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9-12-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

9-12-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, I thank you so very much for being here on the call with us tonight. And yes, all of the Mentors are here. We come into this call seeing your dedication, your Love and your Compassion with one another. Because we feel no judgments here, we feel a purity of Love, of Intentional Requirements for raising the level of the vibration on your planet so everyone who wants to ascend will be able to because with these Meditations, it is our plan to bring in the 5th Dimension once again on your Beloved Planet.

This is such a wondrous time for all of us on the other side. And we see it as a wondrous time for you also, because you can count on it every day for the energy to be upshifting, to be changing gears and rising up into higher and higher frequencies, into higher rotations of Peace. 

And we are very happy that we did an Absolution of Guilt today, because Guilt is one of the things that is like a solder or a glue that has held the lower vibrations in place for so many eons. And we see it as the cornerstone of so many dogmas of religions, of business upon your planet. And it is not the Truth of who you are to feel guilty for any of your experiences, anything that you’ve created on your planet. It has all been here for the learning, for the Joy of knowing, of reconnecting with who you really are through the timeline.

And yes, a dirty trick was played on all of you by these dark ones, mutating your DNA down to two strands. That wasn’t supposed to happen, and it did.  And you’ve had to deal with it the best that you could in every lifetime. So you’ve gone through these cycles of like every seven years, your body goes through another cycle. And it allows you to re-imprint and to manifest more Wisdom by going through these obstacles of duality in different levels of vibration inside of your body, in body time. 

And now with the way that the new children are coming in with more than just two strands of DNA, without any karma to weigh them down, the vibrations on your planet have risen. And many of you have children or grandchildren that are these new Crystal or Rainbow Children, and they are such a Joy for you. No matter what obstacles they or you are facing, they still remind you every moment of who you really are up in the high vibration of where we all come from, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. We come from the Love and the Light from Pure Consciousness of Creator Source. And anything less than Unconditional, Universal Love for yourself is a lie!

And we know the extent of what the AI has perpetrated upon you through their institutions with all of this negative programming. We are on the Spirited Clearings Team. And we have worked on even some of you in sessions. And we have worked on many clients over the years now. And what we initiated with Meg has blossomed forth to encompass deeper and deeper levels of negative programming, to clear them, to transmute more and more energy to raise the level of the vibration on your Beloved Planet. And we will continue to do that. 

And even after the Cosmic Blast, we see a need for people still having to clean out a lot of negative programming, because they will have just started to come into their Ascension Process. And they will have just started to work on cleaning themselves from these very low vibrations and the underpinnings of them that have been perpetrated upon all of your nervous systems. 

And now, like no other, is a time for all of us to rise up in vibration and be heart centered and really come into the Light more and more. And some people may think that they are giving up so much of their individuality by rising up so much in vibration. And we say to you, this couldn’t be further from the Truth. And that when are in Light Body, you will still be your own specific, unique ray of the LoveLight. No One, Dear Beloveds, can take that away from you. It is your Energy Signature.

But the higher we rise into these higher vibrations, these higher dimensions, the more we feel the Oneness, the more that we become saturated and, umm, effective in Unity Consciousness. And that’s where the real power lies, in Unity. But of course, your imprints of the negative programming that has been thrust upon you since you were brought into this lifetime. And all of the different lifetimes basically in the duality life cycle has preached individuality and separation and survival.

And now those times are done. You have graduated the density of duality, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And now you come into the Light, you come into this moment of connection with these higher aspects of who you really are as being part of the Godhead to allow all of us to anchor in the 5th Dimension once more on your Beloved Planet.

And we love you so very much for the LoveLight that you are and all that you do, your commitment, your focus, your dedication.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  We love you so very much.  Good night.

9-12-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

9-12-18 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, I thank you so very much for joining together in this Meditation heart to heart tonight on the call. Probably you can feel the energies once again are soaring. And they are leading us into this time of the Equinox.  And in North American, it is your Fall or Autumn Equinox. And we have just had some very dynamic energies come in over the past couple of months. And it continues to be that way.

