Tuesday, March 27, 2018

3-21-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

3-21-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones, this is Mary Magdalene, and Good Evening to all of you. And we would just like to say how Divine it is to be here on this call, to feel your energy while you were doing that meditation. The energies right now are so uplifting, and they can be challenging too at the same time. But we truly relish and appreciate all of your commitment to bring in these energies full force day in and day out and raising the level of your vibrations and shining it out to the rest of the planet to accelerate this Ascension Process, this level of Love and Light for all of the Divine Beings and all of the Kingdoms on your planet. This is such a miraculous time for all of us to be on this meditation together. 

And what we see unfolding has its own rhythm and timing.  And we know that can be really hard for all of you to accept. But, Dear Beloved Ones, when the changes that we have all been meditating and intending and requiring for your Beloved Planet, for each one of your Ascensions, finally reach that point of magnification with the Love and Light of that part of the Godhead that you are, you will see just how much all of this has been an illusion. And the Divine Love and the Joy that is available to you in this realization of when these Divine Energies come in through this Cosmic Pulse, through the announcements of NESARA, will truly be not just a life-changing event for each of you on this Beloved Planet but all throughout the Cosmos, all throughout all of Creation. 

And it is true that the forces of darkness on your planet in conjunction with this artificial intelligence programming have wiped out many a galaxy, many, many planets. But it has only been through the commitment of all of you Beings of the Light who have come back lifetime after lifetime with your Divine Commitments of sticking and staying with the course to liberate your Beloved Mother Gaia and these Ascension Energies. And as you know, there have been previous times of annihilation on your planet through holocausts of the nuclear variation. And you with your meditations, with your intentions, with all of the lifetimes that you died with honor and died in integrity in preserving that space of Love and Light, raised the level of the vibration to bring your consciousness and Beloved Mother Gaia into this round of Ascension where it has been happening for about the last thirty years on your planet. 

And right now, we see the window having been opened for the Cosmic Pulse and for Ascension. Of course, like Ashtar says and Mother says, “No dates.” Everything unfolds in its own Divine Timing. But I would just like to really reassure you now that you are in the high vibration from this meditation, perhaps you can truly understand and let go in the realization of what you have created, and that it is manifesting. It is happening even as we speak. 

So, Dear Beloved Ones, there is much cause for celebration. But there is much cause for each of you, each and every day, to stay in these high vibrations, to keep on working on yourselves because the payoff is in these high-vibrational energies, you can feel more Unity. You can shine the LoveLight on polarities within relationships, within your planet, within the obstacles of lack and contamination of your resources, of your air and your water, and truly accelerate this Ascension Process for all of yourselves. And by raising up in those high-vibrational frequencies, of course, you affect the whole of Creation. And I really hope that you could understand what a gift you are giving yourselves and all of Creation at this time of having placed yourself in this dynamic of bringing forth full consciousness inside of the four bodies of your being.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we love you more than words can possibly express. And we say Namaste and Good Night.

3-21-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

3-21-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla
Dear Beloved Ones, 

It is such a pleasant experience to be with you once again and commune with your Divine Hearts at this most auspicious time of this Equinox on your planet. We see the energies cascading down into your energy fields and with them come challenges. But also, with these energies of the Equinox come many gifts also with higher-vibrational frequencies coming in, into your planet and into each and every one of your energy fields. And this is the time, Dear Beloved Ones, to open up your hearts in communion and thanksgiving and in forgiveness of the past to allow yourself to flow very freely and comfortably within these heightened energies.  

I ask you to come together in our Circle. And yes, I’m bilocating a paw to each and every one of you and with our breathing allowing us to take in these energies and to relax. And now joining together and with our breathing floating up with the power of our thoughts to my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. And yes, we travel at the speed of our thoughts, of our imagination and pop through all of these little portals in the higher dimensions here. And right now, opening the underbelly of my ship and popping through the air lock, hovering above it and letting it close.  
And now walking back to our elevator and opening its doors and jetting right on up to the Crystalline Room, the Pent House of my ship, to be sure. And now exiting the elevators and seeing all of these Beloved Beings who have been waiting for us and feeling their energies and the anticipation of our communion together as we assemble around the Alter and our Beloved Crystal here and feeling their energies in a very noticeable way -- all of these Beloved Beings, the Mentors, ancestors, other inter-dimensional beings from the ships. And they’re here for the same reason we all are, to accelerate this process and to feel this Love and Light expanded all throughout all of Creation. 
And now feeling the energy of the Crystal Room once again by breathing into our hearts and spiraling our energies up and down throughout this Crystalline Room, and just allowing yourself to breathe into the heart and to take all the variations of energy, the different dimensions and to bathe yourself with those high vibrations of Unconditional, Universal Love, allowing ourselves to feel the peace, the joy of being assembled together, of feeling our Oneness and the expansion of our Love and Light within the hearts and souls of one another. 

