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10-3-2018 Mary Magdalene By Eli Galla

10-3-2018 Mary Magdalene By Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are in such Joy of being here with you tonight once again. You have the opportunity to shine the LoveLight into your hearts, because it’s not just myself that is here. It is all the beings that you did this Meditation with on the ship, the Nibiru. It is all of the Mentors. It is all of the Ascended Masters and all of the Beloved Members of the Ashtar Command that were a part of that Meditation. They are still here shining their LoveLight into your Heart Centers. 

Because yes, they acknowledge your contribution, not just with this Meditation, but with you being in Mission in this lifetime and all that you have accomplished and all that you are accomplishing right now. Because your Intentional Requirements carry you forth in this Now Moment and multiply these Divine Energies, this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, in such an exponential way now. 

In other words, if you could think of it as during this Summer, you on this Beloved Planet have been shifting gears. And now you are in a higher gear. And there is more LoveLight coming in every day, with every breath even. And you are right at the center of it, of all of these waves of this LoveLight coming into your planet. 

And yes, this means that you have taken on a lot of responsibility, but also that you are feeling a lot of Love from all over Creation at this time. Because yes, you are putting on quite a show. Because all of these Beloved Beings from the ships over on the other side, all of us Ascended Masters, us Mentors, we can see day to day your challenges, your experiences and how you handle them. 

And we could see you being the beacons right now and rising up higher and higher in vibration. And that this LoveLight is resonating with the subatomic particles more and more and waking up Beloved Beings on your planet, not only humans but in all of the kingdoms. So, this affect is really taking hold of your planet where everything is rising up higher in vibration.

And these changes that you have given your Intentional Requirements for; for you to be firmly anchored in the 5th Dimension so that the density of duality, you will be completely, umm, graduated from.  And you will be able to anchor in all of the different aspects of the 5th Dimension and have this feeling of Divine Love nurture you. And that you will grow in these feelings of Joy and Compassion and Wisdom and Caring and Oneness, the Oneness that you will feel between all of your Brothers and Sisters on this planet.
And you are starting to understand the real Power of this, of this feeling of knowingness, that it is all One. And that we all come from Love and Light.  And to be rejoined in those high vibrations, to let the Love and the Light truly shine forth and permeate all of the different parts of your Beloved Planet. To let it create a reality so that you fulfill your deepest desires and enable the Ascension Process to accelerate.

Because, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, this was the main reason why all of you subjected yourself to coming into a physical body once again in this lifetime. Because you knew that you would have ample opportunity, because of where your planet was in the cosmos and the Divine Timing to ascend. 

And you didn’t really know when you came in that Heaven would give you this Divine Decree which, within our perspective, seems like a mandate for all of you to come into the Light of Ascension. Because it will affect the whole of Creation in such a marvelous way. And this is what we’ve been waiting for, for eons and eons of time.

So we know some of you are weary, thinking that your gifts and your blessings should have happened by now. But all we can say to you is that everything is in Divine Timing and everything is in Divine Order. And you are all doing such a wonderful part in playing your roles and fulfilling your Soul Contracts. 

So we ask you to look at the bigger picture of how long this is going on.  And knowing that once the 5th Dimension is anchored into your planet once more, that you’ll never have to reincarnate inside of a physical human body again. You’ll be in a Light Body, because you will have ascended. And this will be so marvelous and joyous for you.

So, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, like Beloved Mother Sekhmet said, we love you beyond all verbal expression.

Namaste, Brothers and Sisters, and good night.

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