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4-4-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

4-4-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones, Good Evening,

We are very grateful once again to be on this call with you, to feel your energy and to come from a place of Divine Creation in a heart centered way with each and every one of you. And we see things picking up quite a bit in the last few days after this wonderful holiday of Easter. And we see with the energy blasts being what they have been and the fact that you’ll also in Mercury retrograde that there’s a lot of challenges, energy wise, that you may be facing at these times. 

And so, we encourage you to rise up in the energy of our communion together here and to allow yourself to go to the highest of vibrations to gain clarity and to pour forth in the shining Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy your vision for the Golden Age once again.

And yes, you could think of it as a honeycomb affect, Dear Beloved Ones, because over the years, how many times have we done meditations together? And look how the energy has changed and all of the different pieces that our Beloved Commander has always talked about. They are beginning to manifest right before our very eyes.  So instead of feeling frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet, I encourage each and every one of us to feel gratitude and to feel the spirit of celebration as it is still in the space of this Beloved Holiday of Sananda’s. 

And this is only a precursor to your own Ascensions. And we see each and every one of you having made such a Divine Commitment to this within the four bodies of your being that you’re going to feel these energies in waves very intensely and in very wonderful ways also because we’re at that point where you’re going to see the changes manifesting to some degree in your physical reality. And as soon as that starts to happen, the log jam will be broken through, and the meditations or visions will take on a life of their own, Beloved Ones.  And as we’ve been saying, this is a very magical time. And it’s about to get more magical.

So, we ask you to bi-locate a paw with me and reach out to a partner here to form our Circle while we lift up with our breathing into our hearts, shining our LoveLights out and rising up at the speed of thought to my Beloved Ship, the Nibiru. And now we’re approaching the underside. And we’re opening up the landing deck here, popping through that air lock, hovering above it as it closes and now walking back to our elevator and walking right in and now pushing the buttons and going up. 

Ah, and here we are once again, opening the doors and bathing ourselves in these welcoming energies of the Mentors, all of the people that wanted to be here from the ships, our ancestors, guidance teams, I AM Presences, angels and other Ascended Masters.  It is quite a large retinue.  And forming our Circle now around our Beloved Altar and feeling the warmth of the energies coming together as we’re breathing into them. And we may feel someone’s energy on our back or our shoulder. And just allowing ourselves to deeply relax into this feeling of being Home once again. 

And now, sending the energy from our hearts through our Circle and up and down and through the Crystal Room, soaking in all of the energies of the beings of this Beloved Room and the energy of the crystals. And spiraling it up and down now. And now allowing the peace to come in, the clarity of our visions at this time and allowing ourselves to feel grateful in being together here once again in my room on the ship. This is our place of creation, Dear Beloved Ones. This is where we can make it happen and extend it all the way down onto your planet and shine it and spiral it forth to affect every particle from the atmosphere, the surface and below the surface, everything that comprises your planet. 

And now from our hearts, shining forth our intentions for who we want to send energy to tonight for our visions of creation to manifest with the coming announcements, with the changes in vibration on your Beloved Planet. And just breathing into them and knowing they’re already done in the spirit of ease and grace and Divine Gratitude for being issued the Divine Decree of Heaven for our Ascensions. 

And now shining our visions into our crystal once again, our intentions, our Love for the Beloved Beings that we’re sending energy to. And spiraling it up through the opening in my ceiling in the Crystal Room and going up along with it. And spiraling down into your Beloved Planet into the layers of ships and the atmosphere and spiraling around, up, down and through all parts of your planet now. And sending this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness into every subatomic particle to raise the level of the vibration once again.

