that magnetize you to behavior patterns that are fear based and create a reality that does not serve you in the highest and best interests of who you really are.

If you allow yourself to do Spirited Clearings and you do these clearings 2 to 3 times a week you stand to see a rather profound shift within three to nine months, because you will remove & transmute huge chunks of fear based programming and allow the highest frequencies of love and light to come in. It is up to you how you implement these higher frequencies. What new choices will you make in your life that will empower you to feel the love and light you are in every moment of your journey here on Mother Gaia?

I am asking you to realize that all you experience in this third dimensional physical body that you live in is an illusion. We all created a hologram, which has allowed us to test the density of duality. The hologram is the outside creation, our so-called reality. What is really true is the love and light within. It takes courage to trust the connection with the heart and hook it up with your intuition and the different aspects of your being. If you give the intent to, MRT can play a huge role in helping you take back your power. 

We are in the last 3 months of this old timeline. If we allow ourselves to realize that we all came here for the rather profound reason of helping ourselves, others, & Mother Gaia to ascend then this makes it easier to say yes. Yes, we are infinite, eternal beings of love and light. Yes, it is time to own my creations. Yes, there is no one to blame, not even myself. I gave intent to come into this lifetime and I helped to script the blueprint of this lifetime for myself. I have a guidance team that has been working with me for all of my incarnations on earth and I give intent to entrain with them by giving them gratitude whenever I remember to.

If you make the commitment to rise up into the cosmic energies of ascension you blaze the trail for all others who have still yet to awaken. Spirited Clearings are a most viable tool for all of us to accelerate our ascension process. We can take go to the root of where our consciousness started to become divided and let ourselves become whole once more. Spirited Clearings makes all of our other meditations and exercises that much more powerful. 

The book is: “Spirited Clearings Negative Program Removal”.
You can buy the book at:

It has all of the clearings and it is a manual for keeping ourselves connected in our heart centers to the truth of the divinity of our being. This connection helps us to realize that we are One with creator-source and the higher aspects of our being. This also means that we can become connected to information our intuition gives us, and we can learn to trust it more and more. Spirited Clearings helps to demagnetize you from fear in a most profound and delightful way.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Full Activation of the Crystalline Grid

Full Activation of the Crystalline Grid

The changes that have been put in motion by the Lion’s Gate of 8/8/12 have been multiplying within us. Many have complained of intense ascension symptoms. These symptoms have run the gamut of ailments commonly associated with the ascension process and the opening up of different gateways and portals that let in more energy. The activation of these gateways, portals and vortexes enable us to bring in more and more light. The integration of these new high levels of light and love may cause us discomfort in a variety of ways.

In order for us to seamlessly and completely process these new levels of high light frequencies that are being downloaded into the four bodies of our being it is most necessary to stay connected within our heart centers. We are in the last 4 months of this march to the grand date of the end of this 26,000 year cycle. Many of us are focusing on this date of 12/21/12 as the day of ascension. We are in a process of integrating the energies that are coming in through the gateways and portals that are opening up in this steady process of the light streaming in.

In the past few days it has become apparent to me that the meditations I’ve been doing with crystals up on the ships have significance to the region I live in, which is very close to Sedona, AZ. I realize that Sedona is the anchor to the crystalline cities both above and below it. The crystalline cities are key points of transmission, which will utilize the crystalline grid to spread out this message of Now being the time to wake up and integrate these higher light frequencies. 

Just imagine what it will be like to connect with other beings through the crystalline grid. You can make connections with the beings on the ships and all of the kingdoms on Mother Gaia. There will be no more separation. We can bring forth the truth of our inner knowing to each other, thus aiding in the ascension of all who are still in their process of waking up and integrating the changes that are being brought forth.

Each of us is a conduit for the light to come in. Whenever each and any of us rise up in the frequency of our love light it transmits to the All That Is and we raise the level of consciousness for All. It is a very simple equation. When we use it we are capable of accelerating the ascension process for Gaia and all who chose to bring their own process of awakening forward at this time. 

A big part of the work I do is to remove the negative programming which remains as a big obstacle in bringing in these higher light frequencies that are being streamed in from the central sun and activating the key energy centers of Gaia. Everytime these programs that are based in the lower vibrations of fear are removed their energy is transmuted into these higher light frequencies. When we work on ourselves this way we enable ourselves to be more in the driver’s seat of our journey through this incarnation.