And now once again placing our intentions on the crystal on the Altar for what you see, what you envision for yourself in the Golden Age because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is the end of one phase and the beginning of another. And all that we have learned in duality has shown us that Love is the highest of all vibrations in all of Creation. So, we know that many of you have planned this plan to enable this beloved Planet of yours to feel the Oneness of that Love to return back to its pristine state of being the Garden of Eden once again and then also for communing with all of the different Beloved Beings and Kingdoms on your planet to help them assimilate these high-vibrational energies so that it will be even easier for all who have the intentions of ascending to accelerate that process and work with their mentors to bring this about for themselves. So just breathe into the energy of this crystal and send these Loving Intentional Requirements forth into it.  

And now shining this energy -- because think of it, Beloved Beings, as a tractor beam going through the ceiling. There’s a narrow opening just big enough for this beam of the LoveLight to shine through and to aim itself on your Beloved Orb and with us following it. Coming into your atmosphere into the layers of the ships that’s around your planet at this time and spiraling this energy from the atmosphere into the surface and all down around and through your Beloved Planet affecting all of the subatomic particles, all of the DNA programming, lifting it up with these high frequencies of Love and Light.  And spiraling it a few times here up and down all throughout the planet, and feeling this bath of Light liberating so much fear and separation and doubt and miseries, and thoughts that the pain and suffering will never end, and allowing all of these Beloved Beings to feel the Love and Light that they are right in this Now Moment and uplift their energies into the high frequencies of Unconditional, Universal Love.

And you can think of this as the precursor to the Cosmic Blast because when that Blast happens from the Central Sun coming from all of the portals throughout Creation, it will allow us to feel the highest frequencies of LoveLight. And they will have such a transforming effect on our DNA, our hearts and really penetrate all of the four bodies of our being. You will feel this energy of Unity, of Unity Consciousness and the transition from carbon-based to crystalline-based truly igniting itself within all levels of your being.  

Just breathing into it in this Now Moment and shining these energies once again on the Northern Hemisphere. And at this time, there’s been another concerted effort to root out this human trafficking, to root out the very clandestine manipulations of these dark players of the Deep State and their underground bases and to bring them to the Light. And that is what we are doing right now, Dear Beloved Ones. Still in our Circle, feeling the power of our Love and Light being sent from through the Circle. And now focusing it all over the Northern Hemisphere here and this network of the underground tunnels. And starting from the atmosphere and spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy down to the surface and underneath the surface and affecting all of these minions. And allowing this energy to expand exponentially throughout all of the tunnels in this network.  

And feeling the energy of Forgiveness, yes Forgiveness to clear all of the holdouts, the lower vibrations, the lies of the Ego, the lie of Immortality that these dark beings have gone for over the ages because, Beloved Ones, their power has not been the Ultimate Power. Their power has been of separation and going against the flow and pulling the energies down with them so that they could have their own special reality. And that is really not the Joy of Creation because they have disallowed the full feelings of the Oneness and the Divine Consciousness that we all emanate from as being part of the Godhead. They have felt that they needed to disassociate themselves in order to be more powerful than the rest of us. But there was a shortcut. There was a way to the type of immortality that would make them as gods. And this is all being exposed in the Love and Light that we truly are of these high vibrations coming into the planet at the time. Because the real power is in the Oneness of the Love and Light that we all are.  

So with this realization, breathing in and focusing once more on this network and sending out Love and yes, Gratitude for the opportunity that these dark players have afforded us into going through this whole process of duality and all of the intensities that it has put us through. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, we have all arrived at the same point of knowing that we are all Light and Love. And that is where the real power and the Truth of our Being is. So just breathing into it and feeling this Light cleanse all the honeycomb layers of these different chambers, these facilities underneath the ground, blessing all the darkness there so that it will never vibrate at that level of darkness ever again. 
And now focusing it on all of the children in any and all of these bunkers down underneath in these tunnels. And sending the LoveLight into each and every one of their hearts and of all of the disembodied spirits that are even too afraid to transition to the other side. And allowing them to feel the salvation of the Love that they are, to commune with their angels or I AM  Presence, their Guidance Team to release them from this illusion of slavery, of being less-than and allowing them to know the Love and Light that they are, sending all of these disembodied spirits with their angels and guides and their I AM Presence at this time of transition.  

