Thursday, April 2, 2020

4-1-20 Sananda by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Sananda. And tonight, I ask you, once again, to breathe into your hearts, and to allow yourself to feel this Love, and this Peace that passes all understanding. Beloveds, this is your foundation to create your reality in this time of Shift. Beloveds, we are here with you, all of us Mentors, all of the Beloved Higher-Dimensional Beings on the ships, from all over Creation, shining our LoveLights into your hearts, in this Now Moment.
We ask you to feel into these high vibrations, to feel this connection into Creator Source, to know that you are always here in our hearts. You are always Home, Beloveds. The extension of the higher aspects of your being, your I AM Presence, and other aspects of yourself in higher dimensions, and parallel realities, and universes, are always connected to Creator Source. It’s just that they can feel it more so, than you battling these perceived limitations of the density of duality. But that too is changing in this Now Moment, my brothers and sisters. You have earned this feeling of being at Peace.

Ah yes, we ask you to be ever vigilant in allowing yourself to feel self-Love. Beloveds you don’t even need a reason to feel and to be the Love and Light, that you are. You are Divine. You are an integral part of the Godhead. It’s always been this way. It will always be that you are eternal, infinite expressions of the Godhead, of Divine Perfection embodied right now, in this Now Moment, in physicality on your Beloved Planet. 

Ah yes, we know that this time can feel a bit chaotic, because the questions that Mother brought up of when will it end? When will NESARA finally take hold and change our reality, so that this abundance, this feeling of Joy, of Harmony, of not having to compete, of not having to be paying the bills, and being on this heavy, survival treadmill of fixed incomes will all end, will all become meaningless, and Love, and Light, and Understanding, and sharing from the heart will be the currency, of the value, of who you really are, Beloveds, and enable you to bring into being in the fullness, that they were intended to, your Beloved Birthrights, where they will be met and even exceeded in this new reality, that you, my brothers and sisters, have ever-so diligently been working toward, in all of these lifetimes, you have been going through in duality, and even before that, when the AI started to take control of your Beloved Planet? 

Yes, this feeling of us all being together and seeing and experiencing this Shift is one of great Power, of empowering ourselves to see reality in a way, that serves all of us, and Beloved Mother Gaia, to know that we are limitless, that we are Divine, Eternal, and Infinite in the Love and Light that we are.

Yes, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, once again we remind you, that Love is the strongest force in the Universe. And our Love for you is immeasurable. It is outstanding. It is glowing ever so abundantly, throughout all of Creation.  And all of Creation is shining the LoveLight into your hearts, onto your Beloved Planet, through your Galactic Center, through your Central Sun, through your Solar Sun, raising the level of the vibration to allow you to feel this Ease and Grace of being who you really are, in this Now Moment, to kick start all of these changes of the Alliance into Divine Completion.

Ah yes, Beloveds, we love you ever so much. We are always with you. And for you to feel us even more so, just call us in, while being heart centered. And we are here with you, to Love and Support you, in most-Divine and integral ways, to help you unburden yourselves, as these changes transpire, and bring you into this Divine Expression of Christ Consciousness on your Beloved Planet.

Namaste, Beloveds, and good night.

4-1-20 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

4-1-20 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Maria Magdalena. I am very happy to be here with you. 

This is such an exciting time for all of us, isn’t it? Because, yes, the changes, that Mother talked about, are here. And they are inspiring you to change the way you think and feel, about being in the Now Moment, and the Power that you have to create your reality. 

Beloveds, all it takes is allowing yourself to let go of the fear around all that you have been programmed to think that you were. All of these negative programs, this device of the negative-energy matrix was designed to enslave you in low vibration. 

Now, Beloveds, you feel the high vibrations of the Truth of our plan for NESARA unfolding, and us coming together in such a way where the Schumann Resonance lifts up your hearts, and the Awareness of the Oneness of how we are all part of the Godhead, that we are never separate. And each of us has their own identity. But that’s the Grace and the Beauty of Creation, is it not? 

