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11-14-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

11-14-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah, yes, it is a real treat for us to be here with you tonight. We feel the energies of the triple eleven still coming in. And yes, it won’t dissipate. We are working our way up toward this Beloved Winter Solstice. And there is so much LoveLight coming into your Beloved Planet. 

And we ask you all to take to heart that Now is the time within each and every one of you to make this connection with the Higher Aspects of your Being by allowing yourself, as much as a you feel comfortable with, each and every day, to breathe into your Heart Centers, to raise the level of your vibration into the 5th Dimension and beyond and make connection with your Intentional Requirements, to all of the Higher Aspects of your Being and asking for more connection. 

And asking for us, the Mentors, to come in with you also. Because now is the time when we can take these high-vibrational feelings and expand on them and reach up ever higher into higher vibrations and spread them out to all of these Beloveds on your planet that haven’t woken up yet. Because the higher that we rise up in frequency, the more that we broadcast these frequencies throughout the totality of your Beloved Planet.

And yes, not just into the hearts and minds of your Beloved Brothers and Sisters all over Mama Gaia, but to every particle of the atoms, all of the Beloved Kingdoms on your Beloved Planet, raising them up so that it becomes so transparent what the Truth is about, each and every one of you being Interdimensional Beings of Love and Light and being an integral part of the Godhead.

And yes, it takes courage for people who have been conditioned all of their lives to think that God was their savior and their master and that they are not worthy to create a reality of high vibration, of instant manifestation, of being connected in their hearts to the hearts of everyone else on your Beloved Planet. But this is where our Meditation is taking off and leading us to, to this Beloved Space of connection heart to heart with all of the Beloved Beings on your planet. And yes, this time is Now. 

And there is a Plan in place and this Plan is unfolding for the Announcement of NESARA. But the engine that drives the release, the Announcement of NESARA, is this LoveLight being, shining, being focused in a very concentrated way into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet so that the ones that are receptive will allow themselves to rise up and be ready for the changes, and also for this Cosmic Blast, and the anchoring in of the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Planet. And of course, this is a precursor to your Beloved Ascensions.

And so, now is the time not to hold back with your Joy, with your ability to celebrate these high vibrations that are coming in, but to breathe into your Heart Centers and really take into every Beloved Atom of your DNA the realization that Now is the time for this unfoldment of the Plan to realize your Divinity in your physical, material reality. And by doing so, you will transmit this to all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, raising the level of vibration not just for yourselves, but for the total consciousness of all of the beings on your planet and for Mother Gaia herself and all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia.

So, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. We thank you so much. We honor you so for your commitment in being here and doing the work, in caring the way that you do for one another and your Beloved Planet.
Namaste and good night. 

Mother Sekhmet, 11-14-2018, by Eli Galla

Mother Sekhmet, 11-14-2018, by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, it is our pleasure to be with you here tonight. And once again, we feel these energies, that they have even increased from the last time that we were all together. And so yes, we have some Intentions that we will put forth for the clearing of your Beloved Planet and raising the level of the Love and Light to assist you at this time in bringing forth the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Planet.
And yes, this is a time when we see so much opposition and resistance to these Divine high-frequency energies that are coming into your planet. Because yes, these dark forces, the cabal, they do not want by any stretch of the imagination to give up their power. They are very stubborn. And they think that all it takes is just one trick, one more trick to perpetrate upon us, like they did with 9-11 on your Beloved Planet, and they will get off the hook. Well, it ain’t happening this time.

And we know that you have a better understanding in these last seventeen years after having done all of the work on yourselves, and all of your meditations and prayers, and learning more and more about the nature of Ascension, and how we are all going to bring it about on your Beloved Planet. And so, in other words, what I’m saying is that you have grown quite exponentially since the time that 9-11 was planned on in that Beloved year of 2001.

And now these dark forces, they are being unearthed, yes. Because of those dark bases underneath the earth where they’ve been able to hide away their secrets, some very brave whistleblowers have come forth that have the creditability in your alphabet agencies to expose all of that. And so, what we’re saying is the information has all been corroborated and it’s out there on your Internet. And so many other brothers and sisters are waking up because of it.

