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12-4-19 Sananda by Eli Galla

12-4-19 Sananda by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, it is I, your Brother Sananda, here with you on this Beloved Conference Call, and after Maria and Mother Sekhmet have come in. It is such a wonderful feeling for me also to feel all of the energies, that have shown forth from your hearts, from your consciousness into the whole. 

And now, we ask you to join together once more, me bi-locating my hand out to you, and you reaching out to someone else on the call, to form our circle once again. Breathing into our hearts, and sending it around the circle from the left to the right, expanding our energy fields once again. And allowing ourselves to let go in Divine Rhythm, and Timing, and Synchronization, to bring forth our Intentional Requirements now more so, than ever before of bringing in these feelings, this dynamic of Ease and Grace, so that we may all shine this LoveLight, throughout all of the Beloved Beings, all of the ones who have not awoken yet, and prepare them by going into their heavy dreaming states, Beloveds, with the Intentional Requirement of letting them feel our energies combined together, and the Grace, and Joy of allowing themselves to know that everything is perfect, that no matter what challenges they are faced with, whether it be financial, an addiction to drugs, or alcohol, or gambling, anything whereby they have felt like they’ve lost their ability to be sovereign. 

We say to them, that that is all an illusion, that all it takes is their Intentional Requirements to be Heart Centered, and raise the level of their vibration with shining forth, and making their Intentional Requirement from the Truth of knowing, who they really are out into the universe so that their energies of Love and Light, will multiple themselves, and make themselves, their energy fields, strong once again.

So, shining the LoveLight onto their combined energy, their combined energy fields, by shining the LoveLight, spiraling it all through our combined energy fields, and transmitting it to them, raising up in vibration, up, down, and around, and through. Feeling this miraculous Joy of knowing, that everything, that they have come in to accomplish, with all of their Soul Contracts, with their Mission of emanating forth the Power, and the Grace, and the Joy of Creator Source, of bringing to fruition this journey, of once again bringing in the 5th Dimension, so that, yes, you can all ascend in a very conscious, beautiful way, in this Divine Rhythm and Timing, that supports Unity and the Unity Consciousness, that you are all moving towards. 

And you will not lose anything, you will gain so very much of the Love and Light, who you truly are. Up, down, and around and through, Beloveds, to all of the Beloved Beings, to all of your ancestors, all of those who have crossed over onto the other side, whether it be this year or a long, long time ago. They are with you all right now. They see what you have been doing in all of your meditations, conference calls, all of your Intentional Requirements. 

They feel them, and they feel you rising above, what you once perceived as limitations, and shining your LoveLight to make choices, that allow you to overcome these obstacles, that this Artificial Intelligence is very happy to use, to rig the game in their favor, as they always have on every planet, that they have infected with these dynamics of control, lies, and deceptions. 

Well, Beloveds, we are here, coming together once again, to show them that their minutes of their perceived domination are slowly dying out, and that they will soon be gone off onto another game board, or that they may finally come into the Light, and allow themselves to be One with all of Creation, instead of fighting it. 

Dear Beloveds, we love you so very much. And this meditation never has to stop. With each and every breath, you can shine forth this conscious knowingness, of putting out your Intentional Requirements for Truth, Harmony, for the acceleration of all of your Beloved Ascension Processes, to reach that place of saturation, where they will come about.

Namaste, Beloveds, and good night

12-4-19 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

12-4-19 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Maria Magdalena, in Grace, and Ease, and Joyfulness, that I come to you tonight with this feeling of Freedom, of enjoying all of the energies, that I have felt with you once again tonight.

And you knowing, that you are coming upon the end of your Beloved Physical Calendar Year, and that means, that you are in the season of your holidays, of celebration. And we feel that there is much to celebrate about. And that it will be an ongoing progress for what is transpiring, what is coming about. Because, Beloveds, we have all worked so hard to feel this dynamic of the Truth being freed, being disseminated on your Beloved Planet, so that people will understand their connection with one another, and how we are Divine Beings, Divine Spirits, who came here, incarnated in physicality. And, yes, I put myself in that category, because of the lifetimes I’ve had on your Beloved Planet and other planets, too.

And right now, we see the shift in all of its glory, and its blessings unfolding. And it is such a fine time for us to witness your growth. And we nurture you, Beloveds, sending you the Love and Light, as you nurture each and every other Beloved Being on your planet, when you come and you do these meditations, and you raise the level of the Collective Consciousness on your Beloved Planet. It is wonderful!