That is the spectacle of our genetic programming, and our Akashic Records, that all of the variances of our experience can be registered and felt, and expressed from the heart with the knowingness, that we are all Love, and that no matter what we have been told, there is a place within our being, that knows the Truth. This is why we have focused on all of you breathing into the heart and feeling Unconditional/Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude. 

And our Beloved Ashtar started so many of you with this realization, that these feelings, and letting go to them, access your True Divine Nature, and your Power to create your reality. And all you have had to do was to be aware of being conscious, and being connected by being heart centered in these high vibrations, to allow yourself to go into the higher dimensions. 

This is where we have been communing with you in your dream states, Beloveds, preparing you for this moment, where the Shift is happening. We are so very happy to see the progress, that you’ve made, the way that you feel inside of the four bodies of your beings. Because Beloveds, you are learning to let go of anything that is not Love, anything that makes you feel small, and constricted, and cold. 

Because, Beloveds, Love is warm and all inclusive, and allows you to feel that place of Joy, of Bliss and Harmony. And that is what we, as the Mentors, have been intentionally requiring for you, ever since the beginning, when we started to work with you, on your Beloved Planet. Yes, we see it happening.

Beloveds, we love you so very much. We are so very happy to once again be with you. Just call us in any time you want to feel our Love and Support.  Namaste, Beloveds.

And now Sananda will come in.

4-1-20 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

4-1-20 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening! It is once again my Divine Pleasure to be with you all tonight.

Ah yes, we are not superfluous. We are coming together, because you have to deal with so much superfluous information, that’s designed to distract you, and keep you amused, and not on task. Well, we come together in this Now Moment to be on task. Because there is so much that is in the works, we would say, to liberate you, Divine Beloveds, in your physical embodiment and the whole of your Beloved Planet.

And ah yes, Beloveds, we have worked for this in many lifetimes, and in this lifetime. And you have been consciously aware of your brothers and sisters, the ones who seem to be sleep walking, and just taking as fact anything, that they are told, by the mainstream media to heart, because you have prayed, you have done energy work and meditations, so that these Beloveds would wake up.

And now we feel that the probabilities are happening very much so, because of this Corona Virus quarantine, that all of the Beloved Beings on your planet are experiencing to some degree. So, everyone is having to rethink their daily routines, and to realize what is really important to them in the Now Moment. 

And yes, something like this test and challenge, of this virus, enables you to let go into the Now Moment even more, than you have up to this point. Because you start to consider your brothers and your sisters, your families, and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, and see and feel into your heart, that you are all One, because you are all going through these same experiences of wondering what is true, what is not true, how much longer it will be before things assume their natural flow.

Well, let us say to you, that the plans in the works are going to take you out on the other side of that tunnel, into a light, which you and your planet have not seen before. And yeah, there’s going to be some very wonderful, beautiful, rainbow lights shining your way.

So, Beloveds, let me bi-locate my paw out to each and every one of you. And please, you reach around for someone else’s hand, with your other hand, to form our circle tonight. And breathing into our Heart Centers, allowing ourselves to relax, to bring in this Golden White Light of Christ Consciousness Energy, to feel the Ease and Grace, permeating all of the subatomic particles of our being down into our DNA. 

This is a consciousness shift, Beloveds. And we are all playing our parts in bringing all of Humanity into the Light, and your Beloved Planet into the 5th Dimension firmly with all of you on it. 

Letting go with our breathing, it is with the Power and the Speed of our Thoughts, that we lift ourselves rapidly off of the surface of your planet, into the atmospheres, the layers of atmospheres, into the layers of the ships coming upon my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. And yes, I’m opening up the landing deck here. We’re popping on through the belly of my ship, hovering in the airlock. And now it is closed, and it’s safe to touch down.
And we’re walking on back to an open elevator. And we’re all getting in, smiles on our faces, because once again we are so very fortunate to be here altogether. And rocketing up as I close the door and push the button. And once again we are here opening the door, all going into the Crystal Healing Room at the same time, and all of the Beloveds here to greet us. 

