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6-13-18 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

June 13, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is my great joy and humble responsibility to come in and to impart the Magic and Joy of Love within your hearts in this Now Moment of Creation. And we can feel the energy building in every moment now as it is coming in sharper and sharper with more intensity, in tighter intervals. And it is not for you to feel overburdened and overwhelmed by it, but just breathe into it and let go. Because if you could look at what is happening energy-wise on your Beloved Planet right now as a precursor to your Ascension, it will really, we feel, start to make great sense to you.

And you will come to appreciate every wave that is coming in because with each and every wave, it is incumbent upon you to let go a little bit more and to trust in the Love and Light of who you really are over on the other side.  And there is no mystery in this. Each of us have an I AM Presence or Higher Self, or some people just simply call it their Soul. And whatever label you give to it, it works. Because it is always there for you to connect up with that part of yourself that is the Godhead and never separate from Creator Source. 

So, the closer that we get to the Announcements happening, to the Cosmic Blast anchoring in the 5th Dimension and allowing us in that moment to activate those parts of our Being, the right lobe of the brain, the Pineal-and-the-Pituitary Gland connection in a most Divine Way, that it is all in preparation for your Ascension. And yes, from that point onward, you will have a Mentor and be able to develop your Gifts and to learn how to let go more and more of all of the attachments of duality. 

And this will lighten you up really a lot. And you will come to know yourself as the Love and Light that you are. And you will see the Magic and the Grace of this. And all of the mystery and the heavy emotional feelings evaporate.  Because when you truly align with the Truth of who you really are at Zero Point, everything is within your grasp, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

And when I was in the lifetime with Sananda, where you knew him as Jesus Christ, those 2,000 years ago, yes, we would have purifications or 40 days and nights of fasting. And it would allow us to rise up into these high frequencies and be at Zero Point and raise the level of the vibration within the Four Bodies of our Being. And of course, we were doing it in a large enough group that it would affect the planet in a very positive way. But it would stay with us in our biochemistries in a very loving way also. And this is really the same dynamic that we see happening in your Now Moment. It’s a time of Purification, Dear Beloved Ones. It’s a time for having the Strength and Courage to make higher vibrational choices in your life.

And Creator Source and that part of you, your I AM Presence, never wanted you to feel sad or lonely or separate or in fear in any way. And now it becomes easier and easier to tap into whatever brings you joy, harmony, satisfaction within the course of your day. And maybe you’re really busy and in survival mode some of these days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set aside a couple of hours, even if it’s not continuous but throughout the day where you’re doing what you really want to be doing to allow yourself Peace, Joy and Happiness. And to really satisfy yourself that yes, this is another day, but yeah, it was cool. I got to do this and this and it broke up the monotony of having to do the survival routine. And for such a long time, that’s all we’ve been able to do. And now it seems even easier to be able to do that.

But pretty soon, Beloved Ones, this will be your reality. Because in the 5th Dimension, you won’t be in that survival modality whatsoever any more. And you will be free to explore the Magic and Beauty of your own Inner Selves to such a degree that it will truly be mind boggling for you. Because we realize that you haven’t really been able to explore inner space to the level and degree that you will, once you’re firmly anchored into the 5th Dimension. So, you will become Time Travelers and Mystic Healers of all of Creation within these new parameters that are going to be set up within yourselves. And believe me when I say that this is something that you can really look forward to, because it will give you such Grace and Joy to be a part of this new dynamic and realize your Powers of Manifestation in the higher dimensions, Brothers and Sisters.
And in closing, I would like to ask if anyone has any questions for me tonight. And all you have to do is hit star 6 to be heard. And I’ll give you a minute or so.

Ah, well, we don’t see that anyone has a question, but I just thought that I’d throw that out. And we are so very happy to be able to come to you tonight and to voice these expressions of our Love and our Happiness with being here in our Communion of the Heart with you all.
We say to you Namaste and good night.  Thank you.

6-13-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

June 13, 2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

It is again our privilege and our joy, and it brings us such happiness and gladness to be with you on this call tonight. We are so very inspired by the work you have all been doing on yourselves and in different groups and even the way that you spend time reading other channels and finding out information and allowing yourself to rise up into high frequencies of Love and Light throughout your daily routines. This cannot be emphasized enough from our viewpoint here, as a part of the Mentors, because of the way that we see your planet lighting up and the way that the energy is coming into your planet right now. 

