Friday, May 11, 2018

5-9-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

5-9-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

It is I, Mary Magdalene, coming in tonight in a very uplifting mood, a feeling of celebration in harmonizing with your energies, because my Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I feel that your energy, especially after this Meditation, has been uplifted in a very grand way. And that each and every day, we feel that you are rising up and getting closer and closer to these levels that soon will be very compatible with us, the Mentors working with you, to accelerate your Ascension Process after this Cosmic Blast happens.
And this has been the scenario for all along, that when it got to the point where the Earth was back in the 5th Dimension again, that we would have conscious contact with you to come in and to work with you in a one-to-one way that would really help you by you feeling our energies. And you being uplifted into these higher levels at this time in order to really be able to harmonize with the crystalline grid. And having your nervous systems through your DNA rewired so that you are crystalline based. And so this has been a long process, Dear Beloved Ones.  And it is so very enheartening to me, and it brings me much joy to know just how close you are.

And yes, we ask you every day to meditate to find places of joy where you can let go, where you can let go of your daily tasks and any attachments to outcomes and attachments to how much money you have in the bank. And just allow yourself to be in the Now Moment and to fully feel these energies as they are coming in so that you can rise up higher and higher vibrationally, because the more that you do this, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, the more that it affects the whole of Creation and not just even your planet.
You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, are in a very unique position to raising the level of consciousness for all of Creation right now. And this is really what you signed up for, to be on this First Wave, to be the way showers. And all of you have had lifetimes where you have demonstrated to yourselves that you were very marvelous teachers, that you could really articulate for what you were feeling in the higher dimensions, in the higher vibrations. And so now this is going to be the crowning achievement of all of those lifetimes and all of the different things that you’ve learned by weathering the storm in this lifetime. 

And now having these energies within the 5th Dimension and these connections in the right lobe and the Pineal and the Pituitary Glands fully activated, so that we can create a force field that’s going to attract all of the Beloved Beings to us that can use our help that want to ascend. And there will be so, so many that will get the wake-up call from the Cosmic Blast. And they, from that point onward, will see things in a very different way than they have ever seen them before in this lifetime. And they will resonate with your vibrations and particularly the vibration of Mother Gaia.

And so we see a lot of magic happening after the Cosmic Blast and how your hearts will be so linked up with one another that there won’t be any reason for this testing and this feeling of wanting to have your own special safe place. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, the heart will be the safe space of everyone. And it will be One heart. And won’t that be magical?  That’ll be a feeling of such Divine Liberation for you. And it will be magnified through your crystalline grid.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we hope that these words tonight have given you some encouragement for doing the daily work that truly some of you are very weary of, because you are still caught in such a heavy survival game with its heavy-handed dynamics being perpetrated upon you by this cabal. But we say that you are truly blessed for how you are handling it by doing your work on yourselves and for the planet, day after day, and never losing sight of the prize.

And we love you, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and we so thank you for allowing me to come in tonight and to talk to you.

Namaste and good night.

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