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9-19-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

9-19-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I am so very glad to be with you once again tonight to feel your hearts as they rise up from the vibrations that you have all called forth and multiplied with this marvelous Meditation that you have just done with Mother Sekhmet. And I really love coming in after the Meditation to be able to shine my own LoveLight on you into your hearts. And to assure you that everything is in Divine Timing, in Divine Order for all of your Intentional Requirements to manifest in a most harmonious and spontaneous way that you could have not have predicted. 

And that is the Miracle of Creation, Dear Beloved Ones. Because here it is, your illusion supports this 3rd Dimensional grip on survival and doing things in a very linear, measured way, day after day. You develop your routine to keep your head above water, as it were. And we’re telling you that your Meditations, your Intentional Requirements are putting forth the wavelength, the means of creating the 5th Dimensional reality that you all yearn for so passionately. 

And we do too, because it has been our Divine Mission to support you in this journey into re-discovering who you really are by raising the level of your vibration so that the Light will be able to come into your planet with this Cosmic Blast and lift you up into the 5th Dimension once more. And from there it will be such a pleasant surprise for all of you to realize the depth of your talents and your gifts that you have in creating your own reality in the higher dimensions because this is something that you all have done on other planets.

But in this density up until this point, you have not been able to do this.  So you have had to develop patience and perseverance and self-love and problem solving and allowing yourself to be in the Now Moment, even with dealing with the constraints of linear time. And yes, if you allow it to, you can feel yourself being on this treadmill as if you were in a rat race each and every day to get so much done in a small amount of time. And now that time has sped up on your planet, because it’s coming to this place where time will change once you are firmly anchored into the 5th Dimension, into this Golden Age. And yes, it will be a wonderful, miraculous time for us all.

So, ah, we would like you all to just take another slow, deep breath into the Heart Center, ah, and to send this energy around the circle once more. And feel your hearts really open up and allow yourself to bring in as much of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy as possible. We are so enthused that the time grows shorter for us until when we can come down and work with you to help you to accelerate your Ascension Processes.

This is something we have worked for so very, very long, many, many years.  And this will be so very wondrous for all of us, for all of us Mentors because it will signify to us also that we are in the last stages of our Mission with you.  And to be able to see all of you who have given permission to ascend, to be able to do that will be so joyous for us. Because we know that the contributions of this planet to the whole of all of creation will truly be magnanimous and magnificent. And it will affect the whole of Creation in a real, noticeable way. And it will affect so many other planets that are on the cusp of going through what you are just completing. 

And so we have known all along the importance of your Missions here on this Beloved Planet. And we take you all into our hearts and we tell you, like Mother just said, that we love you beyond all verbal expression.

Namaste, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and good night. 

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