And yesterday is what we are calling a gateway, this 9/11. Because when it happened some 17 years ago created a change in the timeline that you have all been working to heal so diligently. And this has become a major part of our Mission because, as probably all of you know, that was the day that it was planned upon by the Alliance that NESARA would be announced. But of course, the cabal had other ideas going on like an interminable war using their tricks, their bag of tricks to convince and hoodwink, basically the whole world that this nefarious terrorist attack was perpetrated upon New York, Washington, D.C., and other places in the United States were at risk also.

But of course, we know that it was an inside job and that it allowed, because of this false-flag event, it allowed a war to be perpetrated in its name. And this war, well you know, this is where we say it’s all smoke and mirrors.  Because the real reason for the war, of course, is to gain more power and control over certain areas. And the cabal is always thinking of their, ah, black ops and all their little secret business ventures, such as the drug trade. And guess what? That’s where it thrives is in Afghanistan, and that’s where one of the wars was held. And of course, oil played a part in that too. And there were very many lives lost. But of course, these Dark players, they don’t really care about that or they haven’t.
And now the game has shifted, because it is becoming more transparent each and every day about who these dark players, these dark forces on the earth, who they are, what they do and the powers that they have manipulated and wreaked havoc upon our reality for thousands of years. And we see this as being a time of completion. And of course, we can’t say the date of when this is going to actually come about, but believe you me, we see that it’s already happened, and that you all are feeling the energies rising so exponentially at this time.

So, on that note, let us once again do our Meditation to expedite these matters into creation, into manifestation on your Beloved Blue Orb. And let me extend to you and bi-locate my paw. And please reach ahold of another person, of their hand, and let’s form our circle here. And breathing into the Heart Center, allowing ourselves to slow down and relax and to feel the joy of being in our Oneness together heart to heart and the true Magic of Love that exists in every breath, in every moment. 

And with our thoughts, our intentions rising up off the surface of your planet up into the atmosphere at the speed of thought and going higher and higher through the atmospheres, through the layers of the ships. And coming upon my ship, the Nibiru, opening up the underbelly here which becomes our landing deck, because we’re rising up into the air lock as the landing deck closes. 

And now we can touch down safely and walk on back to the elevator here. And opening the door and popping through with our circle intact. And zooming right on up to that top room there where the Crystal Room is. Now opening the door of the elevator and feeling all of the Beloved Beings of the LoveLight and their wondrous energies here in this Now Moment greeting us. And of course, you might feel that little nudge or whisper or tickle from your ancestors letting you know that they’re here and very glad to see you.

And ringing around the altar with our group here, because we’re going to be right in the inner circle. And feeling the Mentors ring around us and then all the Beloved Beings from the ships, the other Ascended Masters and Angels who are with us right now in this room. And sending this LoveLight from our hearts to the left, out to our left palm and around the circle, to the inner circle to the outer circles and all through the room from the floor to the ceiling, up, down, around and through, assimilating all of the energies of the crystals in the very high dimensions and all of the higher dimensions of reality are represented here.

So just spiraling it again over and over for a while up, down, around and through into our hearts, around the circle again and through the room. And allowing this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy to multiply exponentially now into the highest frequencies of Love and Light. And now focusing our own intentions, our own personal requirements of what we want to develop from this Meditation, of what we want to Manifest in our Reality.
And now sending the LoveLight around the circles once more and focusing it right now on our Beloved Crystal which acts as a tractor beam; and shooting this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy up through the hole in the ceiling here and down through the atmospheres onto your Beloved Planet. And spiraling it up, down, around and through from the atmosphere to the surface and then underground there. Every particle, every subatomic particle being affected, raising the level of the vibration into the highest of frequencies of Love and Light. And doing this over and over again and sending it into the hearts of all the Beloved Beings on your planet.

