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5-9-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

5-9-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Good evening. It is again my distinct pleasure at being here on this conference call to join with you, our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, heart to heart in this Communion of joining together our Love and Light to create a force field whereby we attract the coming in of these energies having to do with the announcements of NESARA. And we know that part of this scenario is to really bring Planet Earth and all of you Beloved Beings and all of the Kingdoms on this Beloved Planet up into the highest frequencies of Love and Light so that once again you will be in the 5th Dimensions. 

And this is what the Cosmic Blast, by the Decree of Heaven, has been intended to create for you at the same time, basically, as the Announcements, as all of the different pieces have been put together on your planet for Peace, for the end of corruption, for the exposing of the lies and the deceptions and all of the secrets that have been held from you about your species’ origin in these many thousands of years that you Beloved Beings have been reincarnating on this planet with your Mission of evolving yourselves to higher spiritual levels, but also, to return yourselves and this Beloved Planet back into the 5th Dimension.

Because before each and every one of you came in, you were so very well versed on all of the benefits, not only to yourselves and to this Beloved Planet of Mother Gaia, but to all of Creation for Planet Earth ascending and the people on this planet ascending. And it is happening, Dear Beloved Ones, because you see on our side, we already see it as an actuality or something that has already happened. And we know that you can’t really feel the energies that we feel around this. But we will say that you are feeling the shifting of energies going on right now of how the energies come in certain progressions at faster intervals where they spike, where they reach new high points, and this places a lot of stress on your -- within the four bodies of your being.

Because still to some degree, you are still carbon based, although that most of the rewiring has taken place; but still we don’t see that all of the changes happening until this Cosmic Blast, or most of the changes that are needed to really accelerate you, so you will be ready to work in the higher energies with your Mentors, so that you will really start to integrate what you need to in order to be in the Light Chambers happening, until this Cosmic Blast happens.

Because once it does, then you’ll have connections in the right lobe of your brain and connections between the Pineal and the Pituitary Glands that you haven’t before.  And you will all find this such a wonderful upgrade that – and it will make sense out of so much that you’ve been though. And inherently it will allow you to help so many others that are just starting to wake up.  Because you, my Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, you have already answered the wake-up call. 

But there’s so many of your Beloveds, Friends and Family and even just mild acquaintances, that haven’t really had their wake-up call yet. They haven’t really felt the energies in their hearts and being able to let go of the negative programming in such a way to fully inform themselves of who they really are. But this is what this Cosmic Blast has been designed to do. 

And if you can image all of the LoveLight from all parts of the cosmos coming in through this portal of the Central Sun and into the Solar Sun and just inundating the whole of your planet, then maybe you can understand just what a huge energy upgrade this will be for you all. And that it will definitely signify the end of your time in the 3rd Dimension.

So, Dear Beloveds, just feeling that energy really, we hope that that is cause for much celebration on your part. Because as we keep on saying, and yes, no dates, that you are very, very close to actualizing this Cosmic Blast coming into your environment, coming in within the four bodies of your being and feeling your heart united with the hearts of all of Creation.

And yes, you go up into the 5th Dimension, but you also will be able to rise up into other higher dimensions. And this is what we do when we come together in these meditations also, is to allow ourselves to go up into the higher dimensions where even more and more power to attract these things that we are asking Creator Source and all of Creation, the energies of all of Creation, for can begin to manifest in this really sublime LoveLight.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, let us join together in our Circle. And I’m bi-locating my paw to you again, and with you other hand grasping a person in your Circle here and breathing into your hearts and with our breathing and the power of our thoughts to rise up to my ship, the Nibiru. Let us go up there at the speed of our thoughts and with the ease, grace and joy and eternal calm of the One Light of that part of the Godhead that we are.

And now coming up to my ship, and I’m opening up the landing deck here. And we’re popping up through the air lock, suspended, hovering above it and now closing it. And touching down. And walking with our Circle fully intact all the way back to the elevator. And opening its door and all of us with our Circle intact still coming through the opening. And rising on up into my Crystal Room here. And opening the doors and coming out and feeling these wondrous energies of all of the beings gathered here tonight in anticipation of our Communion with one another to do this Meditation, to take it up even into a higher frequency of Love and Light, to create all of these things in harmony with our desires and intents for being even more connected with Creator Source and that of the whole Cosmos -- being able to feel these energies very tangibly throughout all of their being also.

And now ringing around the Altar and feeling all of the energies of the Mentors, all of the Beings who have joined us from the ships. And other angels and Ascended Masters come to join us tonight on this Meditation, them ringing around us. And of course, any ancestors, yours that wanted to be a part of this. And maybe you could feel their energies, perhaps tapping you on the shoulder, letting you know really how much you are loved and how grateful they are to experience your energy up close like this in the higher dimensions once again.

And just breathing into our Heart Centers and multiplying this Love Energy with every breath. And sending it out from the left to the right and into the outer circles in a spiral. And then spiraling it all through the room, from the floor, along the walls, affecting all of the subatomic particles, and going up to the ceiling.

