Friday, December 9, 2011

The Nexus Point

As I’ve been working with different clients I have begun to take notice that many clients have issues they have been carrying around for many lifetimes. The crux of getting them to feel joy and love in their lives has to do with removing negative programs and blessing relationships in their lives by cleansing their present lifetime. 

Many times this means going into a lifetime that was the originating lifetime of a negative program where the person, in one of their relationships, played a key role. I have had sessions, going into the originating lifetime, where a husband, wife, or one of their children killed them or betrayed them, which caused them to get killed. Sometimes it means that either one of them or both of them have been carrying around a negative entity from lifetime to lifetime. It is even possible that they contracted the negative entity in the originating lifetime for the negative program that the client has active within them. It manifests in this lifetime that they are joined together once more and the negative entities continue to feed on them and also each other. 

We stand to take back a huge amount of energy every time we free ourselves from negative programming. In the case of clearing nexus points between two people, where they have shared the playing out of extreme polarities with one another, timelines and parallel realities intersect this nexus point. If we clear this point where the conflicts started with one another the residue surrounding the negative energy of these unresolved issues will be transmuted to high frequencies of love & light. It is incumbent upon all of us to clear these lifetimes.

At this time the power of our intent is very strong. The light is dominant on Gaia right now. This means that we can take our power back from this negative programming. All of the issues that we have been working on, sometimes for many lifetimes, are coming up right now, sometimes rather forcefully, to be healed for good before we go into the 5th dimension. 

I experience people in the sessions I do really feel a lot of anguish over the relationships they have with a family member, ex partner, sibling etc. One of the main lessons we are all here to learn is forgiveness. It is key for us to know we have given permission to gain experience in this hologram of physicality in this most important lifetime. This is a most important lifetime for all of us, because any of us who have given permission to ascend along with Gaia are doing it or will be able to do it, if we haven’t already awoken to participating in our ascension process. We all have been re-wired to simulate the higher light frequencies that are streaming into our world right now. This means we are all processing the changes in frequency, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

When we forgive ourselves we are taking responsibility for being here and creating what we are experiencing, no matter how much polarity it entails for us. We are remembering who we are and this means that we know that separation from creator-source is an illusion, the hologram is an illusion. In reality we are always connected to creator-source.

When we remove negative programming we are also taking responsibility for the acceleration of our ascension process. This means we are helping to raise the level of consciousness, not just for ourselves, but for the All That Is. All of creation is One. There is no separation. 

I am most interested in working with people who are ready to bring the love and joy of who they are into every moment of their Now moment. Please contact me for a session at:
The suggested range of donation for a session is $15-$60.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Onward into the Triple Eleven

I was on my way to Hawaii, with my partner, on 11/28/11. I was headed to a conference about 2012 on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. It was a marvelous experience for us. We had never been to Maui before in this lifetime.

The group of elders that called the meeting call themselves the Maui Grandmother’s Council. They are truly magnificent beings whom I resonate with deeply. They hold and transmit the teachings of the ancient traditions of connection from Lemuria with Mother Gaia. I found their contributions to the event to be very soulful and inspiring.

One of the presenters of this event, Lei’ohu Ryder, is a singer with an international following. She is also one of the Maui Grandmother’s Council. She is a well respected shaman. Along with Ram Dass, Alan Cohen, & the voice of Ashtar, Susan Leland, many inspiring insights were provided into the world that we are making up together that will take us out of the age of duality and bring us into this Golden Age of coming together as a unity consciousness in the light of love.
I was given a workshop to do in a side tent. I had about 25 people attend. It was a most marvelous opportunity for me to present the teachings of Meg Hoopes, my beloved teacher and the originator of the Spirited Clearings. I truly believe that Meg’s mission in this life, up until a year ago when she transitioned, was to be of service in a way that would help us accelerate our ascension process.

The negative programming that we have all been imprinted with has been designed to hold us back and has instilled so much fear within us that many of us were content to live in a box that suited their purposes of controlling us. Happily the designs of the dark overlords were shredded by the intents of lightworkers around the world and the teams of Star beings who have answered our calls for helping us accelerate our ascension. The light is now reigning victorious on Mother Gaia.

Still much work remains to be done, but this is a most joyous time. With the triple 11 coming in this weekend we have reached a major milestone. Now the crystalline grid energy is pervasive within our energy fields. The dynamics of duality have been de-magnetized. The dynamics of unity consciousness are now bearing fruit.
Each of us has the responsibility to bring our issues to completion. All of the lower vibrations must be healed so we can bring in the higher light frequencies that will firmly anchor us in the fifth dimension where we will experience full consciousness inside our bodies. None of the lower vibrations can exist in the high frequencies of love & light that this new reality will exist in. We must let go of our attachments to suffering.

All of us have been imprinted with negative programming. I have spent the last 33 years of my life figuring out ways to reprogram myself and to rise up in vibration. Ashtar, through the voice of Susan Leland, exposed me to Meg’s teachings. Meg came up with very precise language for us to take our power back by co-creating many different clearings to transmute the negative energy of this programming into the highest frequencies of love & light. She spent the last 12 years of her life devising & evolving the Spirited Clearings.
Through working with people in sessions I continue to learn of the different scenarios that this negative programming has taken throughout the lifetimes we have experienced during this past 13,000 years of our existence. Many of these programs have indeed been insidious and have kept us in deep levels of fear.
Even though we are at the threshold of this new age of awakening into actualizing our divine nature, many of us are feeling overwhelmed in having all of the issues come up in our reality that we have not yet brought to completion. The war for the 4 bodies of our being still goes on; only now the light is dominant and with the power of our intent we can co-create the transmutation of the lower vibrations into high frequencies of love & light, which will enable us to create our desires in a fluid, synchronistic way.