There is no social distancing here, Beloveds. They are so very happy for us to be here, as we are happy to see all of the Mentors, the Angels, and Ascended Masters, Commanders on the ships, your ancestors, and, ah yes, perhaps you from a past lifetime or two. 

And we’re walking on over into the middle of this room, circling around the Altar where our Master Crystal sets. And the feeling of Love permeates all of the cells of our beings, Beloveds, into our hearts, the Golden White Light shining into the crowns of our being. And forming our circle, the Mentors forming their circle around us, and all of the other Beloveds assembling their outer circles.

And sending this LoveLight around all of the circles, spiraling the energy from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, expanding our energy fields in this Beloved Love and Light, that we are, this Golden White Light of Christ Consciousness Energy, letting go with our breathing.

Feeling all of the dimensions of reality. once again presented in the consciousness of all of the Beloveds Beings here, in the consciousness of all of the Crystals, that have imprinted many cultures, star races, galaxies all through the multiverse, Beloveds. That information and high vibration is available to us in this Crystal Healing Room.  And ah yes, you can always come back here to do your meditations, to feel our Love and Support.

And now, we ask you to make your Intentional Requirements for tonight, for what you would like to do with these high-vibrational energies, that are coming in within the four bodies of your being, while doing this meditation.  And to focus on bringing them into your 3rd-Dimensional duality, there on your Beloved Planet. Well, it’s not all 3rd Dimensional right now. It’s leaning toward the 5th Dimension. And we’re very happy about that, as we know you are also.

So, whether it be financial, health related, focusing on your families, and all your Beloved Friends, and the Power of your meditations to bring about NESARA. Just shining your Intentional Requirements into the Master Crystal. And all of us doing this work tonight, we require that the Truth be known through all of the information outlets, that you have available to you, as these changes transpire on your planet. 

And ah yes, this Mission will soon be underway to take out the Cabal. And this is what we have been working for. And ah yes, this is one of the main components of NESARA. This really kicks things off in fine style, Beloveds.

And so, feeling this LoveLight in our hearts with our Intentional Requirements for Peace, Harmony, Ease, and Grace, while all of these changes, while the completion of these plans of the Alliance take shape, and undergo the necessary flow in your timeline, to bring this Intentional Requirement of Liberation to your Beloved Planet to completion. 

Shining our Intentional Requirements all together into the Master Crystal, shooting it up through the tip of this Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru. And spiraling it down onto your Beloved Planet, from the atmospheres, to the surface, underneath the surface into Mother Gaia’s Crystalline Core. Up, down, and around and through, Beloveds, into the DNA of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, and to all of the kingdoms, into the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, harmonizing with the Intention of Mother Gaia to rise on up and anchor in all of you Beloved Beings, along with her, into the 5th Dimension in a way that is unparalleled, that has never been brought to fruition on your planet in this exact way before.

So, ah yes, you are all innovators, and you are the spearhead for this movement for Liberation. So, pat yourselves on the back for that one. Because, ah yes, our Mission has been unfolding over these many years. And now we are reaching that point of overdrive, while allowing ourselves to be at Peace. Because, Beloveds, everything is in Divine Timing. Everything will come about in Divine Order, and there is nothing to prove. 

None of us have to make so much effort here, or to swim upstream against the tide. The Universe hears our Intentional Requirements, and feels our Love, and responds to it in like-kind and helps us to create this reality. And we see the changes. We see the Shift happening right before.

And ah yes, your mass meditations in a few days. There’s a big one planned around astrological, humm, components that are coming together to form an Ascension Gateway. And that’ll be a humdinger! And we will be right there with all of you, shining our LoveLights into your hearts, for the maximum effect.

So, Beloveds, ah yes, we see all of these different pockets on your planet where the Truth is not being told, where the Cabal is still trying to hide away, underneath the surface, and on the surface, going about the guise, wearing their masks, as it were, and pretending that they are the authority. Well, their authority is based upon lies and deceptions, Beloveds. And there’s no reason to judge them. We are all Children of God.

So, shining the LoveLight into all of these different places, and all of the hearts of all of these Beloveds on your planet, up, down, and around and through, from the atmosphere, to the surface, underneath the surface, in all of these underground bases. 

