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8-1-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

8-1-2018 Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, we come to you in the spirit of joining together our hearts and becoming One in these high-vibrational energies to affect positive outcomes on your planet. And as you can all tell that these are very high-vibrational times with the last of these eclipses happening a few days ago. And yes, there’s one more in, oh, a couple of weeks, just about a couple of weeks.  And this one, along with all of the astrological alignments that are happening and also with the Lion’s Gate coming in about a week, these are very high-vibe times.
And perhaps you can feel and see and hear different polarities being voiced and being shown upon your media whether it be in the mainstream, or on the Internet, or YouTube videos. There’s a lot going on is what we’re saying. And we urge you to do the work on yourselves and stay centered and heart centered and focused on raising the level of your vibration and really paying attention to your priorities and what you envision as being the most important outcomes to happen from our Meditations which will lead up to the Cosmic Blast and prepare you all for Ascension.

And yes, we never pretend we know any dates here, because we’re making it up as we go along now, aren’t we? And really all we can do is feel as good as we possibly can and shine the LoveLight out to the totality of the all that is. Because yes, we affect everyone and everything by doing that in a high-vibe way. And that’s where we want to be, in these high vibrations. We support them, and they support us. 

And this is an ongoing phenomenon here because the higher in vibration that the mass or the collective consciousness goes, the sooner you will be feeling that Cosmic Blast, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. And what joy, what real harmony and balance, and we would say bliss too, when you realize that you are once again firmly anchored in the 5th Dimension.

So let us join together our hands once again and me bi-locating my paw to you and forming our circle here. And yes, breathing into the Heart Center vigorously, allowing ourselves to slow down and let go and relax and enjoy this. Because so much energy comes in when we’re all together doing this Meditation. And with the Power of our Thoughts jettisoning ourselves with our breathing up off of the surface of your planet into the atmospheres, the different layers of the atmospheres, to the layers of the ships up to my ship, the Nibiru.

And now I’m opening up the bottom, which becomes the landing deck. And we’re popping through that with our circle intact here, of course. And hovering above in this airlock as the landing deck closes. And now we can touch down and walk back to the elevator and all of us with our circle still intact, going into it. And now closing the door, pushing the button and going right straight on up to this Beloved Room where we do our Meditation.
And now opening the door, and yes, there’s a party happening here. You’re the guest of honor. Guess what. And we have the Mentors, so many Beloved Beings of the Light from all over Creation here. Because yes, they know what this is and they have the same Intentions for raising the level of the vibrations. And yes, your ancestors are here and, as we say, perhaps you can feel a little nudge or whisper from them to let you know that you are being supported by them.

So now, ringing around this altar that’s in the middle of the room here with this massive crystal sitting right on top of the table that is the altar. And the other beings forming rings around us with the Mentors first and the other beings from the ships, our ancestors. And continuing to breathe into the Heart Center, sending this energy all through the circles, and once again, all through the room from the floor to the ceiling, taking in all of these vibrations of the different crystals, the different colors. And spiraling it up, down, around and through all the way to the ceiling, 360 degrees around and back into our hearts. And sending it to the hearts of our circle, the outer circles.

And now, let us place our Intention in the crystal for anything that you would care to give your energy to, that you have a desire to create with this Meditation. And of course, let us for one moment here see NESARA happening, being announced with these players coming on the stage with the Truth being shown on the Emergency Broadcast System and the mainstream media and all the video tapes from the ships being played. And we have the different Mentors, such as Ashtar and Sananda and St. Germain, telling different parts of the story of why Now is the time for everything to change into higher vibration.

And then envisioning your own personal lives, how they will change.  Envisioning working on yourself, preparing for your Ascension, working with a Mentor, having advanced technology to really feel your Freedom in the 5th Dimension, the many starship replicators, all of these different things that have been talked about for many years now. Of feeling them all come in in this Now Moment to create this reality that is truly liberating and high-vibrational themselves with so much Unconditional, Universal Love that will allow each and every one of us to feel the Oneness with everyone else’s hearts, not just on this planet, but basically all over Creation.

And I know that is a lot for your mind to wrap around, but it is the Truth.  Because really, Beloveds, there is no separation, especially the higher you go up in the dimensions. This is where the Real Power of Love comes into play. And now shining this LoveLight in unison with all of the people in the room here on the Mediation, into our Beloved Crystal. And shooting it out in a Mighty Golden White Light Wave through the opening in the ceiling of my ship.

And focusing it right down on your planet with us going right down there.  And in the atmosphere, focusing it as a spiral, spinning from the top to the bottom of the planet, up, down, around and through, affecting the total consciousness of the planet, all of the different beings, the different kingdoms, basically the DNA of everything on your planet.

And spiraling this energy again and again up and down, around and through.  And feeling this Golden White Light dominate and truly make the hearts of everyone on your planet feel joyful, bringing a smile to everyone’s face now. Feeling the child-like laughter echo as a constant refrain. We want to keep it Light here while we go through these changes because still a lot has to change.

Now, we’re going to London. And we’re seeing that there’s still a lot of resistance happening here, a lot of the Cabal is still holding on to the old financial system, still ever ready to lie about what they’re willing to do and then try to prevent the new financial system from going online. And we’re shining the LoveLight into the hearts of all of these dark players that have been in control of this financial system for a really long time. 

And then sending it all out to different parts of Europe such as France and Germany, in particular. And we’re telling them that there is no way that they can dominate and win this game because now it is being played in the 5th Dimension. And their manipulations will never work in this high dimension of Love and Light. And that their time has come and gone. And we honor them for their role, but we say to them that our time of graduation has come. And now is their time to exit the stage, if you will. 

And now let us go over to the Vatican. And from the surface, well from the atmosphere first, to the surface and then underground in the catacombs there where so many secrets are still hiding, these satanic treasures that are still hiding there in the shadows. And shining the LoveLight in a spiral up, down, around and through, above the surface, into the surface and down underground in the network of tunnels there. Spiraling this energy up, down, around and through, raising the level of the vibration constantly and continually so that these dark energies will not have their resting place anymore there. They will have to be exposed, and that these dark players will be held accountable to allow this whole system of control of the planet’s resources, and these dynamics of fear and separation finally to be eliminated from the collective consciousness. And so it is.

So I bet you know where the last stop is. It is in North America in this underground network. And let us do our cleaning of the underground bases, starting from spinning this LoveLight in a spiral from the surface to the underground bases vertically, going up, down, around and through over this huge area. But as we do this, spiraling this Golden White LoveLight of the Christ Consciousness Energy down into the honeycomb chambers, the secret spas, the secret hiding place of armaments and hidden wealth and priceless paintings, and also where all of these children are hidden and the older slaves.

Shining the LoveLight out to all of them at this most auspicious time, raising the level of the vibration, feeling our hearts being connected with theirs in Oneness, feeling the Compassion that we have for them, honoring their choices of playing through their Soul Contracts because they have enabled the Truth to be exposed in a very dynamic way. And we say to them, “You are all honored. You are already all ascended.” And So It Is.

And we thank you, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, once again for coming together with us, for your fine, stellar efforts in doing this Meditation and all of the other work that you do on yourselves each and every day.

Namaste and good night.

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