And we ask you to open yourself up more and more with your breathing, with being aware of how you feel in each and every moment. Because, yes, your meditation is ongoing with every breath, that you take in your conscious physical states of beings. 

And the gifts that are awakening on your Beloved Planet are truly marvelous, because of these energies, that are coming in, but also the choices, that you are making, because more and more you are understanding, that you don’t have to be limited in any way by duality any more. That the 5th Dimension is available to you all of the time. And the more, that you can find people and ways to express it, and commune with it, such as taking walks in Mother Nature, and feeling yourselves let go with dancing, with singing, with anything artistic that is of the heart.

Ah yes, Beloveds, this is a time of expansion. And we ask you to be ever conscious of expanding that Love and Light that you are, radiating it so that you will attract Beloved Beings, who you can help very much so, who maybe haven’t awoken yet, or that they just have. And they are looking for someone such as yourself, who has been doing this for a while, and that could share with them in such a Divinely Miraculous Place, shining the LoveLight between one another.

Ah yes, Beloveds, we are always here for you. And we ask you to call us in, anytime you want to feel our Love and our Support.

Namaste, Beloveds, and good night.
And now we’re going to bring in Sananda.

12-4-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

12-4-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening to one and all, and all of you that may hear the recording later on, or read the transcripts. Once again it is our profound pleasure to be with you on this call tonight. And yes, we would say things are popping! Things are shaking ever more so, than they even were the last time that we got together.

You know, Congress is a branch of your government. And, well, it seems that they are consumed with showmanship right now. And I can understand that. You know, I like to put on a show myself, and to just flow with the energy. But, you know, what is really effective is not playing what you would call politics with the Truth. Because the Truth is a feeling. It’s a palpable feeling, tangible, that you can feel within the four bodies of your being.

And we ask you never to forget this, because more than anything else, the media, these politicians, they want to spin you out of being able to feel the Truth. They want you to go into your mind, and rationalize, and believe their rationalizations and feed their egos by feeding your own ego, and allowing yourself to get trapped in these thoughts, that aren’t based in the Truth. 

Truth is beauty, Beloveds. And you are all in this condition of being human on this 3rd, well now it’s not 3rd Dimensional, but there’s still a state of duality that exists, that your media and all the institutions want you to believe is the only dimension. And that is the 3rd Dimension. And that is the State of Duality. Well, you know that you can access the 5th Dimension anytime, that you want to breathe and get heart centered, or allow yourself to be in nature, and to feel the Divine Energies of that Beloved Kingdom of your planet. And yes, it is wonderful! 

Well, we bring all of this up because, yes, you are moving toward another significant gateway. And it will also be the time of a Full Moon on your planet, so the energy is building up once again. And you see by this play acting, that is going on with impeachment, that, you know, there’s a lot going on right now. But we ask you to use your imaginations as to what can happen when the Truth starts to come out, and the dynamic of that being a watershed event. In other words, the dam is about the burst, we would say. And in so many significant ways, this will help to raise the level of the vibration, even more so, on your Beloved Planet.

And yes, you are getting aided by Creator Source, and this energy coming in through the Galactic Center, through the Central Sun, through the gateway, the portal in your sun. And for us, it’s such a beautiful light show. And it has engendered so much change within the four bodies of your being, but also within Mother Gaia and all of her kingdoms.

Now, let us come together, me bi-locating my paw with each and every one of you, and you reaching out your other hand, to somebody else on this call to form our circle. Breathing into our Heart Centers, and sending this energy, through the palm of the left hand, around our Beloved Circle, and into the palm of the right hand. And just breathing into it and allowing yourself to relax, to feel good, Beloveds, to feel Bliss and Joy, of once again harmonizing your energy with the whole of us over on the other side, and all of the Beings on this call and even the others who will join this call and even the others who will join this call, via the recording and the transcription. Everyone is here.

And now with the Power and Speed of our Thoughts, rising on up, off of the Beloved Surface of your planet, and up into the atmospheres, the layers of atmospheres, that we jet right through. And coming into the layers, coming to my ship, the Nibiru, whose landing deck I am opening. And now we’re popping right on through that, still in our circle, as we wait for the belly of the ship to close, while hovering in this airlock.
And yes, now we can touch down. And we’re walking straight on back to an elevator that has opened up for us. And we are now, all getting into this elevator, connected, still together. And now we close the door, we push the button, and we’re rising right on up very quickly, to the top floor, to the penthouse. And opening up the doors now, coming to a stop. And walking right on through, and feeling all of the energies of all the Beloved Beings, who have already assembled here awaiting us, awaiting our arrival. And yes, all of the Mentors, the Commanders on the ships, other Ascended Masters and Angels, and your Beloved Ancestors, and, of course, maybe you in a lifetime or two from the past. And walking on over to the middle of our Beloved Room to the Crystal Altar where our Master Crystal sets.

