Monday, May 7, 2018

4-24-18 Mother Sekhmet through Eli Galla

~ Completing Our Mission of Cleaning Up Undergrounds ~
4-24-18 Mother Sekhmet through Eli Galla

“Dear Beloved Ones! It is such a pleasure to be here tonight in our communion of the hearts with one another as the energies shift even more so day by day, and we can feel the energy spikes getting closer and closer to one another. And us mentors, we ask you to allow yourselves enough time for rest, enough time for being in nature, and to take care of your bodies, of your nutritional needs, of your medical needs, because these energies can be very taxing on the four bodies of your being.

“And as always, we hold you in the highest of the LoveLight. And we are only a moment away from you from when you call us in. We take into account a lot of the things you’ve been hearing on the internet and just know, dear beloved ones, that however the pieces may fall, however the puzzle comes together in its rhythm, timing and synchronicity, that you are fulfilling your mission with each and every breath whereby you take in the LoveLight and allow yourself to be that part of God that you know that you are.

“So, dear beloved ones, let us join hands and let me bi-locate a paw to you. And with the power of our thought and with our breathing, acting as our ballast, let us lift up into the atmosphere and rise on up above through the layers of ships and come upon my beloved ship, the Nibiru. And we’re opening up the bottom of the craft here and we’re popping up through the landing deck, hovering above it, and touching down and walking back to the elevator here. And with our circle intact and feeling the joy of being on the ship again, with our hearts united in this common purpose of lifting up the energy and bringing this connection of Oneness to all of creation.

“We’re rising up through the elevator to the crystal room where we’re popping through the doors. And we see ourselves surrounded by such loving energies of the mentors, the angels and so many of the people on the ships who wouldn’t miss this for anything, because they, too, feel that the meditations we do are an integral part of our mission. 

“And now, let us form with our circle intact around our beloved altar with the mentors and other beings of the LoveLight. And some of them are your ancestors and, even some of them, are you in previous incarnations. And open your heart with your breathing, dear beloved ones, to all of these very awesome energies. And let yourselves feel the LoveLight expand as you cascade it in a spiral up and down throughout my beloved crystal room, bringing in all of the different variations of the higher vibrations that these crystals comprise. And they represent all ends of the multiverse.

“And now, let us focus on our vision because, dear beloved ones, our mission hasn’t been completed yet. It’s been upgraded, to be sure, with the energies coming into the planet the way that they have. And in the cycle of our yearly progression, we can be assured that there will be another major upsurge very soon. 

“And so, in preparation of these energies, and also in acknowledgement of the many astrological interactions happening, that bring in so much high-vibe energy and allow us to progress in bringing about the completion of our mission, let us just feel these energies and focus with our mind’s eye on what this cosmic pulse and the announcements feel like and look like to you, just for a moment now.

“And with our breathing, letting go to these wondrous energies, because we are doing this in unison, and it is a very powerful little meditation to do. It is a way to refocus on what our intent is in doing this meditation tonight and sending it around the circles now, the love and the joy we feel in knowing that the announcements and all of the connections to be made with the cosmic blast within each and every body and within Mother Gaia and all of the kingdoms have already been done.

“And feeling this energy coming back into our hearts and now shining the LoveLight on our dear, beloved crystal, and the energies that we send it are timeless and eternal. And it knows our energy signatures, and it relishes in the delight of being part of our mission again. And now sending the energy up through the opening in my craft and focusing it down on our beloved blue orb of Mother Gaia.

“And spiraling this energy all through the layers of the ships into our atmosphere and right on to the planet itself and spiraling it all through the planet, each and every atom and subatomic particle, filling up the energy of Mother Gaia with our LoveLight from all of us and all of the participants on this ship, and all of the beloved Lightworkers doing their meditations at this time. And spiraling it up and down and through a few times here and feeling the activation of Gaia’s crystalline core with our energies, only to multiply them and lift us up even higher.

“Now, all throughout this planet there are so many secret little negotiations going on and where a lot of these secrets are kept are underground, dear beloved ones. And that’s why we continuously work on these underground networks, because they house such very dark and deep energies that have fomented with power sources that we have never really seen on the surface of our planet, but energetically, we see them. Energetically we know that they’re there, and that they fuel the artificial intelligence, and that they are in league with ritual sacrifices, and the ill intent of these dark, hybrid reptilians who have been the cabal and who have, up until this point, been running the show.

“So now, in bloodied Europe, let us go back to Ireland one more time and do a touch-up of the cleaning of the bases there by focusing our golden-white light of the Christ consciousness through these underground networks and spiraling them through the underground bases where the power source of the colliders were until very recently. And we feel the residues of these energies, the residues of Dragon energy that have fed black magic there for such a long time. And this energy has fed and fomented so much war in that area.

“And now, sending our energies to an assortment of Stargates in places like Syria and Iraq, the Gulf of Aden, and spiraling the energy all through these Stargates to purify them with the highest frequencies of Love and Light, to remove any and all ill intents for war, subterfuge, human trafficking, the selling of organs on the black market, atomic weapons, things of that nature and transmute these energies into the highest frequencies of Love and Light to carry us up into the Fifth Dimension whereby there will be no more wars, whereby we will be joined heart to heart with one another, and our meditations will take on extra added meaning on what they mean for the whole of creation. Dear beloved ones, because it is so much different in truly preparing ourselves for Ascension, and then having the realizations and the activations of the energies that have been mutated from us that we had a long time ago when we were centered in the Fifth Dimension. 

“And all of this is coming back to us. And our meditations here are one of the vehicles that are bringing us to this space of realization of who we really are in being able to use our energies in ways that we haven’t even thought of yet.

“And now, let us take a little trip across the pond here, and visit the underground network in North America once again, because you can be sure that with so much anticipation on these dark players of the cabal for their arrest, that they are a little bit ill at ease right now. And they are scrambling for ways to control us and the planet, so that they may hold on to their powers. Well, dear beloved ones, we know that the Light is stronger and that the Light brings out all the secrets and all of the ill intentions of their spells and curses that they foist on us through them running our mainstream media.

“So, dear beloved ones, let us cascade our energies starting from above the underground networks down into them and then moving horizontally through all of these tunnels and catching all of the installations now. If we can imagine it, we can do it! So just breathing into it and shining the LoveLight all throughout the tunnels and these underground bases here.

“And, of course, they’re a lot of secrets being held here and a lot of different variety in each and all of these bases; some of them having to do with rare treasures and armaments, of advanced technologies, some of them having advanced medical technologies to ensure longevity for themselves, because in their dreams they think they will still maintain underneath the ground. But our meditations are rooting out the possibility of this ever happening. So shining it with full force now, up and down, all over North America and the underground network, dear beloved ones.

“And now let us make our intent for sending energy to the dear, beloved children that are still trapped in some of these compounds and all of the children that have been taken into human trafficking. And just feeling from our hearts and sending the LoveLight to their hearts now, with the intention of telling them that we are all one and we recognize their pain and their sacrifice. And we honor them, and we send them the LoveLight, and we know that soon their sorrow will turn into joy, because this mission that we have all embarked upon will be done, and all of us will be on our way to ascension and living in the higher dimensions, fully aware and conscious in our physical bodies.

“Dear Beloved Ones, we honor you. We thank you so very much for our time together and your effort and your Love for us and for one another and the Planet. Namaste and good night.”

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