The Love is so deep, it is so wide, and it affects the consciousness of everyone, these high vibrations. And our Intentional Requirements are that of Peace, of an end of all warfare, including weather warfare, including deception and lies and violence of all kinds, verbal, physical, sexual abuse and violence. Peace Now, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

And feeling the stillness of our Love as a radiant beam shining out all over Creation now, raising the level of the vibration. Because yes, there are many planets within the scope and range of the multiverse that are still in lower vibrations of a 3rd Dimensional dualistic time. And we’re shining the LoveLight onto them too. There is no separation. 

And now, we’re going to go over on top of the oceans here in the Atlantic.  And yes, we can see that there’s some storms a-brewing. And we’re going to breathe into them this LoveLight, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, and we’re going to reverse the spin. And we’re going to take out those factors that are causing these storms to escalate. We’re going to reverse spin them to chill them out.  We’re going in a spiral all over these areas. So maybe you have a few different spirals going at the same time here. And up, down, around and through all of these clouds down to the surface.
And going down into the tectonic plates here because these last few weeks have seen an exponential rise in earthquake activity. And there is still heavy alerts for very many areas on your Beloved Planet for earthquakes. So going down into the plates, reversing the polarities here, doing a little anti-gravity hocus pocus. And continuing to breathe into our hearts, Dear Beloved Ones because this is where our connection with the higher dimensions, the higher vibration is with this purity of the LoveLight that we are. 

And now going over to the other side of America to the other coast, to the Pacific and going down – Well, first starting from the atmosphere and going down onto the surface of the oceans and then to the land too into all of the faults that affect this Beloved Ring of Fire. And sending this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy all up, down, around and through the plates and reversing the spin here, reversing the polarities and just breathing into it up, down, around and through.

And there’s certain areas, such as Fiji and Vanuatu in New Zealand area where these quakes have been very deep, about 600 kilometers deep. And this is affecting the plates for such a large area of your Beloved Planet right now. And feeling the Peace, the Joy, the Serenity, the Calm of knowing that all is in Divine Timing and Divine Order.

And now let us go above the land mass, and shine the LoveLight from the atmosphere, to the surface, to underneath the ground here into this network of the tunnels and the underground bases. Because yes, Dear Ones, a lot still has to be exposed. A lot of these dark players are hiding out down there.  And yes, they’re in a type of Shangri-La. But we’re shining the LoveLight on them to expose them to such high vibration that they will want to get out of there. And they will be exposed, and they will be brought to these Martial Courts, which will levy accountability upon them.

So now let’s start from above the surface from this area from Mexico through the United States through Canada. Spiraling this energy vertically, up, down and around and through this network of the bases from the surface and underground, over and over again. Feeling this Golden White LoveLight penetrate every pore, every subatomic particle of these underground structures that have been used against us to keep this evil secret from us which has perpetuated the power of this cabal for oh, so long. Because yes, some of these structures are very new but some of them are very, very old also.
And now let us go horizontally and pick a part, a spot on the compass here to horizontally go underneath the ground and shine this LoveLight, spiraling it through this underground network of tunnels and bases. And yes, at the speed of our thought impregnating all of these dark energies with this brilliant LoveLight, raising the energies into the 5th Dimension and beyond. And disabling their dynamics of control down there in these underground bases. 

And we require that all of the dark beings be brought to the Light in this Now Moment and that all of the people who have been slaves, who have been the objects of ritual sacrifices, who have been targeted, that they are all free in this Now Moment. And we say to all of these Dear Beloved Beings who have agreed to a Soul Contract of being in this situation of playing out this reality, that they are so loved, because they have been bringing attention and focus to these dark players, to the human trafficking, to the human sacrifices, to the pedophilia that has run rampant within all of the different levels of this cabal.
And we say No More! We say Now is the time that everybody takes ahold of their sovereign being, of their Love, and their Light and rises up into the 5th Dimension who wants to, to accelerate their Ascension Process.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, once again we thank you so very much for allowing us to come in and to facilitate this Meditation with you.