And assembling this circle once again. And sending the energies, from the left, to the right, and to the outer circles. And feeling this LoveLight shine all throughout the room, combining our energies together. And really, all we have to do, is just keep allowing the rhythm of our breathing, to go along with the flow of this energy. And emanating it outward from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, forming our energy field, combined with one another’s energies.  And because we are combining with the energies of this Beloved Room, we are experiencing all of the dimensions of reality, and harmonizing with them with our breathing. Ah yes, and just breathing into it, allowing ourselves to be One with this Divine Flow of this Christ Consciousness Energy.
And this is the part, where we ask you to think of all of your Intentional Requirements, for what you want to create out of the meditation, and us being all together here tonight. Ah yes, it could be financial, it could have to do with relationships, or being more in tune with you own vibration, or that of being able to connect with your I AM Presence and receive messages.

And for us, for the intent that we want to bring into fruition with this meditation tonight, we want to allow ourselves to really breathe into this feeling of Joy, of Peace, of Understanding, of Knowing that all we have to do is to be aligned with our Heart Centers, and to shine forth the expression and to articulate it, this feeling of Oneness. Because, Beloveds, right now whenever you do that, even if the Beloved People who you are corresponding with, if they don’t believe, or understand some of the concepts, that you are emanating forth, they still are taking this energy into their upgraded systems, which have become very much crystalline based. Yes, you’ve all been rewired over the so-many years of experiencing this shift in your reality, from the time of the Harmonic Convergence. And then passing the markers some seven years ago for Ascension.

So, yes Beloveds, it’s all in play for you, and for you to be able to take these Light Codes into your being, and to understand how to use them in a way to create this reality, that you would like to see in the 5th Dimension, not just for yourselves, Beloveds, but for all of the Beloved Beings, and for Mother Gaia on this planet. This is our Divine Opportunity. We are learning, myself included, of course, because this dynamic that you have entered into fully, your accelerated Ascension Process is in full swing. And it’s never happened like this before on any planet, whereby you are becoming fully conscious, while still embodied in your physical incarnation. 

So, Beloveds, shining our Intentions for waking up your Beloved Planet with the Truth, and with this high-vibe Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, shining it forth into the Master Crystal. And now shooting it up through the tip, and through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru. And cascading it down in a spiral onto Beloved Mother Gaia, and going up, down and around and through the middle of the planet, this crystal core of Mother Gaia. And allowing ourselves to be in this rhythm of spiraling this energy into all of the subatomic particles; all of the photons penetrating the core of Mother Gaia, her consciousness, and raising it with our combined energies in the spirit of Love and Light, that we all are, combined together this very night, on this meditation, to bring even more of this Love and Light into the hearts and minds of all of the Beloved Beings on your Planet, all of the kingdoms, all of the environments, that are so rapturously beautiful of Mother Nature.
And ah yes, this feeling of Peace, of Contentment, allowing it to grow in the Collective Consciousness. And knowing the reasons all of you have come forth into this lifetime are being handled, are being set forth in a Divine Rhythm, Timing, and Synchronization in this Divine Order. And it is so very beautiful for us to see it expand more and more so, to see all of the plans, that have been put into place start to take hold. Because you are seeing things pop up in your mainstream news that you haven’t seen before, in a way, that you haven’t experienced before.
Because you are coming into this place of raising the level of your consciousness collectively, and pretty soon this dynamic is going to prepare your Beloved Planet for the Full Disclosure of all that is being kept hidden from you these many, many years; and all of the dirty tricks, lies and deceptions that this Artificial Intelligence, and its minions, have perpetrated against the Spirit of your Sovereignty. 

So, Beloveds, spiraling this energy into the hearts and consciousness of your Beloved Planet, all of the Beloved Beings, multiplying its energies, allowing this transmission of each and every one of you being an integral part of the Godhead, to take hold. For each of the Beloveds on your planet, to know that there’s nothing to be afraid of, that they’ve given permission, by them being here, in this incarnation, in this Now Moment, for the changes that we have all been working for, since your Fall into Duality, and into the lower dimensions where you were cut off and made into amnesiacs. And it has been, we would say, a rocky road to get back to that place of being able to understand and know your connection with one another, your Beloved Planet, into realizing the Love and Light, that you are as part of the Godhead. 