And yes, the intervals of when you’re having peak energies coming in, the time between them gets shorter and shorter. And that can only bode very well for bringing in this energy, this blast of energy from the Central Sun that will mean that we have once again anchored in the 5th Dimension onto this Beloved Planet within Mother Gaia’s sentient being here. And we will from that point onward commence with instructions for your Ascensions. And how beautiful and wondrous is that?

So, Dear Beloved Ones, again we come together in the Light and the Love of who we really are. And yes, we all have different aspects of our being over on the other side in parallel realities, things of that nature. And we can join together with all of those different aspects while we’re doing this meditation. And for sure, that is what you’re going to feel when the Cosmic Blast happens, because you’ll be able to have a feeling of such Oneness with your I AM Presence and all the other aspects of your being. And this will give you so very much information and take out the mystery of what has been denied to you by being in this, what we call, an amnesia state and having to negotiate the Soul Contracts that you made to play out in duality. Well, what a joy that will be when the Truth will be known, and you can operate from that perspective.

And so now, let us join together. And I’m bi-locating my paw to you as always. And with your other hand reaching out next to you and us forming a tight circle here. And breathing into the Heart Center, allowing ourselves to feel the joy of the Love and Light that we are in this Now Moment. And above all, allowing ourselves to relax with our breathing and with the intention of rising up now using our breathing as ballast to lift us up off of the planet. 

And with the Power of our Thought jettisoning us up into the atmosphere, through the layers of the ships of the Ashtar Command and up to my ship, the Nibiru. Opening up the bottom which becomes a landing deck as we move through it. And the airlock allows us to hover above this landing deck. And now it’s closing so we can touch down and make our way back to the elevator here and come in with our circle intact. And push the buttons to let us rise up into the top floor which is where the Crystal Room is, where we do this Beloved Meditation.
And now opening the doors, and once again feeling all of these Beloved Spirits here, the Mentors, many beings from the ships that are part of the Ashtar Command. And yes, you may feel a little nudging happening from your ancestors. And some of them may be you in previous, past lifetimes and from your guides and even your angels to let you know just how much you are appreciated and loved, not just when we come together doing these meditations, Dear Beloved Ones, but at all times. You’re never alone and for sure the Mentors are just a shout away, if you will. And we’re always right there with you. And just call us in.

And now circling around the altar, and we’re in the inner circle and the Mentors circle around us and then various circles happen around them. And now breathing into the heart and from the left to the right, circling it from one heart to the next. And then sending it out to the outer circles and all throughout the room, allowing it to come up from the floor. Spiraling it all throughout the room, going to the ceiling, up and down a few times here, feeling all of the different vibrations and bringing them into your Heart Centers. And melting with them to allow yourself to feel the power of this high inter-dimensionality now, the purity and the strength of the Light and all of its different stages leading right up and into Creator Source connecting with that part of you that is the Godhead. 

And now just focusing on your visions for what you want to create with this meditation tonight, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, because maybe some of your visions are changing as we get closer and closer to the Announcements happening and the Cosmic Blast coming in. And maybe you are envisioning connections with different members of your Soul Family at this time that you weren’t able to feel before. But now you can start to feel that different people who have been with you in past lifetimes and done different Missions with you in those lifetimes; that they’re going to be coming into your reality when these high vibrations of the 5th Dimension come in, and we begin to prepare with our Mentors for working toward being able to be ready for the Light Chamber to Ascend. And the Light Chamber being software as well as hardware, Dear Beloved Ones.

And now feeling this energy again in our Heart Centers and once more sending it throughout our circle, and the outer circles, and through the room one more time, up and time in spirals, or up, down, around and through. And really allowing yourself to relax and to be in this Now Moment with no expectations. And feeling the joy of the Love and the Light that we all truly are together, no separation, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, whatsoever.  It is all One.

And now shining our intentions, our LoveLight, the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into this Beloved Crystal. And feeling this energy shoot up through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru. And now following this energy down into the atmosphere of your Beloved Blue Orb, Mother Gaia’s domain here. And going through the layers of the ships. And going into the near atmosphere. And spiraling this energy all up, down and around and through from the North Pole to the South Pole in a spiral encompassing all of the Beloved Beings, all of the kingdoms on your planet. And clearing out anything less than Love and Light at this time, all throughout the energy field of Beloved Mother Gaia.