And then also tonight, let us send our intentions of the highest vibrations of Love and Light into all of these politicians, these world leaders all over the planet because, Dear Beloved Ones, this is a time of reckoning. This is a time where the Truth is revealed. And there will arise great leadership out of this transition and there will also -- this reckoning of assigning different levels of accountability and sending out this intention of non-judgment and of appreciation for all of the experiences that we’ve had in duality, because, Dear Beloved Ones, all of the testing has allowed us to manifest a Divine Decree for Ascension at this time. And this is manifesting even now in its own rhythm and timing.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we have much to celebrate and to be grateful for. And we are so very happy in our Divine Communion with you tonight as are all the Mentors and the Beloved Beings back on my ship that have been part of this meditation. 

We love you, Dear Beloved Ones, and we say Namaste and Good Night.              

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sekhmet’s Meditation on 3-13-18 Ashtar Legacy Call by Eli Galla

 Honoring the Choices of the Dark

“Dear Beloved Ones! Good evening! We are so happy you are with us here tonight! We really have a lot to express to you tonight about the energies coming in. And we would like for you to consider how important it is for you to allow yourselves to be in the now moment at these times of great transition. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, you need not have any expectations about what the future holds. The beauty, the truth, the grace, the joy, the happiness of being in this now moment and letting these energies transpire in unison with what you have envisioned for the Golden Age. What you have envisioned in expressing the Love and Light that you are at this time will really feed your Heart and your Soul in a very divine, beautiful way.

“We know that there is a lot of information out there about the timing of the cosmic blast, and NESARA and all of these energies surrounding it. But let us enjoy our communion with one another tonight, heart to heart, Dear Beloved Ones.  So please allow me to extend and bi-locate my paw as you bring together in a circle with each other. And just breathe into your hearts and allow yourselves to slow down and relax and truly be in the fullness of each and every breath in this now moment.

“And it is with our breathing, Dear Beloved Ones, that we rise up with the power of thought and with our divine vision in projecting ourselves through time and space to my ship, just outside of it, just below it. So now we can open the landing deck and pop right through this airlock, everyone intact in this circle, hovering above the airlock closing beneath us. And now touching down and walking back to the elevator to take us up, all up to the top of the ship. And you know what’s up there, the Crystal Room and our beloved Altar. And popping through the doors and seeing all the familiar faces and feeling the Divine Energies bathe us in their Love and Light and sending it right back to them, I’m sure.

“And you see some of your Ancestors there, as well as all of the Mentors and many Divine Beings of Love and Light from all over Creation, that have been on the ships.  And you know, they ask us, ‘Well, can we come on tonight and be a part of that meditation?’  And it’s hard to refuse anyone with a pure heart, Dear Beloved Ones, and so we have many guests with us here tonight in the spirit of celebration, of anticipation and enthusiasm.  And let the party begin!

“So ringing around this Altar and breathing into the Heart, with the Mentors ringing around in back of us, and the rest of the Beloveds in circles around them, and feeling this energy spiral all throughout the Crystal Room, from the bottom of it to the top of it in a Divine Spiral, taking in all of these frequencies of the Crystals. You know, we really have a lot of variety here, as well as some of the Andaras who are the record keepers, and just breathing into that assemblage of energy in the Crystal Kingdom.

“And now, Dear Beloved Ones, sending this energy all throughout the circles, having them spiral through our circle and the outer circles, and feeling the energies come in into each and every one of your Hearts. And once again allowing yourselves to slow down and relax and truly enjoy being in this now moment, and feeling the Oneness of the Light and the Love that we are all together. And it’s just an illusion that there’s any separation whatsoever from this divine feeling.

“And now we’re going to project this Love and Light with the vision of what we intentionally require for our liberation into the Golden Age, shining this LoveLight at our huge Crystal into it, permeating it with the Love and Light that we are collectively, together in the Oneness of all of Creation, Dear Beloved Ones. And now sending it out, up through the top of my ship where there is an opening just big enough for it to fit through, popping through and us effortlessly following it, all the way down to your beloved Planet, through the layers of ships in the atmosphere, on to the surface and spiraling this Golden White LoveLight, all throughout the surface and underneath it, permeating the Hearts and Minds of all beloved Beings on your Planet - human, animal , hybrid - and all of the Beloved Kingdoms living on your Planet.