Namaste and good night. We love you so much beyond all words.  

Sunday, September 9, 2018

9-5-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

9-5-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, I am so thrilled to be in your presence on this call tonight. And yes, what a marvelous Meditation that was. And we are so happy that things are progressing on your planet the way that they are. It is a marvelous time because so much has needed to be cleared. And over the years we have gone through a continuous process of cleansing, of raising the level of the vibration. And the Beloved Beings, such as yourselves, working on yourself to raise the level of your Love and Light and thus enabling the marker to be reached on your planet in 2012. 

And from that point onward in these almost six years later, things have grown and multiplied in a very beautiful and wonderful and colorful manner to make the LoveLight on your planet shine into the hearts of more and more Beloved Beings and to enable them to wake up. 

And yes, still many are sleeping, still many are so afraid. And they have been brainwashed by your media, by just the dynamics of all of your institutions and having to go out and play the survival game and work at jobs that are very low vibrational to them, because they don’t really like what they’re doing. I mean, don’t you think it was on purpose that there would be so many jobs that wouldn’t be fun to do? I mean, and so many people that would vie even for the jobs that they didn’t like. 

We have to laugh about that one, you know. And because when you are in the 5th Dimension, you’re not doing anything out of survival. You’re not doing anything that you don’t love to do. And this is what you had so long ago in your history/herstory on your planet in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

And now, as we say, you’re going to have a different type of experience in the 5th Dimension that is going to be broader and more encompassing of who you really are as a part of the Godhead and wow! We see this unfolding even as we speak. And we are very happy to tell you, yes, these plans, they are being enacted. And we don’t know how long it’s going to take before the 5th Dimension is firmly in place. 

We just see that on your planet, those of you who have been doing the work on themselves, like Beloved Beings such as yourselves, are so supported and loved by Heaven right now because you are enabling all of the sleeping giants on your planet their opportunity to wake up. It’s because of you blazing the trail and showing the way to the LoveLight, that will enable them when this Cosmic Blast happens to have their wakeup call. And then from that point onward, it will be so much easier for them. They will be ready, in other words, to integrate these high-vibrational energies of the 5th Dimension.   And that’s where all of you come in.

And this message, we’ve said before, but we really feel it’s important for you not to lose sight of this. Because yes, each and every one of you has a daily routine. But in the course of that daily routine, we urge you to find places and time where you can really let go up into the higher dimensions and commune with the higher aspects of your being, such as us, your I AM Presence, your Guidance Team, to make this connection with that part of you that is the Godhead, so you can see and wrap your consciousness around the bigger picture of this and really feel Love for yourself like we do in a very exponential way for the roles that you are playing at this time upon your planet to bring in this LoveLight.

Because you have moved through all of these different steps of enabling Ascension to take place on your planet. And part of this, of course, is this Cosmic Blast that has been prophesized for a long time as part of the changes that needed to happen for your planet to re-enter the 5th Dimension and fully anchor it in. So it is happening, Brothers and Sisters.
And we encourage you in a real heartfelt way to not focus on, umm, the drudgery or the weariness that you may feel in having to go through your everyday routines and the challenges and obstacles that present themselves to you. Because you have the Power to move through them with ease and grace at this time. And yes, this requires you being the Compassionate Observer of your thoughts, words and actions and being heart centered.
And in that place of being heart centered, you know that you are loved by all of the Beings of the LoveLight and that you are one with that place within the four bodies of your being that is connected with the Godhead. This runs through the connection of your I AM Presence. This is your soul and each and every one of you has a unique color and a taste of that unique ray that you are that makes you an integral part of the Godhead. And so to us each and every one of you is so beautiful, because you represent God to us. Because you emanated just like everything did, from Creator Source.

So, Dear Beloved Beings, we thank you so very much once again for being on the call and letting me talk to you.  Namaste and good night.