Spirited Clearings are my calling at this time to facilitate the removal of negative programming with as many of you as possible. I do this work on a donation basis. Suggested donation is from $15-$60. The sessions take about an hour to do. I ask everyone having a session with me to compile a list of fears that are active within them. This helps us clear the core fear matrix and makes our clearing of negative programs more efficient.
No matter if you have negative entities, micro-chips, curses, vows, dogmas, negative programs, devices, handlers etc. to clear you can co-create the removal of this negative programming. Co creating with teams of angels, ascended masters & our I Am Presence is truly an amazing feeling. It will truly liberate you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preparing for Something Much Better

It is upon me to tell you that the rapidly declining game of russian roulette that is the financial system, including Wall Street, is about to self implode. This week there was a YouTube video circulating around the list servs of a independent trader on BBC television saying the stock market was finished. He said he had been waiting for 3 years for a recession. He said the market would not recover and that if you knew what to do in a down market you could still make money.

The time is here for us to know that the changes are in place. The new financial system is there. It is backed by precious metals and there is the support of many nations. In this country a faction of the Pentagon is said to be actively supporting this transition. The underground explosion that rocked the Washington Monument is said to be the result of an underground attack against the Illuminati bases. The most important thing, I feel, is that this transition of the financial system from one of greed and corruption to one that is based on true value and in line with the US Constitution will change the energy dynamics of the planet from lack to abundance.

This changeover is in alignment with the raise in vibration of love & light on the planet. Our brains in the past few years have been rewired for the golden age that is upon us. All of us who choose to are going to ascend. This means having full consciousness inside a human body.

To prepare for this monumental change it is quite necessary for our spiritual evolvement to release all of the negative programming around the issues that we came here to resolve. Mind control has been one of the main ways that the dark forces have manipulated and controlled us. When we release negative programs, entities, implants, devices etc that we have been infected with we take back our power. This is the thing that they fear the most. We are capable of miracles, especially if we come together over the truth of our being, in the light of our love. We are One. All of their attempts to divide and conquer the human spirit have been for naught. The ascension is on time and in divine order.

Won't you join me in participating in the release of negative programming by doing Spirited Clearings? I have been writing a book called Spirited Clearings Negative Program Removal. It should be out in a few months. You can actively do the removals on your own, if you so choose by going to the website:
This will give you a basic framework for doing them. Since I've been doing the book some of the language of the clearings has changed. These changes will be reflected in the versions of the clearings I have in the book and in my sessions. By doing a session with me we will go to the originating lifetime of your negative programs to remove them across all timelines and dimensions. I use Muscle Response Testing to confirm the information I'm receiving. We see how the dynamics of your life in the originating lifetime have manifested in this lifetime.

 If you feel as if you are ready to think and feel differently about the life you are living, send me an email to schedule a session or go to my page to make a donation for a session.
Suggested donation starts from $10 to whatever you desire. Please disregard the amounts that are up on the website. It is up to you and your level of abundance in the Now moment & how much value you place on doing this transition in the bodies of your being.

Love & Light-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Send the Love

Remember! There is no judgment on any of us. So how could we have any judgment on anyone else? The ones who usurp our freedoms as part of their reptilian agenda for control really know not what they do. Now their game is falling apart. The earthquakes of Washington DC and CO on the same day was an attack to wipe out under ground bases of these dark ones. A faction of the pentagon with the help of the galactics accomplished this task. The plan all along had been to annihilate billions of us. They were going to stage a false flag alien attack. Only thing is that their under ground bases were where they kept their advanced technology alien style ships.

Yeah, all of this gets pretty far out there. Who are you going to trust. Doesn't that little voice inside your head by now tell you that we are getting lied to by the mainstream media. Isn't that why you are reading this now? It is up to you to use your power of discernment. I ask you to live outside the envelope of fear based thinking. We have all been programmed to live in the box. Now is the time to rise up into the light of love. Yes, we can all do it. You don't have to be an ascetic to do it. You just have to have the courage to live in your heart.  We can all do it. We can all raise the level of our frequency to send out the love & light we are to the rest of humanity. You don't even have to meditate to do this. You just have to think loving, turned on, joyful thoughts and radiate them.

Won't you try? I love you all.

As always I am available for spirited clearings sessions.


Monday, September 5, 2011

The Fractional Banking System is Bankrupt

This is Labor Day Weekend of 2011.  It is quite clear to a lot of people who have been following the financial disaster that the 13 banking families have perpetrated for almost the last 100 years, that the bottom has dropped out no matter how many times the pretty newscasters say it isn't so. Indictments are finally happening. This bit of fraud and deceit & partying with the people's money goes all the way to the top. It's time for the players who have been perpetuating the old system to come clean.

So who Am I? I do clearings of the negative programming that all of us have. The powers that were could never have kept us in line for so long if they didn't have a bag of tricks: negative programs, replicators, negative entities, implants, devices, curses, vows, dogmas etc. I go to the lifetime where they originated and root them out. There are overlay after overlay of programming, so what I do isn't a quick fix. My book about this is coming out most probably before the end of the year.

I work with angels, ascended masters & the I Am presence of each person. What I do is to get people connected to their heart center and be in the Now. It is a simple process, but it requires that you open up and feel and don't get caught in your mind.