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April 11, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

April 11, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

Ah, thank you so much for coming together tonight with us and for allowing us to be in Communion with you once again and to shine our LoveLights together to multiply these energies over Beloved Mother Gaia. Dear Beloved Ones, we send the Love straight into your heart tonight. 

We see some of you having to deal with very extreme conditions where you’ve been tested, where you’ve felt so much happening that you realize it’s really not about analyzing it, what you’re experiencing, but just allowing yourself to feel it and let go to it and keep yourself in high vibration while you bring it to completion, whatever it may be, whether it be the feeling of grief, of loss, of betrayal. Dear Beloved Ones, the Love is always so much stronger. And by just allowing ourselves to shine this LoveLight on all of the polarities that we experience in our lives, this enables our gifts and talents to such a high degree. 

And this is what we as Mentors, as Ascended Masters, have all had to learn, to really trust that feeling of being the Love and Light that we are. And not analyzing, not thinking that the mind was all powerful at all, but the connection in our hearts with Creator Source, which is the LoveLight that we have all emanated from. And you can call it the Godself or the Godhead. But that is the spark, Dear Beloved Ones that energizes us inside of our bodies.

And when we have realization of this, this metamorphosis of realizing our true inner selves, and our connection with Creator Source takes over and allows ourselves to rise so far above these limitations of duality that we have all been programmed with to keep ourselves small and to be easily controlled by these so-called rulers who have enabled all of this negative programming and these limitations of survival to allow them to control you and the resources of this Beloved Planet. 

And now with our meditations, with Mother Gaia becoming activated and with the Divine Decree of Heaven allowing this progression toward our Ascensions to happen, we get more and more into feeling this Power of the Love and Light that we all are. And so instead of feeling that things aren’t happening fast enough, we ask you in this Now Moment just to truly appreciate where you are right now and the feeling of Love in your heart and being in Communion with one another, with us at this very wondrous and engaging time. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, this didn’t happen overnight. It has been an ongoing journey for all of you to be able to rise up in these high vibrations and to let go of the negativity, the feelings of fear, finding the courage to let go of the old stories of victimization, of control and trying to analyze why things happen the way that they do. 

But now we are at this place when we can really feel the Power of us coming together in Communion and being the LoveLight that we are and focusing our energies on the Announcements, on the Cosmic Blast to fully take us into this next step of our evolution.

And so, we are so appreciative of the Love you have shown us, all of the Mentors, by continuing your work, by being courageous and staying Heart Centered in these times when so much is transpiring, and all of these different loose ends are coming together. And we are never separate from you at all. You just have to call us, and we are there, right there in your hearts, Dear Beloved Ones. And we so appreciate of you. And we love you beyond all expression.

And so we say to you, Namaste. We love you and good night.

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