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9-5-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

9-5-2018, Mary Magdalene by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, I am so thrilled to be in your presence on this call tonight. And yes, what a marvelous Meditation that was. And we are so happy that things are progressing on your planet the way that they are. It is a marvelous time because so much has needed to be cleared. And over the years we have gone through a continuous process of cleansing, of raising the level of the vibration. And the Beloved Beings, such as yourselves, working on yourself to raise the level of your Love and Light and thus enabling the marker to be reached on your planet in 2012. 

And from that point onward in these almost six years later, things have grown and multiplied in a very beautiful and wonderful and colorful manner to make the LoveLight on your planet shine into the hearts of more and more Beloved Beings and to enable them to wake up. 

And yes, still many are sleeping, still many are so afraid. And they have been brainwashed by your media, by just the dynamics of all of your institutions and having to go out and play the survival game and work at jobs that are very low vibrational to them, because they don’t really like what they’re doing. I mean, don’t you think it was on purpose that there would be so many jobs that wouldn’t be fun to do? I mean, and so many people that would vie even for the jobs that they didn’t like. 

We have to laugh about that one, you know. And because when you are in the 5th Dimension, you’re not doing anything out of survival. You’re not doing anything that you don’t love to do. And this is what you had so long ago in your history/herstory on your planet in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

And now, as we say, you’re going to have a different type of experience in the 5th Dimension that is going to be broader and more encompassing of who you really are as a part of the Godhead and wow! We see this unfolding even as we speak. And we are very happy to tell you, yes, these plans, they are being enacted. And we don’t know how long it’s going to take before the 5th Dimension is firmly in place. 

We just see that on your planet, those of you who have been doing the work on themselves, like Beloved Beings such as yourselves, are so supported and loved by Heaven right now because you are enabling all of the sleeping giants on your planet their opportunity to wake up. It’s because of you blazing the trail and showing the way to the LoveLight, that will enable them when this Cosmic Blast happens to have their wakeup call. And then from that point onward, it will be so much easier for them. They will be ready, in other words, to integrate these high-vibrational energies of the 5th Dimension.   And that’s where all of you come in.

And this message, we’ve said before, but we really feel it’s important for you not to lose sight of this. Because yes, each and every one of you has a daily routine. But in the course of that daily routine, we urge you to find places and time where you can really let go up into the higher dimensions and commune with the higher aspects of your being, such as us, your I AM Presence, your Guidance Team, to make this connection with that part of you that is the Godhead, so you can see and wrap your consciousness around the bigger picture of this and really feel Love for yourself like we do in a very exponential way for the roles that you are playing at this time upon your planet to bring in this LoveLight.

Because you have moved through all of these different steps of enabling Ascension to take place on your planet. And part of this, of course, is this Cosmic Blast that has been prophesized for a long time as part of the changes that needed to happen for your planet to re-enter the 5th Dimension and fully anchor it in. So it is happening, Brothers and Sisters.
And we encourage you in a real heartfelt way to not focus on, umm, the drudgery or the weariness that you may feel in having to go through your everyday routines and the challenges and obstacles that present themselves to you. Because you have the Power to move through them with ease and grace at this time. And yes, this requires you being the Compassionate Observer of your thoughts, words and actions and being heart centered.
And in that place of being heart centered, you know that you are loved by all of the Beings of the LoveLight and that you are one with that place within the four bodies of your being that is connected with the Godhead. This runs through the connection of your I AM Presence. This is your soul and each and every one of you has a unique color and a taste of that unique ray that you are that makes you an integral part of the Godhead. And so to us each and every one of you is so beautiful, because you represent God to us. Because you emanated just like everything did, from Creator Source.

So, Dear Beloved Beings, we thank you so very much once again for being on the call and letting me talk to you.  Namaste and good night.

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