And so, let us make our little journey into the elevators down in Mexico.  Because once again, we want to put out these high vibrations of our LoveLight, of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, so all of the Beloveds down there, and even the dark, oh, Reptilians that are still hiding, that haven’t been rooted out yet, for them to feel. Because, yes, we are all One, we all emanated from this Divine Consciousness, the Seat of Consciousness, we would say, of Creator Source. And no matter how many beings, who put their Faith and their Trust in the Artificial Intelligence, and their front person who we call Satan, but they call in many different names. They always want to make things as confusing as possible, now, don’t they?

Well, there’s nothing confusing about shining forth this Golden White Light, going up, down, and around and through from Mexico, from coast to coast, through the United States, into Canada, and back down again, in the width and length of your Beloved Continent, raising the level of the vibration, by allowing yourself to feel the Love and Light that you are. And yes, when you open up and spin all of your chakras, this allows you to be shining forth your transmission of the Christ Consciousness Energy, and you become a shining beacon of it. And yes, it affects the whole of Creation. And it is grand, and it is wonderful! 

And shining this forth to all of the Beloved Beings, who have been fulfilling their Soul Contracts, while they have been enslaved by this Cabal, by having to feel all of these low-vibrational energies, and constantly battling against the dynamics of fear, of separation, and all of the lies and deceptions. 

“Dear Beloved Beings, no matter what physical age you are, we love you so very dearly. And your time is at hand for rising on up, and transitioning your current circumstances. And some of you will be jettisoned forth to the surface once again. Some of you will transition to the other side. But this is your time of being able to really experience who you really are, and to know that you have done such a wonderful job. And we only have the highest and deepest respect and such Love that we cannot even express, and put it into words, Beloveds. We honor you. We love you so very much.” 

And to all of the Beloved Beings on this call, and who will join in later, we love you. And we are here anytime, that you just want to call us in and feel our energy, or feel our Love and Support, or meditate with us, and connect up with those higher aspects of your being.

Namaste, Beloved Beings, and good night.

Friday, November 29, 2019

11-27-2019 Sananda by Eli Galla

11-27-2019 Sananda by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Sananda, once again with you feeling Love and Joy, Peace and Harmony, all of these good, wonderful things, that are coming to a crest in the wave of energy, that is flowing into your Beloved Planet. Each and every day, each and every moment, these energies are cascading down into your Beloved Planet, from the Central Sun, from the Galactic Center, through your Beloved Solar Sun. And it is with the Intentional Requirements of Creator Source, to expedite your Ascension Process, in a very harmonious, gratifying way, filled with Ease and Grace. 

Because yes, there are many obstacles, that you feel each and every day with finances, with perhaps maybe doing jobs, or just things in your normal daily routine, that do not resonate so highly with you. But Beloveds, the Miracle that is Ascension is transpiring, is in full play, we would say, on your Beloved Planet. And so, every day you are learning how to integrate with these high vibrations. 

And when you feel, what you would call, these Ascension Symptoms, it is just because, it is getting you to feel, where you are a little bit out of alignment, and where it would help you to open up your hearts and make choices, that would allow you to be more firmly in connection with these energies, with the Truth of you being the Godhead, that you are. 

Ah yes, Beloveds, there have been shadows in your reality. These dark spaces, where the Truth hasn’t been allowed to shine. And tonight, we’re going to do a little meditation to awaken those shadows, with the splendor of the Divine Truth, that each and every one of you possess in your hearts. And it’s a little bit of shadow dancing, we would say. Because the Sun is going to play in those shadows, whether they be on the surface, or underneath the surface, and metamorphosize the promise of the Truth coming in, and illuminating those shadows, Divinely Harmonious, connecting each and every one of your hearts, all over your Beloved Planet, with your kingdoms awakening too.

So yes, we grant you the feeling of being connected in your circle, and shining the LoveLight, heart to heart, around your circle in a clockwise direction. And spiraling the energy in the combined energy field of your energies, coming together and melding with one another, with Grace, Joy, Harmony, Wisdom, and Compassion, knowing we are always All One, even though we may not be able to feel it, like we are right now. 

But let us breathe into this feeling of being energized with the Truth of who we really are, and aligning ourselves with all of those shadows, all of those spaces, where the secrets and the underworld energies, have been able to take over your reality the way that they have. We intentionally require to jettison all of those shadows, with bright harmonious Light, the Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, this Divine Knowingness that all is in Divine Harmony. That the Truth cannot any longer be hidden from the conscious awareness of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. 

