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7/11/2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

7/11/2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Wow, we’re in a most joyful mood tonight. And we’re so happy to be with you once more.  And this, as Mother Sekhmet is saying, now is the beginning of this eclipse season, and this is the time for us all to focus on the LoveLight and helping it grow within the four bodies of our being. And yes, always it comes back to our breathing. And it comes back to our intents and the pictures in the mind that we are giving energy to. In other words, our imagination for what we want to create with this energy in the Now Moment. 

And feeling this flow of energy coming into your planet and into your heart. And allowing yourself to feel that Oneness, that expansion, that feeling of Grace that all of Creation-- Throughout all of Creation, you are feeling the Divine Decree of Creator Source coming in through this energy, through the enactment of this energy to lift your planet up and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet and Kingdoms of your planet into these very high vibrations so that you may once more anchor in the 5th Dimension on your planet. 

And yes, you’re familiar with the times of Lumeria and Atlantis that were called the Golden Ages of those two civilizations. And that is what is happening in the beginning stages right now on your planet. Because the level of your vibration is jumping from day to day, higher and higher. And with these gateway events, such as the eclipses and the Lion’s Gate and the 11/11 still on the horizon for the rest of this year, you stand to raise the level of the vibration of your planet so exponentially at this time. 

And we are so joyful about this, as are all of the Mentors. Because, yes, this Alliance can use as much positive LoveLight energy as possible to bring all of their plans to fruition. And here it is with your meditation focusing on those different details that you want to see happen within your material plane, and to bring them into your Now Moment so that your lives will be so much more harmonious and free flowing, whereby you won’t have to deal with this survival game that has been perpetrated upon you by these very dark beings who infiltrated your consciousness, your bloodline, your planet and mutated your DNA. 

Well, that time is at an end. Their domination will be gone soon. And it is because of Lightworkers and many, many beings on your planet who are raising the level of their vibration in harmony with the LoveLight that they are, and with these Divine Energies that are coming into your planet that are allowing these creative changes to transpire, and the level of the vibration of the planet to rise. You know, we would say, there’s a measured pattern and a rhythm here and now it’s becoming, you know, tighter and tighter because the time between the peaks is getting smaller and smaller. And you’re rising up higher and higher. 

And so for us this is a very joyful time. This is a time of the realization and manifestation in your 3rd Dimensional reality, in your conscious physical reality, of these changes taking place. And so can this Cosmic Blast be far in the future?  Well, we say that it is, umm, up to us to bring it to fruition. And by our Love, shining our LoveLight, feeling the Love with one another, that it will come into place, and that it will forever change your reality on this Beloved Planet and allow you to make your Ascensions a reality. 

We love you, Dear Beloved Beings, and we are so happy for coming together in this Communion of the Heart with one another and sharing these treasured moments with you tonight.

Namaste and good night. 

7/11/2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

7/11/2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you once again for being here in our Communion of our Hearts with one another and bringing these energies in to focus on our intents for creating and accelerating the anchoring in of this Beloved Golden Age onto your planet at this time. And yes, we’ve been at this for quite a while. But don’t you just love the way that you can look back in time and see all the different steps that you have made in your own personal journeys and how your meditations, the energy that comes in, and how it feels when we do these meditations, how it has changed over this, for most of you, quite a long period of time.

Well, guess what? There’s more changes afoot and tomorrow is the first of three eclipses in this part of your season that in the Northern Hemisphere you call your summertime. And we ask you to stay as Heart Centered and as much in tune with your breathing so that you can be the compassionate observer and feel these energies coming in. And yes, to keep yourselves in the flow of your energy any way you like: with meditation, with interacting with nature, with interacting with one another. 

And of course, when you’re meditating, the more the merrier. So, you know, here we are together tonight, but if you could find somebody to meditate with tomorrow, that might feel very good for you. And umm, just breathing into the Heart Center right now and letting this energy come in and offering no resistance to it. Because yes, it means letting go of preconceived notions and just allowing yourselves to feel, to be and, oh my, how the rhythms change in this dance now that we’re moving through tighter intervals, we would say, of the peaks of the energies coming in. 

And as with all eclipses, tomorrow is one of these days to set your focus. And we’re going to do that tonight in our meditation; also about what we foresee in this anchoring in of the Golden Age, the Announcements of NESARA, the Cosmic Blast that we’ve been working on quite a long time here. But perhaps your visions are changing, and your imagination is becoming more bolstered and higher. And you’re allowing yourselves to rise up into higher and higher vibrations as we move forward with these energies coming in and bombarding your planet the way that they are from the Central Sun and through your Solar Sun. And yes, this is only the shape of things to come that will be at a very quantum level, if you will. So it’s just a matter of preparation and allowing ourselves to relax and to flow with these energies.