Just letting go in Divine Rhythm, Timing, and Synchronization with our Intentional Requirements that each and every one of them know, that they are of the Light, that they are part of the Godhead, and that they can come into the Light and give up their Contracts with Satan, or Lucifer, or whoever they call the front man for the AI, which is really the backbone behind all of the information that they are getting, in order to run their ruse of control and domination on your Beloved Planet. 

Well, the Truth be known at this time of Great Shift.  And they are losing their Power. And so, yes, acts of desperation may still be in the offing.  But breathing into your hearts and knowing, that we are always One, and all you have to do is to allow yourself to be in high vibration, and come up into the higher dimensions. And yes, with Ease and Grace, this comes about.

And this makes us all very powerful as we can see right now with this Shift happening. Because things on your Beloved Planet are happening now, that have never happened before in your lifetime. And even though some people may be down in the dumpies, we would say, you know that this change is a sign of all of our meditations taking hold, with the Intentional Requirement of NESARA coming into implementation. 

And ah yes, that lovely word is starting to be spoken. And we are in great Joy for this, because there’s no reason any more for these Beloved Beings of the Light to think, that they’re going to be thrown in jail, or have retribution come upon them for saying this word. Because this is the essence of the Plan for Liberation. All of the t’s have been dotted, or they have been crossed, and all of the i’s have been dotted rather. And we are at this place where it is coming together. 

So, let us be in Joy and feel Compassion for one another, for ourselves, much Love for ourselves, and going through all of these changes, and all of our Beloved Brothers and Sisters going through the changes, along with us, because we are going to come out of this so much stronger, Beloveds. We love you so very much, and we thank you once again for being with us.

And now, we would like to shine this LoveLight into the hearts of all of your leaders on your Beloved Planet, the ones that have the ability to make this process of the changeover to the new financial system, the new governance on your planet, much easier than it has ever been before. Because they are the ones that can disseminate the Truth with Ease and Grace here, and make this process so much more- palatable and easy to understand. 

And ah yes, out of the chaos of the Covid-19 Virus will be the Ease and Grace of Peace, and Universal Love, and Understanding with all of the Beloved Beings on your Beloved Planet. So, spiraling this energy all throughout your planet from the atmospheres, to the surface, underneath the surface once again. 

Ah yes, Beloveds, we thank you so much. And to all of the Beloved Beings, who listen to the recording, and read the transcripts, we are One with you. We love you so very much. We are always here to Love and Support you. Just call us in. 

Namaste and good night.

And now we’re going to bring in Beloved Maria Magdalena.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

3-25-20 Sananda by Eli Galla

3-25-20 Sananda by Eli Galla

Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Sananda. I come to you tonight with Joy in my heart. You have been imprinted to think that Consciousness is only located in your brains. Well, this is not the Truth, Beloveds. This Consciousness is in high vibration. It is interdimensional. It is a part of your Divine Being, your Essence of who you really are.
And at this time, this reality of yours is shifting into high vibration, and allowing you to delve into your interdimensional nature, by allowing you more and more to be in the 5th Dimension. This is a place, Beloveds, where the Truth of who you are can allow you to feel this Magic of you being able to co-create your reality in a very real, tangible way, Because, Beloveds, yes, the Crystalline Nature of your being is being activated in this Now Moment.

These high vibrations have upgraded your consciousness. And the more, that you allow yourselves to breathe into your hearts, to see things from this perspective, that you are all part of the Godhead, that you are here to learn this, to activate this on your Beloved Planet, and to shine these remembrances, to be part of this Unity Consciousness, to be a Lighthouse, and a beacon to others, who have not yet awakened, who still believe that their thoughts come from their brains, and not from this interdimensional Consciousness, that you all emanate from as part of the Godhead.

Well, Beloveds, you have been led to believe, have been imprinted with the false information, that you were only of the 3rd Dimension of reality. And you know this is not the Truth of who you are. But, Beloveds, there are so many dimensions of reality, as we have been telling you on these calls for so very long now.
And now, we feel that you are starting to implement the Truth and the Way, which is very fluid, and feels so very good within your knowingness, within your hearts. And allowing yourself to transmit this Love and Light, that you are as this shining beacon of a Lighthouse to permeate your planet, to help all of the others to awaken.