"And spiraling this energy up and down and around and through a few times there to make sure that we’re penetrating the subatomic particles with this beloved LoveLight, raising the frequency of the whole Planet and all beloved Beings and Kingdoms on it, helping them prepare for these Divine Changes.

“And now, Dear Beloved Ones, let us share our LoveLight with the oceans. There is so much pollution going on right now that I’d like to start with sending this LoveLight into all of the plastic buildup, the oil spills, everything that is making the density of the vibration in these beloved oceans very heavy, in particular areas and hovering over the oceans of the world and just shining this LoveLight down and in and through them, all of the buildups, all of the glitches, if you will, that are causing pollution and weighing heavy on the heart of Beloved Mother Gaia at this time.

"Because this is the time truly to liberate our Beloved Mother Earth, the sentient Being of your World, of your Divine Earth, I feel it’s very appropriate to support her and lighten up her energy as much as we can in preparation for these Divine Changes happening, all having to do with the provisions of NESARA and the upliftment of the energies into the Fifth Dimension for the Cosmic Blast, or some of you just calling it ‘The Wave’ and that’s fine, too.

“But we all know what it is. It’s our graduation time. It is our time to return to the energies of the Golden Age that allow us really to be in a reality that supports the Truth of who we really are and not to have any more separation from one another. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, when these chains of separation and survival are lifted, then it allows us to interact with one another as true equals and to feel the joy of us being all together at this time in the Love and Light that we are. And this is the divine miracle as you will see that pays untold dividends for all of Creation. Because, as you know, when we rise up and liberate ourselves in our Ascension and the Ascension of Gaia, it translates to all of Creation basically, not just even this Universe.

“And it is mind-boggling in your present state of mind to fully grasp how many planets with humanoid population that this will affect that are still in 3-D probability patterns and it will significantly allow them an ease and grace and joy in their daily lives, their experiences, their realities at this time, also.

“Now, shining this LoveLight in preparation for NESARA and one of the things that Ashtar has impressed upon us, our dear, beloved Commander during all in the time that Susan started this community, is that first, the Yertles have to fall, the pyramid, the house of cards has to topple. And right now, there’s this number being bandied about of 18,500 sealed indictments and when those are executed, it enables so much of the provisions of NESARA to go ahead at full speed.

“But right now, can you feel it in your hearts, Compassion for all of these players?  Because it’s just like the story of Lucifer, if you will, taking on all of this dark, black, negative energy in order for us to experience the depths, the intensities, the densities of Duality, and to have the opportunity to graduate up into the highest frequencies of Love and Light in a conscious way that we are doing through the Third Dimension right now.

“So, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we always think of you as equals and we hope that you really take that to heart and realize that, how happy we are for your participation and proud of you for your commitment and sticking with it.  And right now, let us in unison shine our LoveLight on all of the people all over your country, the United States of America, that are going to be served with these indictments, and seeing them as Divine Spirits of little children, free from being tampered with by these dark, satanic energies that have made them play out very dark experiences in their lives.

“And, maybe as you know, that when all babies are born, they are born in the Fifth Dimension and it takes quite a while before they lose that connection. And that’s when they start to have this facility with the left lobe of their brain and start to remember things in linear time. But for that first year and a half, they are so much in the now moment and it’s a very lucid connection back to where they came from and the Fifth Dimension.

“And that’s what we’re talking about in honoring these players who have chosen, and some of them basically because of their life contracts and what they needed to work out in this lifetime, have found themselves in this type of situation once again where they have to accede to the demands of their overlords and do all of these rituals, these heinous deeds to keep their power, and to keep in competition so that they don’t lose what they feel they’ve earned in the pecking order over many, many lifetimes in Duality.

“So just breathing into the Love we have for all of them with our divine, Intentional Requirement, that we honor them in their choice, whether they want to come into the Light and ascend, or if they want to go into another cycle of playing out their dominion in a lower vibrating world.

“Dear Beloved Ones, we are so happy to have this Communion with you, heart to heart, once again. And now we, too, would love to hear what Tara and Rama have to say tonight.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for all you do and the Love and Light that you are as part of the Godhead.  

Namaste and good night!”