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9-5-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

9-5-2018, Mother Sekhmet by Eli Galla

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, it is my pleasure at being here tonight with you all to bring in these high-vibrational energies and direct our intent and focus on expanding the LoveLight throughout all of Creation, but particularly to expedite the processes at hand for bringing in the 5th Dimension on your Beloved Blue Orb of a planet of which Mother Gaia is a sentient being. And yes, it has been quite a journey for her and for all of you on this Beloved Planet at this time of such intense transition into the higher frequencies of Love and Light. 

And yes, everything that needs to be cleared is coming up to be cleared. And sometimes it can be very disheartening and confusing. And the imprint of the negative programming is to focus on this, and yes, to feel a little weary and sorry for yourselves. But Dear Beloved Ones, that’s just what it is designed to do. And the way that we win and become victorious in the Light is loving ourselves and being in the Now Moment and being heart centered and allowing ourselves to rise up into these high frequencies into the higher dimensions. 

This is where our real -- the truth of who we really are and the Power of our Consciousness is, where it resides and where it is accessible all through the higher dimensions. And as we say, the higher you go up into the dimensions, the more you feel the Oneness. And this Oneness is really the Power of our Consciousness in being connected with that part of ourselves that is the Godhead.

So, Dear Beloved Ones, yes, there’s quite a bit of change going on energetically with the weather right now. And it’s been this way the last few months. And we see this continuing for a while, so we would encourage you to keep on with your daily meditations. And wherever you feel that the planet needs some extra energy and some more LoveLight, please go ahead and do that.  And on that note, let us join together in our circle and I’m bi-locating a paw to all of you. 

And let us with the Power of our Thought and our breathing sending the energy around the circle, heart to heart here, rise up from the surface of your planet through the different layers of the atmosphere, through the different layers of the ships coming upon my ship, the Nibiru. And opening up the belly of my ship, which is the landing deck and popping through it and hovering in the airlock here while the landing deck closes beneath us.
And now touching down and walking on back to the elevator here with our circle intact, we enter, closing the door and pushing the button to go on up and feeling weightless. Ah, yes, feeling full of joy and opening these doors.  And with our circle intact, coming out and feeling all of these energies of the Beloved Mentors, the Ashtar Command, all of the Beings of the Light. And yes, your ancestors are here too, and maybe an incarnation or two of yourselves. And feeling maybe a nudge or a whisper or a tickle here on your bodies to let you know that your ancestors are right there with you.
So now, in the middle of this room is our altar and we’re circling around it. And our Beloved Group is right at the inner circle with the Mentors in the circle in back of us and various layers of the other Beings of the LoveLight circling around them. And continuing to breathe into the Heart Centers. And send it around our circle from the left to the right and into the outer circles and then all around, up, down and through this Crystal Room, feeling the energy of all of the Beloved Beings in this room and also of the crystals. Because these crystals, as we say, represent all of the different dimensions of reality.

And there is such beauty and power here. So just breathing into it. And yes, this is the Power of Love, which is the most powerful force in all of Creation. And allowing yourselves to bathe your entire being with this LoveLight and the entire room, up, down, around and through many times here, all through the circles, feeling the Oneness of our Union and our Purpose of our being here in this Now Moment, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
And focusing our energies once more on this gigantic crystal on the altar with whatever Intentional Requirements that you would like to manifest from this Meditation here tonight for yourself, for your families, for the planet. 

And yes, our Intentions and the bigger picture and the broader scope of things is for the Announcements to come about for all of the different parts of this programming to firmly anchor us in the 5th Dimension once again with all of the different components of the Alliance and their Plan unfolding and accelerating this process in Divine Rhythm, Timing and Synchronization in Divine Order. And so it is! 

And now, shining the LoveLight, all of us together in the room, on our Beloved Crystal. And shooting out this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy through the ceiling, the opening in the ceiling of my ship and propelling it downward onto your planet, through the layers of the atmospheres and ships. And spiraling it from the atmosphere to the surface of the planet and up and down and around and through your whole planet here, going up and down here in this spiral. And just breathing into the rhythm of it in a clockwise direction, if you will. And feeling the energies lift up into higher frequencies on your planet.

Now, shining it into the hearts of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet through all of the kingdoms and to all of these places that still hold the darkness, whether it be in the halls of the governments or underneath the surface in secret bases, sending our Intentional Requirements down there for exposure and for the Truth to be revealed by bringing in these high frequencies of the 5th Dimension and beyond. Just continuing to breathe into the Heart Center here.

And now, let us go over into Japan where they have had quite a day of it today with their storms, with a pretty potent earthquake. And shining the LoveLight from the surface onto it and down underneath the surface of this area of the storms and the earthquake and into the hearts and the minds of all of the Beloved Beings and releasing them of all fear, all suffering, all projections of lack with the Intention of allowing them to feel the Love and Light and being the Love and Light that they are in the 5th Dimension and beyond. And spiraling this energy up, down and around and through this area around Japan. 

And yes, now we’re going to move into the Gulf here as a hurricane approaches Florida. And we’re going to spiral the energy of this hurricane in a reverse spin to slow it down and disperse it and disintegrate the magnetic forces that are giving it its Power of Destruction and take away its forcefulness by chilling it out doing a reverse spin on it. So we’re going to go counterclockwise from the atmosphere to the surface and even below your planet, below the surface of your planet here, spiraling it up, down and around and through to gently but firmly disintegrate the force of this hurricane as it approaches landfall.
And now, let us move into North America and focus our energy on this network of the underground tunnels, starting from Mexico, to the United States into Beloved Canada. And starting from the atmosphere and spiraling the LoveLight in a clockwise direction, vertically up, down and around and through from the atmosphere to the surface and to the underground bases and to the tunnels, going into the honeycomb chambers. 

And bringing this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness to expose the darkness and render all of the machinations, all of the evil intent of spells and curses of the AI, of the ritual sacrifices, of the lies and deceptions that are held in these fortresses of darkness. Bringing the Light to them so they are not effective any more with their ill intent and their separation of consciousness and dissemination of fear any longer, from now on, throughout all of Eternity, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

We see this as the death knoll for the AI because we see this as the root of their Power Source. And now unraveling all of its encodements and algorithms and firmly exposing it to the light, rendering it ineffective from now on.
And now, let us shine this LoveLight in a horizontal manner underneath the surface of the planet, going into all of the tunnels, up, down and around and through this vast network stretching all the way from, yes, Mexico through Canada. And feeling that LoveLight expand more and more and become brighter and brighter now that the darkness is wearing out, disintegrating and becoming transmuted into this LoveLight. Ah, ain’t it grand, Beloved Ones! We thank you so much.

Oh, and let’s say a prayer to the Beloved Beings who have manned their stations and had their Soul Contracts in service in these underground bases as the slaves to this cabal. “Dear Beloved Ones, you are not forgotten. We shine the LoveLight into your hearts to help you to remember who you truly are and that this is your time of upliftment into these higher dimensions. And soon your enslavement will be no more. And the Freedom of Ascension will be yours.” And so it is. 

And we say to you, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Namaste and good night.  We thank you so very much for your participation tonight.   

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