You are upon the threshold of that Beloved Saturation Point, that we have ever-so diligently been working towards together, in Mission with one another. And yes, it started so very long ago, thousands upon thousands of years ago, Beloveds. And now to be at this place with you, and to be able to come in, and to share our insights, our Love with you, makes us so very happy. 
And seeing you assembled in your circle, we the Beloved Mentors, shine our LoveLights into your hearts, and send it around your circle, and expanding your energy fields collectively. Spiraling this energy all through your energy fields, up, down, and around and through. Just breathing into your hearts, letting go, being in this place of Zero Point, in the Here-Now Moment. And allowing yourself to carry these realizations forth, of being in Joy, of being at Ease and Grace and Harmony, with all of these dimensions of realty, in harmony with all of us Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Commanders on the ships all over Creation.

You are the focal point, Beloveds. You are making such a huge contribution to the raising of the consciousness, to enabling the Ascension Protocols for all of Creation. 

We love you so very much. We are always One with you, and we are always here for you. Just call us in, Beloveds. Namaste and Good Night.

3-25-20 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

3-25-20 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Maria Magdalena. I am here with you once again tonight, acknowledging your upgrades in this Divine Energy. These energies that have been coming into your Beloved Planet, that have enabled these plans to shift gears, and become in motion to carry you along for the ride. And we say to you, heart to heart, Brothers and Sisters, that fear is not where you want to be. That it is totally unnecessary.

And the reason, that you feel fear is, because you have been programmed in this negative-energy matrix, to be afraid of change. And this change, Beloveds, is what we have been calling forth in our Missions with one another, in our meditations for so very long. This is the shift into higher vibration, into your genetic coding, being activated and upgraded to crystalline perfection.

Yes, you have a Crystalline Grid, encompassing your Beloved Planet. And your wiring has changed over the very many years. And now we, along with all of the other Beloved Beings, from all over the Cosmos, are helping to activate these strands of the DNA, to open up and bring online those parts in the right lobes of your brain, that have been dormant and are now being activated.

Because, Beloveds, it isn’t just about bringing in NESARA, to give you a better quality of life. But, yes, that has to happen. There has to be this monumental shift, that will enable you to know that you have created this on your Beloved Planet, as Starseeds, in Mission with us, all during your lives, going through all of your tests and challenges, that have lead you to this place of manifestation, of encountering these changes, all for the better. Beloveds, we open up our hearts to you in Divine Love, in allowing the LoveLight to shine into your hearts, to lift you up, and to encompass this LoveLight into the totality of your being in this Now Moment.

Just breathing into it, allowing yourselves to know that fear is the lie and Love is the Truth, Beloveds. And that you are enabling this Truth with each and every breath, that you take into your hearts. And when you express from your hearts, when you talk to your family, your neighbors and your friends. And you say to them that, yes, there’s really nothing to be afraid of, because we are in a state of change. And you’ll see that these changes are going to be very, very good for all of us. That they will help us grow in an exponential way, in ways that you couldn’t have imagined, because the old structure, that we have had to deal with is being dismantled. And this is what we have been meditating for, and coming into your dreams, and helping to prepare you for, Beloveds.

And now we, once again, say to you, that any time that you want to call us in, we are right here with you. And yes, we encourage you to be in your meditative states, to bathe yourself with this LoveLight, because you will enliven your hearts with Joy and Bliss and this Clarity of Purpose. And we see that it cannot help, but allow you to be accepting of what we are all creating together in Ease and Grace. And feel this Joy, this Bliss.

Namaste, Beloveds. We love you so very much.

And now Sananda is going to come in. Good night.       

3-26-20 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

3-26-20 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah yes, I am very happy to be with you once again, here tonight, on this call. 

