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7-4-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

7-4-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Hello Everyone, 

This is Mary Magdalene. I am so honored to be with you tonight on the remembrance and the celebration of your birthday of your Beloved United States. And although it is just the birthday of the United States, it is a rebirth for your whole planet. It is a time of mass healing going on your planet. Because the LoveLight with these energies that are coming in through the Central Sun and your Solar Sun are so intense and of such a high vibration, that they are making it easier for all of you and us on this meditation, on this conference call, to come together and use to create this reality of bringing in the Announcements. And once again anchoring the 5th Dimension into your Beloved Planet.
But this time the 5th Dimension, the reality of your interaction, is going to be much different because you have earned the Divine Decree of Ascension while being fully conscious in your physical bodies. And as you’ve been told from time to time, this has never happened before. So you are the focal point of all of the multiverses, because now it’s getting so very close to that point of saturation on your planet where the Light will make the 5th Dimension a reality for all of you. And that will help you so very much to prepare yourselves for Ascension. Because when you’re in the 5th Dimension, you won’t be in a survival frame of mind. All of the conditions of survival will be taken care of. And you’ll have enough money, you’ve have advanced technologies. And that will enable you to come together heart to heart and raise the level of the vibration more and more. 

It’s as if the meditation from that point on from the Cosmic Blast will just mushroom exponentially and wash over your planet, so that the acceleration of your whole Ascension Process will go into overdrive. And you will feel so very satisfied and really in your element. And your reality will really change where it’ll be so very easy for you to be in Joy all of the time. It is just a matter of breathing into your heart and focusing and allowing yourselves to be, to be the Love that you are, to express that Love in your Now Moment, and not let yourself be detoured into any of these lower vibrations.

Ah, this is such a magical time on your planet. And we are so happy to be with you once again. Because, yes, so many of you, and we would say all of you that are on this call right now have had lifetimes when myself and Sananda were on the planet in this lifetime of his as Yeshua. And you had your roles to play in that lifetime too. But right now, each and every one of you and the people listening to this on the recordings, they are going to hear this and understand that this is their time of graduation. This is the time that they came into this lifetime for. Because this particular time of integrating the 5th Dimension and accelerating the Ascension Process will afford all of you the ability to use your Gifts and Talents in a way that you have been practicing and preparing for in all of your lifetimes, even before this duality period started in these 13,000 years preceding us.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we offer you words of support that any time that you are feeling wearisome, down in the “dumpies”, as Ashtar would say, to please call us in, because all of the Mentors are at your disposal, at your beck and call.  And we will shine the LoveLight on you, help you to raise the level of its vibration, and love and nurture you in the Now Moment whenever you call.

We are so very happy that you’ve come together tonight to join together your energies, to raise the level of the Love and Light on the planet. And we love you, Dear Brothers and Sisters, far beyond any oral expressions in this Now Moment. Namaste and good night.

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