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March 28, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

March 28, 2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Ones,

We are so happy to be here tonight. And as Mother expressed, this is truly a beautiful time of the year, and this is a time of awakening. And what I would like to do tonight is to help you firmly feel the power of your hearts. And of course, using your imagination as a Divine Tool to raise the level of your vibration at all times because each of us has had in this lifetime that we can remember so many wondrous experiences. And we’ve been to so many places in nature and having experiences of the Oneness of being in groups of people, say maybe at concerts or meditations or even seminars where we felt joy, where we felt acceptance and abundance and for those moments where we could just let go of the negative programming and truly be in the Now Moment.

And in your meditations, we ask you really, particularly at this time, to allow yourself to feel joy, to feel it cascading out from your heart, to feel it coming through this portal of the Central Sun and then through your Solar Sun and into your atmosphere, through the rings and layers of the ships in the atmosphere. And you know upon those ships, they feel the energies, and they only intensify it in their own way because, Dear Beloved Ones, we’re all on the same Mission. 

And as you know, your Ascension is going to be the Ascension of the multiverse. There have been so many galaxies that have been destroyed from these machinations of the dark energies, this AI programming. And now this is a triumphant time where we are rising up to such a significant level and using the power of our hearts, of our Love, to really fully encompass the bigger picture of what is happening at this time because it’s not just each and every one of us accelerating our Ascension Process. It’s each and every one of us doing it for the whole of Creation.

And if you can allow yourself, your mind to open up, your heart to open up to bring in that wonderful intensity of all of these Divine Energies flooding your planet and all of the hopes of Divine Beings everywhere over all of Creation for this to unfold at this time, then we see it being much easier for you every day to move through your challenges, your obstacles and to let go of the same thought patterns, the same behavior patterns that can make you feel trapped and bring you down to lower vibrations. Dear Beloved Ones, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
You are on the cusp of this great shift, and whenever it happens, it will happen. But we are so close, and the energies are so vibrant, so high, so beautiful and what they carry for all of us, Dear Beloved Ones, that you can allow yourself to fully partake in their messages and their higher vibrations and the potency of their Light, and allow yourself to learn how to create your reality in these high vibrations by simply feeling and being in Oneness with them.
And we know that your Pineal and your Pituitary Glands aren’t fully activated at this time and neither are all of the connections into the right lobe of your brain and the templates of your heart connected into the right lobe of your brain anywhere near the degree that they will be when this Cosmic Blast happens and when the shift finally touches down on the surface of your planet and has such a liberating and Divine Effect for all of you. And we see each and every one of you on this call being open and totally in sync with the progression of these energies coming into your planet. And it’s really a wonderful feeling for us to know that you’re committed to this and that you’re willing to do the work and that we see you developing this Gift of Patience and Tolerance, and that is so in alignment with the energies of Creator Source with truly embracing the Love and Light that you are, because it is taking into account that there is no time and that this is all a hologram. And you can forgive the illusions of pain, suffering, misery and sorrow, and just allow yourself to be One in this Joy, this ease and grace of these high vibrations coming in at this time, Dear Beloved Ones. And just breathing into the Heart Center and allowing ourselves to bring in all of these images that stimulate us into this feeling of Joy, of remembering who we truly are, of being One with Beloved Mother Gaia.

Dear Beloved Ones, we thank you so much for this opportunity to be in communion with you within the four bodies of your being, in your minds and your hearts on this day. And we look forward to the next time. So, Dear Beloved Ones, we love you so very much.

Namaste and Good Night.

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