The more negative programming we take out the easier it becomes for us to see whenever we are lowering our vibration with thoughts and emotions that do not serve us anymore in this Now moment. This process of removing the negative programming empowers us to make choices in the Now moment to stay in these higher light frequencies with our thoughts, words and actions. In other words the more responsibility we take in owning the level of vibration we are creating the freer we will become and the freer that all on this planet will become, no matter what kingdom they belong to.

I ask you all to ponder these things. I am realizing that the crystals are a most marvelous way to amplify the love light and send out this amazing message of liberation to the All That Is. It is so true that nothing is ever written in stone. Each new Now moment affords us the opportunity to bring more light into our being and reflect it out through the crystalline grid on this planet and beyond. When we do this we are helping to bring the crystalline grid to full activation.

When we join together in group meditations and work with this crystalline energy we amplify and multiply the strength our intent for healing with these uplifted frequencies of the love light. This allows us to accelerate the process of creating the new reality of the golden age on this planet. 

I ask you not to worry, not to allow yourself to let your minds be divided in fear at all. Your mind and your ego are no longer your controllers, if you give intent for this to be so it will become your truth and enable you to remember who you truly are. Each of us are diving beings of love & light.

There is no reason for us to be controlled by lies of our ego in this paradigm of the new energy. Let us all give intent to be  sovereign beings by making the connection to creator-source in our heart centers unwaveringly as we progress toward the full activation of the crystalline grid on 12/21/12. Let us continue our journeys with ease and grace by having the courage to speak our truth and to make choices for the greater good of the All That Is. So be it & so it is.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic Meditation of 2012

There is no time like the Now, eternal in nature and true in its divinity. I give intent for the star brothers and sisters to re-unite with us to save our beloved Mother Gaia and help us accelerate our ascension process. I’m not saying that they should do this for us. I’m saying that the time is right for them to come in and help us to implement the changes that need to be made to carry this ascension forth. 

Enough of us have been carrying the torch to raise the light up on high, up into and through all of the higher dimensions, rising up on the ladder of light, magnifying it with the crystalline light that we are in our cells are encoding and becoming every day now. The light has become ever so dominant that the changes in our 3-D reality are coming forth. The truth shall be known and it shall shift the balance of power from the less than 1% to the 99%.

We call in beloved Arch Angel Michael and his angels with the blazing blue swords to cut the attachments between anything that is not our truth. We breathe into this connection in our heart centers and breathe in the light of love, eternal and true, feeling the joy of this Now moment and the truth of our divinity. Everyone who chooses to ascend will do so. It is up to us to connect within our heart centers and make this choice and be the love of our divinity in every moment, to carry it forth through the portal to ascension. 

Millions are watching the Olympics and the stage is set, we are ready for disclosure. In any event something has to be done soon, so instead of getting attached to how our grand re-union with the star brothers and sisters is going to happen we can be in this Now moment sanctified by allowing the truth of the love that we are to shine into every cell of our being and radiate it outward through the All That Is. 

We are the lighthouses, the shining beacons of the eternal message of love & light. The lies of who we thought we had to be in order to survive are exposed in this grand moment of truth that is coming to visit us. The game has been rigged and now the truth will wash the lies of corruption clean. The intent to enslave us within the framework of institutional mind control and brain numbing complexity will be exposed as an extension of the arm of Satan.

We are taking our power back. So be it and so it is. We are growing into being sovereign and taking the responsibility for being here at this time of great shift. We are reclaiming our rights and we proclaim we are ready to help all others who want to ascend. Now is the moment to let go of the lies that have constricted us inside a box of fear. All of those lower vibrational thoughts and emotions have showed us what we needed to learn and now we can jettison them and rise up through the dimensions and access our connection with knowing and being our divinity in this Now moment. So be it and so it is.

This is the wording of my intent for bringing forth heaven on earth by sending my light and love out through and into the hearts of all of the souls coming together for these games. Let my intent for unity between all of us here on Mother Gaia and with our space brothers and sisters be broadcast on the air waves and radiate through the hearts of all at this time. Let us all be in synch with the divine decree that this planet and all those on it, who decide to do so, ascend with it within the time frame that has been provided for us.