Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Love That We Are

On Friday, 12/21/12 I wrote:
Here we are knocking on heaven’s door as it were. I am a bit excited. I feel we all will be best served to allow ourselves to be in joy, while we connect within our heart centers on this most sacred of days. I say this because there are two cycles that I know of coming to a close. One is the 26,000 year cycle in which the Earth's axis completes one full cycle of precession, and the other is the orbit of our solar system around the galactic center, which is a huge black hole. Each of us will experience the energies of the end of these cycles as they will be unleashed when the alignment happens. 

On Sunday, 12/23/12 I wrote:
Energy is blasting mother Gaia from the central sun down to Gaia’s crystalline core. Some say we are changing our energy source at the core of her being, from plasma to SAR. This very well may be true. What I feel on the 23rd of December is that really high frequencies of love and light are bathing us. I feel it on a sub atomic, cellular level. I feel the love that we all are, the One of the All That Is.

There are many already saying that it isn’t happening. I feel that this is because they don’t see the crooks being hauled off to jail or don’t hear the knock at their door with kind brothers or sisters handing them their prosperity funds. So they don’t think the shift is happening, because there is no solid proof. Some people expected to leave the hologram of 3-D behind & jump up & over into the higher dimensions. They are angry this didn’t happen.

I’m not worried about the changes manifesting in the physical hologram. I know that they will when the timing is right. What I’m taking away from these last three days of the galactic alignment and what I’m feeling is a higher grade and degree of these encodements that are acting as a bridge into our permanent residence in the 5th dimension. 

The energy that we are receiving from the black hole in the center of our universe is helping us to alter our DNA. The “new kids” that have been coming in for some time now have exhibited changes in their DNA. We are changing from carbon based beings to crystalline based beings. Our graduation from the 3rd dimension is a blessed event that is happening now. It means that all we have strived for in living so many lives here in the density of duality on this planet is coming to fruition. We have waited a long time to realize the promise of our birthrights. Our power and freedom has been usurped from us by the controllers of this planet. Now we are firmly in the 4th dimension, locked out of the 3rd dimensions. Celebrate!

The Cabal cannot exist in these high light frequencies. We are seeing and hearing about their downfall, but we have to read articles and view videos on the Net to see what is going on underneath the surface, what is really transpiring. We are only being giving the bare minimum of info about what is really going on. Our controllers still want us to be wrapped in the illusion that it is business as usual. This is so very far from the truth. 

Fear and any of the lower vibrations that emanate from fear can’t exist in the 5th dimension, and this is where we are heading now. It is not going to happen all in one day. But now, today, I know we are well on the way to manifesting this level of consciousness for ourselves and all of the living beings here, and mother Gaia herself. It is real and it is happening now. It is up to each of us to bring it in.

We do this by allowing ourselves to rise up into these high frequencies. To be plain & simple about the whole process, it means letting ourselves feel good, letting ourselves feel worthy of bringing joy into the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies of our being. Some of the channels are saying that this year of 2013 will be one of letting go of the density of duality completely; so that by January of 2014 we will be firmly in the 5th dimension, all of us. Many will make the jump before that.

The way I keep hearing that we do this is by allowing these higher crystalline encodements to come in, breathing into it, allowing ourselves to be at zero point and envisioning what we desire to create as our new lifestyle in the 5th dimension. Again this is about allowing ourselves to be in our joy. 

For me it is not too hard to imagine taking my first ride in a new energy vehicle and scooting to India to have chai in the morning and going to Spain to do a session with one of my clients, then coming back and stopping off in CT. to see my sister or my cousins in VA.; all in one morning. Then I will come home and go swimming in one of the swimming holes in Sedona and then hook up with a meditation group in Sedona. We will do what turns us on. We will be in the driver’s seat and create with the higher perspective of knowing the joy we are creating is the will of the One.

All of the limitations and things that we thought were true are going to be blown away. The institutions and controllers of them will be gone. It is up to us to choose how we want our lives to be. Yes, we are going to be in a unity consciousness, and we will attract like minded beings to do projects and raise the level of the energy. I get the feeling that the all of the obstructions that previously have held us back will be gone. The dynamics of survival will be gone. The dynamics of bliss, joy & harmony will rule the planet. So let us see what we can create with others who are the same page. 

This new paradigm of living and being in the 5th dimension is really about loving ourselves and being the love we are with the All That Is. There never really has been any separation between us and creator source, so now we get to live it, because the Cabal will be gone and so will their effect on our reality. Forgiveness & gratitude are key ingredients in us being able to rid ourselves of the fear based programming and be the love we are. So be it & so it is.