And so tonight, we’re going to reach all of them and lift them up a little bit more. Because this is the nature of this triple-eleven portal. It creates even more of a conduit with these high-inter dimensional energies that bring in this Golden White LoveLight through your Central Sun and then into your Solar Sun and on your Beloved Planet. 

Ah, so, breathing into the Heart Center and letting me bi-locate my paw to each and every one of you. And then with your other hand, joining a hand with somebody else on this call and just breathing into your heart, raising the level of Love and Light with your breathing and focusing on our Intentions at the Speed of Thought to rise up from your Beloved Surface of your planet, up through the atmosphere, through the layers of the ships, becoming weightless and flying right up there to my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru.

And yes, I’m opening up the bottom of my ship, which becomes a landing deck. And we’re going right up on through and hovering in the air lock while the landing deck closes beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down. And we’re walking on back to the elevator once again. And we’re all piling in there without breaking up our circle at the same time. The magic of No Time & No Space is completely alive on my Beloved Nibiru. And now we’re pressing the button and going right up at the Speed of Thought to the top of my ship and opening up the elevator door. And popping through all at one time and feeling all of these Beloved Energies greeting us.

And yes, now the show can begin. And you’re experiencing some of your ancestors, possibly making contact with you, giving you a little whisper or a nudge. And you’re feeling all of these different energies, very high vibe as you walk into the room. And we assemble ourselves in the inner circle, right around in the middle of our room, around this Beloved Alter. And with the Beloved Mentors assembling in the circle directly in back of us and then all of the Beloved Beings from the ships, other Ascended Masters and angels who want to join us tonight. And so, we end up with a lot of circles here.  There’s a lot of people doing this Meditation tonight, all Beloved Beings representing many different dimensions of reality.

And just as the Beloved Crystals are representative of all of the dimensions of reality, we’re sending this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness from our Heart Center up to our left hand, circling it around, having it come in through the right side of our body and extending it out into the outer circles and all through the room from the ceiling to the walls, from the floor. And going up, down and around and through a few times here allowing ourselves to rise right up in vibration, and feel the oneness of all of the Beloved Beings and energies in this Crystal Room.

And now, focusing our energy on the Beloved Master Crystal that sets on the altar and making our individual Intentional Requirements for what we want to create with this Meditation for ourselves. And then, let us say that tonight our Intentional Requirement is to reverse this weather warfare on your Beloved Planet and to calm these raging fires that are, umm, that have been perpetrated by the cabal to cause more chaos and confusion to take away the real focus of the power dynamics that need to change on your Beloved Planet. 

And also, we’re going to focus some of our energy on these recounts.  Because, yes, we would love nothing better than the Truth to come out about the election and all of the different manipulations that we see having brought on that weren’t in your highest and best interest, you Beloved ninety-nine percenters. And just breathing into your Heart Centers again and sending this energy out around the circles, up, down and around and through the Beloved Crystal Room one more time. And now, shining these very high vibrations of the LoveLight into the Master Crystal and shining it from its tip, up through the opening in the ceiling and spiraling it down onto your Beloved Planet at the Speed of Thought.
And us being right there with this energy as it starts from the North Pole and spirals all around the atmosphere and into the surface and underneath the surface of your Beloved Planet going up, down, around and through. And just breathing into it as it does this many times with our Intention of raising the level of the vibration all over your Beloved Planet on a really deep subatomic level here. So that it affects the magnetics on your planet to raise it up into the 5th Dimension and beyond. And inundating your Beloved Planet as we go up and down, around and through with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And now, scooting on over to this place on your planet we call California on the West Coast of your Beloved United States. And there’s two spots or about three spots. A couple of them are in the northern part, we see, of the state and then one is a little bit north of Los Angeles. And the others are a little bit north of San Francisco. But we’re going to interact with these areas at the same time here. Because what we’ve going to do is to go up into the atmosphere into the clouds, and we’re going to make our Intentional Requirement, because there is No Time & No Space, Dear Beloveds. We’re going to go into a time and a space when the conditions are right for rain in these areas at the same time.
And we’re going to do a reverse spin also at the same time on these energies that have been perpetrated by these laser weather-warfare weapons. And we’re going to completely disrupt their magnetics, their power sources. And we’re going to go into this time and space of rain and, hallelujah, letting go of the rain in these clouds and inundating these areas. And shining the LoveLight into these clouds and spinning clockwise now to bring in the power of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, this Divine LoveLight, to completely calm the fires in these areas of this state. And so it is.

