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8-1-2018 Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

8-1-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for letting me be here tonight. And just breathing into the heart and feeling this energy now after you worked it up. Oh, I love coming in after you do this Meditation. The energy is so high-vibe. And I feel your hearts be at Peace. And there’s a certain level of Joy that comes in too in knowing once again that you’ve done this Meditation and you’ve played your part into bringing about this new 5th-Dimensional reality onto your planet.  Because every time we do this, it gets closer and closer to actually manifesting in your physical reality. 

And for sure, this is the time of transformation on your planet. And you being the marvelous players of the LoveLight that you are is Truth that high-vibrational LoveLight Beings are creating this reality from the ashes of the 3rd-Dimensional burnout that you are seeing happening right now. Because you feel as we do that things cannot be sustained any longer in the lies and the deceptions of the Cabal, that the Truth is coming out moment by moment.
And more and more people are willing to speak from their hearts to one another about the way that they really feel about the government and these things that so many of them thought that they didn’t have a voice in, that there was no reason really to speak their hearts and express themselves about what they want to change. And now we see that changing. 

We see the energy levels rising so rapidly, and Love and Light dominating more and more, basically every minute on your planet. So we’re starting to get, we feel, really close to this tipping point. And again, as Mother keeps on saying, we can’t give you any dates here. We just know how it feels. We see the fireworks going on your planet.

And we are in Joy and in Celebration continuously because we remember, and like we say, for us there is No Time on our side of the veil. And we remember really well when there wasn’t this dominate LoveLight, these sparkles, these fireworks, this really high-vib activity happening that there is right now. And we know what it has taken and how many years of your time and how much effort and dedication on your part you have given to it to bring it to this point that it is right now.  

So, we are very happy for you, because the further that we go into these feelings of Love and Acceptance, all of these high-vibrational attributes and wisdom, the easier that it is for the rest of Humanity to start waking up. And that’s what it takes for the consciousness to get to this certain level where these higher vibrations, where this message of Love, if you will, as being who you really are and as the main mission, the main reason for why you are all here to transmit to the rest of you, to enable it to rise. 

And that’s when the Cosmic Blast can happen. And that’s when really your Ascension Processes can accelerate. And your physical manifestation of reality can change with higher technology, with this level of Trust happening heart-to-heart between you humans, and you coming together on different projects to help Mother Gaia to return back to the Garden of Eden. This is what we have all been working for such a long time, you know.

And ever before this lifetime that I had with Sananda, roughly 2000 years ago, I was on your planet in other lifetimes. Some of those lifetimes were even spent with Mother Sekhmet in Ancient Egypt or Lumeria and Atlantis. And we all were in such a beautiful, golden place in those cultures in Lumeria and Atlantis, and even Egypt had its moments. 

But since the fall of Atlantis, we have been working so diligently with all of you Lightworkers to come back into the 5th Dimension, to play through this cycle of duality and graduate in the LoveLight so that we can really unite with our I AM Presences, that we can help you unite with your I AM Presences to bring this all full circle for yourselves. And this time the 5th Dimension won’t be like it was before. 

This is a new type of Golden Age because it will encompass so much of Creation with the conscious remembrance of all of those experiences that you had dealing with the polarities and obstacles of duality that you hadn’t experienced before. And this is such a boon to your Spiritual Evolution, not just yours, but to all of Creation, because it is raising the level of the vibration all over Creation, even as we speak right now.

So I am saying all of this to you hopefully to keep on inspiring you to keep on doing your work and paying attention to how these eclipses feel energy-wise and the different gateways and portals that you will be passing through very shortly. So my heart goes out to yours in gratitude for all that you are doing to make the 5th Dimension and this Golden Age a reality of your planet.

Dear Beloved Ones, we are always here with you. We are One with you. And we are just a call away to coming in and for you to consciously feel us at any time in the night or day. Again, thank you so very much for being on this call, doing these Meditations.

Namaste, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Good night.

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