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4-18-2018 Mother Sekhmet

4-18-2018 Mother Sekhmet

Dear Beloved Ones,

Good evening. It is very wonderful to be here again and be in communion with you and feel the oneness of our hearts joining together. And for sure this is a momentous time, a change of the seasons, if you will, and the growth, but also the acceleration of the energies once again on your Beloved Planet. And yes, things are not progressing at quite the pace that we foresaw. And it seems like they never really do -- I’m sure, for all of you. But it’s just that so many different pieces of the puzzle have to come together for really the announcements to commence in full. 

And this is what continues to be our focus because we sure acknowledge that each and every one of you don’t want liberation just for yourself. That each and every one of you want liberation for the whole planet and Mother Gaia to be in the 5th Dimension and beyond and continue this Ascension Protocol and accelerate the Ascension Process to fully enact this Divine Decree of Heaven, saying that everyone who wants to ascend may do so. And this has been what has been has been transpiring for the last several years now. And is a wondrous experience for us to behold and for us over on the other side as part of the Ashtar Command to have a helping hand in.

So, let us join our hands together tonight in our meditation. And I’m bi-locating a paw to you, as usual. And with the power and resonance of our breathing, let us allow ourselves to rise up into the firmament here using the Power of our Imagination to go straight up to my ship here, through all of the layers of ships that ring around your Beloved Planet in your atmosphere. And coming to the Nibiru and opening up the landing deck, popping through our airlock, hovering above it. 

And now touching down with our Circle intact and moving toward the elevators and going into one elevator, all of us. And rising up into the penthouse, if you will, my Crystal Room. And this has been a Divine Meeting Place on my ship for as long as I can remember with all of the visitors, all of the Beloved Ascended Masters and angels who have been a part of the meditations ever since I have had this ship. And it’s pretty much been a timeless experience, if you will.

And now, joining, popping through the doors and feeling the energies of the Beloved Beings who are greeting us and sending us their messages of Love and Light from their hearts. So joyous are they once again to meet like this with all of us and to carry forth our Mission of Liberation. And ringing around our Beloved Altar here and the Mentors, the angels, ancestors and other participants ringing around them. And breathing into our Heart Centers to raise the level of our vibration and be in harmony with the vibrations of the crystals in this room as well as the heart vibrations of all of the Beloved Beings who are joining us.

And just spiraling this energy from the floor all the way up through the ceiling here, taking in all of the energies of the crystals and allowing ourselves to be in harmony with all of these different higher vibrations and all of the higher aspects of our being who are very prominent here in this room. And allowing ourselves to feel ease and grace and joy of carrying forth our meditation in this Now Moment. 

Each of us have so many tools, gifts and talents to bring to the table for these meditations, and we have each of us our own unique Ray of the LoveLight to pour forth into the hearts of each and every person here and feeling it ringing around all of the different circles here. And feeling the energies coming into us also. And feeling the Oneness that we are united in this meditation for liberation and the acceleration of Ascension on your Beloved Planet.

And now focusing all of this energy into our main crystal here and feeling it shoot forward through the opening in the ceiling in the Nibiru. And following it right on to Beloved Mother Gaia, going through the atmosphere, through the layers of the ships, the planets. And spiraling it all over from the atmosphere to the surface, all throughout every subatomic particle of Beloved Mother Gaia underneath the surface to raise the level of the vibration and the DNA of the whole planet, all of its Beloved Beings, all of its kingdoms, truly making manifest this feeling and spirit of Oneness now to raise the level of the vibration, to push it that much closer into the realm of the 5th Dimension where peace, prosperity, abundance and all of these high-vibrational ways of living shall dominate and help us to be connected heart to heart with one another and completely off any survival games and dynamics of control and judgment from this point onward. 

And it is, Dear Beloved Beings, that some of the underground bases have been found in Ireland. And there have been stories and they are true of CERN or Hadron Colliders that were supposed to prepare an exit strategy for these dark players, these dark bad actors, to exit the planet. But through the concerted efforts of the Alliance, that has been thwarted and stopped. And these bases have been overtaken. So, every time one of these bases is purged and liberated, it gives us an extremely high amount of energy back to work with.  