Well, there’s a lot that continues to unfold. And ah yes, your fear is being manipulated to a certain degree. But then, you have these little tidbits of information, that are coming forth from various channels, and from your President himself. And when he says that he anticipates that Easter is going to be when everything gets back to normal, basically, then go figure that perhaps he knows what is really going on behind the scene. And that there’s a lot more than meets the eye. 

Because, well, the way we see it, is that this Alliance has used the typical, humm, end-game type moves (by the Cabal) to drive the planet into fear and separation against us. Because under the guise of this virus, it has enabled the Alliance to pop the cork, you would say, and to get on with it, into disseminating these plans that align with all of the different components of NESARA.

And ah yes, well, again no dates, even if your President is prone to prognosticate a little bit. Well, that’s all right, because after all, you know, he’s in the business of winning the election. And to a certain degree, we can see that there are forces, that perpetrated this virus, so that it would look as if he was incompetent. But that is really not the case, because he has continued to play his part, along with all of the Beloveds of the Alliance, to bring these plans into motion, whereby you will enjoy a very much changed, and higher quality of life, because of NESARA coming about. 

And ah yes, the intent of bringing all of these different components together, is to prepare all of you for being in high vibration. And this is what the Truth of seeing all of the Beloved Dark Players of the Cabal, being taken off the stage will enable. Because there will now be no censorship. And your mainstream media will be dethroned as the only so-called true news source, whereby most of you have been listening to alternative sources and channels like myself for many, many years, and reaping the rewards of hearing many different perspectives, about what was truly going on.

Well, let us come together to do our meditation tonight in the Spirit of Unity Consciousness, Beloveds, me bi-locating my paw out to each and every one of you. And we ask you to reach for somebody else’s hand on the call. Forming our circle, breathing into the Heart Center, and sending this LoveLight from the palm of the left hand, around into the palm of the right hand. 

And rising on up with the Power and the Speed of our Thoughts, lifting up off of the surface of your Beloved Planet, into the atmospheres, coming upon the layers of ships. And coming upon my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. And opening up the belly of my ship. And we are popping through, hovering in the airlock here. And now it’s safe to touch down.

And we’re walking on back to this open elevator, that beckons to us.  And we are all getting in with our circle being unbroken. And now closing the door, and pushing the button, to take us on up. Higher and higher we go. And now we’re here. We’re opening up the door, and popping on through. 

And all of the Beloveds are here, who have been awaiting us to get on with it. And we could feel the smiles, and the energies of the Beloved Mentors, and all of the other Beloved Beings, the Angels, and Ascended Masters, the Commanders on the ships, and your ancestors, and, ah yes, perhaps you in a lifetime or two, reconnecting with yourselves.

And walking on over into the middle of the room, where we circle around our Beloved Altar, where our Master Crystal sets. And now the Mentors circling around us, and all of the other Beloved Beings, circling around them.  Breathing into our hearts, sending this LoveLight around the circle, to the outer circles. Spiraling it from the floor, to the ceiling, to the walls, up, down, and around and through. Feeling the energy coming into our hearts, these high-interdimensional energies, these vibrations of Love and Light, from the Consciousness of the Crystals, and all of the Beloved Beings assembled here, representing all of the higher dimensions of reality.

Feeling ourselves letting go to these high vibrations with these wonderful tools of Forgiveness and Gratitude. Allowing ourselves Understanding and Clarity, in this Now Moment, for the feelings coming into our hearts, to the Light coming into our third eye, and all of these energies coming in through the crown. Breathing into it, feeling this Oneness, this Unity of Purpose, and us being here together, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Yes, we are One in this Love and Light, that we all are together.

And now, we ask you to intentionally require, what you would like to create from the energies of this meditation, and being in these high vibrations tonight. Whether it be having to do with relationships, with the health and welfare of your Beloved Beings in your family, your friends, and all of the Beloved Beings on the planet, to clear this virus, and the effects of being locked down, while so many plans come into fruition at this time. Truly, some people are in a state of apprehension and stress over this. But just breathing into your hearts, and sending your Intentional Requirements into the Master Crystal. 