And now is the time of the opportunity, for each and every one of them, to rise up into that place of knowingness, that place of activation of your DNA, of all of the strands coming online, and connecting up in that right lobe of your brain. And the transmissions from your DNA, through these energy templates and energy centers in your body, thriving in high vibration, rapidly sending these signals of Bliss, and Harmony, and Understanding, and letting go to feeling good all of the time, no matter what obstacles remain, or what energies remain to be healed.

We are all One, Beloveds, in the Love and Light of the Truth, that we are all part of the Godhead. And yes, as Maria and Sekhmet have said, we are so here for you all of the time. We invite you into our hearts to do whatever will help you feel Self Love and Compassion, to feel supported by the Universe. 

We are very grateful for us, being able to come together tonight. We love you so very much, Beloveds. Namaste and good night.

11-27-19 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

11-27-19 Maria Magdalena by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

It is I, Maria Magdalena, once again coming to you. Ah yes, my heart is happy and filled with Gratitude, as we feel that yours are also, having done this meditation, and knowing what tomorrow represents to each and every one of you. Because, ah yes, we all collectively have so much to be grateful for, all that is transpiring, to bring this planet to that level of Love and Light, where the 5th Dimension, and all of the higher dimensions can thrive and dominate on your Beloved Planet, in a way, that they have never been able to before, is really right before you.

And it is with each and every breath, Beloveds, that you have the opportunity to expand this consciousness, in the Love and Light, in the Holy Magnificent Understanding, that you are all part of the Godhead. You are all here to help raise the level of Understanding, Compassion, Joy, and Bliss, all of the wonderful high-vibrational frequencies, that accompany these realizations of who you all are, and transmitting it to all of the Beloveds.

And many of you will have the opportunity, in the coming days, to express from you heart, why you are so turned on and happy, when you recall what has happened in the last year. Because some of these Beloveds Beings, who join you at your Thanksgiving meal, you may have not seen very much, in the course of this past year. So, to be able to share with them, heart to heart, why now is a time of great Promise and Joy for you, because you feel these changes transpiring on your Beloved Planet. And you’re letting go to the magic, and you’re letting go of any expectations, of how the next steps are played out to announcing these steps of bringing in NESARA in your reality, just as it will be accompanied by the 5th Dimension, and its higher vibrations, on your Beloved Planet. 

Well, Beloveds, now is the time, where we see you being given a little more leeway, to being able to express yourself. And yes, you will know and feel in a Divine Way, when you are able to do this, without so much resistance and friction, as there has been before. Because even those on your Beloved Planet, who have not awakened yet, they know that something’s up. The changes within their wiring, in their DNA and the circuits and connections within the four bodies of their being are now at a place where the transmissions are easier for them to feel. They know, that the energies have changed considerably quite a lot. But they can’t really put their finger on it. 

But, Beloveds, you are there to plant those seeds, within the four bodies of their being. So, when they will have that magnificent moment of waking up, they will be able to tap into the feelings, along with your words, that you were expressing to them so many times. And it will help guide them, and support them, just the feeling, just your vibration, when you were saying these things to them, and we find that being very miraculous.

But that is the way that Universal Laws work. And of course, everything is centered around your Law of One. And, Beloveds, we give great Gratitude, as Mother said, for you and your involvement, all of your meditations, your expressions of Understanding, Clear Communication with the way that you feel, in the acceleration of your Ascension Processes, and all that you have done, to enable them to permeate your planet.

Namaste, Beloveds. And ah yes, we are always here for you in each and every moment, opening our hearts to yours, and showing you, letting you feel the Love and Light, that you are in a Divine Way. Namaste, Beloveds and good night.

And now, Sananda, my Twin, is going to come in.

11-27-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

11-27-19 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah yes, we feel the Ease and the Grace of being here, at this time with you on this Beloved Call. And we make our Intentional Requirements for the LoveLight to spread and to permeate all over your Beloved Planet. 

And yes, Thanksgiving is only celebrated in some of the Beloved Countries on your planet tomorrow. But still that feeling of being after the 11-11 Gateway, and right before the 12-12, and all that is transpiring on your Beloved Planet, with the impetus of the Christ Consciousness Energy ever urging all of us onward toward the Finish Line. 

Beloveds, now it is the time for assessing where we have been, where we are going, and to feel within our hearts the marvel of Gratitude and Forgiveness for all that we remember that has transpired. Because, yes, you do not have the ability, as of yet, to go into your Akashic Records. But Believe me, we, the Mentors, can see each and every one of your Akashic Records. And we know, what it has taken for each and every one of you, to get here into this Now Moment, with the conditions that are alive and thriving on your Beloved Planet. And yes, you are all ready for a sea change. 

