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7-25-18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

7-25-18, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Good evening. It is once again a great pleasure to be here tonight in this Communion of our Hearts to do our Meditation. And first I’m seeing that I have a question here. And it has to do with people that have such a great splinter of their Inner Child in their consciousness that they move into different personalities. And so the nature of the negative programming and the manipulation throughout our conscious reality having to do with the institutions that we have to deal with or right now you have to deal with. And I had to when I was on your planet many, many moons ago, has to do with compartmentalization. And if you could think of this phenomenon as a Rubik’s cube and all of the different mathematical probabilities that are involved and created as potentialities in that Rubik’s cube, then you would get an idea of how far this dynamic of multiple personalities can go. 

And the question has to do with how can these people be healed because they are so very traumatized? Well, one thing is that right now, these energies that are coming into the planet make it easier for us to help these people, to shine the LoveLight onto them. So if this involves somebody in your life that you know, that you really care for, then praying and meditating and sending the energy to them is a very viable way to plant seeds within their consciousness for when the Cosmic Blast comes in.

This Cosmic Blast will be the shift in consciousness to the 5th Dimension that we’ve all been working so diligently for so many thousands of years. And things that need to be healed on the planet, they’re coming up. They’re becoming transparent. And once that this Cosmic Blast comes in, everyone, even these people that are dealing with this great amount of trauma that really can’t process a coherent version of their timeline in this lifetime, because the linear aspects of them creating their reality gets all skewered, because of this fight-and-flight syndrome that they were dealing with, that they can’t really project from point A to Point B. And when things get so stressful for them and overwhelming, that is when they tend to go into another personality. 

So, when the Cosmic Blast happens, it will take everyone into Zero Point. And from this potent place of nurturing and support, all of the seeds that we’ve been planting within them and with what their Guides and their I AM Presence have been doing in their whole duality life cycle to bring them up to this point of being able to rise up into the 5th Dimension, this is where it will kick in. And it’ll be up to them during the Cosmic Blast whether they’re going to accept this connection with their I AM Presence and create their reality from that perspective which they will be given.

Because basically all of us will have the opportunity to connect with that part of us that is the Godhead. And then it is up to us. Well, what are we going to do with that? Are we going to go with that feeling of connection or are we still going to resist? And also at the same time, a lot of these people that have been dealing with so much trauma, it has been because of the energies of the AI in these underground bases. 

Well when this Cosmic Blast happens, they’ll all be rooted out and that dynamic won’t be there at all. So the magnetization that has been holding sway over the dynamics of these peoples’ consciousness for such a long time, that will be disconnected, and they’ll have the freedom of range and movement and motion throughout the four bodies of their being, throughout their energy body and their energy field now to make a conscious choice from Zero Point. And we hope that that answers the question. 

And I would like to say that right now we find ourselves in perhaps one of the most important times of the year with being in the middle of this eclipse season with the next one being a very potent one in two days from now. And I ask everyone just to take it easy on themselves because you might find yourself having to disrupt your sleep patterns a little bit, not being able to sleep at night. So if you can, sleep in the daytime and go out in nature and find soothing and relaxing moments for yourself whether it be reading, taking walks, bike riding, anything to really take you out of your routine and slow yourselves down and just allow yourself to feel good, really feel inside of your bodies.

And so I would like us once again to join together. Reach out for my paw that I’m bi-locating to all of you. And then with your other hand, reach for somebody to connect with in the circle. And just breathing into the Heart Center and allowing ourselves to move this energy from heart to heart here, lifting up into higher vibrations, into higher dimensions, and to lifting up off of the surface of the planet, seeing the planet below us. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? And rising up through the layers of the ships with the power and the speed of our thought, coming up to my ship and the underbelly of it.

And I’m opening up that landing deck there, and now we’re all going through it with our circle intact. And in the airlock hovering above the landing deck while it closes. And now touching down and walking back to the elevator. And with our circle intact, entering it and pushing the button and moving right up into the Crystal Room here at the top of the ship. And opening the door. 

And seeing all those brilliant, shining faces, those high-vibe energies coming out to greet us with the Mentors, many members of the Ashtar Command from the different ships, other Ascended Masters, angels. And, ah, perhaps feeling a touch or a whisper from one of your Guidance Team or from one of your ancestors. And it could be you from a previous lifetime, allowing yourselves to feel Love and supported at this time.