So now let us join hands and me bi-locating my paw to each and every one of you and with the other hand joining together with somebody to form the circle. And just breathing into our hearts and allowing all of this Love and Light to come in through our hearts and with the power of our thoughts, rising up off of the surface into the atmosphere, up through the layers of the ships. And now coming up to my ship, the Nibiru, once more. 

And now I’m opening up the bottom which becomes this landing deck after we pop through it into the airlock here. And now the landing deck is closing, and we are touching down now and walking back to the elevators once more and entering them with our circle intact. And now we press those buttons and we jet right on up to the top of the ship. Oh yes, it’s a big ship. You can be sure of that. But this elevator is very fast. And now opening the doors and popping right through. 

And yes, you’re seeing all of the Mentors, and very many different beings of the Light from all of the different ships and Ascended Masters from all over Creation that have come to join us tonight and many are very familiar faces.  Some may be new and then there are your ancestors, some of which, yes, they may be you in different incarnations from quite a long time ago, maybe even before this duality lifecycle. And you may feel a touch, a whisper, a scent to help to remind you and connect you with those ancestors.

And now let us form the circle, us being the innermost circle around the altar. And the other circles forming around us now. Boy, it is a joyful mood here! And we can’t help but laugh a little bit because this is one of those Golden Moments where we start to see come into fruition what we have all been together working for such a long time. Because if you would see your planet when we go through the ceiling here and see all of the Light coming off of it the way that we do, you would know that there’s a lot of fireworks that have been going on in a very pleasant way that weren’t happening before.

So now sending this energy from our Heart Centers, all through the circle, the outer circles, all through the room from the floor to the ceiling in a spiral encompassing all of the different energies of the crystals here and the vibrations of all of the Beloved Beings on this meditation. And going up, down and around and through all of the atoms, feeling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy take us over and allow us to feel the Oneness of all of Creation here. And just continuing to breathe into it. And feeling yourselves lift up into these high dimensions. And, boy, as we said, isn’t it joyful, this feeling of Oneness, of being connected to the core essence of your being through one another and through all of Creation. You are Love and Light!

And now focusing on this crystal, our huge, dynamic, pyramid-shaped crystal on the altar here and envisioning these times after the Cosmic Blast, and this period from the Cosmic Blast to your Ascension; and creating this anchoring in of the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Blue Orb Planet, and all of the different projects you may have been focusing on to create when the abundance comes your way, when the planet starts to receive these higher forms of technology, sometimes from Creators on your planet. Sometimes from us when we touch down, we’re going to have a lot to offer to you in the forms of technology to enhance your experience because this is the Christening Period, if you will, of you becoming a member of this Galactic Society.

And now breathing into it and sending this energy shooting out from the tip of this crystal up through the opening in my ship right in the ceiling there and sending it down into Gaia’s planet. And now going through the layers of the ships and onto the surface and spiraling it from the top all around it, up and down, from one pole to the other, North to South. And feeling this energy go underneath the surface of the planet, up, down, around and through.  And feeling all of the resistance to being in the higher dimensions being eliminated, being removed.
And all of these energies, these dark energies that have been blocked by this cabal, these hybrid species of Reptilians to control and dominate with war, subterfuge, corruption, mass manipulation of your financial systems.  Feeling them be removed. Feeling the Truth come out and up. Shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy on all of these secrets, lies and deceptions, false-flag events, whether it has started wars or just catastrophes of mass shootings to promote delirium and mayhem, to make people more afraid and more separate. Removing all of those negative polarities at this time and transmuting them with the connection heart-to-heart with all of the Beloved Beings of the LoveLight all over Creation. And still going up and down and around and through.

And our aim tonight is to raise the level of the vibration on your planet significantly so that people tomorrow will be even more receptive to these high-vibrational energies coming in. And they will let go of their fear and use their imagination to use this energy to create their reality in a very high-vibrational way as we have been practicing with one another on these meditations, as I say, for a very long time for all of us. 

And now once again seeking out this Beloved Continent of North America and going down, sending our energy from the surface -- well first from the atmosphere and then down into the surface and then down underneath into the tunnels, into the underground bases. And spiraling this energy up, down, around and through in a vertical fashion here.  And yes, this is a very wide area, so imagine your energy getting very large and touching down on the surface and then going down underneath and these subatomic particles being saturated with the LoveLight. And all of the secrets being unearthed, rising up. They have no place to go anymore and jettisoning them up into the atmosphere. And here we’re going to transmute their energies into the highest frequencies of Love and Light.

And now we’re going to enter at whatever position that you want to take up and shine the LoveLight underneath the surface into these underground bases horizontally, all through the tunnels. And just go all over the width and the length of your continent here through these underground bases. And spiraling this energy horizontally here. And going into all of the different compartments in each and every one of these compounds, these underground bases. 