And we’re spinning in a counterclockwise direction right now, removing all of these lower vibrations, all of these thoughts and manifestations for justifying war and separation of the classes and races, all of the things that are obsolete in the 5th Dimension, Dear Beloved Ones. Because in the 5th Dimension, there are only the higher vibrations of Peace, Love, laughter, light, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, wonder, bliss. And that feels good to take those vibrations into your heart. And now magnifying them and in a clockwise direction, spiraling it all up and down and around and through the planet and all of the Beloved Beings and Kingdoms of this planet, helping to raise the level of the vibrations higher and higher.

As we go with the intention of preparing the Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters who have been sleeping in their environment of being brainwashed, not just their minds, but the effect that it’s had on their bodies and very sedentary diets that’s hard for the body to metabolize and eliminate. It’s been slowing them down and keeping them in lower vibrations and making them a sitting duck for the healthcare industry. And we’re ending all of that by sending them such high vibrations of the Love and Light to open up their energy fields, to open up their hearts and minds for new choices in their life at this very opportune time when everything is changing from the lower vibrations and rising up into the highest vibrations of Love and Light. 

And now bringing this energy back into our Heart Centers, sending it around our circle a couple of times here. And now moving out and targeting the United States, Mexico and Canada where our Beloved Underground Network is.  And yes, you know that there’s underground bases and these real power centers in North America, such as the CIA and Washington, DC, and all of the different alphabet agencies wherever they are. So, see all of the networks being hooked up underground here. 

And first we start spinning vertically up and down this LoveLight from the atmosphere to the surface, below the surface, into the tunnels and underground bases there and feel this LoveLight penetrate all over this network from Mexico all the way through the United States and into Canada.  Raising the level of the LoveLight higher and higher with our intention to remove any and all of the lower vibrations of their secrets, their lies, their deceptions, their hoarding of very advanced technologies that they only themselves allow themselves to us, and they keep secret from the rest of us and give us no access whatsoever. And all of that, Brothers and Sisters, is about to change. Because the Alliance have been working on that particular aspect of liberation very diligently. And that will come on line as one of the aspects of our awakening and as part of this NESARA/GESARA protocol into entering in the 5th Dimension.

And now, let us approach these underground networks in a horizontal spiral, starting at whatever specific point or base that you want to start with underground. And going all through those bases, those honeycomb chambers.  And now spinning in a clockwise direction to transmute any of the lower vibrations there into the highest frequencies of Love and Light and radiating this energy in a horizonal spiral all throughout the tunnels, through the bases, up and down in the width and breadth of the continent here.

And allowing ourselves to let go to this realization of the splendor of finally creating this very Beloved and Majestic and Important Moment in Time as we rise up into the 5th Dimension with no going back ever again. And feeling the Oneness with all of our Beloved Brothers and Sisters from off-world who join us in these meditations. And they have been One with us on this Mission for such a very long time, all of these beings of the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation.
And now allowing ourselves to be Heart Centered and send out this Golden White Light to all of the captives that have been sequestered in these underground bases for the nefarious purposes of the cabal, some of them for human sacrifices, some of them just as servants and slaves. And sending them the LoveLight, telling them that they have not been forgotten, that they are revered for the sacrifices for their playing out their Soul Contracts the way that they have. And that their time of liberation is right here, right upon them and that there is nothing to fear anymore. They are supported by all of Creation in this Now Moment, all of the higher aspects of Creation up in the higher dimensions which they are all connected to, the higher aspects of their beings, their I AM Presence, to that part of them that is the Godhead.

And now we pray for the children who have had such a very heavy burden to shoulder as being used for their bodies and being driven into fear as part of the rituals that have been conducted on them. And we remove this dynamic from their Being of being locked into adrenaline to be locked into those feelings of fear right now. And we cleanse them with Golden White LoveLight and allow them to return back to this Zero Point and this place of knowingness of the Joy of Being the LoveLight that they are. 

And now, I would like to send Love and Light to all of the Galactics who prevented a major catastrophe, we are hearing, yesterday, because they prevented Air Force One from being blown up. That’s the story that we’re getting. And so we’re sending Love and Light to them, your President and all of the people that would have been affected by this, all of their families, their friends. And we’re giving great Love and Appreciation and Gratitude to them at this time for stopping this catastrophe so that the plans of the Alliance and announcing NESARA can go on in their proposed rhythm and timing. 