The momentum has shifted now. And it’s been this way for, ah, we would say a few years. But each and every day that passes, the momentum builds just a little bit more. And we feel, that we are pushing on the walls of that dam. And then one day, ah, well, it’s going to bust loose. And all of what we’ve been planning to bring in, the benefits and the consciousness of life lived, with the Announcements of NESARA will kick in Beloveds.

And now, more so than any time before, the Promise of so many Beloveds on your planet to awaken, to the Power, that each and every one of them possess, and that they are here, each, and every one of them, for a Beloved Reason, that we all have these gifts and talents.

And now is the time to take the blinders off, and to let our Sovereign Spirits run with Ease and Grace, and allow us to fulfill the Promise of why we came into these Beloved Lifetimes, where we knew Ascension was on the table. And now, we’ve passed these markers.

And you are seeing that Finish Line, and what has been set up on your Beloved Planet to transpire. And yes, NESARA, as per the construction and the requirements of Beloved Saint Germain, has its Divine Rhythm, and Timing, and Synchronization in place. And much monumental good can come in the coming days. 

So, it is with a happy heart, that I ask you all to reach out for me by bi-locating my paw to each and every one of you. And you, please, reach out to somebody else’s hand on the call, to form our circle. And breathing into the Heart Center, and sending it down the left arm, out through the palm of the left hand, around the circle, and into the palm of the right hand. 

And breathing into the heart, feeling this deluge of Love and Light come into your hearts, expanding our energy fields. And with the Power and the Speed of our Thoughts, rising on up, all of us in this circle, up off of the surface of your Beloved Planet, and into the layers of the atmospheres, through the layers of the ships, coming upon my Beloved Ship. We’re honing in on that landing deck. It’s opening, ‘cause I’ve flipped the switch. 

And we, with our circle intact, are rising on up into the airlock, while the landing deck closes beneath us, Beloveds. And with Ease and Grace, we touch down. And we walk on back to an open elevator. And all of us getting in with the elevator accommodating the size of our circle. And we’re shutting the door, pushing the button, and rising on up into the top floor here. And now, we’ve come to a stop.

We’re opening up the door, and the Shangri-La of the Casbah of the Crystal Healing Room is alive with all of the Beloved Mentors, and so many Commanders, other Angels, and Ascended Masters and, of course, your ancestors and, ah yes, perhaps you in a previous lifetime or two. And the magic is overflowing. The LoveLight is shining bright, Beloveds. 

And we’re walking on into the middle of this Healing Room and assembling our circle around the Altar, where our Master Crystal sets. And ain’t it grand! And shining this LoveLight from our hearts, around the circle, while the other circles have pulled together, and first to the Mentors, then the other beings circling around them, to your ancestors. 

And shining our LoveLight, from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling of the combined energies of all of the crystals, all of our Beloved Energies aligned in conscious awareness for healing, in this Now Moment, so that each and every one of us can feel this Oneness, the Truth of who we really are in being connected to Creator Source, in every breath we take from now on.

And just spiraling this energy up, down, and around and through. And feeling, and being the Love and Light, that we are without reservation, without any hang-ups. And letting it flow, and multiply, and expand within the four bodies of our being. 

And now, we ask each and every one of you to set forth your Intentional Requirements, for what you would like to create out of the energies of tonight’s meditation. And ah yes, it could be something financial, or having to do with the flow of your energy, or connecting with people on this Beloved Holiday, who you haven’t seen in a long time, but connecting with their hearts, letting them know that you love them so very dearly, even if they are over on the other side.
Because, Beloveds, all of our experiences that we have in our lifetime, when it’s all said and done, they are so very golden. And they allow the LoveLight to multiply and grow, throughout all of the Cosmos. And that is a miraculously wonderful gift, which aligns us ever so much more with the core essence of our beingness. 

And all of us for tonight’s Meditation, we require that we feel this LoveLight more and more, that we allow it to come in, and take over, knowing we are supported, knowing that it’s a piece of cake right now. Because the high vibrations of this LoveLight, are so effortlessly, allowing us to thrive in harmony with the left lobe of our brains, and all of the structure, that you have built for yourself in your daily routine, of being able to survive at a healthy, comfortable level. 

Well, now so much more than ever, you are able to rise up in vibration and create the reality you desire, in a truly wonderful way. So, there is much to be grateful for. This is one of the things, Beloveds, that really matters, the quality of life, of Love and Light, that you feel and experience, and are able to express from your hearts, in each and every moment. 

