Friday, June 29, 2018

6/27/2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

6/27/2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

The beauty, the resilience, the power that we feel of your energy after you doing this Meditation is truly Divine for us to experience at this time. And this is such a Beloved Time of rising up even higher and higher than you have ever been before. And the energies that come into our hearts are so very powerful now. And yes, everything that is not of the Light, that is not of Love, is coming up to be healed at this time. And some of you are experiencing interactions with disinformation. And we ask you to truly know and trust and have no doubts whatsoever that when you breathe into the heart and you focus on that connection within the four bodies of your being that hooks your heart up with your mind and allows you to feel the Truth, to feel if it is in resonance with the vibration of Truth for yourself. 

And this will enable you not to have to go into rationalizations and delve into wicked perspectives, but enable you to be fully cognizant of the bigger picture here and what your priorities are for manifesting this Golden Age at this time. And we are always here to lend guidance and to lend the support of our Love to your vibrations so that we will help you to manifest these insights that allow you to push forward and bring in more Love and Light. And it is only when you doubt the Power of your Discernment of this whole mechanism to be Heart Centered and to be One with your I AM Presence and to tune into those parts of your mind that hold your intuition that you sink into rationalizations. Feeling the truth is all very doable for you, each and every one of you, we see, that will listen to this recording and that are right now on this call.

It is only by allowing yourself to have the courage to open up, to open up to the energies that are coming in and to allow yourself to feel the vibration of what you’re hearing, or you’re reading, or the interactions in relationships that aren’t resonating with you as the Truth or the person being in their integrity at this time. Well, we would like you to consider that so many people are very afraid at this time and some of them are unlike yourself who have made a commitment to being the Love and Light that they are. So these people are eager in this Fight-or-Flight Mode of Creation and they are not in the mode of being the Truth of the Love and Light that they are of creating their Divine Reality in this Now Moment.

We honor all of you, no matter what you are experiencing at this time because each one of you and even the players on the dark side, even these one percenters in the cabal, they have come here with this Mission to play out to enable Ascension. And when we come right down to it, Brothers and Sisters, this is the reason why we are all here:  To take Creation to this next level of vibration in all of its Glory and Wonder and Joy and Magnificence. And this is what’s really real.

You’ve created this hologram and at times, it seems like all there is, and you’re tempted to go for the short-range solution. But Dear Beloved Ones, that isn’t the reason why you are here. You have all committed to bringing in these higher energies and integrating with them so that very soon, this tipping point will be realized. And you will be well on your way to manifesting this connection with a Mentor and accelerating your Ascension Process to be in the Light Chambers and to Ascend.

And so we ask you to consider these things, but above all, to consider yourself in the glory of the Truth of who you really are as being a part of the Godhead. Because this is the true reality and not this hologram that has tested you in the density of duality. And now you are fast approaching that breakthrough point where the veil will be pierced by this Cosmic Blast once and for all, Brothers and Sisters. 

We honor each and every one you so very much and we say to you Namaste and good night.

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