And once again, Dear Beloved Ones, we are so very grateful for you for coming together with us tonight and allowing us to be in the Communion of our Hearts and doing this Meditation with us, a job superbly done. 

Namaste and good night.

Monday, June 11, 2018

5-22-18 Mother Sekhmet through Eli Galla

Sekhmet's Meditation through Eli Galla
May 22, 2018

“Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, good evening.  It is such a pleasure to be here once more and feel our hearts connected in this now moment for what promises to be another auspicious meditation and enabling our visions to become reality. 

“It is such a beautiful time on your planet.  If you could see from our vantage point on the Nibiru, you would see the lights going off.  It’s like fireworks in very many different colors.  And we are so fortunate to be with you to bring about another meditation, another meeting of the hearts upon my ship, and from the other ships, the people that come on and join the meditation in the crystal room, because this has become one of the main attractions, if you will, to be doing these meditations.

“And I’m not saying that our group here is the only one that is pushing the Light and the Love upwards into the higher dimensions.  I’m saying that every little bit helps.  And when you get so many hearts joined together at the same time, there is an exponential effect, Dear Beloved Ones, that I’m sure you are aware of.

“So without further ado, let us join together, one hand ‘round the circle and one of my paws that I’m bi-locating to each of you, and continuing to breathe into the heart, allowing ourselves to relax and to feel the joy of our union, but also to feel the joy of these very high-vibrational energies coming in.  And whatever you do in the course of the day, I hope you remember that it’s supposed to be FUN!  You’re entitled!  You’ve been on this planet as light workers taking on more than your fair share of the load to push the Love and Light upward.

“So, Dear Beloved Ones, with the power of our thoughts, let’s make this fun.  And rising up with our breathing and allowing ourselves up and off the surface, up into the atmosphere here, and going up through the layers of ships at the speed of our thoughts and intentions, and allowing this vision of my ship, the underside of it, to come into view.  And now I’m pushing my magical button here to open up this underside door that allows us all to come through at the same time and hovering above the landing deck in the airlock here. And now it’s closing, we’re touching down and we’re feeling the magic of my ship and we’re walking back to the elevator.

“And we’re entering the elevator, all our circle still intact, all at the same time.  And now we’re in and we’re going up.  And we’re popping through the door now as it opens and we’re feeling all of the energies that are greeting us.  And immediately you can feel some of your Ancestors, some of whom may be you from past incarnations, of course.  And you’re feeling and seeing the Mentors and very many beings from the other ships.  And some of them, I’m sure, have become very familiar to you.

“And now, assembling around our circle here, around the altar, and feeling the energy go from heart to heart as the outer circles assemble with the Mentors directly in back of us.  And perhaps you can feel the energy of Ancestors or some of the Spirits that want you to know just how much they appreciate you in being here.  And sending this LoveLight out through the circles, spiraling it all the way from the floor to the ceiling, in and around and through, just breathing into it and allowing ourselves to further expand our heart energy up into the higher dimensions here.  And that’s what the Crystals are really good in helping us do, because, Dear Beloved Ones, there’re crystals from all over Creation here that represent all of the higher dimensions.

“And now bringing this energy back into our hearts and allowing ourselves to feel the Love, the Gratitude, the Forgiveness for ever feeling separate from Creator Source and the Gratitude, of course, for having this opportunity in coming together to enable our visions of NESARA, of liberation for the planet, of the cosmic blast to become reality in this now moment, and breathing into our beloved Crystal on the Altar here.

“This is a huge Crystal.  It acts as a tractor beam, if you will.  And now, just shining the LoveLight, everyone in the room on this Crystal and feeling it shoot right out through the top of the ceiling of my ship and feeling it aimed at your beloved blue orb.  And, of course, we’re right with it, following it down through the layers of the ships onto the surface and feeling it spiral all throughout the surface of your Planet.  

“And now going down underneath, in and around and through every particle, every cell, every atom, and having it go up and down, spiraling it, feeling this energy expand all over your Planet, and bringing in this magical Elixir of Peace at this time.  Because, Dear Beloved Ones, we know that the cabal, they have some tricks up their sleeve even though they are so fragmented and out of resources, such as being able to print their fiat currencies out of thin air.  They still have enough deviousness to try and mount these attacks that they think could cause another world war.