It’s in this truth of knowing who we truly are that we send forth our Love in Mission to spread this Message of Oneness to all, throughout all of the kingdoms and throughout all of the Beloved Beings of Humanity. And waking them up to the realization that they too are God and that our time is upon us where survival won’t be necessary, where it’ll be done for us, Beloved Ones. And we will focus on the most important and more powerful things in our Divine Nature. And one of those things in the beginning, for sure, will be healing our Beloved Planet and wiping out all vestiges of pollution, of war, of discordance, of cellular harmony – disharmony rather -- say like with cell towers and EMFs and HAARP technology that has been wreaking havoc on your weather and causing droughts and causing extended wildfire seasons and putting so many brave, loving souls at risk. We shine the LoveLight to clear up all of these polarities in this Now Moment throughout the earth.

And now is the time when we shine the LoveLight on all the weapons of the earth to completely silence them, render them impotent, ineffective and dematerialize them. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, now is the time of our grand gestures of Universal Love and being in the Collective Consciousness to manifest the Oneness of the Love and Light that we all are. 

And so again, I would like to do this, to send us over to the Northern Hemisphere and these underground bases. And you know, one of the biggest ones is going to be right under Washington, DC. And you know the real sensitive areas are what they call the mall where all of these statutes are and very celebrated structures that have the image of being of freedom and justice for all. Well, it is our time to bring back the Republic by completely ejecting the corporations and their institutions from the structure of our governments at this very time. 

So now, shining the LoveLight, spiraling it down around and through from the atmosphere to the surface and below the surface into the underground bases here that have kept the secrets of the cabal and have allowed them to maintain their power for so many eons of your linear time. Spiraling it up and down and through, lifting up all of the places where ritual sacrifices, where they’ve had weapons hidden, advanced technologies hidden, where they’ve had dragons and black magicians and the interfaces with the AI that have given them their power structure and allowed them to maintain the rhythm of their binding control the way that they have manifested it since the Fall of Atlantis. Only now, it has grown in a much more, umm, powerful way because it really had to with the population of the earth growing so dramatically in the last few hundred years.

But now is our time with the dominance of the Love and the Light being manifest on your planet for us to take it back rather easily at this time. And with the help of the Alliance setting all of different pieces in motion, we see that happening in a very correct and harmonious manner. And no, we can’t give dates. We just see it happening, and we know on our end that it’s already happening. It’s already happened. And we know you get tired of hearing that, but you can really believe that one day you will wake up and the shift will happen in a way you really don’t expect it. And it won’t be the same for everyone else. It might be sort of the same for some of you.

But it’ll be magical in whatever way that it manifests.  It’ll be well worth all of the work that each and every one of us have put into it. And well, we’ve also grown so very much now, haven’t we, by doing these meditations, by clearing out the negative programming within ourselves, doing the housecleaning, as Beloved Ashtar would always call it and allowing ourselves really to know the true spirit and essence of Unconditional, Universal Love?

And now, let us expand this meditation to reach all throughout the networks of the underground bases, breathing into it. And from the atmosphere, to the surface, below the ground and in a horizonal way now, spreading out to all of the passageways in this underground network of the tunnels, through all of the bases, affecting them with this LoveLight in a very exponential way, lifting the level of the vibration way up high to completely eradicate the powers of their black magic, of their ritual sacrifices, of their threats of war, of their secrets, secret technology that could be used against us. And just breathing into it and letting it spiral back and forth, side to side, around and through.

And now, Dear Beloved Ones, let us voice our intents for the freedom and liberation of all of the children, all of the beings who have been sold into slavery, sex trafficking and what have you. Praying for their liberation and sending them Love and Light and telling them they have not been forgotten, and that we are doing our very best to manifest their liberation. And just spiraling this energy once again all throughout the network of the underground bases with our Divine Intentions here for the children, for the slaves.

And so, Dear Beloved Ones, I hope you can feel peace come into your hearts here in knowing that our Divine Mission has been successful and that the Light grows exponentially more and more each and every day. And that together, we are doing all that we possibly can to shorten the time when changes will manifest on your Beloved Planet. 

And we say Namaste. And we thank you so very much for your commitment, for your effort, for your Divine Love and Sacred Communion in this meditation.

Good Night.

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