And spiraling it up and down a few times in harmony with their breathing here to enrich ourselves in all of these higher dimensional frequencies that are carried within the crystals in this Crystal Room. And you come to see, to appreciate, that this is a very magical setting that we have for our Meditations, this Crystal Room. And it is truly appreciated by the other Beings of the LoveLight who come here too. 

And just breathing into it and allowing ourselves to experience this feeling of calm, of peace, of ease and grace. And fully realizing that we are loved, that we are Love. And that there is never any separation between us, that part of us that is the Godhead and Creator Source.

And now focusing this Energy for Creative Expression of that Freedom, of that Love and Light that we truly are into this Beloved Crystal that acts as our projector of reality, our tractor beam, if you will. And now projecting this LoveLight through the opening in the top of the Crystal Room, the top of my ship, and sending down with our energies into the atmosphere of Beloved Mother Gaia. And ringing our way through the ships.

And spiraling it now all throughout the atmosphere of the planet and on the surface and then through every subatomic particle of Beloved Mother Gaia in and around and through it, several times, with our breathing, spiraling these energies. Affecting the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on this planet, all of the different kingdoms, all of the particles of the earth itself and even down into Gaia’s crystalline core, resonating with its Beloved Divine Harmonics and energizing it even more so at this time of intense upgrade on your planet of the energies. 

And, Dear Beloved Ones, it may feel to you like nothing is really changing in these last few weeks, but let us suggest to you that many different parts of our Meditation for the Enactment of NESARA through the Alliance are coalescing very nicely. And we can all be enheartened by the fact that we are in the merry month of May right now, and that in a couple of months is the breadth of our eclipse season. And this is where we will find major upgrade energies to fully bring in all of the things that we have been intending for the Announcements, for Prosperity Funds, the Cosmic Blast. But this will be -- these energies of the eclipses, of course, are very stabilizing and opportune times to fully voice our intentions for that six-month period after these eclipses. And so they will have a wide-ranging affect all the way into next year, Beloveds. 

And so in the spirit of preparation and for the realization of attracting the energies that are needed for the Announcements, for the Cosmic Blast, let us focus our energies once again on Washington, DC, and of course, underneath the ground where these vast networks of underground bases are. And of course, all of the bases for the alphabet agencies, not only the Congress, not only the Beloved Monuments that hold so much of the energy of St. Germain and his original intentions for liberation of your Beloved Country, but also for upgrading these energies with our LoveLight shining. Spiraling from the atmosphere to the surface, reaching the hearts of all of the different participants in all of these different organizations of the government and all of the Beloved Beings that are in this area of the country.
And sending it down into the underground bases, through the network there and vertically spiraling the energy from the atmosphere to the surface and underground and breathing into it. And raising the level of the LoveLight exponentially now with us coming together heart to heart with all of the Beloved Beings on this Meditation and throughout the Cosmos who have been doing the Meditations to raise the level of our vibration on this planet.

To push it through so that we will accelerate this whole Ascension Process at a very accelerated pace right now by bringing in line and in step all of the different components resonating with one another in a rhythm, timing and synchronization that are needed to bring them into your reality; your physical realities, in a much appreciated way, so that these changes, this shift in the reality, can be very smooth and a seamless affair. And truly allow each and every one of you on Beloved Mother Gaia to feel gratitude for these accelerated energies and all of the changes in technology and prosperity that are part of this Divine Plan.

And also at this time, let us feel forgiveness for all of the times that we have allowed ourselves to be very down on ourselves and judgmental of ourselves and our Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And be blaming other people for our Reality not being what we wanted it to, and for having a story of feeling wronged by the Universe. And now in our Universal Truth of really who we are, accepting that only it is us that give permission to create the Reality the way that it happens. And we are only responsible for the creation of our Reality by using our energies the way that we do. And we are always responsible for our thoughts, words and actions, Dear Beloved Ones.

So, the responsibility always rests on us. And with that Truth of the Integrity of who we really are, let us now, from the underground bases in Washington, DC, send our LoveLight all through the networks all over North America here to clean out this network and all of the different bases from any dark force energy that may be hiding any of these toplet bombs, disabling them, taking away their power. And fully supporting all of the beings who have been used as slave labor, in ritual sacrifices. And just breathing into it and spiraling this energy all throughout these underground tunnels that comprise the network of these bases.

And now, let us send our Love into the hearts of all of the different children, all throughout this 13,000-year period who have been sacrificed, no matter where they have been, either underneath the surface or closer to the surface, sending them the LoveLight. And so you can be sending the energy to yourselves for some of the lifetimes that you had when maybe you gave permission to be part of these sacrifices. 

And telling all of these Beloved Beings that they are honored, and that they will find their energies rising up now. And they will be accelerating their Ascension Process, either on the planet or when they cross over to the other side. And that we appreciate them so very much deep down in our hearts and our souls for the sacrifices, for the contributions they have made to the whole to bring these dark energies full circle to completion.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, we give you great gratitude tonight for the accomplishments that we have undertaken in bringing ourselves closer to the completion of our Mission here with the Announcements of NESARA.

And we love you beyond all expression, Dear Beloved Ones. And namaste and good night.

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