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5-2-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

5-2-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

It is such an honor to be here tonight and once again to feel your hearts joined in Communion with us as we bring forth these energies to further bring us into this Age of Grace that we have all been so diligently working for by working on ourselves, working with one another, and just going through the challenges that present themselves in your daily lives. Because with each set of challenges comes an opportunity for you to make different choices and handle them in more of a high vibrational way than you ever have before. 

And we hope you can see the grace and the joy of having these opportunities and give gratitude for them. And forgive yourselves for any perceived mistakes or wrongs, anything that you think and feel has been holding you back. Because in this Now Moment, with every breath we take into our hearts, we are free, Dear Beloved Ones, of all of these restrictions of the ego, of the survival games that have been perpetrated on us and, for sure, the negative programming that has tainted our experience into one of swimming upstream, if you will, and not just allowing ourselves really to be the Love and Light that we are. 

But we’ve come to see, when we do rise up in vibration that this Law of Attraction really becomes our ally. And it allows us to be in harmony with what we are calling forth to the Universe to create as our reality. So, of course, what we would really like to create for all of Planet Earth is for our rise back into the 5th Dimension and anchoring this energy of the Golden Age that will support our individual ascensions.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, I ask you to join hands in our ring around this Circle, to form this Circle, by taking a paw that I’m bi-locating to you and breathing into the Heart Center. And with our breathing, allowing ourselves now to rise up, to let go, to move on up through the atmosphere, through the layers of ships and in the outer layers as we reach my ship and the bottom of it. And now we’re opening up this part of it that becomes the landing deck after we pop through the airlock here. And hovering above the landing deck and now closing it and setting down with our Circle still intact and walking back to the elevator. And opening the door, popping through, still hand-in-hand and hand-in-paw as we rise on up into the top floor here, my Crystal Room on my ship. 

And now opening the doors and feeling the hoop-la, the excitement, if you will, because there are many people that are anxious for us to come in to experience our energy and for us to be a part of this meditation here. And now ringing around the Altar as we take in all of these familiar faces and energies of the Mentors, our ancestors, the warriors on the different ships that we’ve come to know as regulars on this meditation, and all of the Beloved Beings of the Light that join us. And just relaxing and slowing down into this Now Moment, allowing ourselves to digest all of these energies.  And truly feeling the Peace and the Joy of being here once again, this feeling of Home, this feeling of Unconditional, Universal Love and truly being appreciated for who we are as a part of the Godhead.

And now spiraling the energy all the way from the floor, up along the walls to the ceiling of all of the crystals, all of the beings in this room. And going up and down a few times here. And sending these energies, which are highly amplified by the crystals, all through the outer rings and then feeling this energy from all of the other participants coming back into us.

And now feeling our energies expand to a new height and level here as we envision this moment of time that we focus on as allowing ourselves and all of Creation to go up higher by our reunification with the 5th Dimension on Planet Earth. And yes, this is due to this Event of the Cosmic Blast, but also to all of the different pieces of NESARA coming online and manifesting to support this very high vibrational energy. And to enable it on Planet Earth whereby Peace and Love will reign once again; with the 5th Dimension as the touchstone for being in Power, and being One with the Love and Light that we are, not the false power of control, but the real Power of Love and Sharing and Truth. And being in our integrity continuously with no gaps in time with this feeling of No Time, which helps us feel a continuity and a flow of energy that we haven’t for a really long time. 

And this is a very wonderful gift that we will have given ourselves.  And in the Now Moment, it has already happened, Dear Beloved Ones. So, in this feeling of contentment, of feeling supported by the Universe, of being the Love and Light that we are, focusing our energy on our main crystal here on the Altar; and feeling it rise up above, through the opening in the ceiling of my ship. And now sending it at the speed of our thoughts down into Beloved Mother Gaia. And spiraling it all through the layers of the ships in the atmosphere there, sending them the Love and Light. They sure enjoy it. And ringing around, spiraling around the Earth. 

And going below the surface and affecting all of the subatomic particles in and around and through your Beloved Planet of Mother Gaia. And up and down, around and through, feeling it lighting up. Feeling the hearts of all of the people on your planet. Sending it to them. Sending it to all of the kingdoms.  And feeling this flow of energy that is limitless and fundamentally eternal be activated once again in greater proportions on your Beloved Planet. 

