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4-4-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

4-4-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones, I am so happy to be on this meditation again with you joining my heart with yours at this very wonderful time of year after my Beloved’s Ascension Holiday that signifies the beginning of the rebirth of your seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere. And we see this being such a lovely time for so many of you. And we also see it now as being a time of grand upliftment in the energies. 

And yes, you’re in Mercury retrograde, but soon, within about the next ten days, this energy will lift. And we see this as being the time to push through a lot of barriers and obstacles that have been keeping our intentions of manifestation at bay. And in other words, we see things, the pieces of the puzzle coming together in a different way for you at this time, a way which we feel will be harmonious and rewarding. 

And no, we’re not giving any dates. All we’re saying is that things are in the rhythm and harmony that portend Divine Timing, and that whatever we can do to raise the level of our vibrations completely helps not only ourselves, and for sure not only this Beloved Group and the rest of our Ashtar Family, but all over Creation, Dear Beloved Ones. And yes, we know that it’s really hard for some of you to fathom just how connected you are to all of Creation and how your meditations shape the Divine Pulse of raising the level of the vibration all throughout Creation. 

But this is what it takes for so many of these planets to rise up, is that in a place of what you would say, a log jam or a bottle neck that you’ve had in the 3rd Dimension here with these Reptilians, this Reptilian hybrid race harnessing your power and keeping you in the dark in such a low vibrational way for so many thousands of years and running their agenda of wars, secrets, disharmony, fear, confusion and manipulations very dark, and surrounding so many of your important stargates with black magic programming.

And the attacks to some degree, have exacerbated, from the AI, having to do with this negative programming in about the last year, last ten months probably. But now we see that once again the vibration of the Love and Light that you are all manifesting with the work that you’re doing together and individually, and that the Alliance is doing to bring together all of these loose ends to completely liberate and restore your Republic is gaining in momentum and strength. 

And, Dear Beloved Ones, we have been on this Mission almost as long as you have been, and to some degree even longer than you have been alive in your physical bodies here on this planet in this lifetime.  And we see the changes happening. And we are so very happy for you because we know just how happy and satisfied and fulfilled you will all be once NESARA is announced and the different provisions start to take hold that allow advanced technology to come in and healing through the advanced forms of technology, through the wonderful healers that are going to be made available in the crystal cities.  And so many on your planet will be groomed to take up the mantle of those healing, and chief among these are the children who have virtually no karma at this time. And it’ll be very easy for them to manifest their Divine Imprints and to shine their energies forth into constructing patterns of healing in harmony with the technologies that await them.

So, it will be a wonderful time of discovery and joy for so many of you. And of course, we realize that not to be on, as Eli would say, a survival trip anymore is going to be such a beautiful thing for all of you. And because your bodies won’t be worn down, you won’t be stressed out, and you’ll know that the technologies are healing your bodies and bringing you back to Zero Point to a place of total rejuvenation where it’ll be so easy to manifest this Golden Age reality within your own hearts. And then you, Beloved Beings, as being on the First Wave, will be in a rather spirited and Divine position for shining it forth and being the teachers for the rest of humanity. And we’re talking about those that will just be coming awake when this Cosmic Pulse does finally happen.

So just breathing into our Heart Centers, Dear Beloved Ones, and letting ourselves be filled with gratitude and joy, ease and grace, and just because we are who we are, all part of the Godhead in harmony, in unison with one another in Divine Communion. 

Ah, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for the opportunity to be together with you tonight and say these few words and to feel your hearts in Communion with me and with one another.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Good Night.

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