And yes, as we have discussed before, there are so many secrets lurking there. And now we are exposing them. Rooting them out, taking away more and more of the power of this cabal as we rise up higher and higher into the 5th Dimension, where there are no secrets, and where there is no lower vibration whatsoever.

And now shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of these unwilling participants into the machinations and plans and these very dark ceremonies and sacrifices that have been going down underneath the surface of the planet for such a long time now. And shining the LoveLight into all of these Beloved Beings, into their hearts. And we say to them that they are loved so dearly and that now, the time of their liberation is upon them because they have played their parts magnificently. And salvation, liberation is theirs. It’s only a moment away. And yes, many of them will make their transition to the other side. Well, this will be a very happy event for them and for all of the Company of Heaven, believe you me. Because they are revered all throughout Creation for the sacrifices they have made in playing out their Life Contracts.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, it is with a very happy heart that we thank you for your participation tonight in this meditation. And let go of any heaviness in conjunction with any of the children that have been sacrificed and tortured because now is the time of liberation. And this liberation means joy for all of humanity!
And we thank you so very much. Namaste and good night.

Friday, July 6, 2018

7-4-18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

7-4-18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We thank you so very much for being here tonight to do this meditation, to have this Communion of the Hearts with one another on this very special, awe-inspiring day. Because this day is based on an event that changed the course of history and that we are rebooting the original intentions of our Beloved Brother St. Germain in its origin and creation. And that is of higher-dimensional rule for and of the people instead of being manipulated and coerced and forced by these dark beings who only have had their own interests in mind when they’ve set up governments, when they’ve set up institutions and the banking system and made everybody else play along to their tune. 

And now one of their main tools, which has been secrets, deception, trickery, is disappearing from their arsenal of weapons because the people have risen up in vibration and they are sharing information with one another heart to heart. And they are talking from their hearts to one another about what they want for themselves, for their children. And they are shining the Light on people who are doing the work, who are making creative change on this planet become a reality. 

And this, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, is our main weapon.  Love, Unconditional, Universal Love, because it brings us together heart to heart.  And Unity has always been where the power has been and has enabled us to make creative change. And it is for sure what we’ve had in the past when we’ve had our Golden Ages of Lumeria and Atlantis, and it was quite evident in the lifetime of Sananda when he was Ben Joseph, Jeshua, if you will, with his Beloved Mary Magdalene there to support him and Beloved Mother Mary and his father Joseph.

That Unity was so evident with his apostles and what you call his disciples, because of the Love emanating from his, if you will, Sacred Heart. Well, all that means is that he was connected to his I AM Presence. And his I AM Presence represents his Godhead so there is no separation from his I AM to Creator Source. And the same was true with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and his father Joseph. They had quite a bit of connection there with their Higher Selves. And when they all came together to inspire the masses and -- also they had a natural environment. 

So, Christ in that lifetime, he was schooled as a tantric master in the Essene religion. And this worked very much to his benefit when it came time for him to go public. Because he knew that he was enacting the conditions of the prophesies that had preceded him about this lifetime, and the raising of the level of the vibration through his actions, and the connections that he would have with Mother Gaia and the Beloved Brothers and Sisters where he was doing these miracles and giving these talks, to give the people insight about the true nature of who they really were and how to empower themselves. 

And yes, at that time, there was quite a bit of density on the planet, but even as we speak today, there is always the possibility that enough people can become so aware and conscious and shine their LoveLight at such a high degree that there can be spontaneous healing of themselves and the whole planet. And gradually we are working our way to this major upgrade which we are calling the Cosmic Blast whereby we will anchor in the 5th Dimension once again and prepare ourselves for Ascension. 

So it’s in the spirit of working toward this reality that I ask us now to join together, me bi-locating my paw out to you and with your other hand, reaching out for the hand of the person next to you to form our circle. And with our breathing, allowing ourselves to rise up, to let go, to jettison ourselves up off of the surface of the planet, up into the atmosphere, the thermosphere and rising up through the layers of ships, coming to my ship, the Beloved Nibiru. 

And now we’re opening up the bottom of the ship enough for us all to pop through and hover in the airlock here while the landing deck closes. And now we can touch down and walk on over to the elevator in the back there. And getting all in together with our circle intact once more and rising up. And now opening up the doors of the elevator and coming out to these high vibrations of the people in the room, these Beloved Beings of Love and Light, the Mentors, & many, many people on the ships. 

Some of them you are very familiar with and others may be new to you. And also your ancestors, as per usual, are here. And perhaps you’re feeling a little bit of a nudge from them or a whisper in the ear as we take our place around our Beloved Alter that has the huge crystal on it. And ringing around us are the Mentors and then various rings of the other Beloved Beings who have come to join us for this meditation tonight to add their LoveLight to make this really powerful and potent on this Beloved Day.
Now, feeling in our hearts with our breathing, activating this LoveLight, the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness. And sharing it from heart to heart around our circle, through the other outer circles, all up, down and around and through this Beloved Crystal Room. Feeling the energies and integrating the energies of all of these Beloved Crystals that represent all of the different dimensions. And just spiraling the energy from the floor to the ceiling, all through the circles with our breathing, allowing ourselves to relax and integrate this energy. 