So, shining our Intentional Requirements into the Master Crystal, feeling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy shoot on up, through its tip, through the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru. And then spiraling its energies down onto your Beloved Planet, from the atmosphere, to the surface, underneath the surface, spiraling it up, down, and around and through, penetrating Beloved Mother Gaia’s crystalline core. And connecting up with this marvelous light-blue crystalline energy, and allowing it to permeate every photon, subatomic particle on your Beloved Planet.

And shining into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings, to feel this great Oneness with Mother Gaia. And allowing us to feel the great Gratitude, that she feels in what is transpiring, with raising the level of her vibration for Ascension. And ah yes, it is very mutual, because she has supported us the way that she has, in all of the incarnations, that you have all had on your Beloved Planet, and me too. Because I was here for a couple of thousands of years in this time of the density of duality, where I was a teacher and a warrior. And things were a lot more wide open then. Well, Beloveds, oh, well, that’s one of the reasons, why they don’t tell you about that period of time, because that would pretty much blow their covers for the way things are now. 

And shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on the planet with this Intentional Requirement, for raising the level of the vibration, and all of the plans to manifest NESARA, which will allow you to have a very marvelous upgrade in the quality of your lives, and not just monetarily, but in all facets of your being, Beloveds. Because the Truth of who you are, will be allowed to shine once we take out this matrix, and all of the lies and deceptions, that it has been constructed with.

Imagining this Golden Thread to each and every one of your hearts. So, we’re talking about billions of threads, that are forming this Sacred Geometry between all the hearts and the energy fields, of all of the Beloveds on your planet. And we’re feeling the depth of the Passion, and connecting up heart to heart, and Soul to Soul, in this Now Moment, where the Truth unveils itself in each and every being on your Beloved Planet, when the vibration rises up high enough in frequency, such as this Event happening. It will be, we would say, just naturally floating into your consciousness, and taking over and allowing you to really see the Power of being able to Create in these higher levels, in these higher vibrations, in this 5th Dimensional energy and beyond, feeling this Love and Light wash over, and into your hearts.

And now, let us go over to see Julian tonight because, he may not think so, at this time, we see that he is being very physically challenged. So, we’re going right into that jail where he is being held. And we’re shining the LoveLight into his energy field, and spiraling it up, down, and around and through in a counterclockwise direction, to remove any of these lower vibrations which he is feeling, any of these lies, that he is being told, that make it very easy for him to slip into despair and fear. 

Well, we are raising the level of the vibration, the speed, efficiency and accuracy of this spiral, to increase 10,000-fold, to remove all of these particles, this nonsense of being controlled in fear, of being intimidated.  And bringing this to completion, over on the other side, in Divine Rhythm, Timing, and Synchronization in the Now Moment. 

And we intentionally require to raise the level of his vibration into the highest frequencies of Unconditional/Universal Love and Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude and these other high-vibrating energies, such as Ease, Grace, Joy, Harmony, Wisdom, Understanding, Peace, Patience, Mercy, Prosperity, Abundance, Creativity, Clarity, Satisfaction, Fulfillment and Bliss, Tolerance, Clear Communication, and Discernment. And spiraling it all throughout his energy field, in this vertical spiral, from the center above to the center below, this two-foot area which comprises his energy field in all directions. 

And now, we are imagining ourselves being there, in this Now Moment, in his energy field, becoming miniature selves in doing this dance, in a clockwise spiral. And sending Love from our hearts into his. And this will filter through, when he is in his dream state the next time. And we are singing this song of Harmony, Peacefulness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, of the bigger picture, where this is all a hologram. And no matter how painful, what he has been experiencing in these past days has been for him, that he is able to let go in his dream state, and into a marvelous Shangri-La of shared experiences, within the Collective Consciousness, to free him, and give him back his strength and power. UASA, UASA. Already happened; It’s already done.

And so, Beloveds, let us go over to Mexico, down into the elevator. And going into this underground network of tunnels, and spiraling the energy horizontally now, from Mexico, through the United States, up into Canada and back again, from the East Coast to the West Coast, shining this LoveLight. Going down very deeply, where these energy sources, the Reptilians, have been hiding in their repose, secretly manipulating the energies of the underworld to the wishes of the Artificial Intelligence, and all of its minions, to dominate your spirits, and all of your resources on your Beloved Planet. 

