Friday, September 28, 2018

9-26-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

9-26-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah, what a joy it is for me to be here tonight with you because just as the lotus blossom blooms and it encompasses such a wondrous feeling joy, of the promise of the Love and the Truth of who we are, blooming and coming forth and spreading out. And emanating that Joy over the entire Creation of the consciousness that sprang it forth. That’s what we see and feel happening on your planet right now. 

We see that this is a time of flowering for you, a time of when the Promise of bringing your planet back into the 5th Dimension, into that original place of perfection and being in the Oneness of your Divinity; that is taking shape you would call it, it’s coming into fruition where the fruits of all of your Intentional Requirements are blooming and they are springing forth. And we can smell that Divine Scent of Love, of Joy, of Peace and Harmony inhabiting your consciousness and making itself at home in your hearts. And yes, you all are the way showers. And you are the shining beacons.

And you more and more will attract these Beloved Souls that are just starting to awaken. And it is such a marvelous experience for us to witness this. Because it has been thousands upon thousands of years where we have seen it slowly coming into shape and taking form from a place of being totally dominated in fear and having your DNA mutated. We see the LoveLight shining forth brighter and brighter. And all of this information through the vehicle of your Internet and books and DVDs, but particularly on the Internet and YouTube Videos and webcasts, and even email has been a prime player in this with sending forth channels and links where people would go to websites and they’d see updates and reports. And it brought so many people together with the same information about who you really are and what has been hidden from you for so long.

Because these dark players didn’t want you to know the reality of the past, of what really transpired and why it happened. And for sure, they didn’t want you to know the dynamics of how to play with the energy in such a way for you to realize your Divinity. Because they just wanted you to be a slave to their survival dynamics that they perpetrated on you with lies and deceptions, and with turning the tables against you by controlling the money supply and resources on your planet, and using institutions against you to make your lives so complicated that basically you didn’t know if you were coming or going. Because it was all a bunch of what has been called double-speak or forked tongue.

And now, what we see shining forth is the Truth and you becoming well versed and very adept at you using your Discernment. And we say keep on practicing that because that is one of your greatest tools right now, along with Forgiveness and Gratitude, to keep you in higher vibrations so that these dark players and the foundations of their holographic reality do not drag you down into the tarpits of the 3rd Dimension any longer. We see you lifting yourselves up and we are a bit in awe. And we honor you and we celebrate you for the strides you are making at this time. 

And yes, we shine the LoveLight along with you to have all of these changes on your planet that the Alliance has set forth to come through in a very seamless, smooth fashion so that everyone on your planet will be affected in such a positive way. And that these dark players will exit and never come back to have any more effect on your planet. And this has been the basis of our Mission for so long now. Because when this happens, this will enable you to accelerate your Ascension Processes. And we are here to work with you to do that, but you have to be in the 5th Dimension for this to fully take shape.  So that is what we are working on right now. And you coming together, doing these Meditations, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with one another heart to heart, truly expedites these changes.


So we say to you, we love you more than we can possibly express with words.  And we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Namaste, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Good Night.

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