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10-3-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

10-3-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so grateful to have this Communion with you tonight with the energies what they are and the anticipation of really more high-vibe energies coming into your planet. And all of these plans coming together to raise the level of the vibrations of your Dear Beloved Planet and, of course, you along with it to be more and more fully engaged in your Mission at this time. 

And of course, the main part of your Mission is to raise the level of the vibration to such a high frequency that all of these Beloved Changes can really start manifesting, because they will be felt to such a great degree within the collective consciousness. In other words, we are raising the level of the vibration altogether, so that the consciousness will be very much centered in Love in its highest vibrations and will permeate all of the planet, all of the kingdoms. All of the subatomic particles will affect the DNA of all living beings and raise you on up into the 5th Dimension and make it possible for this Cosmic Blast to fully anchor in the 5th Dimension on your planet. 

And yes, these plans of the Alliance, they have to come together seamlessly and take effect. Because really in order for the 5th Dimension to happen again on your planet, you have to be in those high vibrations. And of course, that means no war, no war economy, and Peace. And really Peace means an identification with each and every being on your planet as yourself in the highest vibrations of Love and Light. And for each and every one of you to fully cognize that you are part of the Godhead and be able to treat each and every one with that level of knowingness and respect and compassion.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, this, umm, progression of your Mission here on this planet, we see it progressing very nicely. And yes, some of you are still wrestling with individual challenges, things going on within your bodies, financial situations, relationships and things of that nature. But we ask you, each and every day to find that place of Peace within your hearts, within your minds, by allowing yourself to breathe into your hearts, to find this quiet place wherever you can, whether it be in nature or your homes, whether it be at your altars. 

And just allow yourself to go inside and feel Love, Compassion, Joy and the wonder of it all. Because, yes, these are very wondrous times. And it didn’t happen overnight, and I know you all can appreciate all of the twists and turns your individual journeys have taken. 

And let us join together, me bi-locating my paw with each and every one of you, and with your other hand, finding the hand of a person on this call to form our circle. And breathing into the Heart Center with a long, deep slow breath and sending the energy out to the left hand and having it come into your right hand, into your heart. 

And allowing ourselves to rise on up off of the planet with the Power of our Thoughts, with the Love that we are, rising up through the atmospheres, and now through the layers of the ships that we can see in high vibration.  And up to my ship, the Nibiru. And opening up its landing deck, the belly of the ship, and popping through it, hovering in the airlock as the landing deck closes now.

And with our circle still connected, walking all the way back to the elevator and popping altogether within the doors here, closing the doors, pressing the button, lifting on up and feeling weightlessness and the power of the magnetics on the ship lift us up to the top floor here and opening up the door. And yes, all of the Beloved Beings are assembled here. We could feel their joy, their wonder at all of us being together again in my Crystal Room. 

And maybe you could feel some of your ancestors. And maybe it’s even you in a way-earlier incarnation, giving yourself a little tap on the back of the neck or a little whisper as we form our circle around the altar in the middle of my Beloved Room. And around us the Mentors form a circle. And around them, the different beings from all of the ships of the Ashtar Command are represented here and various other beings of Light who are gracing us with their presence tonight.

And just circling around with our energy, sending it out through the left hand, around the circle, receiving it with the right, into the Heart Center. Sending it to the outer circles. Feeling it come in and sending it all throughout the room, up, down, around and through to fully bring in all of these high-vibrational, high-dimensional energies that are represented in all of the crystals in my room. 

And allowing ourselves to rise up in vibration as the circle continues to unwind throughout the room, through the circles we have assembled with these Beloved Beings and all up, down, and around and through the room from the ceiling to the floor and all the walls. And just breathing into it, and letting its energy inundate us with this feeling of Oneness, with this knowingness of our Divinity, with this Joy of being altogether in Mission once again.

