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March 28, 2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

March 28, 2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

We thank you so very much for the opportunity to be in Divine Communion with your hearts at this most awesome time of the year for us. Yes, because it is a time where Sananda carried out his Mission in a very wonderful way. And this whole week commemorates that in a lot of your Christian religions. And so, at this time, it also can be a time of discovery and opening up your heart just as the buds on the trees open, and their flowers bloom and they give off a sweet fragrance. That is what you can allow to be happening within the four bodies of your being at this time, Dear Brothers and Sisters.

We have built up to this Now Moment. Our meditations have produced fruit, an abundance of Love and Light on the planet. And it is a very noticeable state of affairs to us upon the ships because there’s a proverbial light show happening all of the time now. And yes, Dear Beloved Ones, we can feel your Love in such a way that we really couldn’t before, and it is a wondrous, joyous feeling for us.
And yes, we see you going through your changes of expecting things to happen and wondering when they will happen. But still you come back to this place of your center in knowing now who you are from all the experiences that you’ve had, and you can see how you’ve progressed. Possibly some of you can see all up and down that timeline from the time you were really young and how your journey in this life has led you up to this point. 

And it’s truly a wondrous realization on your part to have that because it can only further help give you assurance that your path is leading up to fulfilling your Mission and in alignment with your purposes, the completion of your Soul Contracts. And yes, there will be new Soul Contracts after Ascension. They’ll be more of a broadening of our Missions, if you will, with advanced technologies being released on the planet. 

So, we thought we’d just give you that introduction. We feel it’s such a marvelous time to be in Communion with you on this call. And so, let us join together, and let me bi-locate a paw to you.  And reach out with your other hand to form a Circle here.  And breathing into the Heart Center once more and rising up with the power of our thoughts, with the feelings of Love and Oneness and using our imagination to get right up to our ship right now.  I call it our ship, you notice, because it’s your home too whenever you want it to be. And we’re always here for you.

And now popping through the air lock here, hovering above the landing deck and setting down and moving toward the elevators. And picking out this one elevator, opening the doors with our Circle intact. It’s opening up for us, and now while in, we’re going up to the Crystal Room here. And now opening the doors, feeling the energies of all these Dear Beloved Beings of Love and Light, the Mentors, our many members of the Ashtar Command, your ancestors, your Guidance Teams, your I AM Presence. They’re here to join us in Mission on this wondrous night.  

And let us ring around in the inner Circle here, right around our Altar with this awesome crystal that we use to project all of the energies of the Crystal Room and all of the participants on this Meditation. And now, holding our hands and breathing into the Heart Centers, and the other Beings of Love and Light ringing around us in their circles. And allowing ourselves to feel the familiarity of these energies of all of the Beings of Love and Light and the vibrations of the crystals as we spiral our energy up and down and all through this Crystal Room, allowing ourselves to partake in these many different levels of vibrational frequencies of the crystals. 
These crystals come from all out from all of Creation. It is truly a wonderful assortment. And just breathing into it a little bit more and feeling our Oneness and the potency of our Love and Light at this time. Because, Dear Beloved Ones, coming together and breathing these energies and raising up to the level of its vibration is a tremendous gift for Creation. And it takes each and every one of us in our focus, in our intentional requirements to create the unfolding of our Mission here. 
And now, just focusing on the crystal, sending it the Love and Light and also sending it your vision for the announcements, for the feelings of freedom and Universal, Unconditional Love, truly inspiring all of the beings on this planet and all of the kingdoms and allowing Mother Gaia herself to fulfill her Mission of completion. And whatever we have for our visions, whatever projects, whatever we feel that is part of our Soul Contracts to contribute at this time, shine that into the LoveLight of this crystal. 
And now raising it through the roof of my ship and sending it down into our Beloved Orb of Mother Gaia. And allowing ourselves to be One as we approach the layers of ships and start spiraling this energy from the atmosphere through the ships and down into the surface and down below the surface, to affect the DNA, raising it to a very high vibration, full of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, this Unconditional, Universal Love that shall allow everyone on this planet to feel the Oneness with one another now. And let go of the lies, the fear and separation, once and for all. And the constant strains of survival and having to do things for survival that we don’t really want to do.
Well now let us feel ourselves being reborn in this Love and Light and shining it, spiraling it all throughout the planet here into the hearts of all the Divine Living Beings, all of the kingdoms, the crystals underneath the surface, the crystal caves, Gaia’s crystalline core. And raising the level of the vibration even higher now, spiraling it up and down, around and through.

Now let us go to these sites in Atlantis where there have been underground bases, where there have been very many ritual practices full of the darkness. And some of them have recently been broached with the intention of clearing them. And let’s give this a quick run through about spiraling our energy across all of the ley lines, all of the stargates. And that includes the Middle East there, the Gulf of Aden, I believe in Iran. And just allow yourselves to feel where this energy has to go on that side of the planet.  

And breathing into it and putting out our intentions for Truth to come out around all of these secrets that have been hidden underground, all of these secret societies being exposed, all of the different ways that clandestine operations have kept this hybrid race of Reptilians in power for so many thousands of years now. And now we can see this house of cards all falling down. And shining the Love and Light on that image here to bring it back to Zero Point so we can start out fresh in the 5th Dimension once again, Dear Beloved Ones. 
And now, let us shift our focus to North America here one more time because, as you know, this is a very intense energy center for the manipulation of this cabal dark state. And now from the surface or from the atmosphere first and then to the surface and down underneath the surface into the tunnels of these networks of underground bases, shining our LoveLight, spiraling it up and down and through with these high vibrations of Love with the intention of freeing all of the beings that have been trapped down there and all of the secrets. Freeing all of the secrets so the Truth can finally be exposed and accepted with ease and grace and joy too, Dear Beloved Ones, because there is such beauty in the Truth being revealed. And the bigger, larger Truth, and the bigger picture of this whole enterprise of Ascension is really freeing up these energies and allowing everyone to see that there is no separation. That even as nefarious and underhanded as the manipulations of this Deep State’s corruption and lies and deceptions went that it was still enabling us to bounce right back and become stronger in knowing that Love is more dominant than any of the lower vibrations.

And now, once again, spiraling this energy from underneath the tunnels, all through the networks that run into all of these different underground bases. And as you know, some of them are like resorts and many of them are military installations with these honeycombed chambers housing different things, munitions, priceless works of art, spas, advanced forms of healing. You name it. 

They were so determined to take their dominance underneath the ground and, if they had to, to wipe out most of us and just to have a very skeleton crew, if you will, providing for their needs. And none of that is happening. Their time has run out and sending them the Love and Light so they have nothing more to feed on.
And now sending this Love and Light to all of the children who still find themselves in very precarious positions in these underground bases. And with our intention of shining so much Love into their hearts, that they realize that they have not been abandoned, that this is something that they have given permission to, and that each and every one of them are heroes as far as the Company of Heaven is concerned. And we treasure each of their contributions. And we send them all of the help that they need right now to accomplish their Missions and fulfill their journeys.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for your participation, for your commitments to clearing these dark energies, to working on yourselves and for the intentions that you all have for the release of the Announcements of NESARA and returning us back into these high vibrations of the 5th Dimension and beyond to truly anchor in this Golden Age. And we bid you goodnight. We say to you we love you more than words can possibly express.  

And Namaste.

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