And now, these different states that are going through this phenomenon of all of a sudden, there being all of these different ballots that have been found that they say still need to be counted. And that they are letting them count, the election officials of those Beloved States, but we would say that from what we are seeing that this isn’t the Truth of what really happened on election-day and all through the election process. This was an add-on type procedure that was perpetrated on these Beloved States so that the outcomes would change. 

So what we’re going to do is to intentionally require that the Truth shines in the form of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy and opens up the hearts and minds and voices of the Beloved People who saw this going on, and they will not tolerate it. And they will band together and disseminate this information so that the Truth can come to light and the outcomes can change. And that the people responsible for this fraud will be held accountable. And up, down, around and through to all of the Beloved areas where these recounts are happening in several states here. 

And shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, this LoveLight, into the Heart Centers of these Beloved People that are doing this, that are doing the recounts. And now, allowing them all to wake up at the same time and to see no matter how much money they were given to do this, that there is so much more that they would gain by revealing the Truth. Because by doing so they would reveal these dark elements in the process that have no business of having any power over the Will of the people. And they would take one more step by doing so in returning the Beloved Original U. S. Constitution to the people. So, Namaste! And So It Is!

And now, one more time going into Mexico, spinning horizontally through the tunnels, shining our LoveLight all the way from Mexico, through the United States, up through Canada, this network of tunnels, of underground bases, going up, down, around and through in a spiral here horizontally with this Golden White LoveLight unearthing all of the secrets, the stashes of gold, the weapons, the places where ritual sacrifices and spas doing very nefarious things. These perpetrators of Satanism have been allowed to get away with this for so long in making all of these Beloved Beings against their Will be their slaves. 

Now, we require that it is all exposed and that we drive out these dark energies once and for all. And shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of these people being kept there, whether they be some very tiny babies and some much, much older beings who have pretty much spent their whole lives down there, we say to them, “You are so loved, far beyond any verbal expression that we could ever express in your favor, on your behalf. Because, yes, you have fulfilled your Soul Contracts, and you have helped in such a high-vibe way to expose the darkness that was hiding underneath in these tunnels, in these underground bases. And we love you so very much.” 

And we say to you, all of the Beloved Beings joining us on this call, thank you so very much. We honor you for your participation, for working on yourselves, all of your prayers, Missions, Meditations that you continuously do in the name of the Love and Light that you are.

Namaste, Brothers and Sisters, and good night. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

11-7-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

11-7-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for being here and some of you calling in even a second time, because there was a little bit of a glitch in the time. But now we’re here, and we have some questions to start things off. And Dorothy Joy is asking about Mother Sekhmet’s planet, or Mother Ship, and how it’s very close to the sun, she has heard. But she wants to know which sun. And we would say this is the Central Sun, because this is where we regulate the flow of energy coming in from all over the cosmos. And we want to make sure that everything is flowing in Divine fashion there. So that’s one of the reasons for us monitoring the situation at this present time. Because, yes, we’re reaching, you know, the finish line here and the, you know, the dark forces on your planet are inclined to make all sorts of tricky moves and be in allegiance with other forces of dark energies. And so we are making sure that nothing is happening that is going against the Divine Decree of you guys anchoring in the 5th Dimension and being able to bring about your transition into Ascension very expeditiously.