And for all of us on this meditation, we call forth the Truth to come about, that all of these plans go off, and come to completion flawlessly, seamlessly in high vibration with everyone on your Beloved Planet, getting this upgrade into their Heart Centers, of allowing themselves to let go. And to have this remembrance of who they truly are. And allowing themselves to feel this Joy of being on the planet, at this time, and seeing these changes. And having Trust, that all of these changes have come about, and continue to transpire for a higher quality of life. 

Ah yes, the Truth and the Sanctity of the Truth, and this realization that each and every Beloved Being on your planet realizes, that they are far more than they have been programmed to think that they are. And now, they realize in their awakening states, that they all have an individual part to play in your planet rising up, into high vibration, and being in the 5th Dimension. 

So, shining our LoveLights all together now into the Master Crystal, shooting this LoveLight, up through the tip of this Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru. And spiraling it down on your Beloved Planet, up, down, and around and through, into it, from the atmosphere, to the surface, underneath the surface, into Gaia’s Crystalline Core, and out to the other side. Raising the level of the vibration on your Beloved Planet, shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings, all of the Kingdoms of your planet, with the Intentional Requirement of everybody awakening to these high vibrations, and the realization, that they are the co-creators of their reality. And now is this time of monumental change, and that there is nothing to be afraid of. That this is why they are here, what they have waited for, the Spirit of Anticipation, ever since they have been born in this particular lifetime. So, it is a time of coming together, of melding our hearts with one another in Unity Consciousness. And this is where our meditation, from lifetime to lifetime, has been leading us, back to this place of Unity Consciousness, this place of Oneness, this place of being able to manifest in the higher dimensions, for the higher aspirations and the wellbeing of all of the Beloved Beings on your Beloved Planet.

So, let us go into Europe, where we see that a big part of the plans of the Alliance are transpiring, with thousands upon thousands, of what you call NATO troops, being sent forth to go into the strongholds, where this Cabal has been hiding out, you would say. And to extract them in Europe, and in all other places, in the United States, and basically every country on your Beloved Planet.

And some of them will be on the surface. Others will be buried deep, fearing for their lives in underground bases, trying to hide out. But there is no place to hide, because you are in such a time of monumental shift where the 3rd Dimension is being bypassed, and the Power of the 5th Dimension, and the transparency, the beauty, the Ease and the Grace of the Truth of the 5th Dimension, in alignment with your birthrights, your sovereignty is coming about in a very all-enveloping, really beautiful way.
We see the sparks, the colors from the ships of the energies, coming into your Beloved Planet. And your hearts resonating with it, and casting off these fireworks, as these plans of the Alliance come about, and transpire in a very meaningful way. Ah yes, Peace, and Forgiveness, and Gratitude, and all of these high-vibrational feelings that allow us to feel this Oneness.

And shining our LoveLights now onto the lawmakers, in that place, that you call Washington, D.C., whereby, you know, you may think that this stimulus package, that is being talked about, is nothing more than a novel, token payment to make the politicians look good in this election year. But we see that it is much more than that. 

Because, ah yes, your financial system has to be dismantled. And the plans that have been in place, all along, are transpiring to that end, Beloveds, whereby this new financial system is in a state of flux. Well, it took a long time to get to this place. And so, we are in a celebratory mood, anticipating how it all comes about. Because, yes, nothing is written in stone. We just see that all of the plans are there, and that all of the parts are moving. And so, it brings Joy to our hearts.

So, in high vibration, sending our Love and our Light into the hearts of all of these Beloved Politicians, of all of these players, and the banks, and on Wall Street, of all of the leaders all over your Beloved Planet. Shining this LoveLight into their hearts, to tell them that it is all right to let go, and to go into, and be of the Love and Light that they are. To call it into their hearts, in Unison, with all of the Beloved Beings on the Planet, to allow this place of Unity Consciousness, to allow the Truth to come out, to resist it no more.

And just breathing into it, in the Spirit that St. Germain initiated into the birth of your Beloved United States, of your Declaration of Independence, and your Constitution. And seeing the True Spirit, and Essence, of the Harmony of these Beloved Documents transpire in an upgraded way. 