And now, feeling the lightness of our being all together, the power and the strength of it. And allowing ourselves to envision this time of mass awakening on the planet when the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age will return.  And how good it will feel for all of the planet, all of the kingdoms, all of humanity to shine this LoveLight out moment by moment. And to be able to express ourselves, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, heart to heart without any fear of being laughed at or recrimination or even being disposed of, like many Lightworkers have had happen to themselves in this time of mass awakening where these dark beings have become very paranoid and very desperate to hold on to their power. And now we see it as their lost cause.  And they’re starting to have to make deals with the Beloved Beings that have formed this Alliance to raise the level of the vibration into the higher dimensions here. 

So with these realizations, let us shine this LoveLight into our crystal and shoot it out through the top of the room, through the opening in the ceiling there. And directing it onto your Beloved Planet of Mother Gaia’s. And following it down there, all of us together on the same wavelength here. And spiraling it as we pass the ships and get into the atmosphere. And spiraling it on to the surface and underneath the surface, all down, around, up and through many times to affect all of the subatomic particles, to raise the level of their vibration so that it becomes much, much easier for everyone on the planet to awaken, to realize that this is all a hologram. And what is really real is the Love that they are deep within their hearts that allows them to be connected to their I AM Presence, to their Guides, through the veil, which is quickly disappearing and dissipating.

And just shining this LoveLight now into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings on the planet. And envisioning all of them hearing their favorite songs, the song that gets them into their heart, the song that they can sing and feel turned on and feel happy in joy and vibrancy feeling their vitality, feeling the limitlessness of their Love, the eternity of their Being in this Now Moment. By focusing on this Here/Now feeling inside of their hearts. And let’s make it happy. Let’s make it reverberate with the echoes of this Divine Remembrance of who we really are, of where we came from, of our connection with our “I AM Presence” in this Now Moment. And being on the other side of the veil where there is no time or space and where all of Creation is really One.  And the basis of this consciousness of Creation is the Love that we all are. 

So transmitting this consciousness through the LoveLight that we are propagating and shining forth into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on this Planet, all through the kingdoms of Beloved Mother Gaia. And spiraling it from the North Pole to the South Pole one more time, all up, down and around and through. 

And, Dear Beloved Ones, let us engender this realization, this feeling of Peace on the planet, of everything on this Beloved Planet being in harmony, being in balance. All of the pollution cleared up. All of the plastic removed from the sea. All of the contamination in the food supply, the pollution in the air, in the water, all of it dissipating, evaporating, & dematerializing. So only that LoveLight shines forth to heal, to raise the level of the vibration, to bring us fully and firmly into the 5th Dimension, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. 

And once again, let us go down into the tunnels because the secrets are still there. And the capacity of sheltering these dark players in these hideaways still exist. That’s where it’s up to us to shine the LoveLight to expose all of the secrets, to raise the level of the vibration down there that these dark players are not able to function any more, sing their modus operandi that has got them through to this point. 

So let us hover above and spin in a spiral, this Golden White Light, down onto the surface and into the tunnels, this whole vast network from Mexico to the United States and through the US into Canada, spiraling all of the tunnels, all of the bases. And these bases are huge. They can house up to about 65,000 people. So they are many-layered, honeycombed, if you will. All of the different compartments which have up until this point made it easy for them to hide things away there.
And now let us start shining the LoveLight in a horizontal manner by going down underneath into the tunnels and picking a starting point. And shining the LoveLight, spiraling it all through the tunnels and the bases once again, up, down, around and through all of the different little nooks and crannies, where anything not of the Light could be hiding. And focusing on raising the level of the Love and Light in this Now Moment, Brothers and Sisters. 

And now focusing on the intention of freeing all of the people who have been made into slaves in this Now Moment from being sequestered in these encampments on these bases, against their free will, doing things against their integrity just for their survival. And of course, shining the LoveLight out into the memory of the many children and adults who have died while sequestered in these underground bases. Ripped from their homes and from their above-the-surface or on-the-surface reality to be made to live underneath the ground in these very harsh conditions of mind control.

So let us send the LoveLight into their hearts. And we say to them, “We know your sacrifices. We love and honor you, Dear Beloved Beings. And now the game is changing, and the time of your liberation is upon you. And we love you so, so very much. We honor you.”
And now, Dear Beloved Beings, we thank you so very much for your effort today, for the mingling together of your energies for the Communion of our Hearts, focused on healing the planet at this very pivotal time. 

We say Namaste and good night, Brothers and Sisters. Thank you, thank you very much.