And another question is that in Ezekiel, the Book of Ezekiel, who was an Archangel and a prophet in the Old Testament, and what exactly are the wheels? He’s talking about the wheels, eyes on the wheels, and also who these beings with the four wings and four hands and four different faces and men and lion faces on the left side, ox and eagle on the right side. The wheels are huge and travel wherever these beings go. The wheel touches the earth.

And yes, you know, if you could understand that basically at the root of all Creation when the wave becomes a particle, that the pattern that unfolds is a spiral or a wheel. And that within your atoms, that’s basically the same configuration whereby all of these different parts of the atom circle the nucleus. And yes, this particular race developed this technology. And we would say they’re warriors. And they’ve come in at this time to make sure that, if need be, they will be able to hold the dark forces at bay and clean up everything that needs to be cleaned so that you will no longer be on a prison planet. And this is their strength of purpose. And these beings, you know, we would say that they are from ancient times on your planet. But they’re still very contemporary, because on that planet that they emanate from, that they originate from, yes, everybody is like that and everybody has these special gifts of having different parts of their being, because they are not human. They are a conglomeration of different parts that make them very powerful warriors. And so we are really glad to have them in Mission at this time. And let’s see what the other –

And she wants to know if there is any tie in, any significance to these beings in wheels described by Ezekiel in the last book of the New Testament, which is the Book of Revelations. And to come into effect in order to complete the Father’s Plan to forgive our debts, and that’s money debts, so this all has to do with NESARA. And yes, they’re helping to clean up the energy of these dark forces so that this saturation point and, of course, NESARA on your planet is a big part of that. But first, you know, all of these dark things, like they’ve been called toplet bombs, you know, and the underground bases and the energy sources of how the AI perpetuate their energy on this planet. Those connections need to be removed & transmuted into higher frequencies, so that these dark forces can’t continue this game any longer. And that is what we are working towards in the Alliance. So that is the significance of that in NESARA. It’s all going hand in glove here. So we thank you for the question and we hope that we answered it in a very efficient way for you.
And we would like to say that at this time with so many changes on your Beloved Planet that you are always supported by all of us Beings of the Light. So please don’t forget that no matter how much stress you may feel from things coming to completion in your reality at this time, because we feel that this is a time of contemplation and yet forward movement on your planet.  So please persevere in your energies about being the Love and Light that you are to bring all of these things that we’ve been asking for in our Meditations to completion.

And with that, let us join together and me bi-locating my paw out to you.  And with the other hand clasping the hand of someone else on this call. And just breathing into their Heart Center, allowing yourself to slow down and relax. And to feel the Oneness of all of our energies coming together heart to heart, sending it out from our hearts through the fingertips of our left hand and circling around and coming back through in our right paw or hand.  And just letting go and breathing into it. And with the Power of our Thoughts lifting up off of the surface of your Beloved Mother Gaia into the atmosphere, up through the layers of the ships and at the Speed of Thought coming upon my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. 

And I’m opening up the landing deck, the belly of my ship, the underbelly, if you will. And we’re popping through it with our circle completely joined together still and hovering in the airlock while the landing deck closes beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down. And we’re walking back to the elevator once again. And we’re all getting in at the same time. And now that we’re in, we’re pressing our button and going right up really quickly to the top of my Beloved Ship and opening the door to the Crystal Room. 

And feeling all these Beloved Beings of the LoveLight. And yes, some of them are your ancestors. Some of them are you in previous incarnations. And you may feel communication with them in the form of a touch or a whisper or a song playing in your head and your heart. And allowing ourselves to feel these energies of all the Ascended Masters and all of these Beloved Beings from the ships and a lot of different beings of the LoveLight from all over the cosmos who are joining us together at this time for this Meditation. 

And forming our circle in the middle of the room around our Beloved Altar where the Master Crystal sets. And breathing into the heart, sending it around from the left hand and having it come in through the right hand and into the heart and then sending it around to the outer circles. And sending it around the room from the floor to the walls up to the ceiling, up, down and around and through. 