So, spiraling the energy all over this part of your United States, through all of the Capital Building, the National Monuments, the alphabet agencies. Spiraling from the atmosphere, to the surface, underneath the surface, to the underground bases, up, down, and around and through, in Rhythm, Timing, and Synchronization, with the Intentional Requirement of Freedom for all of the Beloved Beings on your planet.
And shining it into the hearts of all of these peacekeepers of the NATO troops, and having them know that we are all behind them. We see them. We know what they are doing, laying their lives on the line for everyone else, on this Beloved Planet. Up, down, and around and through to all of these actors on the stage, raising the level of the vibration. And all of the Beloveds, who have allowed themselves, with their Soul Contracts, to be enslaved in these underground bases, again we say to them that,

“Your time of Enslavement is at an end. And your freedom is upon you. And the Truth of who you really are is Majestic and Divine. And we honor you so very much. We love you abundantly and totally.”

And to all of the Beloved Beings on this call, Namaste, Brothers and Sisters.  And we are always here for you. Just call us in. Good Night.

And now we are going to bring in Mary, or Maria Magdalena.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

3-18-20 Sananda by Eli Galla

3-18-20 Sananda by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Sananda. I am so pleased to be with you, at this time of great change, on your Beloved Planet, because, Beloveds, you have been conditioned to be afraid of change. You have been conditioned to resist anything new. But now, that it has been thrust upon you, these conditions of having to deal with this so-called epidemic, that you find yourself activated with the Love and Light; the realizations of how this Unity is allowing you to feel alive, and feel so much enthusiasm, into living your lives moment by moment, and to feeling this Power, that is innate in each and every one of your hearts. 

Because, Beloveds, your heart is the Sacred Heart. It is the conduit into Creator Source, and all of these higher aspects of your being. It is the way that you access your True Power, your ability to know who you truly are. And this is so very wonderful for us to witness, Beloveds.

Just breathing into our hearts, allowing ourselves to let go in the Now Moment.  This feeling of Unconditional/Universal Love— (Pause for recording interruption) 

Ah yes, here I am, back again. It is I, Sananda. And breathing in to the Heart Center, sending this LoveLight around our circle, being in this Now Moment. Ah yes, this Conscious Awareness of where you are in our Mission, that we have taken on. And yes, it’s not just about this Beloved Lifetime. 

It is a part of who you are, and who you have been, since the beginning of the Conscious Awareness, of the Wave becoming the Particle, and you incarnating in physical forms, on so many Beloved Planets, throughout all of Creation. This is so very wonderful for all of us to see, Beloveds. Because we have been working together to come to this place, where this shift of energy allows us to feel the letting go of barriers, of limitation, and to accessing the Power of our Love together.

This is the onset of your feeling, of your knowingness of what Unity Consciousness is. And this allows us, each and every one of you, in your own way, in your uniqueness of that part of you, that is the Godhead, to express your Love and Light, your gifts and your talents, bringing them forth, expanding your consciousness in the Now Moment, by weathering these challenges. 

Yes, Beloveds, you are in the middle of a storm, but this storm has a bright shining Light at the end of it. And you could call it the 5th Dimension, because this is where your Intentional Requirements have been aiming you towards, in all of these meditations, each and every day with you have been calling forth the Love and Light to empower you, to give you strength, to endow yourself with the Knowingness, the Clarity, the Understanding of where you stand in the Now Moment, to be who you really are. And to bring in Bliss and Harmony, and all of these high vibrations, that you have had to be Warriors of the Light, in order to activate, within your Conscious Awareness, who you really are, and why you are here in this lifetime, in this Now Moment.

We celebrate each and every one of you. And shining the LoveLight into your heart, expanding your energy fields, up, down, and around and through, breathing into these high-vibrational energies.

We love you so very much. Letting go with our breathing, being in this Now Moment.  Yes, Beloveds, we are always here with you, watching you, feeling your energy, seeing the changes go on, in the Now Moment, on your Beloved Planet. 

All you have to do is to call us in to feel our Love and Support, heart to heart, and soul to soul.

Namaste, Beloveds, and good night.