And now ringing around our altar in the middle of the room here, the Mentors forming a ring, a circle around us. And other rings being formed too by these Beloved Beings of the LoveLight. And we’ve all come together here for this Mission of raising the level of the vibration, not just on the planet but all throughout Creation here.  Because, Dear Beloved Ones, there is no separation. What affects one, affects us all. 

And now just breathing into the energy of the room and sending the LoveLight heart to heart into the circles, and into the outer circles and into the room, starting from the floor to the walls to the ceiling, bringing in all of these energies of the crystals that encompass all of the vibrations and all of the dimensions. And spiraling the energy up and down here, around and through, back into our hearts and around the circles again. And just breathing into the energy here, allowing ourselves to slow down and relax into Zero Point here, to be in this Now Moment setting our intentions for what we want to create with this eclipse energy that we are in the middle of and with some more to come in a couple of days here. 

And whether it be for the announcements of NESARA or for anything personal in your lives, like the protection of your Beloved Ones, the awakening of them, to help your relationships with clearer communications, with clarity about your purpose at this time to create what you are calling forth in your reality. Just breathing into it and allowing it to come in. And now, So It Is. Feeling it already happen in this Now Moment. 

And allowing ourselves to feel gratitude for being here all together in the LoveLight, being at this point of time, feeling the support of Creator Source. And now shining our energies all together now into this crystal and projecting it up through the opening in the ceiling here of the Crystal Room. And following it down through the layers of the ships, into the atmosphere, the heliosphere and onto the surface of your planet, starting from the North Pole and spiraling the energy, this Golden White LoveLight Energy up, down and around and through your planet, all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, into their hearts, into their consciousness, allowing them to rise up and let go of their resistance at this most opportune time to expand the LoveLight all throughout not only the planet, but all of Creation.

And let’s keep on doing that, spiraling up and down, around and through here throughout all of the Beloved Kingdoms on the planet, to the oceans, the mountains, to all of the fixed structures of government, military bases, all of these old energy places which are the bastions of the institutions of the legal system, the medical system, insurance and banking. And raising that level of the LoveLight into all of these Beloved Beings’ hearts and minds, planting the seeds for their liberation with the Intention of accelerating the Ascension Process on your Beloved Planet, for Gaia, for all of the Beloved Beings and Kingdoms on your planet. And once again feeling this wave of gratitude in our hearts for the opportunity to be here, to play our part at this most significant time of change on your Beloved Planet.

And also, let us do a Forgiveness Piece here for all of the beings in the cabal, for those parts of ourselves that sometimes go down into the lower vibrations and allow themselves to feel separation. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry for going for this illusion of being separate from Creator Source and for all of  the pain, suffering and misery I have allowed myself to feel inside of the four bodies of my being in this hologram that we created within the Collective Consciousness. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. And we say this for the co-creation of these negative programs and all of the negative effects of these programs on ourselves and others.

And now once again, going to North America from Mexico to the United States through Canada and shining this LoveLight all throughout the tunnels and the underground bases here. And let us start by shining it vertically from the atmosphere to the surface and underneath and penetrating within our spiral. And yes, it’s a very large spiral that encompasses all of these different bases and tunnels.

So going up, down, around and through, shining this LoveLight, having it overtake any and all of these lower vibrations, rooting out, making transparent all of the secrets, the secrets of the AI, of stored armaments, of how the cabal has made money out of thin air, of sequestered wealth, of precious metals and minerals. And shining it into these places where the cabal hold rituals in these underground bases and do very dark, nefarious deeds to enhance their powers and the amount of control that they’ve been able to keep over us. 

But that’s why, one of the main reasons why we do these meditations, Dear Beloved Ones, to shine the Truth of the LoveLight into these dark areas and to make them transparent so that they will not hold any more power over us ever again. Because with the Lovelight, we’re raising the level of the vibration into the 5th Dimension and beyond where their powers won’t operate any more at all. And they will be exposed and held accountable for their deeds, for their choices.

And now shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of these Beloved Souls who made Soul Contracts to be slaves for the cabal in these underground bases, whether they be children or adults who have lived pretty much their whole lives taking care of the cabal. Or they were just children and they allowed themselves to be recruited for ritual sacrifices. We say to them that we honor your choices and you are not forgotten. You are loved so dearly by all of the Beings of LoveLight and that your time of Ascension is upon you.

We thank you so very much, Dear Beloved Ones, for your participation tonight. We sincerely hope that these energies find you well and that you find much Joy within your hearts of having the opportunity to feel this level of the LoveLight coming into your realities in the coming days. 

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  Good night. 

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