And letting go with our breathing and feeling all of these different dimensions of reality from all over Creation that are represented in the consciousness of the beings in this room and the crystals that have imprinted so much from all over the cosmos. And feeling this Power of Love come in into our hearts. And now focusing it on the Master Crystal with our Intent for our personal Requirements for this Meditation we are about to commence. And whether it has to do with finances, with health problems, with relationships, allow yourself to make your Intentional Requirements. And feel as if it is already done. And know that you can stay in the high vibrations to allow it to manifest within your reality.

And now we put forth our Intentional Requirement into the Master Crystal for Peace on your Beloved Planet. And for your planet and all the people in the consciousness, the Collective Consciousness, of all of the living beings on your planet and Mama Gaia herself to anchor in the 5th Dimension. So that, yes, you can all ascend and feel this Cosmic Blast that will give everybody on your Beloved Planet such a complete, umm, orientation into what the 5th Dimension is and who they are in terms of the Love and the Light that they are by connecting with their I AM Presence, their Guidance Teams and being able to ask questions of them to find out all of the missing information, such as, well, their Soul Contracts and information about all of the people in their lives right now and how it all fits. And if they are of pure heart in asking this, the answers will be given. 

So now, and also putting forth our Intentional Requirement for Peace, Understanding and Harmony on your Beloved Planet. And shining this LoveLight up through the tip of the Master Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of my Beloved Ship and then spiraling it down onto Beloved Mother Gaia, circling it around our planet starting from the North Pole in a spiral up, down and around and through from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath, affecting all of the subatomic particles. And doing this a few times, spiraling this energy to affect all of your Beloved Planet and all of the Beloved Beings on your planet by raising the level of the LoveLight with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And feeling these spirals come in waves and feeling the ebb and the flow, the bringing in and the release of everything that does not aid the Light in bringing in more of this Beloved LoveLight. And then spiraling it down into your planet into the consciousness of all of the beings, all of the kingdoms on your planet. And envisioning everybody being in the fullness and the wholeness of who they really are in this Now Moment as if the Cosmic Blast and their Ascensions have already happened. Because that’s the way we see it on our side.

And yes, coming over to North America here.  And we’re going to shine this LoveLight into the tunnels once again and the underground bases, because there’s so much energy and resources and secrets and deceptions being hid from us. And let us go down underneath the surface of your planet here into the tunnels. And spin in a spiral this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness horizontally all through the tunnels, starting from, ah, let’s say Mexico, all through the United States and up and through most of Canada there.

And spiraling it up, down, around and through in waves here back and forth, around and through. Purifying all of the energies here, raising them up into the 5th Dimension and beyond so that this AI and all of their secrets and their rituals and their attachments to the darkness and all of their Contracts with Moloch or Satin be completely, umm, put in a state of disrepair and the realization that their tricks will no longer work. So all of their contracts and attachments being cancelled and neutralized in this Beloved Now Moment. And again, up and down and around and through, spinning, spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. 

And now, shining into the hearts and minds of all of the Beloved Beings who have been slaves and have fulfilled their Soul Contracts by allowing themselves to be taken against their Will and placed down here in these underground tunnels to do the bidding of these dark masters. And some of them were sacrificed as children while they were very young and others have lived their lives all the way through to be servants to these dark beings to help them fulfill their plans. 

But now, all bets are off. And these Beloved Beings can feel that they are at the finish line. And we send them the Love and Light into their hearts to support them for how much ever longer that they have to play out this Contract. And we say to them that, “You are very, very loved, loved beyond all verbal expression and you are honored for your courage and for fulfilling your Soul Contracts. Because, yes, it was very hard to see all of these really heinous acts transpire and for you to understand that by playing out your roles, you are actually helping all of this to end. Because we were raising all together the level of the consciousness on the Beloved Planet for these nefarious acts to become transparent and for them to be reported on the Internet. And the truth is so very close to coming out over your mainstream media.” 

And all we can do is keep on supporting these Beloved Ones by raising the level of our Love and our Light. And that is what we’ve been doing tonight.

And we so honor you. And we are so happy to have been with you sharing heart to heart in this Meditation.

So Namaste and good night.