Because, Dear Beloved Ones, with each of our meditations and the meditations of all the other groups that come together and individual people working the grids, doing their own meditations to raise the level of Love and Light, we get closer and closer to this Cosmic Blast Event, to this time of truly anchoring in the 5th Dimension. And we know you understand that as a springboard into your own ascensions. But it also allows all of the other people on the planet, many of whom are still not fully awakened yet, or not awakened at all, to rise on up in frequency and be ready for when this Cosmic Blast does happen.

So now I would like to focus the energy on Israel because there is still a lot of dark energies trying to manipulate the planet into a state of war.  And this is a last-gasp measure by the cabal to gain control once more, but it’s not going to happen. And what our intention is by shining the Love Light on Israel and then spreading it on into the rest of the Middle East, such as Syria and Iran and Iraq, is for this feeling of harmony that is in the hearts of the people. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, the people don’t want war. The people want to feel the Love in their hearts spread and become dominant so that war doesn’t exist, so that poverty is a thing of the past. And that all of their needs will be taken care of and that their children will grow up with much more of a promise of realizing their birthrights than they have. 

So now, shining the Love Light over all of this area of the Middle East.  Spiraling this energy from the atmosphere down into the surface, down into below the surface, whatever underground installations they may have there, whatever star gates may be in the atmosphere hooked up into the ley lines below the surface. Just breathing into it, this feeling of the Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness, to enable the Oneness of the Love that we all are. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, we are all part of the Godhead. Each of us have a Godself that is the spark that powers this physical, human creation within the four bodies of our being. And how wonderful is that? The feeling of Peace in the Middle East, the feeling of letting go of all of these different hold-ons about who owns more land and who is more dominant, but knowing in our hearts that we are all One, and that superficial stuff no longer applies to who we really are. And so it is in the spirit of feeling Peace, Grace, Joy, Abundance and Eternal Unconditional, Universal Love.

And now, let us go to our focus of being in North America and disabling all of the secret underground bases, which in some of our minds are not so secret because we’ve been here. And we’ve had quite an interesting relationship with them for many months now. And now from the atmosphere, spiraling the energy onto the surface and underneath the ground into this network of underground bases, all of these tunnels that create this linkage to the underground bases, allowing them to move supplies and people around when they desire. 

And now feeling ourselves use our Love Light, Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy to work this tunnel system horizontally by breathing into it. And seeing this energy just push out at the speed of our thoughts, cleansing all of the tunnels, all of the layers of the underground bases. Sending the Love Light into the hearts of all of the people who have been trapped there as slaves. And some who are even minions that want to get out, but they don’t have a clue even how to do this to save themselves and their families. So they too are feeling very trapped.

And now feeling ourselves just spiral this energy horizontally all through, back and forth, all through North America, going down into Mexico and going all the way north into Canada. And letting ourselves fill up with this Love Light and expand it all the way through our energy fields. And now shining it and spiraling it once again all the way through this tunnel system. And affecting all of these different layers of these honeycomb chambers of the different bases that have been hidden from us. And what they are hiding are some very, very dark secrets and things like power sources to enable their mind control, their black magic. 

But over the years with our meditations, not just this group, or the Ashtar Group, but many groups, many mass meditations, many specific missions by different Light Workers to take out dragon energies, to take out bombs that were housed there to be used against us. All of these different sources that the dark ones thought would give them the upper hand, they have been dismantled and whittled down to basically nothing now. And now is the time where the scales are tipping, Dear Beloved Ones.

And so we must not be disillusioned by any perceived actions that are spread in the mainstream media, because deep within our hearts, we must know that they’re just trying to feed off of our energy more and more with these lies of impending war. Because here it is on this meditation that once again, we have laid the groundwork for Peace.

And we thank you so very much for being a part of our Communion tonight and the effort that you have put forth, the Love that you have shined forth to bring this planet into the 5th Dimension and anchor in the Golden Age once again. 

Namaste, Dear Beloved Ones, good night.

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