Well, we intentionally require for transparency like there never has been before, through all of the layers of your stories, of the Truth of everything that has transpired on your Beloved Planet. Because yes, we have those records on our ships. And at some point, in the near future, it is our Divine Plan to share them with all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. And this will create such Grace and Joy, that it will allow you to know that everything that you have been going through, in all of these lifetimes, where you have been testing the limits of duality have been well worth it. Because it will affect all of Creation, in such a Divine, Beautiful way, that no one will ever feel any low vibrations on your Beloved Planet ever again. And that will be worth it! Now won’t it?

And shining our LoveLight into all of the Beloved Beings, up, down, and around and through, that are still in these underground basesk, who have been kept there against their Will. And they have been magnificently carrying out to completion their Soul Contracts. What we say to them,

“We love, and we honor you, so very much. We can see your trials, that you have been through, how you have been tested in very extreme ways, and Beloveds, just by your being down there, and giving it your best shot every moment, you are victorious in the Light. And we love you so very much for this.”

And Beloved Beings on this call, we honor you. We are thankful, and in great Gratitude for your efforts to be with us, and all that you do on your Beloved Planet, to raise the level of Love and Light.

Namaste, Beloveds

Thursday, November 21, 2019

11-20-19 Sananda by Eli Galla

11-20-19 Sananda by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is I, Sananda, coming in and sharing our Love and our Light with you, spiraling it into your energy fields, and coming together, once again, forming our circle.
Ah yes, Beloveds, sending it around the circle, and initiating this Divine Flow of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, into your hearts once again. And combining our energies, to form our energy field together. And from the center above, to the center below, spiraling this energy up, down, and around and through, multiplying and expanding it.

And now we make the Intentional Requirement, with the Power and the Speed of our Thoughts, to go right on up into Beloved Ashtar’s ship, the New Jerusalem. And yes, stepping through the elevator, rising on up one floor, for the landing deck, into Ashtar’s floor of his meeting room. Opening up the elevator, all of us getting out, at the same time, with our circle remaining intact.

And walking down the hall, taking our first right, into this beautiful meeting room with the luxurious motif, that awaits us of flowers, bouquets assembled etherically, all over the Cosmos. And yes, walking on up, over to Ashtar. And we take the hands of the Beloved Beings already there in this inner circle, and we form our circle.

And yes, we’ve come here because your ancestors want to get a little more intimate with you tonight, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, for who you are, and the lives you’ve shared together, and the work you’ve done together in waking up, and taking back the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Planet.

Beloveds, just because your mother or your father has gone over to the other side, or your aunts or your uncles are no longer embodied in physicality, on your Beloved Planet, it does not mean that they have ever forgotten the experiences, that they have had with you. And sending this Love and Light around the circle, acknowledging the contributions, that each of you have made, not just for yourselves, but for all of Creation, to play through these Soul Contracts in a very intense level and manner, to learn your Life Lessons, to bring your Soul Contracts to completion, so that collectively you have readied yourselves, on your Beloved Planet, for the 5th Dimension once again to reign supreme, and to make it possible for all of the Beloved Beings to ascend.
And now you’re going to do your Ascensions in quite the style. Because, Beloveds, you are going to be fully embodied, in physicality, when your Ascensions happen. And yes, there have been Ascended Beings on your Beloved Planet at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, and all through the cycle of your inhabitation on your Beloved Planet. But collectively you have earned Mass Ascension. And this portends so well, not only for you, and your Spiritual Evolution, but the Spiritual Evolution of all of the Beloved Beings in Creation, as we’ve been telling you these many, many times, that we’ve come together, and you do your meditations with Mother, Maria and myself.

Shining this LoveLight around the circle, and all of the Beloved Beings assembled in outer circles around us, and into the hearts of your Beloved Ancestors. Feeling the Unity, the Ease, and the Grace, of bringing in more and more, of activating this dynamic of Christ Consciousness into your DNA, into your Akashic Records. And spiraling through the center above, to the center below, in this Divine Flow of Energy, in the Oneness of the Love and Light, that we are.

And feeling our Beloved Brother, Ashtar, and Athena, and all of the other Beloved Ascended Masters, shining their LoveLights into your hearts, activating all of the strands of your DNA, all of those places in the right lobe of your brain, that have been dormant, because they have been mutated and tampered with by this AI.

As they say on your Beloved Planet, you’re making a comeback. And we are here every step of the way to love and support you to full embodiment, of the Love and Light that you are, Beloveds. We love you so very much, and so do all of your Beloved Ancestors. We are all One. Namaste and good night.

And yes, we are here for you, any time you wish to call us in, all of us Mentors, all of us beings of the Love and Light, that we collectively are.  Good night.