“But, Dear Beloved Ones, we don’t see that happening.  And we see each and every time a group of Lightworkers comes together like this and shines the LoveLight and makes the intention for global Peace that it becomes stronger and stronger.  And it reaches the hearts of more and more people.  And people really take it to heart and realize really how much they want Peace for themselves and their children and that they deserve it, that it is our birthright not to have to be concerned about bombs and bloodshed and losing our beloved ones in wars through the manipulation of these dark energies to start these wars to further their own very greedy ends.

“And now I would like to direct our attention once more on the underground networks of North America.  And they start from, we would say, pretty much the northern part of Mexico, all through the United States up into the most populated areas of Canada, and allowing ourselves above the surface to spiral this whole area with our LoveLight and now setting down into the surface and underneath the ground. 

“And you can pick a starting point from wherever you want to and whatever direction feels comfortable for you.  And instead of spiraling vertically now, let us spiral horizontally through all in the tunnels that connect all of these underground bases, Dear Beloved Ones, and spinning in a clockwise direction to bring in very high vibrational energies of our LoveLight.  And just feeling it go ‘whoosh,’ all through the tunnels and spiraling it back and forth and seeing it go into all of the underground bases, all of those honeycombed installations that are housing events, technology, armaments, all of very high tech accoutrements, that allow these dark players to have a spa-like atmosphere to be able to do their rituals sacrifices and to rejuvenate themselves.

“And this is a lifestyle that many, many have chosen, but also we see a lot of these bases basically being military installations and housing a lot of secret weapons that still hold quite a bit of power for the cabal. And with our Divine Intention, we require that all of the bombs, all of the secret weapons now are rendered useless!  And that we transmute their energies into the energies of Peace, Forgiveness, Understanding, Compassion, Acceptance and Gratitude for learning all of our lessons and coming together in this Oneness that we are, that we have always been.  And yes, we created this hologram to look real, to feel real, so we would spiritually evolve by playing out all of our Soul contracts, by going to intensities in all of these different levels of density within duality.

“And now, it is time to clean up all of the loose ends. So shining this LoveLight once more into the hearts of all of the captives that have been enslaved here in all of the different bases for many different purposes, some children for ritual sacrifices, many others just to wait on the needs of the cabal when they come down to these bases, or to be helping out in these military bases.  And some of them have been very brainwashed and given drugs to keep them in their stupor.

“But now we shine the LoveLight into each and every one of their hearts to free their energies, to allow them to thrive with the Hope that these very dark beings are finally going to be taken away, out of the Planet, off the Planet, and be dealt a serious blow to their plans of world domination.

“And we require that all of the dear beloved children that have experienced such traumas, such nightmares, that have felt fear, and little more than fear, in their lives, now are free and that the chains of their heart can become unshackled and that they can open up their hearts, unfiltered and unfettered and feel these high voltage energies of the LoveLight come in and support them and allow them to really know who they are, to connect with their I AM presence with all of the higher aspects of their Being.  And just breathing into this feeling of Oneness and great Gratitude for all of the contributions of these people in the underground bases who have been enslaved.

“And so it is!  And now let us come up to the surface once again and shine this LoveLight over on the White House.  And this is where our POTUS is.  And the beloved POTUS could really use an infusion of the LoveLight right now, him and his family, so just breathing into their hearts without judgment, without attachment, dear beloved ones, so that they may raise the level of their Love and Light to be better equipped to deal with all of the challenges that are imminent, that are upon them, that weigh heavily on their brow at this particular time.

“Dear Beloved Ones, we are so privileged to be able to join with you in these meditations.  We feel your hearts and we remind you that all of the Mentors are at your beck and call, because we realize that these times are very instrumental into creating the bridges that will enable us to feel the Cosmic Blast, to bring in the announcements, and to truly anchor in the Golden Age once more on your beloved Planet.

Anytime you feel that you want our help, just call and we are there, Dear Beloved Ones. And we say to you, namaste and good night.”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Eli Galla on Ashtar Legacy Family Call, May 22, 2018
Copyright Eli Galla 2018 - All Rights Reserved.