And it takes away a huge amount of energy from the cabal. And it uproots their secrets, their strategies. And it makes them much less powerful than they were moments before these actions happened. And this, Dear Beloved Ones, has been a main part of our focus and meditation for so many of these years, to be actively involved with uprooting these very dark energies and bringing them to Light so that they become the domain of common knowledge on this planet, even if they have as of yet not manifested in the main stream media. And we realize that especially in the North America, the United States, that the media is so controlled by the CIA mainly that it’s going to take a major shift in the power dynamics there to completely liberate the media from the control of this alphabet agency. 

But as long as you Beloved Beings on the planet can keep your internet as free as it is right now, there is a very good chance of the energy exchanges being fluid. And that is really what we need for maximum affect to raise the level of Love and Light among ourselves, not just with channeled messages, if you will, but also truthful research and whistleblowers coming forth. And even though from time to time we ask you not to obsess with this information, we realize that all of you are benefitted by knowing the Truth and seeing the Wisdom of the dynamics of the Truth play out. And it is for sure a part of your Ascension Process and the acceleration of it.

So, now let us focus our attention on the underground networks in North America once again. And using our imagination to picture these underground bases and all of the different levels and going down into the elevators. And some of them are underneath airports and military bases, and others are under museums and other popular areas and some are not. Some are in the middle of nowhere, specifically isolated so that they can be more secretive in what they bring to those underground bases. But we ask you to picture the different tunnels and how they all connect up with one another to form this very large network system all over North America.

And allowing ourselves to go down via the elevators and then just cascade and spiral our energy through the tunnels and coming upon all of the different installations. And raising the level of the vibration to the highest levels of Love and Light that we can process and metabolize at this time. And just continuing to breathe into our Heart Centers and radiating this energy all throughout this tunnel complex of these secret bases here. And allowing ourselves to feel the Love that we are, to feel the Oneness with that part of the Godhead that we are. 

And once again, fortifying ourselves in the knowingness that Love is stronger than all of the machinations and manipulations of these black magicians, of the AI, of these very dark hybrid Reptilian races who have been usurping our power for such a long time now and teaching us what it takes to get back into the 5th Dimension fully and totally. And sending them Love and Light at this most crucial time because it is not too late for them to choose the Light. At least some of them haven’t been so totally overtaken with the darkness that they can allow themselves the courage to change and to rise up into the Light. 

But nevertheless, celebrating and honoring their contributions because the knowledge that has been made manifest within our hearts and our souls through these many millennia of being tested in these very intense dynamics of duality, this density has helped us to grow and it is also helped all of creation to rise up in vibration. And all of creation is awaiting on us ascending and bringing ourselves once again into the 5th Dimension. 

So, Dear Beloved Ones, let us send energy to all of the people who have been trapped in these bases, the slaves, all of the people who have been the victims of human trafficking, of ritual sacrifices, of being just workers down there to make sure that everything was in tip-top conditions for these dark ones when they came to enjoy their spas, their rituals, their secret meetings and to relish in advance technologies that have been store housed down there to keep their vitality and their health. And of course, it’s all been hidden from us. But they’ve needed workers down there, slave labor, in order to ensure that these bases would run smoothly. 

And these people have paid a very dear price for being captured. And we send the Love and Light to them, no matter what roles they have taken on, and some of them giving up their Beloved Essences, their Beloved Life Force, as a part of their Soul Contracts. And just shining the LoveLight on all of them right now to rise up into the highest frequencies of Love and Light and for them to know that they are loved and so appreciated and honored for their roles that they have played. 

And Dear Beloved Ones, we honor you and we are in awe of your contributions to bring your Beloved Planet back to the 5th Dimension with all of your meditations and your prayers for liberation of the whole planet. 

And we say Namaste and Good Night to all of you.  Thank you so much.

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