And now, let us send our Intentional Requirements into our Master Crystal sitting on the altar for what we envision bringing about through this Meditation tonight for ourselves, as well as the announcements for NESARA and the Cosmic Blast unfolding and ultimately the acceleration of the Ascension Process all over your Beloved Planet; so all of you that have given your Divine Intentions to ascend, you may realize them while you’re still in your physical bodies on your Beloved Blue Orb and reach that state of full consciousness.

And now, shining our Golden White Light emanating from this Master Crystal through the opening in the ceiling here of my ship, and shining it brilliantly down onto your Beloved Blue Orb, through the layers of the ships, through the atmospheres. And now, spiraling it all around your Beloved Planet, starting from, oh, the North Pole. That would be the top. And then up, down and around and through affecting all of the layers of your Beloved Planet, its atmosphere, surface, underneath the surface.

And now going into the DNA of all of the beings on your planet and going into all of the kingdoms. And now, we intentionally require to increase the accuracy, efficiency and the brilliance of this Golden White LoveLight all through your planet. And increase it one hundred-fold with our movements of this spiral going up and down and around and through your Beloved Planet. 

And this is such a marvelous feeling of Oneness, of being in these high vibrations of Joy, of clarity, of illumination, of truly knowing that you are a part of the Godhead and that everyone else also is. And we can see with passionate eyes into the hearts of everyone. And we send them love into their hearts with the Intention of Forgiveness, that they forgive themselves, that they forgive their neighbors and each and every other person on the planet who they have felt judged by or made judgments against.

And now this feeling of Liberation from the weight of all of those low vibrations, all of those lies of the ego, of vanity, of narcissism, of negative programs such as entitlement. Well, they have no meaning in the 5th Dimension. And this is our reality, Brothers and Sisters, right here now throughout all of eternity, to be in the 5th Dimension and beyond; and be in this place of Oneness with Creator Source, of Oneness with our I AM Presence and that part of us that is the Godhead, because this is the feeling of our Divinity.

And shining it forth all through your Beloved Planet and showering all the Beloved Children on your planet with understanding, wisdom, the Intentional Requirements of compassion, discernment, of joy, of harmony, of cooperation, of teamwork and clear communication, which means being able to express ourselves from our Heart Centers without any guilt, without any second thoughts even. But just allowing ourselves to be who we really are at the core essence of our being. And namaste and so it is!
And now, continuing to breathe into our Heart Centers and going in to North America into our network of tunnels here. Because yes, these places are still functioning with dark influences, and are still the havens of the cabal to some degree and also the haven of the artificial intelligence. So, let us shine this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness energy, going down into the tunnels and spinning it in a clockwise direction, starting from, oh, say the South from Mexico all through the tunnels in a horizontal way to affect these huge underground bases that have many floors, many different chambers, all of these compartments that are hiding a bunch of secrets and slaves and riches and untold wealth that the greed of the cabal has so attached itself to for millennia upon millennia.

And now, with our Intentional Requirement of shining the LoveLight on all of these different underground bases, up, down, around and through this whole network of the underground bases here, all of the tunnels, all of the bases with their honeycomb chambers. We give the Intentional Requirement for Liberation, for all of these beings who have been made slaves to come into the Light, to truly know and understand they are loved and supported at this time and that their Ascension is upon them. 

That this time of becoming One with all of Creation with their Divinity is being sent to them with our Intentional Requirements of reminding them who them truly are, an integral part of the Godhead. And we honor them for their courage in fulfilling their Soul Contracts, of allowing themselves to play through all of their different challenges in this lifetime. And the ones who have left their bodies who are having a problem to cross over, we send them the Love and Light of this Christ Consciousness Energy to free them in this Now Moment, to make their transition process. And so it is!

And we say to you Beloved Brothers and Sisters on this call, we are so grateful for your participation once again, for the Love in your hearts that you shine forth each and every moment of your existence. And you may not be fully conscious of this, but you do. You all are beacons of the LoveLight. And we love you beyond all verbal expression.

Namaste and good night, Brothers and Sisters. 

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